Did discrimination in the Philippine Media lead to the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists?

Much of the criticism surrounding the handling of the Manila hostage crisis that ended in the preventable deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists had to do with the intrusive coverage of the event by the Philippine Media. Had the hostage-taker, ex-police officer Rolando Mendoza, (who had access to a TV set installed in the besieged bus) not been kept abreast of police personnel movements and not witnessed the spectacle of his brother being manhandled by police officers — both transpiring in front of TV cameras — many observers think the incident could have ended differently.

Indeed, British security analyst Charles Shoebridge included temporarily shutting out the Media in his list of ten things Filipino cops could have done differently.

[…] police should always consider putting a barrier or screen around the area, to shield the scene from the cameras and keep the hostage taker in the dark.

But according to Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (“League of Philippine Broadcasters” — KBP, in short) National President Herman Basbaño, the concept of “news blackout” is “not in our vocabulary anymore“. Basbaño further insists that…

“The problem is not the media coverage, but the mismanagement of the crisis. From the start, there was already a problem in controlling the crowd, including the members of the media,” he said.

The work of the media is to cover everything it sees and hears, he said.

In effect, Basbaño argues that reporters are well within their rights to act like a bunch of buffoons and all responsibility for managing this behaviour pretty much falls squarely outside of their scope of accountability. This view is not too different from blogger Rom’s take on the matter

The media is like a river. Just as a river will flow where it can, so too will media follow a story wherever it can, with scant regard for the bigger picture. That’s the nature of the beast. The sooner government learns that, the better the relationship with media becomes.

In this case, the police should have been firmer with the media. Just a few hours ago, Noynoy fielded a question on this issue exactly.

Fair enough.

But then I recall not too long ago seeing a demonstration of an ability in the Media to exhibit initiative in taking accountability for its actions to the extent of even policing its ranks. That ability was exhibited in response to the abduction of journalist Ces Drilon back in the 7th of June 2008 and was highlighted by then FilipinoVoices.com (FV) blogger Ding Gagelonia in his “report” (my boldface/italics for emphasis)…

This running story [of Drilon’s abduction] first broke on the news wires of the Associated Press and is being carried both by the International Herald Tribune, with at least two local broadsheets bannering the report despite a news blackout clamped by police authorities and, in journalistic parlance, a story embargo requested by ABS-CBN, a practice normally honored by all journalists.

So there you go. According to industry insider Ding Gagelonia, Media people actually are capable of self-imposed restraint. Seems to me then that even for the famously self-righteous Philippine Media community, all is relative. When lives at stake in a newsworthy crisis involves one of their own, restraint is the order of the day. All the rest of us non-insiders are fair game.

Thus is revealed the sort of principles held dear by an industry that was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the 1986 Edsa “Revolution” led by the mother of current Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

In my 2008 article “Restraint” and the average Pinoy schmoe written in response to many more of such updates on Drilon’s plight published by then FV resident “reporter” Ding Gagelonia, I just couldn’t help highlighting the point to death in reference to ABS-CBN’s supporting a Government call for “media restraint” as Drilon’s abduction drama unfolded…

I find it a bit interesting that an institution (or, more appropriately, an industry) that built much of its clout around the notion of its entitlement to information (glossing over the fact that it re-sells said information at a profit) is suddenly echoing a Government call in support of a Government operation. These are the same people who called out troop movements blow-by-blow over public airwaves as Government troops besieged rebel soldiers in Camp Aguinaldo in one of those post-Edsa1 “rebellions” back in the late 80’s (endangering the lives of the assaulting troops).

Remember that this was 2008, when then President Gloria Arroyo could do no good in the eyes of the Philippine Media. But then the victim at the time was a journalist — a Media person — so exceptions were made.

It is unfortunate that none of the hostages in last Monday’s tragedy was a Media insider. Perhaps if there was even one “reporter” inside that bus, the Philippine Media would have been a bit better motivated to do the right thing.


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74 Responses to Did discrimination in the Philippine Media lead to the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists?

  1. J.B. says:

    ‘EDSA 3’ was also shunned by big channels so they’re pretty much capable stifling their field reporters where to get the latest scoop.

