Mendoza siege: P-Noy’s, the PNP’s and the Media’s incompetence shown to the world

The recent Manila bus siege gave President Noynoy Aquino another opportunity to exhibit one of the two things he does best, which is to do nothing. As the tragedy of the hostage situation was unfolding, shocked and curious Filipinos were wondering where P.Noy was and what he was doing the entire time. Until now, I have never seen his Facebook fan page inundated with hate messages, like “WHERE ARE YOU P.NOY? DUWAG KA!” or something to that effect over and over. On a normal day, you can see his fan page full of moronic messages, like “Hi Tito Noy! Idol talaga kita!”

Even up to the very end, I was kind of hoping and expecting that P.Noy would do the other thing that he does best which is, to make empty rhetorical statements. That way, perhaps the Chinese officials would have felt a little calmer. Unfortunately, he was unreachable even by the governor of Hong Kong, Donald Chang, who reportedly tried to contact him during the 12-hour ordeal.

It is now evident that even with a large communications team, P.Noy still manages to make himself unavailable to the task of communicating effectively. One of his communications secretaries, Herminio “Sonny” Coloma, should change the “F” in his 3Fs to FAIL, FAIL, FAIL owing to their failure to implement the “feed in, feed forward and feedback” that he wanted to introduce as a team.

As predicted before in my previous blog, P.Noy’s refusal to stay in Malacanang is proving to be a nightmare for national and international relations. Not only has he functioned on a nine-to-five schedule ever since he started his term, it is now beginning to emerge that it is proving quite difficult for international leaders to contact him because he does not stick around in Malacanang longer than necessary.

What the heck was P.Noy thinking?!? Why didn’t he make a statement earlier during the day? Even something as simple as “The Philippine National Police are on top of things” or “We are doing our best.” Could it be because P.Noy was certain from the beginning that the Philippine National Police were not really on top of things? Or could it be because the PNP were not really doing their best? Three hours after the siege ended, that is exactly what he confirmed to the Media – that the PNP need more training for this kind of situation. Well, obviously P.Noy wasn’t confident enough to assure anyone let alone the Hong Kong official that the Philippine authorities were doing their best.

As mentioned in another previous blog of mine, it is the average Filipino’s anti-elitist attitude or lack of specialised training and experience in a given field that produces a lot of amateurish professionals particularly in our police force. They are supposed to be there to protect the public and whose particular duties are the preservation of good order, the prevention and detection of crime, and the enforcement of the laws. The Philippine Media for its part, failed to act prudently and was said to contribute to the agitation creeping up on hostage-taker and ex-policeman Rolando Mendoza who reportedly was monitoring the news on a TV set installed in the bus.

If we can’t rely on the police for safety and the Media to behave prudently, who can we rely on? P.Noy should be very, very nervous because he should realise that he cannot rely on them to preserve his own life just in case he finds himself in a similar situation.

With eight Chinese nationals dead as a result of the stand-off, Hong Kong has now issued its top-level black travel alert for the Philippines. I’m pretty sure, other countries will follow suit with similar warnings. There goes what’s left of our tourism industry — all going down the drain. Other Filipinos who wear rose-tinted glasses are dismissing the incident as a one-off, saying that the disgruntled Mendoza is just one tiny speck of dust among millions of peace loving Filipinos. Oh yeah, tell that to the marines! Who in their right mind would come here after this tragedy? Perverts and pedophiles, maybe, because it will be a lot cheaper to come here now. Even more disturbing are those who say that hostage crises happen to other countries too. It’s as if that excuses the incompetence of the PNP and the way P.Noy handled it.

There are two things P.Noy Aquino does best, one is to do nothing just to avoid further gaffes. Frankly, his supporters always come out defending him when he does nothing. They always come out saying, there was nothing he could do or “we were waiting it out.” The next thing that P.Noy does best is to release empty rhetorical statements coupled with an arrogant grin like “We want a thorough investigation of everything that transpired.” The real question is Mr. President: and then what? Too bad he cannot blame this one on former President Gloria Arroyo.

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  1. abner says:

    as if the philippines needed another problem this happens. very unfortunate that this turned out as badly as i expected. poor HK tourists.

  2. andy says:

    “The coverage of crimes in progress or crisis situations such as hostage-taking or kidnapping shall not put lives in greater danger than what is already inherent in the situation. Such coverage should be restrained and care should be taken so as not to hinder or obstruct efforts of authorities to resolve the situation.” –KBP Policy on Crime and Crisis Situations

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      My stat when I saw the camera on the cops in position went like this: “Broadcasting the locations of the police is not a smart move. Why? You need only one outside friend of the hostage-takers to relay the cops’ positions to the criminals. When that happens, the cops are screwed and so are some hostages.” The things that Rainbow Six (the novel) can tell you… considering that TC has to do his research, it’s reasonable.

      • rubberkid says:

        @aegis-judex: Good thing you mentioned Rainbow Six the novel. The PNP can learn a lot just by reading that book. =) It is sad to know that our incompetence was brought to an international audience.

      • BagongJuan says:

        unfotunately only few of these men had an interest to read nor can really understand english.

  3. Dino says:

    “Too bad he cannot blame this one on former President Gloria Arroyo.”

    Ilda, you underestimate the arrogance of Mr. Yellowbelly and the Yellow Zombies.

    Mendoza -> Declared Guilty of Extortion by office of ombudsman – Merceditas Gutierez
    Merceditas Gutierez -> Under Arroyo’s Cabinet

    Ergo, let’s blame Arroyo again.

    – Yellow Zombies

    • ilda says:

      Did I write too soon? 😉

      It was just a matter of time before we heard the name of GMA from P.Noy yet again.

    • jmp says:

      E di ba pumupustero na si ignoy na ganun na nga? something like “remember last year pa ito nagsimula…?” or something sa kanyang press statement

      • i sooo agree. the puppet president will always find ways to actively do two things only: 1) trace it back to former pres. GMA and 2) bombard the media about his intention to have someone investigate the matter (and then what? haha). And I badly want to be surveyed by the SWS and Pulse Asia. Where are those yellow survey companies now? Why don’t you do a survey now? Funny, the next day after the massacre, the Philippine Star released on page 2 (page 2!!!) a survey by one those survey companies saying that the Filipino outlook is positive. The date of the survey? June, two months ago. It’s almost September. Communications Group my ass.

    • BagongJuan says:

      their supporters were even pointing PNP’s incompetence as product of former administrations corrupt policies.

      • bolahan na lang kapag “inheritance” issue na naman ang excuse nila. when will they owe up to what they have as the current regime? sila na nga ang nakaupo pero turo pa rin ng turo sa nakaraan. lagot sila sa susunod na regime kasi karma lang yan. lusot sila if sila pa rin next regime kasi they will just Communications Goup again their whole 6 years.

  4. jmp says:

    How come ignoy’s feedback mechanisms like FB wall are disabled? The OP website comment latest is 16 Aug! Contrary to its campaign promises, this government is adverse to feedback!

  5. Ryunken says:

    Good Job you losers! The PNP! the Media & especially NOYNOY!

    NOYNOY – Bad Foreign Relations
    PNP – Need More Counterstrike/Left 4 Dead hours in your training
    Media – You Losers escalated the situation from Bad to Worse to “The hostages are screwed!”

    At ang mga Usosero pa diyan nagpho-photo pa sa bus para mailigay pa sa Facebook!

    Welcome to the Failippines! This place is getting more troublesome by the day… And the Tourism here now is SCREWED!

    • Sarah says:

      @Ryunken: Don’t blame the media. Blame the police for fouling up. They lack determination and didn’t have a solid plan to solve the hostage drama.

      • Dino Recto says:

        The media still has fault. Even if the Police had determination and a solid plan, it can be fouled up by losing the element of surprise by a camera showing their every move and a working television set on the bus. But this does not demerit your assessment that the police messed up big time. I’m just saying both the media and the police are accountable. Look up “Did discrimination in the Philippine Media lead to the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists?” Article here on AP to what the media could have done.

      • BagongJuan says:

        still it’s the ground commander’s responsibility to anticipate this matter, place barricades, and if possible black screens or tarpaulins to cover the immediate area of operation, what’s more incompetent are the alleged abroad trained negotiators whom had few chances of simply grabbing Capt. Mendoza… 

      • Ryunken says:

        You should also put the media in the frying pan as they should be also be blamed to the deaths.

        The PNP didn’t listen and apparently haven’t read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”
        As Sun Tzu said, “Let your plans be as dark as the night. And strike like a thunderbolt.” I think

        Apparently, the PNP’s plans was so seen worldwide… Even the Hostage taker can see the whole thing transpire. It boils the whole scenario to total disaster.

        Here’s another one from Sun Tzu:
        If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
        If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.

        They don’t know what they’re capable of and what their opponent can do, which still boils down to those deaths.

  6. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    good filipino citizens

  7. benign0 says:

    This kinda illustrates how serious Filipinos consider this matter to be:

    Full story here!

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Two words: GODDAMNED BATS!

    • mel says:

      The products of media sensationalism, low IQ, low EQ television programs!

    • ChinoF says:

      No respect for the dead.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Isn’t respect for the dead a Spiritual Work of Mercy? Please! People have gone to God before their time, can’t their memories have at least some RESPECT??! Internalize your Catechism and apply it, NOT pervert it!

    • ilda says:

      Photo-op for future OFWs based in Hong Kong?

    • Ryunken says:

      Mga Kumag kayo! You don’t respect those who have died in the standoff! Instead you relish their demise and go to great lengths to get some picture… Which would be posted in Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/God knows what!?

      If you want to respect the dead… Pray to them and leave candles there. Not take a picture of a bus which would have brought them back home. But instead became their graves!

