Get Ready for the Thought Police

ALL OF A SUDDEN, the method of the moronism reveals its purpose.

Thoughts are evil , kill them with fire.

I think that originally, most of us were assuming that Noynoy Aquino was just stupid. Any casual observer could be forgiven for forming that impression from the manifold evidence of his inability to formulate a coherent platform, speak intelligently on any issue during the campaign, and the amateurish and constant gaffes in the first few weeks of his presidency. His slavish adherence to the simplistic, empty, emotional rhetoric of being the heir of “the icons of democracy” seemed, at first, to just be the intellectual design ceiling of a spoiled, idle mind; good enough, because the spoiled, idle mind in question happens to have the right surname to not have to work any harder than that to sell an undiscerning and sentimental public his defective bill of goods.

It is beginning to appear, however, that there is a more insidious purpose behind the progressive “dumbing down” of the Presidency of the Republic. Consider:

The two best ways to crush dissent are to first develop a cult of personality so that the leader and the state become indistinguishable, and then to prevent dissenting thoughts from even being formed by limiting the language tools available to express them.

Sound crazy? A paranoid conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but consider the explanation given by N/A himself as to why he is pushing for the enforcement of EO 255: In almost the same breath as the expected sop to “supporting Filipino artists” (which, if left at that, would be a justifiable-enough reason), Aquino is quoted as saying:

The President promised help to the Filipino artists as he related that OPM has played a big part in his life especially being a bachelor.

He said he enjoys original songs by Alcasid, Velasquez, APO Hiking Society, Noel Cabangon, Jose Mari Chan, and Mitch Valdez since their compositions reflect his moods.

Market forces in the entertainment sector be damned. Anyone who does not have the musical tastes of a middle-aged social misfit is unpatriotic.

Welcome to 1984.


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  1. famous wolf says:

    I lol’ed at the blog, pretty much points out what was in his head all the time, “eat your vegetables, kiddies!”

    Damn I need to write something humorous to make fun of the website, I mean, the level of retardation is a joke all on its own. [i]They actually write the jokes themselves[/i] which is the funniest thing I’ve noticed out of the whole thing. Just because the clown is gone doesn’t mean the circus has left town! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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  3. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:


    WTF? 😆

  4. ChinoF says:

    Now imagine yourself as a leader and you telling your subordinates, “you should listen to the music I listen to read the books I read! Take on my culture! Then you will think my thoughts and do as I do! That is an order!” This sounds like Germany in the 1930s under the direction of a certain eccentric but charismatic politician named Adolf Hitler. But this may well be the way of Kim Jong Il too.

    • ChinoF says:

      By the way, all the local artists our president mentioned don’t compare to my personal favorite, Yano.

      But I think it’s obvious why he may not like them:

      Trapo ka kasi
      Trapo trapo ka kasi
      di na binoboto
      pero nananalo
      di na binoboto
      pero nananalo…”


    • ChinoF says:

      More lyrics from same song:

      “Daming kalokohan
      pero napagtatakpan
      Daming kalokohan
      pero napagtatakpan!”

      ng Media. 😆

  5. mel says:

    The Philippines is in state of Kindergarten!

  6. NFA rice says:

    P.Noy’s website leaves me an impression that he is a class president of a bunch of kids at an elementary school. It is laughable if it isn’t so serious. I mean what are these people thinking? What is the purpose of his website? I am speechless man.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      The purpose of the Web Site is: to praise Noynoy Aquino “accomplishments” to high heavens. Like the North Korean Press praising Kim Jong IL. Next shall be the ten stories statues of: Noynoy Aquino, Cory Aquino, and Ninoy Aquino to be bulit in Luneta Park.

      Anybody not bowing to the statues, will be thrown in the fire furnace. Just like Nebuchadnezzar’s days in ancient Babylon (Iraq)…

      • silvercrest says:

        And all Holy Family sculptures will be made in their image…they’d all be wearing glass…no peace sign..just check! or was it L? Loser?

  7. NFA rice says:

    I remember he has 2 PR secretaries and this is all they can come up with? What a bunch of expensive incompetent assholes!

    AntiPinoy is light years ahead in usefulness.

  8. bokyo says:

    Me thinks what will happen if you comment something “Anti-Noynoy”? Would they remove it, just like in the Noynoy FB Fanpage?