    I guess the media did not have a hindsight it will turn out this bloody. They may had thought that kidnapping can lead sometimes to popularity. Remember the ‘Pare, mahal kita’ by Bong Revilla in not too distant past?

    Remember Honasan was rewarded several senate stint after killing a lot of people and held hostage the economy.

    And Trillianes was reward as a senator after holding hostage a hotel.

  2. Lilly says:

    I don’t want to go so low as to mention the Ampatuan media killings, but I’m indeed getting the impression that the rating-hungry media is flippant about deaths as long as it ain’t their own.

    Check out the baldfaced impunity in Bobby Nalzaro’s article http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/nalzaro-why-blame-media

     I know its an opinion post, but it really takes away what little respect you have for the media. The next time the media cries about journalistic killings, or about the Ampatuan massacre, someone should direct them to Nalzaro’s asshat post and show them the pictures of the HK tourists’ dead bodies caption with YOU GUYS KILLED THEM BUT YOU DIDN’T CARE.

    • BenK says:

      Heh. I sent them a reply; let’s see if that goes through. I recall using words like “reprehensible,” “disgusting,” and “stop acting like a child.”

      • Lilly says:

        Here’s my own reply

        “Do you really know what you’re talking about, Nalzaro, or what is the reason why the outrage towards media?
        No one’s contesting the public’s right to know. The point is that the hostage crisis management–for what it’s worth–was botched because the media unwittingly helped the hostage taker ascertain the movements of the policemen. Read my words: the media have become the unwitting accomplices towards the useless, meaningless deaths of those tourists, all because of the selfish desire to earn ratings. 
        For someone so experienced in the field, its surprising you still had the gall to publish something with that flippant headline. Why blame media? Indeed, why?
        Anyway, in case you and your ilk aren’t trained enough, here’s an informative link for you: http://www.poynter.org/content/content_view.asp?id=4640 It’s mostly about telling journalists when to shut up during sensitive situations.
        Man, you guys are a disappointment. And in the face of your airheaded opinion post (I know, just an opinion and everyone’s entitled to have one), you are all an embarrassment.”

        Good luck with that getting approved by the moderator!

  3. Ryunken says:

    The Media doesn’t care about the lives of other people. They only care about the ratings they need.

    They should have think bigger and what would they be broadcasting could change the outcome of this disaster…

    Now… They also should be blamed to the deaths of these Hong Kong Nationals… And WHERE IS NOYNOYS Apology to Hong Kong and its citizens!? I’m guessing he doesn’t care!

    • andoyman says:

      sugarcoating lang ang sinasabi nilang “para serbisyo eklat”
      ayaw nilang sila ang sisihin kaya iba ang sinisisi nila. tsk.

      ratings ang gusto talaga nila. pag may ginawa ang isa, dapat gawin din ng isa.
      may nakapanood ba ng news program sa TV5?
      nakwento lang kasi sa akin na hindi sila tumulad at di nagpalabas ng mga sensitibong eksena…na sana, ganoon din ang ginawa ng iba.

      • to be fair with TV5, sila rin lang ang nag-cover live ng June 12 independence day celebrations this year habang nagwa-wowowee at StartTalk ang ABS-CBN and GMA-7, respectively. kasi nga ang tutoo naman talaga eh hindi service ang broadcasting. it’s a business. advertisers pay for the industry.

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      Ratings are effing stupid in times such as these. Are LIVES more inportant than RATINGS? It never will be! If they wanted to be helpful, they should’ve known better than to show what was happening on television. It’s really common sense to at least block out sensitive information while the incident was happening. No one’s going to stop them from broadcasting what happened AFTER it was resolved.

      And even though they’re privately owned companies, they still should adhere to journalism ethics. If they don’t know what it is, they really need to go back to college.

      It really could’ve ended better; if only everyone (the police, the media, the government) did their job.

      • Garnet Alexa says:

        Oops. I think my migraine’s starting to affect my proofreading skills. I meant:

        “Are RATINGS more important than LIVES?”

  4. Netornit says:

    In other news,the PNoy fan page in FB disabled its wall post.