    • kid dynamo says:

      ..please forgive what i’m about to say….





      • ilda says:

        In other countries, people would have been putting flowers near the site in remembrance of the fallen victms. Not in the Philippines though. Galit pa nga ang iba sa mga Chinese ngayon. I can’t understand why some Filipinos hate them just because they practically run our country’s economy.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        It’s kinda like how the WASP hates Jews who are practically the analogues of Chinks here. It can never be understood.

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      Good Lord, what are they doing?

      I know more and more people are becoming “camwhores” (sometimes I find myself “camwhoring” too) but really?! Do our fellow Filipinos know nothing about respect? You would think it’s basic and ingrained in our personalities, what with our culture full of respect and courtesies (like po and opo, ate and kuya, mano po). But apparently, our fellow Filipinos don’t even know the very simple concept of respect for the dead.

      If I had my picture taken at this site, I’d be ashamed. One, because it shows that I don’t even know how to respect the dead, and two, because of the tragic incident that happened here that showed the world how incompetent our government, media, and police force are.

    • silvercrest says:

      This photo infuriates me. Just look at the girls on the left hand side…they are making weeping faces! I don’t need to be part Chinese and have relatives in Hong Kong, which I am, to find this insensitive and disrespectful.

    • Kid Dynamo says:

      …can’t help but think i bet 15+ Million of us are like this…….were so messed up…so ****in messed up…

    • Kotobuki says:

      Seems like some students forgot what their Values Education subject taught them in school. I won’t be surprised if they just copied their assignments from each other, because what they heard in class just dripped out of their ears!

      A really bad effect those pictures could do is to make our regrets as a people and nation look like lies to the people of Hong Kong. How could they believe us Filipinos, who are posting our regrets on the Internet (“we’re truly horrified and saddened by this event…”) – when the idiots and imbeciles among our kindred pose (with the nerve to put on idiotic grins!) at the hostage taking site? They might as well think we’re celebrating the incident as a publicity stunt.

  8. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    what about the flash game version of the hostage event?

    Pinoy ang gumawa. Pinoy ulet.


  9. Lilly says:

    Hey guys.

    I was spending a lot of time reading (wading) through the hate-filled P-Noy FB fanpage. From the looks of it, it seems that the BIGGEST reason of the HK’er nationals’ outrages was because Ngoyngoy was smiling during the delivery of his statement re: the tragedy, and because of the inanely stupid airhead pic that benign0 posted.

    Is Ngoyngoy so stupid he can’t even deliver an apology RIGHT? God. And what about those bimbos on the picture? They’re an effing EMBARRASSMENT.

    This makes me want to cry. Jesus.

    • ilda says:

      They have now disabled the facility for people to leave any kind of messages on P.Noy’s FB page. I guess someone from P.Noy’s office has been reading AP.

      Now, all they want are positive messages. It’s a an effort in futility because their gaffes will just erase any positive message they send out to the public. The next crisis will be the judge of their true capabilities to lead the nation.

    • the smiling face of Noynoy was probably an advice that his close confidants gave him that a smile can melt hearts and calm the nerves kasi nga they were the ones who propagated in the press how GMA’s emotionless face as former president did not look appealing on cam. what they don’t know is that smiling needs to be done in appropriate situations only. looks like their communications group efforts are moronic.

      • silvercrest says:

        I wonder if in the next few months, after Pinoys in HK get sent home, when our tourism industry is no more, when no other country aids us will PNoy still be smiling while delivering his speech. With his stupidity, maybe he will.

        Mga kababayan (smile), 1 milyong kababayan po natin galing HK ang umuwi na (smile) kasi wala na silang trabaho (smile) sapagkat binawal na ang mga manggagawang Pilipino roon (smile) Magsama-sama tayong magdusa sa mahal natin bansa (smile) ako sa hacienda at kayo sa squatter’s area (smile).

    • palebluedot_ says:

      isn’t an incongruent affect display a sign of psychiatric problem? considering that filipinos are transparent in showing appropriate emotions, like when one relates a distressing experience, pinapakita talaga na sad na sad with matching tears pa. and when they are happy, talagang tumatawa. that’s why people hate GMA because she is displaying flat affect when she makes her speeches; good speech content, irritating bland display of emotion. now this current president is showing heightened affect in spite the depressing situation, maybe it’s time he is subjected to some kind of mini-mental state examination (filipino version)?

      • maybe hazing? seriously, for a president to cite that his new home feels like a prison, Noynoy seems fond of talking about things he does not understand. the smallest act nga of surrounding the crime scene (the bus) with a blockage to prevent seeing it from afar and using it as a backdrop for picture-taking is something that was not done. mukhang ‘di protocol. eh ‘yun pa kayang presidente na puro charisma lang. ayan nga at misplaced pa ang usage of charisma. congrats na lang to ABS-CBN, TV5, and GMA-7 for their international awards to be given by their partners abroad for excellent coverage ng incident. blood on their hands.

      • Nes says:

        CHARISMA?!? eeewww.. what charisma?! haha. what he did is idiodtic! nothing charismatic about it. ugh!

        (Just trolling)

    • BagongJuan says:

      thought He wouldn’t go to the site too but he did and some shots shows bwangwang smiling or seemingly laughing, what shocks me the most was his apology and reason for behaving such…
      don’t know the exact words but he was saying that that’s how he express his emotions by smiling when he is mad of something (the disgrace his men made) or maybe even while he sympathizes, makes me wonder if he cries when happy, is he selling himself ??? 
      bwangwang tlaga…

  10. innagadda54 says:

    Can anybody tell me when Noynoy has ever come out smelling like a rose in a moment of crisis? At anytime in the last 50 years?

    • ilda says:

      People want to hear him say something when there is a crisis like this so unfortunately, he cannot hide behind anyone’s skirt this time. It ain’t going to fly.

  11. mga ulol says:

    yooOOooo hoooOOOo0… the ampatuan clan could do a better job… bwa ha ha ha ha… :mrgreen:

  12. Uncle Pinoy says:

    My father told me that sometime in the 70’s there was a nationally-televised hostage-taking drama which showed the ineptitude of the then Philippine Constabulary (the precursor of the PNP) SWAT, which resulted in the death of the hostage-taker and hostages. He followed the newsfeed on TV yesterday and commented that the PNP employed the same 30-year old tactic. He wasn’t surprised that the results were the same.

    Our police, as it is with our government officials, seems not to understand the concept of their job. They are suppose to protect the public. Instead they think their job is merely to overpower criminals. And if the public is injured, sorry na lang – which is pretty much how they operated for a long time and the public had no recourse. Unfortunately for them, the victims yesterday were foreign nationals whose government made a big international stink about the fiasco. And now we’re an international embarrassment.

    Segueing to public officials: People in government seem to think that their purpose is to make money. That’s why we really don’t mind that they skim a little off the top from their pork barrels, get kickbacks from government contracts, extort a little bit “kasi maliit ang sweldo namin.” Government service is PUBLIC service. They are NOT suppose to do that. Not even “a little bit”.

    Until we (John Q. Public) understand what government service (and police work) is all about, yesterday’s embarrassing event will be replayed for another 30+ years.

    • ChinoF says:

      From the looks of it, they didn’t even send real SWAT soldiers… those were just riot police! They think riot and hostage situations are the same? Or was the SWAT deployment blocked because higher-ups were quarreling on whose boys were gonna steal the glory? Truly unprepared forces.

      And it happened under P-Noy’s watch!

      • Jay says:


        You got it right. There is a trickling down of the ineptitude of the authoritative bodies in the government. Deaths are no excuse for anything, be it our own or a foreigner. Though I do agree that the pinoys in general have been desensitized with deaths of our own hence when they see an outcome like this, they accept because the government and authorities willed it, or came up short. Then they resort to guidance from external forces instead of making themselves aware of the forces that played itself during the incident.

        And then instead of Noynoy taking the blame, being apologetic, he cracks an allusion of a similar incident in Russia with a failed hostage incident as well. Good job PNoy, you admit to your acceptance for mediocrity as opposed to wanting the best case scenario and doing what was needed to make it happen. As ChinoF said, it happened in NCR and under his watch.

      • a day like that was when president noynoy wished he traveled abroad more. tignan n’yo lang. sa susunod na major incident, iiwas yan by going somewhere else locally or abroad to have the excuse na he was out of touch.

      • Mike H says:

        I saw a newsclip about this, and I think Noynoy mentioned this also during the interview — that nearby was a SAF/Special Action Force contingent but they were not involved with the tactics against Mendoza.

      • rubberkid says:

        @Mike H: So those were the guys in camo! I was wondering why the SAF was not involved. That unit’s purpose is to handle those kinds of situations. I actually saw one SAF officer join the fray when the MPD cops were breaking open the rear window with a sledgehammer. His actions were entirely different from the MPD’s actions – decisive, swift and with urgency. Instead of waiting for a ladder, he climbed up someone’s shoulders, bashed the window in with his rifle stock, then pointed the gun inside. Then, after a few moments, they were gone. Pulled out?

    • ilda says:

      @Uncle Pinoy.

      The same scenario will repeat itself in the years to come because there are so many apologists for incompetent people like P.Noy. It doesn’t matter if he just started his term because the one before him and so on have done similar mediocre jobs in the past.

      Filipinos don’t even want to acknowledge that it is they who vote for incompetent leaders in the first place. And even when they see evidence of incompetence, they are still in denial about it.

      • Jay says:


        Its funny because while AP and other more informed people are talking about the events that could have made things better, every other emo/apologist (and we’ve seen some here) talks about the simple consequences and the repercussions of the ordeal.
        (dead link now sadly)

        The issue in that piece was how HK employers were firing Pinoy domestic helpers, now about 120,000 unemployed and trying to make it out to be a racially charged move. The entire author makes it out the pinoys are the victims due to the overreaction of HK and implored them to rethink of their decision. Now, if the government actually cared they would take better responsibility with the foreign relations so HKers wouldn’t be so angry.

