Hostage crisis fallout: P-Noy’s supporters should admit their mistake to support unity among Filipinos

There are many ways to try and talk with President Noynoy Aquino’s supporters. Unfortunately, none of them works. They are so caught up with their own narrow view of what is good and evil that they cannot see beyond their flawed reasoning.

While most of us already knew from the beginning that it was just a matter of time before the true extent of President Noynoy Aquino’s incompetence was revealed, many, if not all of his supporters are genuinely quite surprised by P.Noy’s falling out with the Chinese community as a result of how he handled the recent hostage drama involving deceased sacked ex-policeman, Rolando Mendoza and the eight slain Chinese tourists.

The reason for the falling out is quite simple. Because P.Noy does not really have leadership and diplomatic skills, he has ruined our country’s reputation with Hong Kong and mainland China over a situation that could have been resolved if P.Noy had enough sensitivity towards other people. It seems though that this fact is too hard for his supporters to comprehend because they keep making excuses for P.Noy as if he was a child.

To give everyone an accurate picture of the extent of the fallout: About 20 Hong Kong legislators recently led a crowd of 80,000 Hong Kong residents to gather at an urban park for a short ceremony honouring the dead before setting off on a march to the central financial district. Some human rights Chinese lawyers are even claiming that what happened in Manila to the Chinese tourists is equivalent to what happened to the Americans during 9/11. The tragedy is too devastating for them to accept especially since they know it could have been prevented.

To quote an excerpt from president of the Legislative Council Jasper Tsang’s address to the crowd, “Today’s protest expresses our deep mourning and our strong desire for the Philippine government to take the matter seriously,” and this from lawmaker Cheung Man-kwong: “That 80,000 people can show up in such a short period of time—it shows the anger and unity of the Hong Kong people.”

Who would have thought that P.Noy Aquino, the son of the people power icon herself, the late former president Cory Aquino, could inspire people power in another country? Unfortunately, the gathering of this massive crowd was not in his honour. In fact, if P.Noy had any decency left, he should realize that his blunder is enough reason for him to step down and resign from his post. Quitting the presidency may be the only way to fix the now strained relationship between the Philippines and China. It could potentially be seen as a genuine step towards rectifying his mistake.

There are currently 120,000 Filipinos working in Hong Kong, the ramifications of the diplomatic tensions is so great that there are some who actually fear for their life. There are even reports that a few Filipinos working in Hong Kong have lost their jobs because their employers sacked them in an apparent reaction to the tragic events.

Not only will our tourism industry suffer because of the tragedy, moneyed Filipinos will now feel more self-conscious about going to Hong Kong and China for fear of reprisals from local Chinese whose already low regard for Filipinos has gone even lower.

Looking for Divine intervention

Noynoy’s supporters’ make believe world is now falling apart faster than they can flash the “L”-sign at the Chinese people. They are at a loss as to how to salvage P.Noy’s tattered reputation with the international community. Some are using the old trick of accusing P.Noy’s critics of acting like vultures or taking advantage of the situation. Others are quick to point out China’s human rights abuses at Tiananmen Square in the past or China’s manufacturing scandals like the poisoned infant milk incident, or even worse, comparing the murders of some Filipinos in China in 2005 by a crazed lunatic with the recent deaths of the eight Chinese tourists in the hands of hostage taker Mendoza and the PNP. Indeed, Filipinos, especially those who support losers like P.Noy have no personal accountability and are incapable of inward reflection. This is precisely the reason why they always need someone to blame.

Still, many more of P.Noy’s supporters are now reverting to religion or God for answers. They are asking everyone to just pray for God’s help to make everything right. It’s not that there is anything wrong with that. I just find it strange that instead of trying to accept the recent events as proof that P.Noy lacks leadership skills and has zero diplomatic abilities just as they were told before the election, his supporters are now claiming that God must have a plan or else he wouldn’t let this happen. P.Noy supporters are like walking disclaimers, really. In their mind, they always rationalise things in a way that gives them an escape clause — like looking or latching on to a divine being. This is especially evident when they fail to understand what is going on. Never mind that it is they, staunch Aquino supporters, who pushed for an Aquino presidency in the first place and not God.

Some of the messages from P.Noy’s supporters on a few public forums discussing the recent events, particularly the incompetence of the Philippine government, would have you read:”Let’s just pray to God instead of criticizing P.Noy. I am sure God has a plan for us. I do not want to question God’s plans.” Their attitude is quite frustrating because the tragedy is already presenting an opportunity for everyone to realize their mistake over choosing an incompetent leader like P.Noy but they still won’t hear of it. One can be forgiven for saying that they are such sore losers — delusional even. This goes to show that in the next election, it is a guarantee that they will vote for another loser again.

Praying certainly can’t do any harm but praying alone won’t solve this crisis. In fact, Filipinos have been praying for so long to the point that it seems that that is all they are capable of doing. Never mind that God gave them an intellect to use, and never mind that God has been telling them in so many ways that they should use a bit more critical analysis in choosing a leader every election.

P.Noy’s supporters need to accept their mistake instead of making silly excuses. They need to accept their mistake of voting for an incompetent leader like P.Noy. If we follow the logic in what they are saying, that God allowed this to happen for a reason, then it is crystal clear what God’s reason is for everyone to heed:

Filipinos should vote with their heads and not their emotions in the next election.

This is an opportunity for all Filipinos to unite. It is an opportunity for everyone to turn their backs on decisions that are just shots in the dark — like that of electing someone who just has a popular name like Aquino. It should be plain obvious to them now that P.Noy’s lack of experience or expertise does not help him make the necessary decisions in critical situations. As the head of state, experience is not something that can be served on a silver platter to P.Noy when he needs it.

Generally speaking, people don’t learn much when their lips are moving. Regrettably, this saying is chiefly applicable to P.Noy’s supporters. P.Noy’s supporters did not learn much even before the election because they just kept chanting yellow slogans like, “Noynoy has integrity” or “Noynoy is not corrupt” over and over. No one from the true Aquino supporters or even those who just voted because of his high ranking in the survey heeded the warnings given by genuinely concerned citizens about the risks of having him in Malacanang. Like someone who had been possessed or been under a spell, P.Noy’s supporters bought the story line that “The presidency is Noynoy’s destiny” perpetuated by none other than Noynoy Aquino’s handlers themselves. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. P.Noy is definitely not your average politician, now that we know his lack of capacity to lead. He is one of a kind, and that’s not even in a good way.