    • BenK says:

      Geez, he can’t even be on the ball about that, either. Left it up for two days to give a couple million pissed-off Chinese a crack at it…is there anything this clown can do right?

    • Dino says:

      If he can’t even stand facebook bashing, how will he endure the levels of bashing GMA faced?

      • 3 months pa lang mukhang malululong sa sigarilyo ang presidente sa nerbyos.

      • puranzu says:

        He won’t

        He’ll probably block any bad news about him

        Hah I swear only TV5 had the balls to criticize him

        though indirectly it did refer to a post in FB whereas it was criticizing noynoy

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Noynoy Aquino’s COWARDICE on the forefront of international magazines. Cowardice is now a Hallmark of the Philippine Presidency. No longer, the Rambos like: Honasan, Enrile, Ramos, Trillanes, Lim, etc…If there is a crissis, you can just hide inside a Toilet. Claim you are busy on conference… 🙂

      • mel says:

        PNoy’s presidential staff who received the call from Chief Executive Donald Tsang did not know who the latter is, that is why he or she did not pass the call to PNoy. Incompetent President with an incompetent staff, goodbye Philippines!

        Who was this staff? One of his sisters?

  5. Dino says:

    Thanks for bringing this comparison to our attention. This is important because everybody is blaming everybody, and this is a good angle so we’re not swayed with whatever excuse would be given out.

    Sadly, I agree with the school of thought that if it wasn’t one of their own that is compromised, it is fair game.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Noynoy Aquino is good on Blaming everybody, except Himself. Why did he not call and give a briefing of the Hostage situation to the Governor of Hong Kong; during the Hostage Incident. PNoy knows, the tourists were Chinese, from Hong Kong. The Governor of Hong Kong was more concerned with his people taken Hostage by a Policeman gone Nut. While Noynoy Aquino, waits and depends on this staff, to act? What kind of leadership is this?Follow your staff? Instead of following the President?…

      • HareBurger says:

        always remember his inauguration directive: kayo ang boss ko!
        asus! sya na lang nakikita…sya na lang nasisisi…sya na lang ang laging may kasalanan…paggising sa umaga, sermon na lang inaalmusal bago pumasok sa opisina…maawa naman kayo…NOT! :mrgreen:

      • Hyden Toro says:

        The late U.S. President Truman, had a sign infront of his desk:”The buck stops here!” if you are the President. You have to lead people. If you let other people lead you. Or, if you put the responsibility to other people. Then, blame them for an unfortunate outcome. You lack leadership. It is not the soldiers, or officers who are blamed in losing any battle. It is the General, who commands the Whole Army. Have Noynoy Aquino heard about the term:'”COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY?” He wants the job of President. He must be ready to perform, or be roasted by us, for his lousy performance. 8)

  6. kiaora says:

    Did these people really deserve to die? Were they not on holiday?The filipino government failed them., the police failed them but most importantly the filipino media failed them. If only one of the filipino media was on the bus, Things would work out differently.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Absolutely not….they don’t deserve to die…no one deserve to die…including that Nut Case Hostage taker. It is the failed leadership of the Noynoy Aquino administration; thru outward Negligence and Glaring Incompetence that killed these Hostages. How do you feel, when during a Crissis Hostage situation. The President of the Republic is nowhere to be seen? Or nowhere to be contacted? Or even, does not care to contact anybody?

  7. kiaora says:

    The Philippines will never had a real tourist industry, like other similar countries. Why? because you dont know how to treat foreigners. They shouldn’t be treated as targets.

  8. ChinoF says:

    What’s shown here is that ABS-CBN and the big media companies feel like they should be treated as kings, gaining access to everything. I bet if a private person locks his own house for privacy, the media will barge in and insist that they need to know everything about him. They’re like the Gestapo marching around with cameras instead of guns.

    • sabi ko nga sa isang taxi driver minsan, “‘di ko kailangang malaman ang lahat. ‘di ko ikamamatay if ‘di ko malaman ang lahat. i only need enough information to live a significant life and to eat 3x a day.” the way the big TV networks are running their public affairs is that they want the average Filipino to believe that he/she needs to know everything otherwise he/she is being denied the right to live a significant life and that it’s their right to feed the Filipino ALL the information he/she needs ALL THE TIME.