        Yes it would demand that Noynoy prostrates, but by doing that he would appease the offended foreigners and may save those 120,000 from their jobs, plus keep his saintly aura about him intact. So the people in general are behaving like their telenovela counterparts of the person who was left due to distrust and they have to do everything they can to gain the trust back, at the same time displaying some apathy towards others as well.

        With this confusion in mind, I’d like to recall a line by Adam Carolla. Philippines get your sh&t together!

      • ilda says:


        This is further proof that P.Noy does not use his head. If he did, he would have realised that we, as a people have more to lose if he behaved arrogantly.

        As usual, his supporters, the cry babies, instead of being apologetic for our shortfalls, are more indignant than ever.

    • Uncle Pinoy says:

      What is the police motto? “To protect and serve.”

      Neal Cruz wrote in his column today that a policeman-friend of his admitted that “the ambition of most police characters is to be a policeman so that they will have power and authority, he said. It is also a means of protecting themselves from other toughies. Those are the kind of people who join the police force.”

      This mindset explains 1) Hostage-taker Mendoza’s actions, and 2) the PNP’s ineptitude in the hostage-rescue attempt. Until our cops understand what a policeman’s job really is, the Grandstand debacle will be the norm in police operations.

      Similarly, until our government officials understand the concept public service is, our government will continue to be corrupt and incompetent.

  13. Bencard says:

    A nine to five president? looks like the voters, who elected P-Noy, got what they bargained for. later on, expect to hear “it’s not in my job description”.

  14. mix says:

    Has Noynoy apologized to the international community (to HK especially) anywhere during the length of his press statement? or after?

    Was able to watch clips at youtube only. And whats bothering me is how smug he looks. I know you need to back up what your armed forces does, but you don’t have to be smiling right after a terrorist incident involving foreign nationals.

    • ChinoF says:

      Chinese are so fricking mad at that smiling face. They hate our current president. They’ll probably want GMA back. “This would not happen in the time of GMA!” They may be right.

      • palebluedot_ says:

        i bet it won’t. GMA (or maybe Gibo or Dick or Nick) are good strategists. And they know their job description…
        Aguy! Now crazy people knows how substandard our security forces are. Expect more of yesterday’s event in the next 6 years. Unless if they attack Time Street first, or wherever that god-forsaken Abnoy is playing his video games…then maybe our sufferings may be shortened (?)

      • ben says:

        I actually think that the result would have been the same if it were GMA or Gibo. Remember the incident when some Int’l Red Cross people were being held for ransom? GMA and Gibo did not care if the the hostages would die. Gladly, Gordon intervened and eventually won the hostage takers’ trust and the hostages were set free. Without Gordon there, it would have been another bloodshed scenario in our history books.

      • ben says:

        Oh, and Gibo even had the nerve to blame Gordon for meddling and messing up the situation. Cousins anyone?

      • palebluedot_ says:

        oh yea! Gordon has the right experience for hostage taking negotiations. the ICRC situation in 2009 was more complicated (because it was done by an organized terrorist group) than what happened the other day (committed only by one emotionally disturbed policeman). It would have been fast without bloodshed if Gordon was put in the forefront.


      • Garnet Alexa says:

        I don’t think it’s just the smiling face they hate. After all, it said in the news that the governor of Hong Kong couldn’t even reach Noynoy. I think that’s the biggest slap in the face for them. It’s as if the president couldn’t be bothered to wait for the government of Hong Kong to call (or call them himself as soon as he knew what was happening!) to at least quell their fears and tell that our police force is doing what they can to resolve the issue.

        Noynoy will destroy our foreign relations. This incident will surely put our tourism industry a million steps back. Our country is doomed.

      • in the first month, president noynoy managed to disgust Japan already for making misinformed pronouncements. it’s only the 3rd month and it’s HK’s turn to be disgusted.

      • Ryunken says:

        1st month of Mr Stupid’s presidency annoyed Japan making misinformed pronouncements… Its been only less than 100 days since his presidency and now Hong Kong is now pissed off by him…

        I predict that this LOSER of a President would have pretty much annoyed and pissed off other Asian Countries before the year ends…

        Goodbye Foreign Relations… Goodbye Tourism… GOOD JOB MR STUPID OF A PRESIDENT!

  15. ChinoF says:

    None of the police ever thought of shooting out the TV in the bus. That could have created a media blackout for Mendoza himself. Though it could have been dangerous too.

    Mass media is an ass in this country. They’re not the defenders of freedom anymore. They’re its destroyer.

  16. Hyden Toro says:

    I don’t know; if I should laugh or shed tears to the way, we are treating the Hostage incident. A disgruntled Ploliceman went on to take hostages; killed several tourists; and had himself killed. People (osiseros at osiseras); making the unfortunate incident; as a tourist attraction. The Media people used it to boost their ratings. Can we see here: that a Nut Case policeman, grandstanding his killing spree at the Luneta Quirino Grandstand? I wish, he would had choosen, infront of the Malacanang Palace. We have a President, nowhere to be seen, during the hostage situation; or nowhere can he be contacted. Maybe, he is HIDING somewhere in a Toilet. This President has a problem of: (1) courage. (2) cannot lead a dire situation to a good solution. and (3) running away from a problem/crissis, instead of solving it. The Media promotion of him being a strong leader; has already proven otherwise: He is wavering… He cannot deliver!!! It is in the eating/tasting of the “lechon” that can prove the goodness of the “lechon.” E, sinabi ninyong malutong; makunat pala siya!!!”

    • palebluedot_ says:

      “Maybe, he is HIDING somewhere in a Toilet.”

      remember years ago during some coup attempt, our dear stupid president’s mom hid under the bed? it was later negated by the columnist (late Luis Beltran) who told the story. but conspiracy theorist would say, it might have happened judging by the way her son was out of touch during yesterday’s crisis. like mother like son ROFL

      • BagongJuan says:

        by the way if i remember it right sometime during his mom’s wake or during burial, he and VP Binay was even boasting that Ngoyngoy had slipped dating while the coup was ongoing… 😦

    • no journalist should write about president noynoy hiding in the toilet during the incident kundi gagayahin lang nya ginawa ng late mom nya when the latter was published na nagtago under the bed. the real issue by then will be forgotten kasi inapi na naman ang aquino. kawawa naman. pasan nila ang problema. major sacrifice for the filipinos.

      • silvercrest says:

        Eh naglalaro pa yung tao ng DOTA…
        Di naman nya sinabing boss nya ang mga Hong Kong tourists.
        Ika nga ni ALI G, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T-P” the president.

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      My mum was telling us last night that the reason he was unable to take the governor’s call was that he was UNAWARE that the governor has been calling. That his staff didn’t tell him that the governor was calling and that he was in a meeting discussing the hostage situation.

      Ok Noynoy. Whatever.

      First of all, Noynoy should’ve called up the Hong Kong government and told them that he were on top of the situation as soon as he found out about the situation. Second, he should’ve told his staff to tell him to call him if someone from the Hong Kong government calls. Third, I doubt your meeting is ongoing the WHOLE DAY that you don’t even have time to check up on your staff and ask them if there were any calls or whatsoever for you. Lastly, if you WERE in a meeting the whole day about the hostage situation, WHY DID IT STILL END IN BLOODSHED?

      Sheesh. Stop blaming everyone for your incompetence Noynoy.

      • di ako in management pero ang alam kong automatic d’yan is to definitely have a clear line with the officials ng mga citizens na nasa bus. parang ganito, nasusunog bahay mo at galing ka ng palengke to see it on fire pero nasa loob ang anak mo at ang bumisitang pamangkin mo. at kasama mo asawa mo sa pamamalengke. syempre sooner or later uutusan mo asawa mo to contact yung kapatid mo (magulang ng pamangkin mo) to let her know na nasusunog na anak nya or nasa ospital or punerarya na, di ba?

  17. red says:

    “We inherited this problem from the previous administration.” -PNoy

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Please don’t play the Blame Game. We have a serious problem in our country. We have armed agents of the law, becoming Nut Basket Cases. Taking Hostages, and killing innocent people. We have a President Running and Hiding from Hostage situation…Anything more?…

      • red says:

        everything you said and anything else that comes afterwards will always be blamed on the previous administration by the yellow admin.

  18. mel says:

    PNoy’s “arrogant grin” added insult to injury. Even during crisis situations, he tries very hard to look good infront of the camera, just like those newscasters who cannot make neutral faces when delivering their news.

    Shamelessness and inability to show appropriate behaviour under specific conditions are signs of low intelligence and debility and PNoy has just showed the whole world his mental impairment smiling during the press conference after that bloody hostage-taking incident.

  19. ChinoF says:

    So many gaffes and problems were seen here:
    1. A disgruntled sacked policeman, NOT a terrorist, NOT Abu Sayyaf, was the killer.
    2. Of all the possible victims, he chose foreign nationals.
    3. Instead of a SWAT team, a ragtag band of riot police try a miscoordinated rescue with poor equipment and methods.
    4. Media was allowed to telegraph the movements of the police to the hostage taker through the bus TV and thus warn him of what was to come. Idiotic.
    5. When talking about the incident, instead of wearing an appropriate expression, PNoy was smiling. Smooth.

    When Donald Chang was calling PNoy, he might have been trying to offer assistance by sending a team of Chinese anti-terrorist troops to do the job. They might have done it right. PNoy was probably mulling over how to jail GMA again, or probably this time ban anime from the Philippines aside from K-pop (just a hyperbole, folks).