There are many ways to try and talk with President Noynoy Aquino’s supporters. Unfortunately, none of them works. Even the sight of 80,000 Chinese nationals rallying in Hong Kong is not enough to convince them they are wrong. Clearly, there is very little hope that Filipinos will unite, not until the majority is mature enough or wise enough to admit their mistakes.

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  1. ErvinA says:

    I believe it’s not only the supporters of Aquino who should admit their flaws, but it also calls for the entire nation to realize how immature our reactions toward the events that have occurred. Just as they are wrong, the rest should also look into themselves particularly how selfish they are.

    Just as the president is pointing in all directions to use as his scapegoat, these supporters also use a spiritual being as an excuse for the complete failure of responsibility exemplified no other than President Aquino. It is not a righteous move from them, but more of an act of denial.

  2. Ryunken says:

    Definitely the fallout of this disaster would haunt the country for a very long time…

    God can be the answer… Yet, you should exert yourself to get that answer and God will give it to you!

    Abnoy supporters continue to pray for their president, yet the president does nothing and doesn’t care about it… The president continues to do his “Magical Presidency” moves as long as he wants…

    You’re “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap” phrase has been rendered invalid and void!

    • ErvinA says:

      He was brought to this seat, thanks to his surname. He is surviving all this chaos, thanks to his surname. All without doing anything. 

      His campaign slogan is only targeted to one area of a political administration which is, yes, corruption. What about the others?

      God how stupid his supporters are.

  3. maikimai says:

    If I posted this link to PNoy’s FB page, I wonder what would happen?

    What do you guys think?

  4. kusinero says:

    It’s an innate trait in pinoys to not take things seriously. I admit it has advantages, but one should learn when to laugh at mistakes and when to sober up and internalize so as not to make the same mistakes in the future. Couple this with our short term memory, and you have a very nasty mix. In short, pinoys never learn.

    Look at how history repeats itself again and again and again in our society. Look at how we don’t seem to get tired of the same telenovela plots, chismis, and our penchant for instant gratification so as to forget our sorrows. Alcohol? Yep. Drugs? You betcha. Gambling? Of course.

    That is how I could say that we have no hope as a country. Well, except maybe if a dictator would rise up and turn the country and it’s culture upside down. Or if we ship all pinoys off to some other country and repopulate the Philippines with the “reformed” population, same thing that God did to the Israelites before they were allowed to enter the promised land. Only a purging would rid us of our own stupidity.

    • ChinoF says:

      It’s more like, Filipinos tend to joke or not take seriously the things they should take seriously, and take seriously what should not be taken seriously! Seriously (pun not intended), Filipinos suffer from lack of discernment. This is embodied in the cliche, “pareho lang yan!”

      Filipinos tend laugh at their own mistakes, but one should not laugh when their own mistake has cost the lives of other people. That’s how the Chinese see us.

    • Ace says:

      This seems extreme but looking at how we all are now… I think this is the last hope of ever having Filipinos learn a lesson. Sa ugali kasi ng Pinoy, kailangan talaga mga ganitong paraan. Masyado nang naaabuso ang democracy. With FREEDOM must also come RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT. Masyado nang nagiging wild ang mga tao. Sa obserbasyon ko lang…  

  5. My professor, whom I think possess a slightly above average mind given that he finished an engineering course then pursued to become a lawyer, always brags about the presidency being PNoy’s destiny whenever we have our Philippine Government and Constitution class. Seriously, how come people of his caliber fail to see PNoy’s lack of skills and hold to their belief that it was his destiny to become president? 🙄

    • He is either a fanatic… or a manufactured professional who inherited his caliber. I would be more than surprised if he did actually earned them.=)

    • urduja says:

      Because even smart people would like to believe in the fairy tale that everything is fated and destined, that we all just have to wait for it to fall on our laps instead of acting on it.

      Just like Noynoy — where they say he was “reluctant” but everything fell on his lap. His dad was assassinated, his mother died before the elections, and he has the same last name.

      The sad part is that destiny is not something that just falls on your lap. It is something you make. Therefore, those who have fought against the destinies that have befallen them, like Manny Villar, who at any rate did fight against his middle-class status quo and later end up a billionaire (a feat not every Filipino can boast of) or of Gordon who worked his way up the political ladder, doesn’t stand a chance against this Noynoy pinoy fairy tale.

      • noremedies says:

        It could have been a different story if Noy was a top-caliber official at work. That being said, he would’ve created a legacy – an indelible mark- in Philippine history if Noy was, in many aspects, not who is right now.

    • Kremlin says:

      if he was my professor, i would have given him a piece of my mind. I don’t care if my grades would be at risk. the look on his face would have been worth it.

      God, intellectual people who keep on praising Penoy are the worst kind. At least you can’t blame the uneducated because they lack proper discernment. Intellectuals who do not use their brains are the most annoying of all.

    • miriam quiamco says:

      I suspect your professor, despite his brains is a medieval catholic, this is where religion is truly a curse in our land.  We have intelligent people who also are catholic fanatics who extend their religious faith in the realm of the mundane world of politics.  However, being an engineer and a lawyer does not guarantee you have critical thinking skills, it depends really on his world-view, is he medieval in his own personal life, does he attribute all his personal mistakes to the will of god and fail to look at reality as it is and take stock of his life, if he is a religious zombie in his personal life, then, most likely he will also fail to use his jewels in the wider world.  I certainly wouldn’t trust him as a lawyer.

    • ilda says:


      That’s just sad. An educated and respected man teaching the wrong kind of mentality to impressionable kids. Good thing you are sensible enough not to believe a word.

    • hopeless romantics kasi sila. under the spell of our dysfunctional culture which has nothing to do with getting a degree. it’s a warm feeling to one’s heart to romanticize the yellow ribbon over and over again kahit na unhealthy already.

    • ODin0 says:

      There is merit to what your professor is saying.

      PNoy is destined to the presidency in as much as the country is destined to remain in the poorhouse clusterf*ck. Only a handful people would take a chance to change their destiny though. 😛

  6. Matthew says:

    rational people like us should know by now that knocking some sense into these Aquino fanatics is an exercise in futility. I’ve stop trying to knock some sense into these people because it’s really impossible. In these parts of the world, there is absolutely no cure for the yellow fever. sure, i still get upset every time these morons open their mouths, but I don’t waste my time and energy talking to them anymore. I just play this game:

    whoever created this game is a genius. it may be incredibly simple, but I just can’t stop playing it. it’s not just fun, it’s also a great stress reliever.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      That is precisely why they are called mindless creatures. Only true humans dare to think, and in a society that condemns thinking, the true human is a rare find when compared to the scum that inhabit this country.