    May pusong tao pa ang nakaupo ngayon, kaya naapektuhan siya, pero walang pusong tao ang dating nakaupo, kaya hindi siya naapektuhan.

    • it’s august 2010. classic. the “puso” did not communicate with the HK governor when it was life-threatening not to do so. the president needs more than heart. love guru lang? eh sister nga nya mismanaged n’ya kung gan’un.

    • Dino Recto says:

      Puso at Instinct rin ang ginamit ng PNP sa pagrescue ng hostages kagabi. Maganda ang intensyon, pero kung walang plano at walang pagiisip sa labing isang oras ng paghihintay, hindi maganda ang kinalalabasan.

      May puso ang nakaupo ngayon. Ngunit may plano ba siya sa tambak tambak na problema ng ating lipunan at kung meron man, feasible ba ang mga ito?

    • Dino Recto says:

      Puso at Instinct rin ang ginamit ng PNP sa pagrescue ng hostages noong isang gabi. Maganda ang intensyon, pero kung walang plano at walang pagiisip sa labing isang oras ng paghihintay, hindi maganda ang kinalalabasan.

      May puso ang nakaupo ngayon. Ngunit may plano ba siya sa tambak tambak na problema ng ating lipunan at kung meron man, feasible ba ang mga ito?

    • ChinoF says:

      Masmataas pa rin ang utak sa puso, kaya yun ang dapat manguna.

    • Jay says:

      kung may puso ang nakaupo ngayon, alam sya pa una ang tatanggap ng patawad sa situasyon na ito. Kung kelangan ng scapegoat lamang.

      Yung nakaupo noon, hindi halata pero may puso rin. Dahil naghahanap din yun ng patawad at ginagawa din ang tama para hindi na dumaan sa situwasyon at pahiya ng bansa.

      Ang mga taong walang alam, ginggamit lang ang kanilang puso. Dedma ang utak.

      • actually gumagana ang utak ni noynoy din. puro panininisi. like dinky soliman on DWIZ yesterday saying na “inherited” lang from the previous administration ang mistakes that happened sa hostage-crisis. huwaaaaaat?!!!! kailan ba hindi na magiging inherited ang mayron sa aquino goverment — 6 years later pa? ang gulo ha. ginamit na ‘yan ni obama as classic excuse about bush.

  10. ice_queen says:

    Just for once, I’d like to see/hear those self-righteous a-holes in both the gov’t and private sector (we all know who they are) actually say “Yes, we made a mistake.”

    But even then you don’t hear them say it! Which rubs salt into the wounds of everyone who gives a damn.

    Yun lang. for starters. Then maybe, just maybe we can start debating on whether blackouts are necessary or not in such situations (which I believe they are).

    • sorry ice queen pero ang sabi ni Ressa of ABS-CBN public affairs, they are not at fault with anything regarding their coverage of the hostage-taking crisis kasi kahit daw i-censor nila ang kanilang sarili that time, lilipat lang ang viewers ng channel (maybe sa GMA-7?) kaya useless daw na i-censor pa nila sarili nila that time. huwaaaaat?! akala ko ba they have ads promoting AKO ANG SIMULA NG PAGBABAGO? tapos they don’t believe pala in doing a self-effort? mob mentality pala ang ABS-CBN public affairs? kasi Ressa added na they went for what they could get kasi wala namang batas ang government against what they did. Anong wala?! Eh they censored themselves with the Ces Drilon kidnapping di ba? Clearly they had rules for themselves and still have rules till now that they obviously violated. Tsk-tsk.