    • BenK says:

      There have been several people I know who have encountered exactly that. One was Patricio Mangubat, I think it’s on his blog.

    • mel says:


      Hmmm, it seems that the site is being moderated. I posted a message and it said, “your message has been sent and it will be posted soon”. I mentioned Hacienda Luisita and Charter Change in my comment.

      • ChinoF says:

        I mentioned charter change and protectionism in my Transparency message to PNoy, and when I sifted through the comments, I suddenly couldn’t find it. Either some selective moderation or it’s crazily buggy.

      • bokyo says:

        i thought they were “transparent”? 🙄

        They will only hear what they want to hear.

      • ChinoF says:

        Maybe they meant, what you post becomes transparent… after a while you can’t see it. 😆

      • mel says:

        @Chino F

        Grrr! I searched for 30mins for my comment I posted last night. Nothing! Will send PNOY a letter thru LBC, with tracking number!!! His site said, it is open for everyone! I wrote the comment as respectful as I can.

      • ChinoF says:

        I did see a comment though that said, “Listen to the questions of Benjamin something (forgot the surname),” the one who wrote about HLI and other issues in Inq. It was a few pages back, so it survived. Didn’t check afterwards if it was still there.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … i posted a “fling with kris a.”…

      … they are asking about the size of my stimulus package… 😳

    • Hyden Toro says:

      They will hound you to the four corners of the Earth…

  9. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … prez gung gong’s new website is up and running…

    … the first page reads, “KAYO ANG BOSS KO”… bwi hi hi hi hi pwi… ooopsie, i wet myself… 😳

    … the welcome window should read, “KAYO ANG BOSSISI KO”… which is more appropriate to his gung gong audience… :mrgreen:

  10. boombox says:

    I hope Excess bandwidth will hit that site… haha!

  11. Hyden Toro says:

    Noynoy Aquino is really an Imbecile Guy. There is no doubt about it. We, the gullible Filipinos, because of our poverty mindedness subliminally wanted what the Conjuangcos/Aquinos have: wealth thru their questionable landholdings of the Hacienda Luisita. His gaffes, maybe deliberately planned. But, I don’t believe it. What you see, is what you really get.

    We know that there is a sinister family machinations from the Cojuangco family. This family is determined to hold their ownership of the Hacienda Luisita. They also have hired the best Public Relationsion/Media Truth Twisters; that money can buy. These PR firms can formulate good disinformations, to feed the public. However, we are just like playing Chess, with these people. They make their moves. We do our moves. We know their traps. We know their tricks. Their whore, Kris Aquino, was their recent move. This move was to divert/distract the attention from the imbecile, Nonoy Aquino . It backfired. Kris Aquino was made a laughing stock. The Whore Move was not successful. They will surely be thinking for another try. So, be On Guard always…It’s fun playing games with these idiotic people…They have their money….we have our brains…
    We will exhaust their money and their patience, until they will be frustrated: who knows, they may commit “hara kiri.”

  12. Jay says:

    We’re probably going to get similar reactions much to Phail Manila’s distinction of participating and not criticizing, according to whatever he believes in.

    Its rather hard to participate when the dumb people voted in versions of themselves to government posts, don’t you think? As much as you want to gear up your e-mail and write to those people, what makes you think they would ever be responsible enough to know their roles and follow up? Same concept with the website where Noynoy further reinforces the stupidity of Ako ang bossing nyo by having some sort of a suggestion box feature. So without strong goals in his mind, he is going to sort out those ideas for it through the minds of the citizens?

    And detractors always snip at me with statements like lets see if you are the leader and how you would do things differently. At least to spare the people, I would never resort to seeking answers entirely from citizens.

  13. noyp says:

    I like Noynoy Aquino 🙂

  14. Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

    United States artists creates thousands and thousands of songs a month. Only very few are played in music radios. Majority of the creative artists are so-called “underground” or “indie” bands that only make it as far as YouTube. The trickles are promoted by huge major labels that are shoved, if not paid, to radio jocks.

    There is no market forces here at work. It is money at work.

    In the corrupt setting of the Philippines same hold true.

    Only Tagalogs listens to tagalog music. Those with “taste and class” listen to jazz, “alternative”, pop, rock, grunge and metal.