      • Ryunken says:

        I’d play it a little, and still I don’t feel happy about it since shooting doesn’t relive stress… Just punch his stupid face and/or ruin his smiling face… Like what I did!

        This would be funny and still be a great Stress Reliever!

      • NFA rice says:

        Please don’t make P.Noy’s pic artificially more pleasant by covering his fish eyes and gaping mouth.

    • noremedies says:

      Don’t flame me, but I think that game’s a little too extreme. Don’t you think?

      • Kremlin says:

        yeah, that game is a little too extreme… i mean, i don’t want to kill off that retard in real life. but as  a game, it’s quite a guilty pleasure. i hate to admit it, but i’m having so much fun shooting his smiling face.

        thanks for posting that link. 🙂

  7. urduja says:

    I don’t think that these Noynoy supporters should not chalk this one up to God. That would be unfair.

    God did not design the democratic style of government. God did not say that the Philippines should be a republic. God did not campaign for a candidate on who to vote! It was clear who voted for Noynoy. It’s the 15 million who opted for a figurehead, a poster boy for anti-corruption, instead of choosing one based on competence.

    God is surely against corruption but God will never impose his will on us. The notion that “Vox populi vox Dei” (The will of the people is the will of God) is not always true. There were a lot of times in history when people are unanimous in choosing a leader that ended up oppressing them or failing them.

    Even Jesus Christ was crucified by the mob, by the majority themselves!

    Surely, the majority cannot speak for the voice of God!

    What this is in an excuse for Noynoy supporters to still proclaim that he is “fated” to be president for who can continue in an argument against God anyway?

  8. noremedies says:

    The yellow horde’s at it again! They’re too emotional to be discussing matters objectively.

    “Kung kayo ang presidente, may magagawa ba kayo?”
    “makakatulong ba yang pagsisisi nyo sa bansa?”
    “you’re pointing fingers at him, isn’t it the same as what you’re doing?”
    “Blame the PNP and the media”
    “He just started as president”
    “he did something, we just don’t know what”
    and a whole lot more.

    People have already grown tired and weary of answering or responding to these people. Why couldn’t they realize it themselves? The president, at least in this instance, was very irresponsible.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      As I have stated; the Aquinos built a Cult of Followers. Their Cult ideology is based on:myths; lies; deceits; etc…Same as Adolf Hitler had built a Cult of Superior Aryan Race. To control people in his Nazi Regime. Send them to wars on two fronts. Kill 8 million Jews, and other opponents. Did you ever think the German people are idiots? Some of Hitlers supporters, were very intelligent prople. His Minister of Armament: Albert Speer, was a renowned Architect. Others were German intelligensia…As a philiosopher/historian had warned us: “Those who forget the Past. Are condemned to repeat it..” I see the Past repeating in the Philippines in other way…it is very unfortunate and sinister…. 😯

    • palebluedot_ says:

      i like to add this really really loser rebuttal from the zombies if you talk to them about how incompetent the president is: “get out of this country!!!”

      yea right! mabulok kayong mga low-life creatures dito sa ‘pinas. eventually, only those who discern well will survive…

      • Jay says:

        “He just started as president”

        That is the funniest! If anything is transparent, is the mindset of those common Pinoys that end up being reflected on the President and from him, his actions that are reflected to the international community.

        Because if the world comes down on the President which is loved dearly by the brainless zombies, it would be a reflection of themselves and they can’t have that!

      • RamonAng says:

        ZzzzzZZZZZZzzzz. If you haven’t heard everything they’ve railed against PNoy, you’re an idiot.

      • Jay says:


        You didn’t get my point didn’t you. Pot calling the kettle black!

        Go back to investigating the corruption of the former administration, see if it matters now.

    • urduja says:

      You’re right. You check every single argument and that’s all they say. It’s like they’re telling you to just shut up and enjoy the presidency.

      • Anonylol says:

        >”You’re right. You check every single argument and that’s all they say. It’s like they’re telling you to just shut up and enjoy the presidency.”

        You mean like we were being raped in prison? Yeah, spread wide and think of happy things.

  9. Hyden Toro says:

    If you are lucky enough to study Cults; you will understand why the Yellow Hordes are acting that way. Stalinist Communist governments use the: cult of personality; sloganeering; media brainwashing infusion in the mind; etc…to control the minds of people. Like the INCEPTION movie, of Leonardo de Carpio. The mind of any person can be easily tinkered; if the subject person is not aware and is not knowledgeable of the tinkerers’ tricks. I blame the EDSA Myth and the Lopez Media Network; for producing the unfortunate followers of Noynoy Aquino Yellow Hordes. We have produced a mass population of ROBOTS, who moves and thinks like animal herds- I call them the : Unreflecting Herds. Follow the Leader, even to the “bangin.” If Religion is mixed with Politics; which the Aquinos have done. You have a noxious Witch Brew of people, with no minds of their own. Remember, Cult Leaders are even notorious on commanding their followers to commit suicide. Maybe, Noynoy Aquino wants us all to commit: NATIONAL SUICIDE… 😐

  10. Jay says:

    your comment reminded me of the song – Cult of personality – LIving Color

  11. RamonAng says:

    To tell you the truth – nakakasawa na all the whining and crying of Anti-Pinoy. Fuck it, don’t you have anything else to post about? What about the corruption of Mikey Arroyo in customs? Or Chavit Singson’s fucking submarine.


    Get new content for this fucking site.

    • ilda says:


      Akala mo ba ikaw lang ang nagsasawa?!? I actually feel like a broken record because I have been warning voters about P.Noy months before the election but what do you get out of P.Noy supporters? “P.Noy has integrity” that’s all.

      Pero mas nakakasawa kasi yung display of triumphalist attitude ni P.Noy and his supporters even after 80,000 Hong Kong residents protested against the Philippine government’s incompetence so I have to keep writing the same thing over and over. I won’t hold my breath though…

      Why don’t you write about Mikey and Chavit if you are so into them?