  11. Dino Recto says:

    Here we go… There’s online fighting/ name calling between Filipinos, I mean Yellow Zombies and HKs on Noynoy’s page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Noynoy-Aquino/118594522357#!/photo.php?pid=257961&id=141976959168393&comments

  12. a.y.armas says:

    Broadcast media (BM), primarily our favorite(?) TV station, has exhibited two faces (“doble-cara”) for quite a while now when it comes to their self-serving attitude towards “rights” –ours and theirs. Yep, when it comes to looking after their own—Ces Drilon for instance–the BM harps on the need for restraint, for news blackouts. Why? Could it be ‘coz they care about their people? Perhaps…but then again, the “scoop” already belongs to BM, c/o their employee (Drilon,for instance), and to no one else! That can’t be beat—truly “embedded, in-depth”!! (Eat your hearts out, “kapusos”)!! 😛
    Of course we’ve witnessed their nonchalance with similar requests when they have to fight for “scoops” and ratings — ramifications be damned!– when the crisis is about us ordinary folk. They will insist on their “right” to field the news where & when it happens, in the name of their “holy grail”—the freedom of the press and the freedom of information (KUNO!).
    Well, the esteemed dean of the Coll. of MassComm of a leading university has been heard to expound on the limits of these freedoms this way :” The freedom of speech /the press is like a man exercising his freedom to swing his arms in the air violently in any direction he wishes, BUT that freedom STOPS WHERE MY NOSE BEGINS!”
    p.s. i hear that camera crew & field reporters are further egged on by their stations/producers to sniff out “scoops”–no matter how intrusive they need to be to get such –‘coz they’re paid substantial bonuses for scoops that are aired. That figures. 🙄

  13. maligalig says:

    ‘king ina! na expose na naman kabobohan ni noynoy sa HK hostage na punyetang massacre na yan. nang matapos ang lahat, tsaka sisisihin ang media kung bakit DAW nagkaroon ng leak, syempre sa loob ng tourist bus mayroon radyo at telebisyon. eh si engot na presidente? ano ginawa maghapon? nanood ng TV!? hindi man lang dumampot ng telepono at sabihin sa pulisya na magkaroon ng crowd control at media blackout, katangahan! BOBONG PRESIDENTE!

  14. Hyden Toro says:

    Putting the irresponsibility of the Media people aside. Where was President Noynoy Aquino during the Hostage Crissis? A policeman who degenerated into a Nut Case, had gone taking hostages, and had demands on hand. Noynoy Aquino was Hiding and running away from his responsibility as a Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He should be Court Martialed, for Dereliction of Duty. A soldier who abandons his regiment during battle is subject to Court Martial. Why not a President ? Instead of leading his people for a solution of the Hostage Crissis. He hides. He cannot take the responsibility of President of the Republic seriously. We have a Buffoon in Malacanang Palace. We have a Media that has gone as loose cannon. We have a citizentry, that treats life and death Hostage Taking, as a
    Wowoowee Extravaganza. I think, we are all gone crazy, not only that hostage taker, Mendoza. 🙄

    • bokyo says:

      he was swearing in some people at the Malacañang at that time :mrgreen:


      “Lopez heads Pasig body; Aquino swears in 35 other execs

      MANILA, Philippines—A member of one of the country’s most influential families has been appointed by President Benigno Aquino III to head the body that is on top of rehabilitating the Pasig River.

      Gina Lopez, executive director of the ABS-CBN Foundation who has been active in efforts to clean up Metro Manila’s vital waterway, was appointed chair of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission.

      Lopez and 35 others took their oath of office before President Aquino at Malacañang Monday.”

      • Garnet Alexa says:

        So that’s what was so “important” that he missed the call from Hong Kong? And here I thought he was in a meeting about the hostage situation.

        So really Noynoy. What WERE you doing that you couldn’t be bothered to answer the call from Hong Kong?

    • Ryunken says:

      He even said that there were Special Forces stationed in that area… WHERE ARE THEY!?

      Pretty much both the PNP & ABNOY Dealt with this situation as stupidly as ABNOY can and as unprepared as the PNP can…

  15. Gardo Versausage says:

    It’s a moment of classic comedy when Abnoy apologizes for his “mongoloid smiles” during times when he’s supposed to appear serious and concerned..

    I’ll bet Chip Tsao has a lot of new material to write about, for he may sense a time of vindication coming to him.

    This may also be a bad time to order thick soups in HK. One may never know the difference between bird’s nest and wet boogers….or notice a hot and sour soup blended with thick mucus.