    • BongV says:

      youtube has actually become a launching ground for a lot of artists – it’s the free market at work – if the Youtube audience likes the video – it goes viral.

      contrast it to just watching ABS-CBN all day long – nothing else.

      the internet has given me more options for entertainment. i don’t have to watch ABS-CBN. With the Internet – I have my personal channels – I watch the shows I want to watch, when I want it, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. And I even have the option for premium content – like or Harvard Business Review – The Economist – The Scientific American – Popular Science – GQ – Esquire – Men’s Health – Playboy – Time – for those who prefer the National Enquirer – that works, too – compare that to the crap you read on the Inquirer – where you are force fed to read the Philippine media’s crap.

    • ChinoF says:

      And New Wave. 😛

  15. Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

    “And finally, a directive to resurrect a censorship initiative formulated by his mother that dictates the broadcast content of local radio stations, under threat of fines or revocation of licenses.”

    Filipinos will not find the above offensive. Only the intelligent Filipinos find it offensive. Like Filipino blogs, comments, like contents in broadcast and print medias are heavily moderated to extinction.

    • anonymous bosch says:


      Okay, jesting aside, isn’t that tantamount to restricting freedom of the media? Or the definition of the ‘media’ is just ABS-CBN, PDI and others who sing “Hosanna to the Highest… este… Noynoy.”

      • Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

        They are not restricting the media. The media allowed themselves to be restricted in return of ……. (KINDLY FILL IN THE BLANK)

      • Hyden Toro says:

        They bought the Media, including some Media people…name your price…they have the money….

      • BenK says:

        Yes, it is, which is something dumb twits like GabbyD a few comments down don’t recognize. Prohibiting certain content, while still a dangerous path to tread, can at least be justified on the basis of preventing social harm (e.g., exposing young listeners to excessively vulgar language). Obviously, even this sort of censorship in the name of social responsibility can be overdone, and is overdone in a lot of places, but at a certain level the majority would find it reasonable.

        Mandating that certain content be broadcast, however, especially when one of the reasons given for doing so is that “their compositions reflect HIS moods” (It was implied Gabby, so don’t bother with one of your “I think I’m Socrates” waterheaded questions on that point. Just STFU.) is censorship in another way, in this case, enforced conformism.

        There is no social welfare reason that can be offered to defend it — as there would be if it was another sort of mandated content, like a certain number of PSA’s in a given period, for example. In this case, this is nothing more than, “The President thinks you should listen to this kind of music, therefore we will enforce a law to make sure that you do.” Not only is it a form of censorship and personality-cult-building, it is a (probably illegal) interference in the abilities and rights of radio broadcasters to run their own businesses. As Gabby pointed out, because he’s a tool, it’s an existing law — so the fuck what? It’s a BAD law, and not really a “law” in the acceptable sense at that, but rather a despotic executive fiat issued in the absence (at the time) of an actual Constitution. And those who are behind it are counting on dimwits to say to themselves, “Oh, it’s a law, it must be okay.”

        I’ve got no problem at all with “supporting” Pinoy musicians and artists, and IMHO it’s something the government should put more effort into doing. But using that as an excuse to try to Juche-ize the country is way out of line.

      • ChinoF says:

        May I add, controlling media content and popular culture is a form of social control that also goes the way of suppression of freedom of expression. This media content law, a relic from Cory’s time, is in a way trying to dictate what people should enjoy and appreciate, and is thus unethical dictatorship. In making this law, Cory was becoming like her predecessor, the great Ferdinand, Sr.

      • Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

        There are good comments and posts that don’t make it to publication because their english is wrong. They, too, have english police.

        Filipinos is the most highly critical of english users. They check the spelling and grammatical errors first before delving into content. If there are plenty of errors, therefore, ergo, content must be in error, too! AND THAT IS HOW THE FILIPINOS THINK.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Noynoy Aquino can just claim: Land Reforming Hacienda Luisita; the kamagAnak, Inc.; Land Reform Program subjects are “vulgar.” Anybody broadcasting these subjects are fined; subjected to imprisonments. The imbecile President cannot answer issues against him. Now, he wants to ban anybody talking about these issues.

        The hands of Peping Cojuangco’s KamagAnak, Inc..are pulling the strings of the Puppet President…Marcos dictatorship is back, after the myth of EDSA is dissolving…

  16. Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

    “The reason is I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates, attack sponsors. I’m sort of done with that.”

  17. GabbyD says:

    so you’re against the enforcement of laws that are already in place? got it.

    thought police? wow, exagg huh?