      Happy reading! 🙂

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Yeah right, Mikey Arroyo’s corruption at Customs, of Chavit Singson’s whatever submarine, and the biggest corruption of them all, Hacienda Luisita historical scam, write more and push the justice department to rule for the interests of the peasants that have long been swindled and suffering under the Cojuangcos.  Why would Eddie Boy Cojuangco contribute 100 million pesos to the campaign of a clueless member of the clan, because he is incompetent and will not do anything to betray the interests of his corrupt class.  And privatization of infrastructure projects, more money to his relatives’ businesses, favorable loans to be paid for by the poor taxpayers, so that the businesses’ of his relatives will prosper, daaaang, yeah, Mikey Arroyo’s corruption and Chavit Singson’s corruption, corruption at LTO, at Comelec, how could LP flaunt the electoral campaign laws and circumvent them so that the most incompetent could win, yeah, choose corruption investigations that really matter to change the system, or this country will just be about investigations without clear vision of economic development plans, yeah, China is corrupt but it is advancing, it does not waste precious time and resources on investigating corruption, so is Vietnam, so is Japan, much more time is spent on real policies that can move the country forward, investigate micro-corruption if no one is punished move on, show us your plan of action for the economy, move the country forward, keep the economic fundamentals strong ala GMA, move the country forward through economic growth, privatization of infrastructure projects is not the way to do it.  Where will the government get the money to loan to oligarchs at low interests but from foreign debt, these are government-guaranteed loans, is the legislature debating about the best policies for the country and questioning the policies of the president, other than grandstanding at investigations on corruption that do not generate results?

    • ervinB says:

      “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen” 

      It’s simple if you don’t want articles/blogs like this then don’t visit our site.

      If you want to tackle those topic then write about it just make sure it’s based on facts. I have a suggestion can you there the oligarch which supports Noynoy. Add there also the ZTE incident I just want to know what was the purpose of that deal, and who makes it a scandal. I’ll just remind you please make sure it’s based on facts 🙂 have a nice day

      • ervinB says:

        just to correct myself.

        * I have suggestion can you put there the oligarch which supports Noynoy.

      • noremedies says:

        But there surely are two sides of a coin. In the ZTE incident for example, GMA has her best interest in it for the nation, however, it’s flip side, the corruption within was so eminent that it bulged. I have to say, not everything we see in the news are fairy tales, some of them are fabricated, yes, but they sometimes are half-baked truths, not lies. Objectively speaking, there’s no point in gratifying GMA as if all she did was sheer, genuine, and solely for the interest of our country and people. She did have her flaws, and I would like to believe that we are not her minions worshiping her achievements despite her brutal corruption.

        But then again, even if she was corrupt (assuming she was… oh wait, who am I kidding, she really was), she’s far more capable of running the country than pnoy. That’s for sure. At least, during the GMA era, she handled the situations with utmost skill; with Pnoy, however, he handled it like any normal folk would do – roll the dice and play the blame game.

        Don’t flame me.

      • Anonylol says:


        Nah buddy. What you said is true. Too bad people seemed to have lost their paranoid vigilance the moment Noy got elected.

      • Jay says:


        corruption exists in most successful forms of government. It is not some evil entity that was painted by the Yellow Loyalists which is countered by its moral opposite (whatever it is). The difference is despite that, there is progress and effectiveness in the decision making. There will always be a pork barrel in pinoy politics due to how the system has sadly evolved. There will always be questionable characters in congress and the senate, yes part of the government as well, due to idiotic people wanting them there.

        I’m not taking away that GMA wasn’t corrupt at all, which many Noy-tards have tried to turn the tables (ironic considering they are willing to say Noy has a clean slate… in his head). However her policies and decision making allowed the Philippines to improve and survive. Of course without the lack of continuity from different administrations, we will never see real progress since they can never fekkin agree to foresight.

    • ArticleRequest says:

      Sirang plaka? Bukambibig talaga si PNOY! Weve been warning those zombies from the masa to the Phd holders since before the elections not to vote in that yellow mofo. But Nooooooooo… they drank too much yellow kool aide and couldn’t care less. They voted a guy simply because he was winnable and the son of Cory and Ninoy, 2 things which do NOT translate into leadership abilities and proven competence. Those yellow zombies are now putting fingers in their ears and try to be deaf as this country deteriorates.

      Besides, whther AP has 0 or 100 articles against PNOY aint gonna change the fact that PNOY was a crappy Congressman, Senator and bungling President.

    • how about these from the whining president noynoy:
      1) “i just inherited this and that”
      2) ” I will show you what i inherited”
      3) “they did not give me any honeymoon period”
      4) “stop the blame game”
      5) “my new house feels like prison”

      – Noynoy via The Philippine Star

  12. asalways says:

    😀 as always and as expected of my dearest blogger ilda :D.. loved reading your articles up to the point that even only after a few lines, I already knew it was you who wrote it (stalker mode 😈 )

    anyways, ask noy what the meaning of success is and guess what, he will tell you that success is having someone to blame for his mistakes 😀

    • ilda says:

      Thanks asalways 🙂

      If only P.Noy did not agree to run for the presidency, his life and our lives would be much simpler.


      • asalways says:

        can’t blame him though. Just like a troubled kid, I’m thinking that his thoughts were what he wants, he always gets (or rather his sister can get for him). 😀

        keep on writing 🙂 still kept looking forward to your future articles rawwwr :mrgreen:

  13. aboy says:

    few of my friends, die hard noynoy fans, always go offensive/defensive mode when i post something “factual” about their yellow saint in my fb wall… the sad part is that when they comment, they post something that makes them think they are being nationalistic and me being totally the opposite.

    “kaya daw mahirap ang bansa natin dahil sa katulad ko na panay reklamo, wala naman daw ginagawa… katulad ko na lagi nag hahatak ng tao pababa d na lang daw sumuporta, na kesyo tapos n daw election, mag move on n daw..”

    i just have one thing to tell them… i whine because we have an incompetent president, i whine because we had a better choice… choices pa nga eh kung icoconsider mo… badtrip talaga… i hope they start using their minds and get away with the emotional crap that is and will always put us in deep$h!t…

    • Jay says:

      Tell them its part of your democratic initiative to point out facts about the incompetence of the government. And you are doing your part more than they are doing theirs hawking their useless pinoy manufactured nationalism and as you said, being emo.

    • potaters says:

      Yes, kahit ako naka-encounter na ng mga ganyan. Here are the following templates they use as reasons:

      1. Crab mentality
      2. Mag-pray na lang tayo
      3. Bakit hindi ka maging positive? Focus tayo doon.
      4. Eh ano bang nagawa mo?
      Parang feeling ko masyado tayong escapist. We hate confrontation, pero we like emo musings. It boggles the mind.

      • miss deeds says:

        Can I add these lines which one tard had been repeating on another forum:

        6. Eh kayo ba perpekto?
        7. Binoto sya ng majority
        8. Loser kasi ang candidate nyo. Oh wait, most of these tards spell it as “looser”
        9. Kaya di tayo umaasenso puro kayo dakdak.
        and my favorite line:
        10. Hindi sya corrupt.