    • HareBurger says:

      eeeew yak! 😆 we decided to cancel our family’s trip to HK next month. you never know what or who will attack you as you ride the MTR. obvious pa naman tayong pinoy dun coz we wear colorful clothes and we pose for photoop at every corner of HK (from CR to basurahan). hell! i’d be missing ocean park and disneyland for a long time. nakalimutan yata nang bobong presidente na HK lang pinaka-cheapest destination for a first time passport stamp nang pobreng pinoy. plano yata talaga nang gago na di na tayo palalabasin sa impyernong ito… 👿

    • Jay says:

      If chip tsao comes out with anything, I won’t be surprised if pinoy media and government meet him head on as well. Patigasan ng FEZ.

    • Jay says:

      Certainly more hinged but he too echoes the sentiment that there was no excuse. He was more focused on the his role as the head of Red Cross and wanted to keep it that way.

  16. Lorenz says:

    If there’s one good thing that happened from this it’s that the incompetence of the Aquino administration and police department are now shown to the international community of which they would be ashamed of themselves and be forced to be better hopefully.

    i really hope those people who voted for Noynoy would come to realization.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      This is what they call: “The Baptism by Fire.” It’s like being tested by fire. THEY FAILED MISERABLY. With the International community, as the witness. They cannot hide their incompetence. “Magkakalat na magkakalat sila.”

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      Ha! As if those supporters of Noynoy would actually realize what has been in front of their faces all along: that Noynoy is NO great leader. From what I read around the internet, these supporters are still saying that it wasn’t Noynoy’s fault and that it’s only a setback and other such NONSENSE.

      Puh-lease people. Get it through your thick heads that you NEED to expect MORE from your LEADER. Because right now, he’s just acting like some big baby. A big 50 YEAR OLD baby.

    • can’t wait for the year-ender this december. i’m sure ikokomunications group na ng yellow machine ang mga pilipino. enter krissy and baby james as distractions. what i see also in my magic crystal ball is this: the noynoy or the yellow machine as a whole will embark on doing a very good deed between september and december para panakip this year-ender report. Or the media will overplay the win of noynoy (kasi Time magazine cover s’ya) in the elections para #2 lang hostage-taking crisis sa countdown.

  17. Dino says:

    “Kayo ang boss ko!”

    As the BOSS of PNOY, the yellow zombies should be the FIRST to call out his shortcomings. They mollycoddled the peon long enough. They have to take out the whip and demand results from the chance they’ve given him.

    Sorry PNOY, but I never wanted you in my employ, you never satisfied my requirements, you have an empty resume and you have no idea of the job description. And NO WAY in hell would I hire someone out of pity if it would mean the fall of my company.

  18. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    the whole world VINDICATED us! Hell yeah! 😆

  19. enteng says:

    Kahit na sinasabi ng mga kinauukulan na isa lamang itong “isolated case”, naipakita ng “isolated case” na ito lahat ng kabulukan at kawalang kwentahan ng sistema at mga tao sa Pilipinas, mula sa mga taong usisero, Gobyerno, ang Media at ang Police force.

    Sasabihin nilang inhumane ang mga pulis at si Mendoza, pero para sakin wala nang mas lalala at mas sasama pa sa mga Media people na nagcocover ng hostage taking sa mga oras na ‘yon. Kung hindi sana nila inisip ang mga pansarili nilang interes at hindi nagpalabas ng live nung mga oras na ‘yon, siguro, hindi hahantong sa madugong pangyayari ang hostage taking na nangyari nuong lunes.

    Hindi ko rin masisisi ang mga HK people na nagagalit sa Pilipinas sa ngayon, ako bilang isang Pilipino, kung ganun man ang mangyari sa isa kong kababayan sa ibang bansa(na akala ko ay safe), tapos,  pinagpiyestahan pa ng mga tao (mga taong nagpakuha ng litrato sa labas ng bus), tas makikita ko pang hindi ginwa ng gobyerno ang lahat ng magagawa nito para lang mailigtas ang mga kababayan ko, aba’y magagalit din ako. 