    • BenK says:

      I was wondering how long it would take you to show up with your own special brand of stupid.

      • GabbyD says:

        i’d luv to indulge ur STFU command, but i can’t …

        i’m curious: instead of content requirements, how can u help pinoy music be heard more broadly?

      • ChinoF says:

        It’s already being heard broadly enough that we don’t need EO 255 anymore. I’ve had it with stuff like Ocho-Ocho and Spaghetti Pataas-Pababa, and all stupid masa stuff.

      • BongV says:

        OPM artists should not be content of doing OPM rehash from 19 kupong kupong – they need to come up with more contemporary material. be more creative in their arrangements – not the tired old formulas taught by Ryan Cayabyab in the UP Conservatory. take a cue from AP – Black Eyed Peas – represent y’all – not those tear jerkers from screechers calling themselves as “divas” – my arse

      • Jay says:

        i’m curious: instead of content requirements, how can u help pinoy music be heard more broadly?

        So when were people you are stating the question to, GabbyD, responsible for spreading pinoy music more broadly?

        One thing, I’m going to echo BongV’s sentiments earlier about the internet being a huge market. The problem much, similar with another media I want to compare, Komiks in the Philippines is that they are still trying to cater to a technically dead-end market. Though there have been very few who have utilized the internet fully in order to spread their talents across a much broader fanbase, but is still distinctly Pinoy. So expect more from those creative minds who make a living off their music, not us.

        Compared to their western counterparts, the pinoys really lack creativity in all this. To assent BongV again, why support and stick to the old tired formula of covering and rehashing songs? Sure it worked for even western pop stars but did they last? There are some markets that if a pinoy could make it big, it would feel genuine. One such as country, or even gospel or christian music. Though at least those who are naturally talented and brimming with spontaneous creativity don’t have to worry about those things.

        In terms of Ogie, despite his success I rather disagree with his take on what music should be. I read in an interview (FHM I think) which he says he looks down on negativity of music because he feels its not right.

      • BenK says:

        I agree with Bong & Chino — there’s a big difference between original artists (Kitchie Nadal comes to mind, because she’s a friend of a friend), and dime-a-dozen cover singers (ahem, Charice). What I would do seriously instead of mandate content? Hmm. Subsidizing some free performances in different places would be a start — how many of these politicians spend their pork for fiesta this-and-that all over the country. Make them include some original artists.

        Free shows build interest. Free shows sell records. Free shows build demand for hearing the stuff on the airwaves.

        “Supporting Filipino artists” was not the thrust of the whole thing. Or if it really was believed by He Who Floated the Canard, it just shows how out of touch N/A is with…having a life in general. Ogie Alcasid? Regine Velasquez? Hell, Apo Hiking Society RETIRED, from what I hear. What’s encouraging the arts, and more to the point, the YOUTH to take an interest in the arts, by propping up the has-been middle-aged mope sector? N/A said he did it as a favor to Ogie Alcasid. Well, shit, go ahead and alienate everybody under 40, why don’t ya?

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … the so-called “flip artists” are performing here insane diego – rico j, et al… not in big gigs but in some run down flip restos or flip supported casinos… bwi hi hi hi pwi…

        … ate guy (nora aunor, la aunor)… oh geez… did i say ate guy??? 😳 :mrgreen:

      • ChinoF says:

        Just airing out a thought, related to my mention of Charice and Arnel in a comment below. I wonder if Alcasid and company lobbied for more enforcement of EO255 because they feel threatened by the likes of Charice and Arnel. They might see these Filipinos abroad as competition to OPM and thus want more radio play of their own songs so as not to feel snuffed out by those who knew where to become truly successful.

        Of course, there’s really foreign music to compete with too, but what the heck… all these covers and imitations, local and foreign, show that creativity has dried up. Songs become songs no longer, but mere vocal demonstrations. I for one want to hear music, not vocal demonstrations.

        I also wonder why radio and not piracy is being discussed by the Prez, since the latter is more likely the reason for OPM’s woes today.

      • GabbyD says:


        i think u are missing the mass in “mass media”. radio success leads to wider success — local performances isnt enough (although they certainly do this!). radio is a form of advertising for musical acts. thus, radio has to be part of the intervention. also, supposing that govt money is funneled to fiestas, there are arguments that say they should instead spend it on public works. content requirements, especially only 10 min of an hour, is a good, cost effective way to help filipino performers.