      • hilarious but true. one can actually come up with templates kasi the moronic yellow zombies really think alike to a fault.

    • urduja says:

      Just keep on with your objective posts on your facebook.

      Contrary to popular opinion, constructive criticism doesn’t mean not being nationalistic. They say that France is one of the almost perfect democracies in the world. Almost every day, there would be someone picketing near the French government building protesting something. They even have ‘cafe literaires’ where they have debates on all political issues.

      The French continue to have debates about their own country and they always expect opposition for every opinion. But they say that is what democracy is — being able to voice out your opinion freely.

      And who’s to say that the French are not nationalistic even when they hold debates and picket against their government? No! The French are one of the proudest and most nationalistic in the world.

      Unfortunately for the Philippines, since we have rebooted our democracy in 1986, what we have is still a young democracy and still not at par with the maturity of the French.

    • rubberkid says:

      Whenever someone tells me those things, I just tell them that I’d rather DO my part than SAY my part. Instead of saying “be positive”, “give him a chance”, I’d rather stop throwing my litter, cross in pedestrian crossings, stop cutting lines, obey traffic rules (even though there are no cops around), process my papers without fixers and all that stuff. That “support” to the current administration is better than empty words.

  14. JUANDELACRUZ says:

    Bah, at the end of the day, GMA & Co. STOLE the ’04 Elections and BILLIONS of pesos, if not dollars, yung macapagal boulevard nga lang- “The most expensive road in the world!”, while Noynoy has NOT (….YET at least). And to the majority of us, true pinoys, not wannabe foreigners like this site’s regulars, that is all that REALLY matters, it ultimately comes down to the bottomline of MONEY. Ninakaw na ni Glorya at ang mga angkan at alipores niya ang pera ng kaban ng bayan, ang pera NAMIN, at hindi na ito maibabalik pa kahit kailan. Pero si P-Noy, wala pa namang nainanakaw. Yun lang at wala nang iba!

    • miriam quiamco says:

      Gloria stole the 2004 elections, how come your favorite president was against the impeachment move in congress, and would you rather have an FPJ run your country, there, that is clearly evidence of your madness.  Ninakaw ni Gloria ang kaban ng bayan, wow, mabuti nalang may tinira pa siyang 45 billion foreign reserves unlike the time of Marcos, at mabuti nalang ang magnanankaw na Gloria napanalo ang kaso sa NAIA na humantong na sa international court at thankfully, magagamit na ito, na talaga naman proven corrupt ang transaction.  O ano pa, hindi ka ba magpapasalamat sa murang pamasahe sa MRT, kasi sa time ni N/A baka mawala na iyon, sus, ang dami mong dapat pasalamatan kay Gloria, o kaya palagi ka nalang nakikinig sa mga gossip mongers sa media.

    • miriam quiamco says:

      talaga ha, ang macapagal boulevard ang pinag mahal na project sa bansa, sus, you sound very hysterical, hindi mo na ginagamit ang toktok mo.

    • mix says:

      have you not thought about that due to the inactions of Noynoy, HK based domestic workers are now worried about losing their jobs? How about the possibility of losing other opportunities related to HK/China?

      Wouldn’t that be considered corruption as well? That due to the actions of Noynoy, we have may have very well lost potential income?

      It’s easy to see blatant stealing (and i do hope that GMA may be accounted for that) but don’t tell me that since Noynoy has not stolen a single cent, the Philippines has not lost money due to his actions.

    • Trey says:

      you guys really can’t understand how illogical your reasonings are, can you? corruption has nothing to do with leadership skills, it has nothing to do with intelligence, and it has nothing to do with the capability for progress. it they are so intertwined as the yellow saints have led us to believe, how come countries like the USA, Japan, China, Malaysia etc have made leaps in terms of progress in spite of the fact that corruption remains prevalent even in their government? Skills and the proper attitude spell the difference. The Philippines is going nowhere because whenever someone with the proper packaging would say something like “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”, majority of filipino citizens would believe him. We believe politicians who claim to know the easy way out, never mind the fact that they give us no plausible ways to get there. sure, i would also want a president who’s not capable of corruption, but if the price for that is someone who’s also NOT CAPABLE OF ANYTHING ELSE AS WELL, then I’d rather stick with GMA no matter how much I despise her, thank you very much.

      let’s say you were trapped in an island and then suddenly your life was in danger and your only forms of escape were two planes, one flown by an expert pilot who looked sinister and whose ulterior motives you were unsure of, while the other would be flown by someone who doesn’t know how to fly an aircraft at all, which one would you choose?

      funny how we can make sensible decisions when one of the choices didn’t involve any of the Yellow Saints, right?

      • Jay says:

        it ultimately comes down to the bottomline of MONEY

        Because you wan to be exactly what your haring pangulo wants you and everyone to be right? Mga Konsumers?

        Di mu ba alam na marami din nagastos na si Noynoy? Ung special probe group para imbestigahan si Ate Glo at dagdag bayad yan. Yung SAF na hindi nya ginamit. Tapos yung mga increased costs pa ng mga services linked to public transportation tulad ung toll at ung MRT. At wag natin kalimutan ung Pork barrell. Lahat yan lumalabas sa bulsa mo!

        Tsatsat ka pa jan tungkol sa pera, eh babawiin din ng mga idol mung magnanakaw kahit kelan. Enjoy mu nalang ang 3rd rate mung social services sa halos 40% na dagdag pang bayad sa mga tao na wala nang nagawa para sa iyo.

      • noremedies says:

        “let’s say you were trapped in an island and then suddenly your life was in danger and your only forms of escape were two planes, one flown by an expert pilot who looked sinister and whose ulterior motives you were unsure of, while the other would be flown by someone who doesn’t know how to fly an aircraft at all, which one would you choose? ”

        I say, they will still go for the latter. Think of it, maybe in that case, some holy power would suddenly enable that man to have the skills of a pilot because his father was a great pilot and his mother was an emblem of pilotage.

      • Kremlin says:

        good point. these yellow zombies are also know for their magical beliefs. it’s actually scary.

    • palebluedot_ says:

      naku! baka di mo alam na yun patulog-tulog nya sa senado, yan pag-extend nya nang oras sa labas nang session dahil di pa naubos sigarilyo nya, ang di nya pagtapos nang gawain nya sa isang araw are also forms of corruption. corruption is not just money, it is also about pagnakaw nya nang TIME!!!

      at baka di mo rin alam na ang pag-favor nya nang isang incompetent (as was proven these days) for a position, dahil ang incompetent ay supporter nya, is also a form of political corruption…patronage tawag dun.

      o, sino ba dito hindi guilty nang corruption. wag mong gawing anghel yan presidente mo, corrupt din yan!