    I agree with JR2 who said that this would have been a pretext for China’s invading us. Maybe we need to go back to foreign control so they can show us a better way to run a country.

    The brother said, “Don’t surrender! Use MY gun well!” Obviously, he provided the guns. Idiot media though showed it and made hostage taker mad.

    • ilda says:

      You are right Chino. Donald Chang probably wanted to ask if the elite forces of Hong Kong could provide assistance during the crisis but our moronic leader tried his best to avoid the call!

    • maikimai says:

      Pretext for China to invade us? It seems to be an exaggeration to me, but still, it maybe possible. I don’t think the whole hostage incident would be the pretext, it IS PNoy’s grin that may lead us to war.

  20. Swatdaoligarchs says:

    Here’s a good example of what the wolrd is saying about the incident…and about us. Spend some time to check-out the comments. Some of them are priceless, in a hilarious way.

  21. Swatdaoligarchs says:

    Here’s a good example of what the world is saying about the incident…and about us. Spend some time to check-out the comments. Some of them are priceless, in a hilarious way.

    • Gardo Versausage says:

      Yeah, I read some of the comments there. You’d think you were still reading AP.

      • Jay says:

        You read about the twitter movement pinoys are trying to trend? #manilaissafe?


        Well, I’ll be honest its safe if you never get in a situations where a psycho starts makes everyone hostages and the media has to hawk in on the situation as well as the PNP making sketchy decisions.

        Some may say well at least they are doing something positive but then I’d counter with yeah, trying to lull everyone to some form of false sense of security. How about those same people, actors and actresses or what not start pointing at those who made the decision? I mean guess where the money comes to pay the PNP and their services? Now I understand why people don’t pay their taxes. They’d rather die with their money than pay somebody who will kill them in the near future anyway.

      • ilda says:

        You are correct Jay. Kung ganon ang gusto nila, sinungaling sila. No matter how much they try to hide it, it will come out when something happens to a foreigner. If they keep being in denial, nothing (mentality, system, etc) will get fix.

      • Jay says:

        I mean it looks like there are Pinoys trying to make it into a non issue, but where were they when Carolla, Claire Daines, Terry Hatcher, among those other non-issue crap came out? In the forefront, trying to defend the Filipinos reputation to the world, as if the opinions of celebs mattered or that there is truth being embellished.

        Oh but when a grenade sized explosion of a foreign relations killer comes out, they have the audacity to try minimize the ordeal? Especially when the outcome was as real as it gets and it was plain to see where the errors came from? Then say that those who are talking about potential consequences are overreacting? Then making even sillier claims and allusions…

        Was it ChinoF or Benign0 that got the assessment that Pinoys have a knee-jerk reaction to hiya or shame? Well, the situation certainly proved just that.

      • silvercrest says:

        “manila is safe”

        Did they say for who?

      • Garnet Alexa says:

        I’ve heard of the #manilaissafe Twitter movement. I wanted to do so but I realized that we’re only deluding the world.

        I know that they want to show the world that going to our country won’t necessarily end up as a hostage but really. There’s nothing safe about Metro Manila. And I’m not just talking about Manila city (though that’s one place that’s really unsafe, especially at night). If you go out at night, there’s a big chance that you’ll be mugged. Sometimes, you’ll even be mugged in broad daylight.

        And you’d think that being in a car would make you safe. No! You can get your car hijacked! Or you can get things stolen from your car that is parked in a prominent mall.

        Sorry but I don’t consider Manila safe. I think Tourists would be safer in some other city or province in the Philippines. Well, other than those places were there are lots of kidnapping.

      • palebluedot_ says:

        manila is never safe even for mindanaoans like me. never have i been to manila where i did not keep my money in my underwear (ma’s advice), hug my handbags tight in front of me as i go malling, text the taxi’s number to my sis in mindanao before i ride, or talk carefully to strangers for fear of being hypnotized (my neighbor keep on reminding me that). sheeesh! even rains, wind and floodwater is never safe in manila. floodwater always reminds me of leptospirosis when i am in manila. manila spells paranoia…

        manila is safe? dream on…

      • Jay says:


        well a few people started the trend, even Noynoy’s grandson (forgot his name) and some celebs are pointing to it.

        It figures, don’t it?

      • BagongJuan says:

        Since when did Manila got safe? not even before i first stepped to that city 😦

  22. UP nn grad says:

    Click below to for rules-of-engagement that the PNP established during during Quirino-grandstand hours.

    The author also said this : ”It would have been 💡 better had the President just interrupted all TV and radio programming at 10:00 pm to deliver his message straight from his working desk and thereby dispensed with the press conference.” The President waited until after 12:00 midnight before speaking in a press conference.

    • ilda says:

      Well, not only are the police lacking in training, even the President lacks training in all aspects.

      • Mad Man says:

        Yeah, in all aspects! Someone has to train Noynoy about proper countenance as a dignitary. I can’t believe he was smiling/grinning during yesterday’s press conference.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        There is no in-house job training for the Philippine Presidency. If you file your candidacy, you must be ready to lead: physically able; mentally able and emotionally able…Otherwise, it will lead to this kind of leadership disaster. 😯

      • UP nn grad says:

        The travel ban : HongKong authorities felt offended and disrespected because Governor Tsang and other Hongkong officials were not adequately informed during the crisis despite them ➡ making repeated phone calls into Malacanang for more information about the Hongkong citizens who were hostages.

        Malacanang (and Dept Foreign Affairs) did very badly 😳 in dealing with Hongkong during the crisis hours.

      • Jay says:

        GOOD! Because then that settles the whole thing with the public knowledge that they think the Chinese government is being harsh due to the killings when honestly, its all due to Noynoy not wanting to play politics.

  23. zero-one says:

    Media with the DC as expected. Effing hell mali ang mga pulis pero mali rin naman kayo e! Mas-expected nga na mag-backoff kayo because you’re (ideally) supposed to CARE about the situation, or at least pretend!!

  24. Pingback: Manila Bus Massacre: A Few Thoughts to Share on This “National Day of Mourning”

  25. Jayavarman XII says:

    Noynoy, the son of communist coddler NInoy, MUST resign to save this country from further humiliation.

    Filipinos who voted for this fools now have blood on their hands.

    Fcuking idiots!

  26. Mad Man says:

    I’m not a cop and I don’t know anything about tactics and stuff. I know I play too many 1st person video games but my head is full of “what if’s.” What if the assault team used flash bangs instead of tear gas before breaching the bus? Or thermal scopes to see the people inside the bus? Or put those floodlights right next to the bus so they could see the silhouettes of those inside?

    Anyway, why was Noynoy smiling and grinning during yesterday’s press conference? It must have been more insulting to them Hong Kong people. And what were those Pinay students thinking, taking pictures in front of the bus?

  27. Mad Man says:

    Filipinos OVERreacted and were in an (embarrassing) uproar when Chip Tsao, Adam Carolla, Adam Baldwin, etc. made their well-justified scathing remarks about Filipinos, reacting as if some foreigner killed a busload of 9 Filipinos. Now it’s the world’s turn to get pissed at us. Let the world teach us WHY and WHEN to get appropriately angry. Let them teach us they have the maturity to react emotionally ONLY for the more serious issues (like last Monday’s tragedy) — and not because of some petty reasons such as negative remarks made by a foreigner…

  28. Once again the Filipino people are reacting over this “excessively embarrassing” moment for our dear country. Why do you guys feel so worried about the HK tourists who died, they’re not even your own kind! Has anybody here overly reacted about the media killings that has gone to more than a hundred?! or the beheaded people by the Abu Sayyaf?! Or the OFWs who arrive here in a casket because they’ve been brutally killed by their foreign employer?! those Chinese people are just 10, killed by 1. AGAIN, BY 1. Rolando Mendoza just happened to be high on drugs (at least that’s what im assuming) that time that he did that. It could’ve been anyone. It could’ve been the Indians, or Malaysians, or Europeans! But would you react that way if the hostages were FILIPINOS?!?!? of course not! because you guys expect us to kill each other but are freakin ashamed if we kill people from a different country! Why?! we need tourism?! We need respect?!?! TELL ME HOW MANY ISLANDS AMONG THE 7,107 HAVE YOU BEEN TO? FOR THE MAN ENOUGH TO SAY THEIR OPINIONS OUT LOUD, TELL ME YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN GUILTY OF NOT LETTING A WOMAN GET THE SEAT ON THE BUS OR THE TRAIN. FOR THE LADIES, TELL ME YOU’VE BEEN RESPECTFUL ENOUGH NOT TO SUSPECT THAT EVERY GUY IS A POTENTIAL MANIAC OR WHATEVER.

    Filipinos love to talk but can’t listen. And that’s what our freakin’ problem is. The president should not change. We’ve changed our president a lot of times after Emilio Aguinaldo.

    You know that I should be the one to change. And YOU should too!

    • Mad Man says:

      Yeah, WE need to change for the better. About reactions: we Filipinos are simply reacting WITH the world. People all over the world are either pissed or disappointed at what happened. It is just right we show sympathy and respect, it is the least we could do for this embarrassing episode in Philippine history. If we Filipinos are going to do something really stupid and embarrassing, let’s keep it to ourselves hoping the world will not notice — and not do something on an international level where several foreigners’ lives are involved. After all, for some people, international reputation is more important.

      WE must always remember there are MORE Filipinos in other countries than there are foreigners in OUR country that’s why our international reputation is very important. In other words: The Philippines needs the World, but the World doesn’t need the Philippines.

      Oops, I think that was over the top? hehe

    • Jay says:

      The point is Filipinos or not, it should never have ended up like that. Only idiots would accept the way things happen and not expect that Oh maybe the people could have been saved and those in authority, the media did their part in that kind of outcome.