      • BenK says:

        No, wrong Gabby. Radio averages a ratio of 38 to 40 per hour of content to 20 to 22 minutes of advertising; that’s how they have to survive. Say you dictate 4 songs per hour like the EO says, each song averages three-and-a-half minutes long, you’ve just eaten up 14 minutes of the 38 to 40 the station has. In other words, one-third to almost one-half of their available time to air content. The government’s got radio stations, they want to limit expression to that degree, they should do it there.

    • ChinoF says:

      A democracy should allow us to criticize and question “laws” that we believe are not in the best interests of the constituency, isn’t that so?

      After all, Mr. President did invite criticism.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        That is only for the show. In truth, he is subverting the Freedom of Expression…by buying the Media and Media people. don’t believe what he says…it’s not even worth a Philippine peso…

  18. ChinoF says:

    Hmm, I just had to look at the article again to mention some observations:

    The directive imposes a fine of P100 for each violation and suspension or cancellation of the radio station’s Certificate of Registration for repeated violations.

    P100 only? Well go ahead, play all the good stuff! P100 lang per hour, eh most radio stations earn millions! 😛

    (Noynoy )Aquino granted the request of the Filipino artists led by his friend, multi-talented Ogie Alcasid, for the playing of OPM songs in radio stations.

    Please review the Mind Map of Kamag-Anak, Inc. and find Ogie there. 😉

    • mel says:

      I think PNoy is attacking the Ilocos Region. Our radio stations here play pure Ilocano music. (Except Love Radio) 😀

    • silvercrest says:

      If this happens, trust 1 household playing no FM radio music.

      I wonder if they’d be playing Magkaisa instead of Lupang Hinirang.

      With ipods, MP3, MP4 players and the like so cheap nowadays, I wonder how many of the younger generation listen to FM. I only get to do it when I forget my player. Better go online and find what’s hot.

      Next thing you know he’ll be promoting songs of willie revillame, vhong navarro, aegis and april boys,
      A grade school can make the same if not better. Better check the subliminal contents… Noynoy gooood…nonoy…goooood(ala frankenstein)

  19. Netornit says:

    “Welcome to 1984.”

    More like 1987… 😦

  20. ChinoF says:

    How would they consider Charice’s songs or Arnel Pineda’s Journey tracks? They’re Filipino but under foreign labels. Would you consider them Filipino songs to be played under EO 255? I would consider them so. I don’t know what Ogie and APO would say though. They’re sure to be biased for the local industry.

  21. Ryunken says:

    If this continues… I can still forsee a North Korean Philippines which we will also hear songs which says:

    Noynoy is the hope of the country…
    Take down those pigs who are not patriotic…
    Honor thy memory of my mother and father…
    … And some other weak-minded lyrics which will praise more Noynoy and demonize anyone against his regime…

    Noynoy is… Bbbbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

    I’d rather blow my Vuvuzela!

    • Ryunken says:

      I forgot to mention this one!

      … Noynoy’s on the “Filipino Intellectuals are Morons!” Site is making us looks stupid… Is Noynoy that STUPID… Then I can do this:

      Note: This is understandable for Touhou Fans!

      Who is Stupider?
      Cirno, the Ice Fairy |or| Noynoy Aquino, President of the Philippines
      Take your pick!

      I’d Pick Noynoy!

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Who, then, would succed him should he go to God and face His Divine Judgment for his evils?

  22. Ian Lopez says:

    Since Noynoy requires FM stations to play OPM, why not compose songs and raps that bash his administration! (Besides, they “just want to provide FM Radio stations some variety” other than novelty songs, “squatter rap” and birit bovne odure that Ogie Alcasid dispenses?

    BTW, we should translate the words to that song from NWA’s Straight outta Compton (Track #2) and have someone rap those lyrics. Don’t forget, Jason Ivler songs can be played since it can be considered as OPM, despite its violent content (j/k)

    • Jay says:

      I rather like that idea, of course you have to get someone in the radio who wants to play these anti-admin songs in tagalog and not be compensated for it.

      • BongV says:

        if the beat is right – it can go viral on youtube – youtube – is the new “American Idol”. think about it.