    • ChinoF says:

      It still can’t be proven that Gloria stole money. Prove it, di puro haka-haka lang.

      And while Gloria stole money, P-Noy let foreign hostages die. If you don’t think the latter is worse, there’s something wrong with you.

    • miss deeds says:

      Stealing ,incompetence, perjury, arrogance … they are both crimes. Both stealing and lying are in the 10 commandments but take a look at this list of SEVEN DEADLY SINS and I can see which ones the incumbent has shown manifestations of ( and I am being kind here by using the word ‘manifestations’).

      1. Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity. (This is pretty obvious and therefore self-explanatory)

      2. Envy is the desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation. (see No. 1)

      3. Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. (vices included)

      4. Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. (vices pa rin)

      5. Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath. (The Blame Game!)

      6. Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. (The tragedy that is Hacienda Luisita being converted into an industrial estate, mall, subdivision and leaving so little profit to be divided amongst its tenants and farmers as the farmland in contention is systematically shrunk).

      7. Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. (Need I elaborate on this?)

  15. potaters says:

    In my opinion, majority of P-Noy supporters will never EVER EVER admit that the President made mistakes. It’s all just part of the dysfunctional culture we have. Masyado tayong ma-pride, onion-skinned, and hindi marunong tumanggap ng constructive criticism. Tignan mo nga yung nagcomment sa taas ko. Duuuuurrrr.

    Prayer has ceased to help this country, kailangan may gawa din ang mga tao. Pero with this stagnant attitude that we have, we will never ever ever move on and become a progressive a country. Unless a leader will WHIP US UP INTO SHAPE. Preferably a dictator like Mahathir Mohamad or Lee Kuan Yew. Kasi ang tigas tigas ng ulo natin.

    • palebluedot_ says:

      i am also for a sensible dictator. gordon can do that. look what he did to his turf…mga tao dun have dirty pockets and bags, because they have been forced to keep their garbage in their pockets if they can’t find a trash bin…

  16. mix says:

    “Palace: No failure of leadership during hostage crisis”

    So you’re calling the leadership shown in the crisis a success? Under what standards? Hahahah!

    Sure he doesn’t have to be physically present. But he should have the courtesy to at least answer the phone when HK calls XD

  17. aboy says:

    @JUANDELACRUZ – yes, we already know everything you pointed out… and there are even blogs/articles about it here which totally critizes every misdeads of the past administration…

    “And to the majority of us, true pinoys, not wannabe foreigners like this site’s regulars, that is all that REALLY matters, it ultimately comes down to the bottomline of MONEY.”

    It’s not MONEY dude, its competence, kakayahan… does your leader have that?

    we dont want GMA as well… we dont like to be cheated and stealed at… but what we are talking about is COMPETENCE… meron ba leader mo nun?

    “Ninakaw na ni Glorya at ang mga angkan at alipores niya ang pera ng kaban ng bayan, ang pera NAMIN, at hindi na ito maibabalik pa kahit kailan.”

    NAMIN? kayo lang ba nakadilaw ang nag babayad ng buwis? Sigurado ka ba dyan?

    E dba yung presidente mo congressman at senador dati? sa tagal nya dun, d kaya napunta tax mo, tax ng tatay mo o nanay mo o kakilala mo sa sweldo nya? iniisip ko lang, mag papasweldo ba ako ng tao wala naman ginagawa? parang ninanakawan din ako nun ah.. wag n lang kaya…

    • noremedies says:

      ang sipag nyo daw kasi mag-comment.

      The truth is, the people here have been answering or rebutting – in perpetuating rounds, that is – these kinds of claims or arguments and it feels like a never-ending primetime teleserye we witness in our local channels – parang niloloko ka na dahil paulit-ulit lang ang nangyayari.

      • aboy says:

        are you thinking right? you compare comments here to tv series of your beloved philippine media? darn, i pity people like you…

        “parang niloloko ka na dahil paulit-ulit lang ang nangyayari” – say this to yourself…

        as long as you can’t accept the fact that philippines has a problem; one being not to able to select a good leader, is the same as what you metioned: “parang niloloko ka na dahil paulit-ulit lang ang nangyayari”

      • noremedies says:

        aboy, you interpreted my comment differently.

        What I meant to say was they’ve been trying to defend Noy for his inability to lead, and people who can think straight have been answering them non-stop.

        “parang niloloko ka na dahil paulit-ulit lang ang nangyayari” — because they (the yellow army) keep bringing up the same old argument over and over that it’s perpetuating. And I refuse to believe they haven’t heard of the counter-argument for their questions before.

        “parang niloloko ka na dahil paulit-ulit lang ang nangyayari” —- kasi ayaw nilang mag-scroll up man lang. Paulit-ulit na pag-tanong, paulit-ulit din namang sinasagot. That’s my point, nothing else.

      • aboy says:

        noremedies… i spoke too soon… excuse me for reading between the lines… medyo namimintig lng tenga ko pag nakakarinig ako media, teleserye… hehehe… point taken pards

      • wow it looks like you love watching teleseryes as you referenced them which explains your moronic comment

      • noremedies says:

        And what the hell has this got to do with the topic, huh?

        Teleseryes are part of our culture, part of our people. I, for one, have known and watched some of them. What’s moronic is you acting on your emotion, being somewhat trapo, finding that reference a source of invalid argument and attacking me for using them.

        I know teleseryes, i see them occasionally on TV, and if you don’t know them, so be it. I used it as reference to further relate with the readers who might have experienced watching teleseryes before.

        That comment means no darn thing in this conversation. It’s not constructive, and it’s not even insightful. That comment is totally uncalled for.

  18. urduja says:

    Look, Noynoy supporters, it’s not like someone hired a private investigator and did an undercover investigation. It’s not like Ping Lacson had another expose.

    This hostage bungling crisis just fell in front of every Filipino like a big mount of poop from the sky landed in front of us, narrowly missing our faces.

    Nobody even tried to be discreet in disproving the integrity of your president. It was just broadcast straight on BBC and CNN.

    You can of course deny that or say that he was just a neophyte in his presidency. You can always say that this was not bad leadership. But you guys are the one dreaming if you say that this is good leadership.

  19. noremedies says:

    i laughed so hard at tramspter’s comment in the abs news website.

    “I agree with the Palace, there was no failure of leadership during the Manila Hostage Crisis.

    There was no leadership at all, how can there be a failure when it is not present?”