      And if you were so concerned about changes, the people as a whole, no, as a nation should have done it a long time ago so they don’t post inanity like you do because they already have better expectations of what an efficient government helps the country and its people.

      puro emo ang pinagbulgar mo madaboutthemedia, walang logic.

      If we Filipinos are going to do something really stupid and embarrassing, let’s keep it to ourselves hoping the world will not notice — and not do something on an international level where several foreigners’ lives are involved. After all, for some people, international reputation is more important.

      You can’t keep these kinds of heavy events out from the global eye. ANC and GMA tv is overseas as well and even Al Jazheera and BBC caught on major country situation! You can’t choose how we want to be known to the world, but when all the talk is over and proper action is needed and when the outcome is through inefficiency of all parties involved, that kind of reasoning is unacceptable. If the people of the island can’t see how bad the state of the country is, they’ll never smarten up and finally realize that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they should care about things that would promote changes in the country. FOIA, the elections, charter change are all possible if people cared. Because when they don’t, incidents like the bus will remind everyone in the world and the Pinoys.

      As ChinoF has long said, the pinoys have a harsh affinity to shame or hiya and instead of trying to take measures to prevent it, the worst case scenario always happens and the people create excuses like overreacting or ignoring the real issue. Then when the dust settles, everyone acts like nothing has happen before and gets on with their lives. How about expecting more from the PNP? The government? The president!? If people did, the outcome is unacceptable in any circumstances and won’t go about trying to derail the argument with nonsensical crap like pinoys in other countries or they weren’t pinoys. Is that how desensitized the people have been? That it is acceptable to see our own die in incidents like these, more or less foreigners as well? Especially in a situation where there were many variables for a positive outcome as well?

      We’re better than that. At least I still like to believe.

      • @Mad Man: “The Philippines needs the World, but the World doesn’t need the Philippines.”? Exactly my point. WE all just tend to believe that without the pity of the rest of the WORLD, the Philippines would be nothing. And that is just brilliant.


        @ Jan: If the italicized phrase is what you’re claiming to be illogical, it didn’t come from me, FYI.

        But then again i would like to ask you, what have you done for this country that is so heroistic that a hint of bad reputation would make you hurt that much? and that’s as if our reputation has been so high to start off with.
        Whom else have you blamed when shameful situations like this occur besides the government? yourself? I highly doubt that.
        Expect more from the PNP and the president, you say? What suggestions do you have in mind other than sit in front of the computer all day and research on SWAT Tactics that you see on Youtube or take down notes about the police strategies that you see on Reno 911?

        Maybe you just think I’m “emo” or insane and irrational. But at least i don’t speak so idealistically that I can make everything sound so easy like you do.

      • Jay says:

        WE all just tend to believe that without the pity of the rest of the WORLD, the Philippines would be nothing

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Without US support, the roaring industry of the PHilippines in the 60’s would never happen. Without seafaring companies taking chances on pinoys, they wouldn’t be employed as OFWs. The world has as much impact on the Philippines than you think. In fact its absolutely nothing considering a closed market and lack of FDI’s. Oh and look at the asian neighbors and how their outlook is.

        Stop playing strawman madaboutthemedia. Your list of if’s are avoiding the real issue which I have addressed. The fact that the outcome could have changed by being idealistic is better than accepting the outcome now and trying to act snide as if people who know better would have the answers to your silly questions. Of course the answers are there! Its called The complete opposite of the wrong things that went down with the incident. It can’t get any simpler because only idiots like you would deny that FACT!

        I make it sound so easy because its simple, really. The logic is there and I don’t have to go all emo and beat around the bush to by adding additional crap that doesn’t make any sense.

        The time you start accepting facts and focusing less on useless details like Mendoza was high on drugs, you too can make simple, logical statements that make sense and may not necessarily be idealistic.

      • Jay, you talk way a lot more than me so who’s playing strawman here?
        You are assuming things that are not even in my original opinion and debating me about stuff I never even brought up.

        Look, there’s nothing wrong with you saying your opinion about my opinion because everyone’s got their POVs but if you don’t agree with mine, there’s no need to argue or laugh at me like Im some kind of nonsense. No matter how righteous you sound, I am firm with my belief.

        By the way, if you look at my fist post you can see a line there that says “Filipinos love to talk but can’t listen.”

        And you are, my dear, the exact person that I was talking about.

        Don’t be too profound next time. Your ideas are great and all but I’m pretty sure I’m the only person listening to you right now.

      • Jay says:


        Jay, you talk way a lot more than me so who’s playing strawman here?
        You are assuming things that are not even in my original opinion and debating me about stuff I never even brought up.

        Because that isn’t the point of the argument. What you were talking about has nothing to do with the how the situation went down and the potential consequences. And its rather ironic considering you claim this is overreacting when half or all the pinoy community were up in arms when a celebrity was spewing their nonsensical opinions about the Philippines.

        Look up strawman sometime, because I keep telling what you are doing yet you aren’t understanding what is written.

        By the way, if you look at my fist post you can see a line there that says “Filipinos love to talk but can’t listen.”

        Oh how ironic, considering it is you kind sir, who failed to listen. One, due to the fact that your beginning post with the wall of text has no bearing to the argument at hand. And two, on the internets the best I can do is read text written by posters such as yourself. Unless you made an audio/video recording and played it back, there is no absolute way I would be able to listen to me.

        That is how it is with people who rely with their feelings to explain things, which the best you did was go all emo and pull things out of your a$$. I can understand why you’d feel the way I do, since I respect the objective truth and the logic in facts, which are far beyond opinions, yours and mine.

        If anything son, you have a comprehending problem. Best get it fixed before you write anything else, especially with your false, nationalistic view on things.

    • ilda says:


      You said:

      Why do you guys feel so worried about the HK tourists who died, they’re not even your own kind!

      And my response to you:

      OMG! What kind of person are you?!? Are you suggesting that we should only symphatise and feel sorry for fellow Pinoys?!?

      You know for the first time, I am so proud of the outrage and reaction I see from some fellow Filipinos about the tragedy but your insensitive comment disgust me. You are so anti-Pinoy dude.

      You have a small mind for thinking that Rolando Mendoza was just high on drugs. The root of the problem is more complicated than that. He is just one among many Filipino workers who receive the short end of the stick because the system sucks. You cannot dismiss the problem just like that because it will happen again if you don’t fix it.

      And you’ve got a nerve to ask us if we have visited the islands of the Philippines. Is that your only proof of love of country? I’m sorry to say but you are a moron like your president and a disgrace to humanity. What about the people who do not have money to travel and see the rest of the Philippines, do you think they are not true Filipinos? Do yourself a favour and go hide in a cave or just climb a tree and never let a foreigner hear your thoughts because nakakahiya ka

      • Jay says:

        No he’s not anti-pinoy. He’s just into the emo side of politics and current events, even more idealistic than what he accuses me or you to be.

        Just because the death occurred doesn’t mean it was the only acceptable way to resolve the issue.

      • And what simple facts are you saying, exactly?
        Focus on the real issue huh? Which among the hundreds of “real issues”?

        So where would you like to start? It would be nice if you can give an answer, Jay, our Mr. next president.

        PS. Im not emo.

      • Jay says:

        I’ve already written it down. Repeating myself would defeat the purpose considering there is only the fact that is needed to know and not the facts you speak of. If you want to keep playing strawman and adding nothing to your argument, don’t come whining to me why are being called what you are. And hit me up with some logic while you are at it.

        P.S. You’re showing it.

      • Im not anti-pinoy. I love the Philippines so much that it pains me to see my fellow people wishing they weren’t Filipinos or worse, embarrassed about our country because of one stupid mistake of Rolando Mendoza.

        Lahat tayo nakakahiya, FYI. And you know you are too.

      • Jay says:

        The issue is not all of us being shameful, which you are trying to claim. The issue is the entire process of how the entire authoritative figures responded to Mendoza’s mistake, thus claiming unnecessary amount of lives. And the idiots like you defending the outcome as just, because there are other fluff in our argument you try pointing which you think means something to this whole thing.

        And it is shameful how those authoritative figures responded. Because it was completely unprofessional of what they are set out to do. Considering that PGMA has done better with using special forces in Mindanao and getting the heft of unwarranted criticism as well.

      • ilda says:


        Excuse me but your patriotism is misguided. In this age of globalization and considering there are so many Filipinos living abroad as migrants and OFWs, how can you be so callous as to suggest that we should not even “overreact” for the tragedy involving the Chinese tourists? We are all citizens of the world. What happens in our country affects other countries too one way or another.

        I am more ashamed with how the situation was handled than what Rolando did. He was obviously not in his right mind. The safety of the innocent people should have been prioritised instead of the implications of what will happen if we give in to his demands. Whoever was calling the shots thought it was wise to prolong the problem by fine tuning the details.

        Hinde ako nakakahiya sa pagkatao ko because I readily acknowledge my/our own shortfalls unlike you who keeps insisting that we are still ok as a people despite all the evidence that we are not. Also, I am an individual, meaning my friends who live everywhere in the world know that I am not like a typical Pinoy who always exhibit discrimination at high levels but don’t even realise it.

    • ChinoF says:

      Wow, you seem to say that we should not be concerned about Chinese who are killed. We should just shrug it off as if an ordinary thing passed. And you seem to imply that even if Filipinos kill non-Filipinos, it’s OK, because we’re a beautiful people in a beautiful land, and the whole world is oppressing us beautiful people, right? How pathetic.

      You’re not a Filipino, my friend. You just want to distract people from the real issues and drag them into your own small mind’s confines. Well, I’m happy to say that you’ll stay alone in your small mind. Enjoy it. 😉

      The whole world oppressing us? It’s more like we’re oppressing the world this time.