    Kahit ako na isang Pilipino natatakot na  hindi lang sa pansarili kong seguridad kundi maging sa iba dahil sa nakita kong pagresponde ng mga kinauukulan, lalo na ng mga pulis. Palibhasa, karamihan sa kanila puro power tripping lang ang ginagawa, pakita ng tsapa at palaki lng ng tiyan. 

  20. arnz says:

    The thick-skinned media does not want to humble itself and admit to their mistakes. Bukod dun sa ipinapalabas nilang police na nagsasabing nakatulong daw eh meron pang bago: nakapatay daw ang tv monitor sa bus at may tumatawag lang daw kay mendoza..

    kayo na magaling mga leche.. 😆

    and those stupid people taking pictures outside of the bus, go on and make Hong Kong hate us more, add more wood to the fire so to speak.. One girl said: “Gusto ko lang mafeel kung ano yung nangyari sa mga hostage.” Try to go Hong Kong and get yourself hostaged to know what it feels..

    On the other hand, I feel sorry for the OFWs in Hong Kong. Some were already being relieved of their jobs and being treated unfairly with their wages

    • Jay says:


      the OFWs are going to have to deal with this reality. But at the same time they can’t channel their angers at their now discriminatory employers but the politics that played out. If anything, they should look at how the current government will remedy this, considering they had a hand in the situation.

      I guess Pinoys are so desensitized not only about the deaths of people in general but even crisis situations. That girl probably is part of the statistics which believe that AIDS is curable. Just an absolute lack of common sense, but others will just say she’s just speaking from the heart.

  21. saeyun says:

    I saw this on FB and I had to share this guys, this is about media guidelines in what to do during hostage cases or when it involves national security 


    If only our media practitioners in Manila followed these guidelines, maybe the situation could have been different during the hostage crisis in Manila. What I want to say to our media practitioners: Stop saying excuses about “freedom of speech” because there will always be limits to freedom.

    • Jay says:

      Especially in a life or death situation. But much like hostage situations where they treat the aggressor with extreme prejudice, apparently so does the Philippine media for anyone else besides their own.

  22. Anonylol says:

    I’ve heard a lot of terrible comments about the tragedy but this one has to be the worst:
    “Those HKers have no right to be angry at the Philippines. Worse things happen all over the world and to Filipinos. You don’t see me getting angry about it.”
    I was aghast. That was simply terrible yet it’s sort of a prevalent thought. Some people just don’t care. It’s no surprise that the operation was cocked up like it was. The people in charge, the people doing it, the people covering the events, and the people watching. They just didn’t care.

    Of course I thought maybe the comment was made because I was Chinese but now that I think about it, that just makes it worse.

    • lee says:

      And here lies one of the worst problems in the Philippines, the tribal mentality. For other people, its all about Filipinos vs the world, as if we deserve so much more because we are Filipino.

      So when will Filipinos care? Definitely not if the you fall within any of the following:
      1) Foreigner (regardless of who you are and your financial status)
      2) Upper Class and Middle Class Filipino (regardless of where you actually live) – Class A, B, C suck because there are people lower them and somehow its their fault that there are people of lower status.

      Some Filipinos will only care if they are directly affected by what is going on or if the victim belongs to the lowest common demominator for the masses.

    • ChinoF says:

      This is the worst part of the Filipino reaction. A foreign person has been wronged and yet the Filipinos say, they have no right to get angry just because they were wronged. Very immoral. This is the saddest part of it all. “I don’t care if your nationals died, they’re not Filipino!” In that case, we deserve to be taken by other countries.

      Filipinos certainly have a moral crisis. They’ve become uncaring and… evil.

      • Anonylol says:

        Not evil. Callous and apathetic. Not evil but a good first step.

      • potaters says:

        Siguro okay din na they disabled the commenting section sa FB ni Noy. I was uncomfortable because it is very likely that some of those fucktards will say something absolutely offensive such as that. And we’ll just be put in a bad light. Again. As if it’s not dark/gloomy enough.

        Moral decay na ito. Sarap barilin.

  23. Pingback: Gwendolyn Garcia could end up living like a cavewoman in the Cebu Capitol building | Get Real Post

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