  20. Ryan Bosco says:

    It’s about time the “L” sign finally meant “loser” in the Philippines.  I’m sick and tired of making excuses for a backward country that I love.  

    “Not only will our tourism industry suffer because of the tragedy, [more] Filipinos will now feel more self-conscious about going to Hong Kong and China for fear of reprisals from local Chinese whose already low regard for Filipinos has gone even lower.”

    The Philippines need to burn down or sink underwater to start anew.  If we were a disease, we’d be an incurable one.  Only death will end the suffering of a hopeless case.

    I hate to say it but the Philippines is indeed hopeless.  Only a drastic event will change our hellish fate.  We Filipinos can’t manage our own country.  We were not meant to be independent.

    FOR SALE:  Philippines (Will only entertain bids by USA, Great Britain, Australia and Japan); Rich in natural resources, industrious population, excellent views; strategic location; Price negotiable; Contact Malacanang Palace for more details to expedite the sale and annexation of the islands.

    • palebluedot_ says:

      i’d go for buyers who will whip our asses…while we wipe theirs :mrgreen:

      • junie says:

        FOR SALE: Philippines, repackaged as THE FIESTA ISLANDS where everyday is a fiesta

        DIE here and we’ll turn your funeral into a GRAND FIESTA

    • ilda says:


      Ondoy was drastic enough for me; Maguindanao massacre was drastic enough for me;  Mendoza hostage fiasco was drastic enough for me but to some Filipinos like P.Noy supporters, they simply want to continue with their fantasy no matter what.

  21. wulf says:

    Let’s pray for them na lang! (The Yellow Brigade). Hope that divine intervention would clear their yellow minds.
    The presidency isn’t a TAE method (Trial and Error). Its not we rewind bad things and make it good. That’s impossible unless, someone invents a time machine.
    I just hope that our beloved country esp. its yellow brigade will open their thoughts now.

    Let’s pray to GOD and pray harder that wherever this administration is heading, it wouldn’t bring us along with it.

    • HareBurger says:

      what if we doubt the reality of divine intervention already? because if there is such a thing called God, this Catholic country with prayerful people (see the church attendance on Sundays), should be beyond First World countries decades ago. No! we need to do more than praying. We need to wake up all Filipinos from their comfortable slumber at the pig sty, and make them realize that there is a better world out there, and they can have it if they change themselves & change their paradigms of good governance.

      sorry to say this, pero, wala nang epek ang pagluluhod ngayon, ibigay mo na lang yan task na yan sa mga pari. let’s find something concrete to work on to change the minds of people, esp. the yellow zombies. besides, for you who believe in God, “nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”

    • Filo says:

      I hate to tell you this but it’s this same preoccupation with seeking divine intervention that prevents Filipinos from taking responsibility for what happens to them next. That’s why we’re the most productive excuse factory in the world. 

      • Gardo Versausage says:

        So now, we have to come-up with an another excuse for being Filipino. Nahiya kasi. 😐

        Meanwhile, the proud pinoys are more inclined to say (in one way or another), “Mendoza’s act does not speak for us. Keep your heads up! Remember, walang hiya ang Pinoy!” 😉

  22. miss deeds says:

    *erratum “They are all (not both) crimes.

    Carry on!

  23. namaaan says:

    grabe, di naman ako maka-noynoy.. pero, sa sobra nyong pagsisisi sa kanya, im starting to hate you noynoy haters…. anung mararating ng paninisi nio? para lang siraan ang kapwa nio pilipino? para lang “ipagmalaki” sa ibang bansa na di tau nagkakaisa? cmon guys..
    anu ba tlaga gusto niong mangyari mga anti noynoy…

    • palebluedot_ says:

      we are passionate in eradicating mediocrity in this country. we are showing how passionate we are in changing this nation for the better.

      “If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you. ~T. Alan Armstrong

      btw, we are not noynoy haters. we are incompetent haters. noynoy just happen to be an epitome of incompetence.

    • Jay says:

      May karapatan namn sya sisihin eh. Leader sya ng bansa pero di nya ginagawa trabaho nya! At ang masama pa, mga tulad mo na hindi nakikita yon at pwede naman maging mga whistleblower at maging critical sa trabaho nya pero wala. Puro angal na nagkakaisa ang bansa (uh, kelan pa pare? delusyon mo lang yun) o siraan ang kapwa. Talagang may siraan dahil ang mga authoridad ay hindi marunong at kay sa ipakita sa lahat kung anu nagkamali, bina bale wala lang!

      Kung ako, gusto ko magising na mga tulad ninyo! Hindi ito tungkol sa pang lalaiit pero katotohanan lang na ayaw yung tanggapin.

    • ArticleRequest says:


      Teka ano ba ang gusto mo? Magsiupo lang at imagine lang na walang masamang nangyayari? Ngiti lang tayo; pwede na yun; bahala na kahit halata na na hindi niya kaya talaga yung trabaho niya? Palpak nga siya bilang Congressman at Senador pero walang umangal. Binigyan pa ng pagkakataon noon pero sinayang lang niya yung 12 years niya sa lehislatura. Pikit mata yung buong bansa at ayaw tanggapin yung katotohanan. Mahirap tanggapin nga yung katotohanan pero yun talaga yung realidad ng bayan natin di ba?

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaaang @ namaan….. namannnn namannnn namannnn

      ay sus ginoo… prez gung gong has ALL the power to make things happen naman naman namannnn… tapos, puro kagaguhan ang ginawa… imbis na sya ng mag-lead, nandoon sa esmeralda resto chowing down on bulaklak at adidas… ano bang klaseng utak meron kayo????

    • ilda says:

      You are basically saying that we should just all drink beer and eat sisig at Dencio’s while 80,000 Hong Kong residents march in protest against the Philippine government. What a nice and peachy world you live in. I don’t want to live in your world thank you very much. Besides, why don’t you think about what the yellow mob has been doing for the past years criticizing and creating lies against the previous administration? I’m not a GMA fan but they went to such lengths with their lies but none of what they say can stick in court anyway. They just succeeded in dividing Filipinos. It is unfair of them and you to tell us to stop criticizing P.Noy now. He should be able to take it like a man.

      • urduja says:

        This namaan guy is lying. This guy is pro-Noynoy.

        Otherwise, s/he’d be man/woman enough to address the issue and not ‘have pity’ on the bungled job.

    • o sige magkaisa tayo sa pagpatay ng more tourists. yahoo! come to think of it that’s the image that President Noynoy’s mismanagement skills projected abroad. congratulaaaaaysheeens to all of us as a nation for being one in stupidity.