      • Jay says:


        I’m surprised if the guy even pays taxes and expects this kind of thing from his government and the nation’s police force.

      • BagongJuan says:

        well actually in my point of View he is confused, so far the comments i’ve read were not over reactions yet it was more evident from his post…

        but if you’ll  ask me too sir madaboutmedia, what i had done for this country, well i’m just a common citizen whom deprived myself to go along with USO or trending in our country which put Noynoy as head of the State, Admit it his not ideal for the job, he only won dahil sa pakiki uso at pakiki-in, History keeps on repeating itself, Cory won by sympathy, So as Noynoy, i just hope nothing bad happens to him otherwise bka si Joshua maging next Pres., as others were saying too lagi na lng pinapatay sa limot at panahon ang mga bagay kya di tayo natututo, we grieved with Cory but we shouldn’t forget that her Gov’t was one of the most corrupt too during those times, Their family was also one of those behind seating VP Gloria then, Kris was one of the celebrity endorsers of Gloria, they just left gloria when the political butterflies realized her fainting scent to the public…

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      I’m sorry but I find offense at your comment.

      First of all, I’ve been to a lot of the provinces in the Philippines. I’ve been to Mindanao, I’ve been to Visayas, and I’ve been to many province in Luzon. I know I haven’t been to each and every province but I do want to make it my life’s goal to be able to visit, if not all, then a good percentage of the Philippines.

      Second, I don’t suspect every man to be a maniac or whatsoever. Excuse me but I don’t walk around and look at every with suspicion clouding my mind. I don’t automatically assume that every guy I encounter is a mugger or a maniac.

      Third, I’ve ridden the MRT when it was still mixed and I’ve seen guys give up their seats for pregnant ladies, for old people, and for children. A guy even gave up his seat for me. I admit that there is not a lot of them but that doesn’t mean that there is not one gentleman living in the Philippines.

      Fourth, we’re worried about these foreigners who died because… oh I don’t know… because I’m HUMAN. A human being who cares and sympathizes for the injustice that has happened. If it was a bus full of Filipinos, I assure you that I would still react the same way. No one, regardless of race, deserves that to happen to them.

      Lastly, you must be deluded to think that we don’t need tourism. Or better still, respect. What kind of country does not mind that they are not respected all around the world? I’m sorry but I believe we all live on one planet. Also, every country needs tourism. It adds money to our country. And suffice to say, our economy needs it.

      You’re the one who’s generalizing people and assuming the worst in them.

  29. mali ka dyan. president noynoy is masipag in finding ways to blame everything on former president GMA. you just wait hehe. plus, as i commented in a previous post. this is the best time to be ace durano.

  30. Hung Hang says:

    Does anyone have a URL link to PNOY’s video press con where he flashed that stupid grin?

  31. ben says:

    So…. how to begin the “I TOLD YOU SO!” campaign guys? Or is it still premature? Or would we just be wasting our time? Hmmm….

    • Jay says:

      We’re not even there yet. 100 days and there are more things waiting to make Noy look like the chief idiot and his PR crew want to pull their hairs out.

  32. andy says:

    Eto basahin niyo: Ten things the Philippines bus siege police got wrong

    • rubberkid says:

      nice read. a review from the country who gave the world the Special Air Service (SAS).

    • BagongJuan says:

      some how one of the most essential was stated there in a way but sna inemphasize na every situation whatever the magnitude and intent should had been taken decisively and with extreme prejudice from the start.

  33. Ponse says:

    I’m surprised that the media has relatively been quiet  on criticizing pNoy. When Gloria made a small mistake, the whole media would be all over her.

  34. Lilly says:

    I love it how apologists go “kayo na nga lang ang mag pulis” or “aside from complaining, what have YOU done?” People, the government siphons from our salaries! Of COURSE we have all the right to complain if our hard-earned money is obviously being wasted–look at how ill-equipped and how stupid the policemen were. They’re not even just incompetent, they’re idiotic enough to storm the bus with teargas without teargas masks! Did we pay our blood, sweat, and tears for this? HELL NO!
    To the yellow zombies, before you go and say “it’s Arroyo’s fault, Noynoy just inherited the problems”, why don’t you just admit that you guys did the idiotic thing and placed a stooge onto the presidential seat instead of a known leader? Did you guys vote for him just so he could smile and deal with wang-wangs, only to hide when a real crisis happens? Even Arroyo handled hostage crisis situations better!
    Anlakas ng loob pag wangwang lang eh. Ni hindi man lang mahagilap nung buhay na ng tao nakasalalay. Closed door meeting my ass. Noynoy didn’t even issue a statement during the crisis, he didn’t even attempt to reach out to the hostage taker–hands off lang daw sya kasi HINDI NYA ALAM ANG GAGAWIN PAG INTERNATIONAL CRISIS NA

    • Jay says:


      they keep saying crap like kayo na maging pulis because they, for the longest of time, have forgotten what the Police should be doing correctly. They have lived under the longest assumption that all the crap the police does is okay because its the PNP. And of course they never question the practices of authority figures because they were conditioned to do so, despite the fact they are paying them anyway through taxes.

      Yellow zombies forgot Arroyo used special task force to handle the situation in Mindanao. Note the special task force part, indicating these specific class of soldiers are more than capable and trained at handling and resolving the bus siege into a less violent one. THEN and EVEN THEN the yellow zombie media are all over her actions.

      If anything, I find it particularly sickening that Pinoys in general are satisfied with the outcome and as you say, being apologists about it. THEN when given a chance, make allusions to other foreign situations in other countries or focus the argument on the deaths, rather than the lives that could be saved. The people are twisted.

      • Lilly says:

        Yeah. It’s incredible how people are so accepting of mediocrity and even failure, even going through lengths to defend it despite the obvious wrongs. They won’t even discuss what happened, and they’re not even looking for accountability for the tragedy. They just nod and smile, nod and smile.
        If I didn’t live in this country I’d think the apologists are drinking yellow kool-aid, namely Aquino pee.
        Again, I pay taxes. All of us here pay taxes. We shouldn’t be afraid of calling out the mistakes done by the government!

  35. Netornit says:

    If only our police force was like this.Maybe they can learn from the Serbs.

    Oh yeah it’s a video.

  36. redd says:

    Can somebody please start a movement to oust this useless, good-for-nothing president, before its all to late?

  37. palebluedot_ says:

    i hate to say this, but if what happened is the only way for the yellow zombies to snap out from hypnosis, then i am thankful for rolando mendoza’s episode. i have many yellow-ribbon wearing friends (my mom especially) who are speechless (they run away from my poisonous laughter) nowadays…as if they have just awakened from a mind-disturbing nightmare…

    • Lilly says:

      palebluedot, I share your sentiments, but if you see the comments posted on PNoy’s page you’ll see that a lot of the yellow zombies are so drunk with Aquino pee that they’re even DEFENDING the actions of the Ngoyngoy.
      But yeah. I’d like to see the Aquino sisters dig themselves out of the mess their retard brother buried us into.

  38. Jay says:


    Actually kumakain pa rin ang taga mindoro ng aso. ULULZ!

  39. palebluedot_ says:

    there is a thing called netiquette. all caps means shouting. if you want decent people to read your message, do it in normal “voice”, not by shouting. in net standards, your using all caps just shows how ignorant you are…and therefore, your message is actually not worthy to be taken seriously.

  40. Lilly says:

    Dude, who gave the monkey a keyboard with broken capslock?

  41. mel says:


    I did not bother to read your comment in all caps. You are rude. Remember, you are only a guest here. Express but behave yourself.

    • potaters says:

      Ang masasabi ko lang dyan sa “end to FB bashing” ay: “At BAKET?” I don’t see GMA telling people to end bashing her.

      • Garnet Alexa says:

        Exactly. GMA ignored the bashing and continued doing her job as president. That is grace under pressure.

        Telling people to stop bashing you just shows that you are incapable of taking criticisms. Other people on FB who have haters are able to handle bashing better. Shame on you Noynoy. Instead of worrying about the bashing, just DO YOUR JOB!

      • bokyo says:

        Sila lang daw mga yellowtards ang may karapatan mag bash :mrgreen:

      • can’t take the heat? inuutusan pa ang mga tao to censor themselves? smells like a tuwid na daan to martial law.

      • … and bakit naman fixated s’ya sa facebook? pati facebook pinapakialaman. ang real life is when the hostage happened which was the time he was supposed to be visible and reachable pero he was not on both counts.

  42. boo-hoo says:

    Woah… that was a very ill-mannered comment, Bayani. I wonder how you’ll react if it was the other way around – your ‘kalahi’ or ‘ka-probinsiya’ were the victims of such trauma. I don’t think you’d say that there are millions of Pinoys out there, why freak out about losing 8 more? It’s not about the nationalities of the victims that’s worrying all of us. I really don’t get why moronic comments usually involve barking at the wrong tree.

    And honestly, I do believe this incident would have been handled appropriately if Mr Gordon won the presidency. Unfortunately, that was not the case and we all now have to suffer because of the votes from millions of dimwits.

    • Jay says:

      well, as much as there was an interesting argument regarding Gordon and Gibo’s take on a hostage situation awhile back here on AP, I think both would be capable of handling the situation than the champion of the dimwits Benigno Aquino III.

      And the funny part is that all it took for the situation to resolve better was to have a better handle at it.

  43. ChinoF says:

    Rather than Bayani, this guy should be called Contrabida2010. Contra ng contra lang eh. Hehehehe

  44. boo-hoo says:

    The Straits Times reported that Aquino was ‘working behind the scenes and was delegating authority to the rightful persons’. Are those ‘rightful persons’ the ones who will take the blame now? I think the President would need to give us a comprehensive explanation on what he meant exactly about ‘working behind the scenes’, because I don’t think the people all over the world are buying it.