        These days it seems like YouTube is becoming one of the biggest hubs for discovering talent. More and more musicians are getting their names out there by uploading videos to YouTube and crossing their fingers for success. Although not every wannabe star hits it big by showcasing themselves on YouTube the true talent shines through and a number of gifted stars have been discovered on YouTube and gone all the way with hit singles, record deals, tours, celebrity fans and more.

        Justin Bieber is the current talk of the town when it comes to YouTube stardom. Justin was discovered on YouTube when his mother started posting videos of him singing at the age of 12 for his friends and family to see. Three years later he is one of the world’s youngest pop and R&B singers with his own album, music videos and celebrity friends and fans, including Usher and Taylor Swift. If not for YouTube, who knows where Justin would be today.

        Justin Bieber isn’t the only YouTube singing success story. In 2007, thanks to YouTube, Pilipino singer-songwriter Arnel Pineda went from performing covers of Journey, Survivor, Led Zepplin, and Aerosmith songs to becoming the lead singer for Journey in less than a year! The band members of Journey asked Arnel to audition for them after seeing him sing in his YouTube videos. Other singers that have gone from unknown to famous because of YouTube include Esmee Denters, who was discovered by Justin Timberlake, Terra Naomi, Lisa Lavie, and Mia Rose.

        American Idol started the phenomenon of searching for stars in the pool of everyday people in 2002, when the first season aired. Today many American Idol winners have topped the charts, spreading optimism to many singing hopefuls that they too could be famous one day. In recent years, YouTube has proven to introduce just as many stars to the music world as American Idol. As YouTube users view, comment and rate singers’ videos the diamonds in the rough are revealed and emerge to be discovered.

      • Ian Lopez says:

        Though I don’t like Justin Bieber, maybe someone can rip a page off his book and go viral via YouTube.

        Plus side: Viral shiznit, you’re a *star*
        Minus site: Possible internet censorship from you-know-who

        BTW, Track #2 of Straight Outta Compton is known as a controversial song used in some protests. It’s called F*** tha Police (***_tha_Police ). It would be great if one can borrow the beat and rap things like “failure of responsibility”, annoying little sister, incompetent governance, kakistocracy, kleptocracy, hacienda luisita, kamaganak inc, etc.)

        Remember, anything is possible. Have the right attitude and mindset, and you will be the Philippines Most Wanted artist. Screw remakes and repetitive renditions. Use the instrumental of Keith Martin’s “Because of You”, speed it up, rap about the job terminations at ABS-CBN and the hacienda luisita massacre and how it affects Philippine society and you have a potential hit.

  23. anonymous bosch says:

    Indeed, history is the judge of one’s deeds. It’s not the immediate reception of the people that counts, it’s the perception of his/her actions in retrospect.

    So viewing in hindsight, it seems that the inglorious dictator that is Ferdinand Marcos and the supposedly ‘manananggal’ that is Gloria Arroyo has done greater service from the country than Cory Aquino who aside from restoring the democrazy here (if that actually counts), pretty much did nothing really CONSTRUCTIVE.

    So, Your ‘Excellency’ Noynoy, whom you are compared to Aragorn by one of your eminent columnists who sounds like a pay-hack, you are actually either like Theoden under the influence of Grima who worked under Saruman, or like Denethor the whiny loser of a Steward who resigned to ‘destiny’ and chose to burn himself out of hopelessness. I just hope that you are the former, who redeemed himself from his past and engraved for himself a lasting and REAL POSITIVE destiny to the denizens of Middle Earth for many years to come.

    If you are the latter, meh. If the Filipinos of a future better Philippines look back, they will avoid you like the plague, the name of Aquino being synonymous with not failure, but really effin’ EPIC FAILURE.

  24. Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

    ABS-CBN, PDI and all journalists and columnists are controlling what goes to print to maintain their jobs and lifestyles. TO HELL WITH FILIPINOS!

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … as long as the articles are in ferpeckt country clubbed englitzched, even though the content are all lies, inuendoes, and bullsh!ts, flips will take it as gospel…

      … ip yu dont spoklong and rayt ferfect inles, you harden der… :mrgreen:

      … mga flips, allah eh, pagandahan lang ng inles, regardless of the message/content…

  25. rubberkid says:

    I just found out what EO 255 is! Are they serious?!

    If they want to “improve” the Filipino music industry by implementing that EO, then it may just do the opposite.