    • potaters says:

      I remember the article that Jojo Robles wrote for Manila Standard Today titled, “Noynoy The Manager.”
      To quote: “If you can deny that you were a part of the decision-making process, then you aren’t guilty of making the wrong decision.”

      • Garnet Alexa says:

        But if you think about it, in the workplace, the mistake of the person goes back to the person in charge. It is the manager who gets the heat from the higher ups. Because as a manager, he should be overseeing everything. He can delegate tasks but he has to ensure that things are going according to plan.

        And that is what Noynoy fails to see. As long as he is President, every stain on the Philippines is on his shoulders because he represents the Filipino people. He needs to know that THAT is part of his job description.

      • boo-hoo says:

        The problem is, he doesn’t seem to know what his job description is. He thought Presidency is just a 9-5 job. Hell, he even acted like a bratty little kid when he declared that he did not want to live in Malacanang. I’m pretty sure he is slightly seeing the bigger picture now that he’s up there. Every blunder, miscalculation, misjudgement of the people he is supposed to be overseeing would be his responsibility. I bet he didn’t see that one coming.

      • potaters says:

        Yes, the mistake goes back to the person in charge — normally. But I’ve also seen some managers pass the buck to other people and get away with it with the, “What? I didn’t SAY that. I didn’t DECIDE on that.” And it actually works sometimes, they get away with being accountable for their mismanagement or non-participation. If one is a true leader, I think you’ll feel the burden of the wrong decisions that your subordinates make and have yourself be accountable for it, but unfortunately, it appears in this instance that Noy is not a true leader.

      • BagongJuan says:

        if  the head needs the hand to cover for him it will, and if  damage is lethal a hand can be sacrificed to save the body…

    • ChinoF says:

      Working behind the scenes… on other things…

      • issue of wrong priorities. still mismanagement on the part of noynoy as this nation’s manager.

      • Jay says:

        Even then, he forgot the very basic responsibility as a public servant. I mean even if his lazy ass can’t handle the rest of the country, you’d think he can somehow keep Manila in order. Big fat lot that did.

  45. J_ag says:

    What the whole world witnessed in that dreadful nauseating useless loss of life in Luneta was an utter complete power failure in command and of command.

    The political establishment of command and in command completely were nowhere to be found.

    In times of crisis the citizens and even the media expect the agents of the state to step up to the plate.

    The man wanted to leverage his reinstatement from dismissal from a judicial ruling with the lives of more than 20 individuals mostly tourists and the political command and control structure froze.

    The man was already deranged for even attempting the stunt. Any rational person could see the danger posed from the beginning.

    • Jay says:

      Exactly. Where are those pesos pinoy pay for taxes wen the public servants can’t lead themselves? It isn’t really about Mendoza more than it is handling him when the situation escalated. Lack of accountability and responsibility led to too many distractions on what really should have been done; saving lives.

  46. a.y.armas says:

    Stupid & inept. The first adjective implies not knowing any better. Our police know better, except that they do not act according to what they know (their training, perhaps?), or much less perform as they had been taught/trained. No argument there.
    But the MEDIA?? They have the money & the supposedly educated leadership to provide proper training for their crew & staff, but they can only be branded INEPT OF THE HIGHEST (LOWEST?) ORDER in their total irresponsibility & insensitivity ; for the sake of “:scoops”, ratings & “bragging rights” (remember Failon’s boast?), they telegraphed police movement to Mendoza, and showed footages of bloodied victims in total violation of their privacy. The media knows how they are SUPPOSED TO COVER INCIDENTS LIKE THIS : please VISIT THIS LINK about internationally accepted protocol & proper coverage of hostage-taking incidents:
    Media cannot make the excuse they didn’t know any better…that’s stupidity. And INEPT to boot.
    (They should just stick to producing dumb noontime live shows–here they “excel”).

  47. Garnet Alexa says:

    I tried reading your post but it just made my migraine worse. So I skipped some parts but I think I got the gist of what you are saying. And from what I could gather from your post, everything you just said was completely illogical. Especially with regards to slave mentality. It was not the fact that they were Chinese that we are appalled at the incident that happened. It is the fact that IT HAPPENED.

    Think of the repercussions of having foreigners (regardless of them being Chinese or some other ethnicity) be taken hostage and killed. It does not bode well for our foreign relations. The fact that this was handled appallingly by the media, the government, and the police force shows the world that we, as a nation, are a bunch of incompetent morons who are unable to ensure safety inside our country.

    I think that if it was a bus of Filipinos, it wouldn’t be as sensationalized as it is now. But I think that it because less people in the world would care. But I don’t think that it would lessen the gravity of the situation to the Filipino citizens. I think that if it was a bus full of Filipinos and it was handled the same way, I’d still be mortified at what transpired. If it was handled well, the international news channels wouldn’t be giving this as much heat as it is being given now.

    Also, we are not expecting Noynoy to be in the front lines with the policemen. We are expecting him to act like the LEADER he is SUPPOSED to be and handle the situation. We do not hear news of other heads of state butting into the situation because situations such as these usually call for a media blackout. And their media does their job by ensuring that sensitive information (those of life and death situations) are kept in the dark until AFTER the situation has been resolved.

    We do not want the government to give these foreign visitors special treatment. We want the government to give them what they deserve – what all of us deserve – which is respect. Respect by handling the situation as it should’ve been handled.

    Your “nationalistic” comment is not nationalistic. It is stupid and immature. Discrimination doesn’t show nationalism. Sympathizing with the Hong Kong government does not mean we are traitors. And it is an incorrect assumption that the reason we care for what happened to the Chinese tourists is because of money.

    And stop discriminating against the Chinese. Especially those in Hong Kong. Have you been maltreated by Chinese people in Hong Kong? And may I remind you that a number of our OFW’s are employed in Hong Kong? And not all of them are unhappy with their Chinese employers. My family and I bumped into a number of OFW’s (a whole group of them even in McDonald’s one morning while we were having breakfast) when we visited Hong Kong and they tell us that their employers are generous, even giving them the weekends off. As for my experiences, I’ve never encountered a Hong Kong citizen who did not treat us respectfully. Every time we ask for directions or help (one time, we didn’t even to ask for help; I think we looked quite lost), they’ve always been very kind and helpful. So please stop maligning them. You have no good reason to do so.

    • potaters says:

      Just to add to Garnet Alexa’s comment, it blows my mind when people say, “8 lives compared to thousands of Filipinos who are abused in HK” — uh, hello, it’s still a LIFE. Ke Pilipino, Malaysian, Amerikano, what have you, lahat ng buhay importante.

      At saka have you been to Hong Kong? Have you personally talked to these domestic helpers? Or to Hong Kong residents? Me and my parents have. My family owns a business there and sa totoo lang, wala pa akong nakikitang naghihinagpis na OFW doon. They’re well taken cared off by their employers. Sure there are employers who are masungit but most of whom I talked to, that was not the case. At sabi pa nung isa sa mom ko, “Dito sa Hong Kong, ang pulis kakampi namin.” Naiingit nga ako sa Hong Kong dahil people there have no drama, they just do their frickin’ jobs well. They’re not a progressive country for nothing.

      • Jay says:

        I guess the people who complain are the ones used to life in the Philippines with failed law enforcement, political system, pa drama-drama and keeping up with the Jones’ type of mentality.

  48. bokyo says:

    nagkaroon ako ng major, major headache kakabasa ng post mo @Bayani :mrgreen:

  49. mel says:

    PNoy begs for understanding. Too late. The damage is done. Always the same scheme. “Give us time…”

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      He really needs to stop whining. First he wants people to stop bashing him on FB, now he wants people to understand him. Instead of TALKING, he should be WORKING!

      We know that results are not going to be instant; we’re not stupid. He should stop reacting to what everyone says because as President, you’re bound to get a lot of criticism. He should just focus on doing his job.

      In these press conferences, he should just tell the news reporter of what he’s doing and then tell them to leave (in a polite manner of course) so he can go back to his job.

  50. Kampie says:

    Aquino we are all proud Filipinos. But we will be none the prouder the day you finally pickup your socks…and do something that actually counts. Like saving lives. Your father truly died in vain. You are a disgrace and we are ashamed to have you as our president.
    We only want 1 official ousted, and that is you. The Leader That Never Could.

  51. Carlos De Guzman says:


    tol iba na naman pagkakaintindi mo…
    hindi lang pera isyu dito… ung capacity mag handle ng situation..
    siguro ikaw di mo kailangan ng pera.. saka wag mo sabihing 8 intsik lang yun.. bakit tayo hanggang ngayon
    inaalala pa rin si ninoy eh isang half chinese yun.. ganun ba dapat..
    sabihin mo yan pag kaharap mo ng mga ambassador ng china. which one of world powerful country
    eh kung sa pinoy kaya sabihin un pag me namatay na pinoy sa abroad.. “mga pinoy lang naman yan” ayos lang madedo yan.
    o kaya ung mga pulitiko dito ganyan din mag isip.. na ok lang mga mamatay sa gutom mga pulubi kasi wala namang saysay yan o
    hindi naman nag ta tax ang mga yan. walang pakinabang ang gobyerno..
    your reasoning shows of another birth of ignorance

    Ang problema dyan… media sobra sa coverage. naka apekto sa nangho hostage, dahil sinabi na ng driver ng napanood nya sa tv un hinuhuli un kapatid nya parang lalung nagalit at nag iba mood, ang dami nga nyang capture images na halos see through na sya na pedeng barilin o clear shot pero di ginawa.. kasi nga kalmante pa sya nun…

    pangalawang problema… lack of training.. ng mga elite soldiers and policeman natin,, kasi nauubos ang budget sa pang kape nila sa hotel hehehhe

    pangatlo… kulang sa gamit o hi tech equipment… in america gumagamit sila ng night vision with x-ray … o term nila dun x-ray vision.. or heat vision… na kahit nasa loob ka pa ng sasakyan o kabilang pader makikita ka… Kung meron tayong ganun mga gamit… malalaman nila agad kung me buhay pa sa bus at makikita nila ung galaw sa loob…

    isa lang masasabi ko rito… kulang tayo sa response sa ganun sitwasyon.. hindi pa tayo bihasa..

  52. billy says:

    I heard some people blames Arroyo Administration for the lack of training of PNP but I remember the hostage taking incident last March 2007 no one get hurt in that incident.
    There was another thing that Noynoy do best, and that was blame other people.

  53. INCCultExposed says:

    Great article. This proves that the Filipino race are emotional beings by nature and not racially aware people. The Philippines needs a Racial National Socialist government to save the country and my people.

  54. maligalig says:

    ‘king ina! na expose na naman kabobohan ni noynoy sa HK hostage na punyetang massacre na yan. nang matapos ang lahat, tsaka sisisihin ang media kung bakit DAW nagkaroon ng leak, syempre sa loob ng tourist bus mayroon radyo at telebisyon. eh si engot na presidente? ano ginawa maghapon? nanood ng TV!? hindi man lang dumampot ng telepono at sabihin sa pulisya na magkaroon ng crowd control at media blackout, katangahan! BOBONG PRESIDENTE!

  55. Jayavarman XXII says:

    This will have huge ramifications and will affect the way people will look at Filipinos. I can feel other race saying how stupid we are. This will affect overseas workers who compete against other races to get jobs.

    No thanks to the utter incompetence of the sitting Philippine president, we now have the unenviable title of the most stupid race in the world.

    Can somebody file an impeachment case against this fool based on the ground of incompetence? I hope being a mornin is a valid ground for impeachment.

  56. MGG says:

    I purposely “liked” PNoy’s fb page (which made me almost disgusted with myself) to test the comment thing. Apparently, no one can post on his wall but we can tag and criticize him from our walls.
    Anyway, the whole “stop bashing” on his page only displays his incapacity to accept criticisms and deal with the job he landed on as a whole. Has anybody told him he is now the president of this country or the many things the come along with it? A person with common sense would know for an instant that the job entails scrutiny not just from Filipinos but from foreign nationals as well. If he doesn’t want to be criticized, he should starting manning up and take his job seriously.
    PNoy needs to realign priorities. Closed-door meeting my foot. You still have the guts to say “I’m busy” when the leader of another country calls you? Did it ever occur to Pnoy that people occupying the same job as he does are quite busy and that calling him might actually be some matter of utmost importance?  Or maybe he wasn’t too busy in the past few weeks so he wouldn’t have known. Or he just didn’t give a damn.
    Frankly I was not expecting him to show up during the whole ordeal. Curse him for living up to my expectations.

    • Nes says:

      hehe! i couldn’t even bear to click “like” on that page! my conscience will bother me for the rest of my life! 😛

    • now he knows that the presidency is not an easy seat. it’s real hard work where one’s brain is used to complement one’s skill. and stamina is necessary to make one’s values consistent in service of others… all these things he doesn’t seem to have a lot of.

  57. estan says:

    “Too bad he cannot blame this one on former President Gloria Arroyo.”

    Ilda, Coloma just said it this morning in ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda program. The admin is just 55 days old and he was pinning PNP’s ineptitude to the previous administration. Its so lame.

  58. Dino says:

    Kung inherited ang problema, dapat inherited rin ang solution.

    Benigno Aquino Jr. had Luis Taruc of HUKBALAHAP surrender. Noynoy must have had Mendoza surrender just because he’s the son of Ninoy.

    Wait, what’s that? You can’t assume that Noynoy magically has the prowess of negotiation like his father? Same way you can’t assume that the incompetence shown that night was magically passed on to the current administration.

    Ang anak, hindi pinipili ang mamamana sa magulang, hindi nila mapipili kung sino ang magulang nila. Pero ang Pangulo, mapipili ang mamamana sa dating nakaupo, at dapat handa siyang gamitin ng wasto ang natitira sa buo ng kakayanan nito.

  59. reynangmgatae says:

    Following the tragic incident, Hong Kong as well as six other countries (Pakistan, Nepal, Iran, Russia, Thailand, and Indonesia) issued a travel ban against the Philippines.

    Goodbye tourism indeed.

    • palebluedot_ says:

      expect others will follow suit. that’s abnoy’s version of globalization.

      congratulations abnoy for making us isolated from the the world!

    • palebluedot_ says:

      sick man of asia nga tayo…nobody wants to be near us for fear of being infected or dead. darn! we have just justified to the world our pathetic title…

    • Jay says:

      Which is rather sad considering that Dick Gordon did much work during PGMA’s time help kickstart the Philippines tourism, with the former president putting some funds there as well. Do note that tourism opened MANY JOBS as well for Pinoys in the country. While the current president at the moment has no concrete plans to open jobs.

      Of course we will still see certain foreigners come and go, like Koreans but to put it in perspective, South East Asian tourism is HELLA competitive. Philippines is one of the 3rd or other things that come to mind when you make mention of wonderful of SE Asian places to visit.

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      We can’t afford to lose our tourism industry but it looks like it’s going to be dead soon. Damn.

      Good bye progress.

      • honestly, tuloy pa rin naman ang pag visit ng foreigners sa other tourist destinations natin… and the government will play that one up soon. pero noynoy as leader should not rest on that kasi it still remains and is recorded in world history na he failed as the manager of this nation this month kaya nga sayang lang ang P90,000+ na sweldo nya this month. sus.

      • Jay says:

        true however there is that other PAL situation as well.

        Tourism is a potential lifeblood considering as I have said the competitiveness of it in South East Asia. GMA did all she could for it and of course many including Dick Gordon would like to see it flourish to a better status or quality. But when you have an inept mind like Noynoy with no vision (cut off the project to create an airport where Clark air base stood by 2016), the tourism industry much like many things in the country will continue to stagnate.

        I honestly dream a day when I can take a high speed shuttle to all 3 major islands of the philippines in a week, from the Ilocos area to Mindandao. Pero I guess suntok sa buwan na lamang.

  60. sutoi! says:

    amateur hour—-> noy, media, police, filipinos on the scene..from canada to new zealand, everbody is talking about this, now the whole world knows how terrible the Philippines is as a nation and how incompetent the government is. Did you know three of the dead hostages are Chinese Canadians? its not just hong kong, its not just china, but also canada…. failippines! i am so ashamed, and now tourism’s dead, employment will be down,,,, all Dick Gordon’s efforts put to waste. so frustrating! Maybe the world’s gonna end soon, but it would probably come sooner in the Philippines if they continue to think and behave like indios. 

    • Jay says:

      It may be better this way. When they reach rock bottom, maybe they will learn that they too have the power to make things right.

      This may be the solution to snap the propaganda; unbridled chaos that reaches beyond the control of those who pull the strings.

  61. ChinoF says:

    I’m even wondering if the Aquino Regime purposedly allowed this to happen in order to isolate the country. That way, they have us all to themselves. 😯

    • palebluedot_ says:

      are you suggesting the president and the marionette manipulators are really intelligent enough to come up with such conspiracy?

      bah! they are just plainly careless and very unprepared for such demanding position. aquino and his cohorts must have thought running this country is similar to running an hacienda, or worst, their household. their notion of the position of presidency seems to be that it is their inheritance and being the rightful heir, he can do whatever he can about it according to his caprices. so, for him, “i do not care who’s calling…i’ll continue sleeping…”

    • … at the mercy of? hehe nakakakilabot. anyway, the aquino regime is about the issue of “inheritance” kasi noynoy only inherited his fame from his mom and dad tsaka he always plays it safe to declare that the problems and any kind of future problem of the nation eh na-inherit lang n’ya from past presidents. he is not our boss daw kaya nga ayan he is not in control as a leader. ang real na may kasalanan nito ay ang madlang pilipino kasi tayo ang boss haha!

  62. maligalig says:

    napakaraming jologs sa pinas! yung mga ogag nag post pa ng pictures nila sa faceboook, ayun kalat na kalat na ang mas malaking kahihiyan ng mga bobong mamamayang pilipino na walang modo sa mundo! mga bobo talaga

  63. Ethan Walsh says:

    For a brief moment…

  64. Aegis-Judex says:

    Nyet, non, nein, iie, hindi, laa, no, no, NO! No thanks to you, PNoy, our country has taken terrible, terrible damage! Now in the eyes of the world, we’re hopeless! Was that what you wanted?! A new hermit country? Because your incompetency just made the country nigh anathema! Ab omni malo, liber nos, Iesu!

  65. Norman says:

    Stupid SWATS ! Stupid MPD Head ! They should be sending PNP-SAF (Special Action Force) rather than SWATS. Tangna sa totoo lang ano ang alam ng SWAT? Magpalaki ng tiyan ! Diyan napupunta ang mga taxes ko na kayang magpasweldo ng isang pulis patola sa isang buwan! Diyan napupunta ang kinakaltas sa atin ! Diyan sa mga incompetent pulis patola ! Yan ba ang magliligtas sa buhay natin sa oras ng kagipitan? KAHIHIYAN SA MUNDO ang PINAKITA NYO !!!!! Sana kayo na lang ang mga namatay !! Pabigat kayo sa amin ! Wala kayong ginawang matino kundi maghuthot sa aming working class !

    • frustratedcitizen says:

      that’s what happens when the commander-in-chief is not around. the lower ranks are at a loss on what to do. basically they’re confused . the result? ayun. dead tourists.

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