    I was fortunate enough to be there when the Pinoy Rock era of the 90’s was in full swing. It was full of original music, not the stinky covers we hear everyday now. The “recycling” practice we do with music now is really shameful. It does not promote any creativity and just plain sends the wrong message. Besides, I think this phenomemon only happens in Manila. Cebu and other southern parts of the Philippines have their own type of music. For Cebu, its BisRock (and I’m not talking about “Gi-Kumot-Kumot” here) and it has, in a way, generated their own music culture and has educated a lot of people that you don’t need to sing in Tagalog or English just to make your music be heard.

    As for me, my music education still continues as I discover new Filipino artists everyday that really show me how music is supposed to be – a form of expression: FREE expression. =)

    • BongV says:

      Yano is from Davao. Eric Gancho was a tibak – LFS Cultural Arm – AdDU 😆 – 2nd stringers .. Bagong Lumad and Joey A Asin (which was remixed by BEP)– was jamming with one of their former band members – they sang in a folk house (Sarung Banggi – corner Rizal and Anda St – the old Davao Fruit Stands near San Pedro St) in the block where I grew up as a kid – Freestyle – started as a cover band – i knew them all (Carlo, Jinky – their original manager – the deceased Bolix Suzara) because they practiced in my friend’s house – their aunt – who was the comptroller of the humongous rubber family corporation (60% of entire PI market for rubber) – happened to wrote their A/P, A/R, Collections, INVTY, POS, Payroll systems – on an outsourced basis.

      There were also the acapella singers – Himig Singers .

      But if its – Dingdong, Ogie, Regine, Sharon, or any new singers – OPM is not only Original Pinoy Music it also stands for OLD Pinoy Mushiic – they might as well be singing in a karaoke bar – same ole syet.

      • GabbyD says:

        those davao-based singers should be part of OPM.

      • Jay says:

        It depends on whose painting the picture of OPM GabbyD. And those big record companies with the money can sure dictate to the masses especially back in Manila what is OPM and who gets the exposure.

        But I do understand that as rubberkid said, the sound in Cebu and Davao are much much more different than that of Manila. Urbandub has certainly been one of the few groups I’ve followed from the Visayas region who have a genuine western sound to their rock, much like other groups like Typecast. I also followed a group called Wolfgang which I really liked their sound.

        Even if they have a western sound to their music, its the sheer talent and sound that I like about them compared to their other highly promoted rock oriented groups in Manila.

      • ChinoF says:

        I agree. This is also one example of “Imperial Manila’s” bias.

      • GabbyD says:

        it doesnt matter where in the philippines the band is. in the EO, filipino music is defined as anything composed by a filipino.

        if u like visayan music, then this law will help them. a lot.

      • Jay says:


        At the cost of constraining content? The groups I mentioned are but a handful to the rest of the ratpack of Pinoy imitators and has-beens already mentioned that are more or less promoted with their own influence with record companies and being with a strong media station. Besides these groups wouldn’t be who they are if weren’t influenced by Foreign music themselves.

        When I was in a university with friends for music heads, during the time Cueshe got picked up, a Visayan group nobody but them knew about the other groups I’ve mentioned. There is a bias, albeit more about the image, sound and marketability than it is talent. So I honestly doubt the law would help promote them any further, unless the media themselves wants to promote that Manila trends doesn’t encompass the rest of the island.

      • Jay says:


        As much as you believe it helps every Filipino musician to get exposure, it then depends where the scope of the law is enforced. The musical tastes are primarily regionalistic before and I doubt the law would improve. If anything it would just strengthen the ability of marketing the big media conglomerates their brand of OPM and even if the other regions got into it, they are still going to get lost in the shuffle of the Manila groups or whatever is uso, considering PNoy’s tastes.

        The reason why those groups I talked about are under the radar isn’t just because of promotion, but the lack of market for them. To sound off the sentiments of BongV, ChinoF, etc. the people are raving over kareoke superstars who have big names attached to them, faux jazz-soul-r&b wtfever performers so their musical tastes are crap. Whatever is popular gets its promotion regardless of what while sounds of rock fight hard to try get on the spotlight regardless of how talented they are. The law does not change that unless business changes their promotion styles.

      • Reggie says:

        Or as what I’ve gleaned from a blog,


        Because all we’re hearing are covers of Western songs anyway.

      • ChinoF says:

        Last I know, Eric Gancho is still in Davao.

        The kind of local music I liked was the kind you’ll find on LA105.9 back in the mid-90s. Even though they had this hiphop-headbanger scandal before I discovered the station, I still listened because they had the music I liked. This was the time after Yano and Eraserheads made it big, so came an explosion of bands like Bonehead, Dahong Palay, Grin Department, The End, Bite the Bullet (the original band of Lourd de Veyra), Philippine Violators, The Youth, Datu’s Tribe, Balahibum Pooza, Muskee Pops, Backdraft, Razorback and more. This for me is what the best Filipino music is made of.

        OPM, haha Reggie, that’s true about it. Puro nalang covers. And it’s not music anymore, they’re all vocal demonstrations by so-called “divas,” haha.

      • rubberkid says:

        @Jay: If you followed Wolfgang, I worshipped them. HAHAHA.

        @ChinoF: It find what you said true. That those bands you mentioned make up a part of what the best Filipino music is made of. Songs about realities in life, our everyday experiences.

        Is it just me but why don’t I hear socially relevant / political songs in popular radio stations (Love Radio, Energy)? Those bands ChinoF mentioned sang about things we experience everyday, including stuff happening in politics.

      • BongV says:

        I can imagine how our “divas” fare with Simon Cowell 😆

        a karaoke performance – go to a karaoke bar and sing there

      • ChinoF says:

        I forgot to mention Snakebite Religion, I loved the Kapre song.

        So many great bands that were killed by the 1997 Asian Crisis. 😦

  26. music-king says:

    wait. did I said 1964 on my previous comment? oh I meant 1984. well, shite.

  27. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    I feel sad for that person requesting (at abnoynoy’s fansite) add’l electric companies.

    If he/she only knew. Fool.

  28. innagadda54 says:

    Anything that encourages so called music just because its pinoy and no other merit is stupid. It will encourage all those novelty songs ocho ocho , anything by Sex Bomb etc. I do enjoy the 70s where a lot of artists wrote their own stuff. Apo, Hanapol, etc.

    Some people don’t know the difference between good music and show biz basura.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Actually, that which I call Pinoy Music comes from people as civilized as, shall we say, Lea Salonga. Yeah, the OPM of the 70s would most likely count as well. However, if it’s something from the likes of Willie MF-ing Revillame… Give me Handel over that piece of crass, so-called “music!”

  29. pinkclair says:

    I just want to share this because I was so frustrated. I posted a link of Smoke’s blog into my FB wall after I’ve read this post. I also visited Pnoy’s website. I was hesitate at first to post it because I have die-hard P-noy fanatic relatives and I knew someone would react. I just have to share it because who would want to look at that crappy website?  And those Tito Noy advices.. My gad. *shakes head*

    Anyway, so I shared that with the quote “‎”How the fuck can you tell people to eat their vegetables when the President unashamedly and unrepentantly stuffs cancer sticks in his face all day long.” Priceless! HAHAHA and it was really disappointing. 😦 😦 My cousin had the gall to tell me that the blogger was just bitter. I asked him, did you read the blog? He had a point you know. Then he posted back that he didn’t finished reading it. And added, the blogger might probably an active smoker and was just jealous because they are not the same level as Noy2. OMFG. I could not believe what I was reading. He has gone far with the fanaticism. I answered as amicably as I can. I hope he got what my answer was about. I said, the truth sucks which I meant was that what the blogger’s sentiment is true and that it just sucks for people who are fans of Noy because they won’t accept it. But I believe he did not understand. 😦

    Why can’t they see what I see? If you just browse the website, that was really amateurish. and I agree with the sentiments of the blogger.

    Oh well, I was just letting off steam. Now, if I posted another negative review of Noy2 I wonder how they will react. Not good I supposed. I’m hesitant to actually post anything now because they are family. Oh well.  I’ll still share, not everything I guess. 

    • Renato Pacifico says:

      I rather you not post at all because if you tell the truth, they will ask for your credentials.  If you do not have Master’s Degree, PhD, perpekt spelling, attrocious grammar they ex-communicate you outright.  As everyone here know, they have grammar and spelling police there.  They check credentials.  So stay F-ing cool!

  30. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:



  31. L says:

    One way of boosting morale and giving help to the Filipino artists is by way of getting rid of the “OPM” brand and distinction handicap (or rather, limitator). Just mix Filipino products – ex. music – with the rest of the imports.

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