    • urduja says:

      ahh…SINUNGALING ka. Maka-Noynoy ka. Kung hindi ka maka-Noynoy, sasagutin mo ang issue hindi ang criticism.

      Sa nangyaring ganito, dapat pala matuwa pa ang Pilipino at hirangin na magaling ang pamumunong ganito? May namatay ano! Marami! Gumising ka nga.

    • mix says:

      “para lang siraan ang kapwa nio pilipino?”

      – Pointing out facts of incompetence is now considered ‘paninira sa kapwa’? I have read countless comments like these especially on Noynoy’s Facebook page, and these types of comments are now becoming a cliche.

      “para lang “ipagmalaki” sa ibang bansa na di tau nagkakaisa?”

      – So how do you propose to show other nations that “tayo ay nagkakaisa”? When our own commander in chief cant even answer a telephone call from HK? You want us to rally also? You want to beat the 80,000 rally that HK held to cater to your Pinoy pride?

    • NFA rice says:

      P.Noy just pooed on your face and you expect we don’t cover our noses?

  24. ici says:

    agree with the article…really, i wonder what black magic was used to control the minds of the yellow bullies.  so sick of the likes of chair wrecker and apo guy  turning a blind eye to the incompetence of the candidate they badgered people to vote.  they should be telling him to be a man and own up!


  25. potaters says:

    Lacierda is really a wussy WAAAAHMBULANCE, world-class A$$HOLE.

  26. Garnet Alexa says:

    I think God DID let this happen for a reason. And personally, I think it’s for people to open their eyes and see the incompetence of the current administration. So that those blinded by the Noynoy emo-politics would see how Noynoy has never been a good leader. And for people to finally wake up and start thinking critically.

    But the problem is, a lot of Filipinos interpret things the way they want it to be interpreted. And that usually involves inaction on their part. Just letting everything “fall into place”. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with praying to God. But just praying without doing anything will not answer any prayers.

    I mean, if you had to take an exam, you’d still have to study to pass, even if you prayed to God to help you pass. But if you just pray to God and you don’t study, of course you’re going to fail. And I think that’s what a lot of people fail to see.

    As in this situation, along with praying to God to help us through this crisis, we should also do our parts to make sure that those accountable for the situation, actually take responsibility for their actions. Or to at least take off the blinders from those Noynoy supporters keeping them from seeing the truth.

    • Jay says:

      The problem certainly is in the fatalistic perspective that the yellow supporters have adopted. When you associate divinity and hope with an incompetent human being with no solutions to a problem, you are going to come up with a hard time to try defend the logical fallacies that keep coming up.

      Of course people seem afraid of a legalistic one as well where the actions of man move the world, but in a human made institution such as politics, there is only that.

  27. Caly says:

    kelan ko kaya makikita ang pilipinas na umuunlad?.. kaso mukang patay na tayo ndi pa rin nangyayari yon.. ganito ba talaga kalakas ang impluwensya ng marcos na nangurakot na pera ng bayan sa loob ng 20 taon.. kung maibabalik lang sana ang kahapon.. mga panahong maitatama natin ang ating mali.. mga panahong sagana ang pilipinas at hindi naghihirap… kaso mukang “sana”: nalng iyon…

    wala na lng umaamin sa knilang mga kasalanan.. hanggang ngaun wla paring nagkakasala.. ganito ba talaga tayong mga pinoy.. ilang taon na tayong naghihirap wala paring nagyayri..alam kong maraming nagkokomento sa atin ngaun dahil sa dumating na dagok sa ating bayan pero ndi natin mapiplease ang lahat… dahil na rin sa kalagayan ng lugar natin ngaun.. halos lahat tayo ay nawawalan na ng pagasa.. isa lamang akong studyante pero eto ang aking napapansin sa araw araw kong buhay…. 

    masakit isipin n mismo tayong mga magkkababayan ay nagiiringan pero dahil na rin sa gobyerno natin iyan.. isipin nio nlng nung mga panahong namamayagpag pag pa ang pilipinas sa asya bilang 2nd wealthiest country na sunod sa japan… kung nagpatuloy tuloy ito hanggang ngayon sa tingin ba natin magkakagulo tayo?? malamang hndi dahil sa tinatamasa nating tagumpay pero lahat ng iyo ay nasa history na lamang dahil bumaliktad na ang istorya..

    sa panahon ngayon maari nating ipagpa diyos ang mga nangyayari pero marami na rin ang nawalan ng pag asa dahil sa mga nagdaang mga panahon na walang pagbabago.ndi tayo dapat umasa sa hiling at panalangin lamang. dapt ay gumalaw din tayo para na rin sa atin. marami ngayon ang naghihirap dahil na rin sa knilang kapabayaan sa sarili at pagtahak sa landas na baluktot. marahil ay isa sila sa mga sumisigaw ng pagbabago ngunit hindi ito maisasakatuparan kaagad dahil na rin sa knilang pagpariwara sa knialgn mga buhay.. alam kong may komentong negatibo akong matatanggap pero ok lng sa akin.

    para sa akin marami pa rin ang mga mangamang sa pilipinas.. masakit sabihin pero totoo.. ndi ko iyong ipagkakaila dahil sa kanilang hndi pagiisp ng mabuti.. alam kong marami ang boto sa ating presidente..pero bago ang eleksyon marami ng magsasabi ng suriin mabuti ang mga iboboto at huwag magpapdala sa mga sinsabi at mga koneksyon ngunit ano ang nagyari??? 

    80% ng pilpino ay nagalit sa mga nangyari sa hostage drama sa maynila pero tatanungin ko kayo.. sino ang binoto nio nung eleksyon at ilan sa inyo ang bumoto sa knia kung sino man ang binoto nio???ngaun nasa posisyon na siya at nangyari itong dagok na ito.. kaninong panig kayo mapupunta sa knia o sa mga tutol sa panunungkulan nia?? paano ninyo dedepensahan ang kampo na may mahina ang pundasyon.. sa dami ng mahirap sa atin alam natin na isa ang bukang bibig nila.. pagbabago pero bakit umasa kayo sa media, sa artista, sa bibig nila.. puro tayo giriian pero sa atin nagmumula ang kapalpakan  dahil sa maling desisyon ntin sa pilit dinedepensahan.. ngayon issue tyo sa ibang bansa?

    lahat ng sinsabi sa website na ito sa ang pilipino ay likas na mangmang at walng matigas na desisyon.. hindi ako racist sa sariling bayan at kapwa ngunit ang issueng ito ay isang malaking kamalian na pinapasa pasa natin sa lumipas na henerasyon.. marahil marami ang mag react sa sinabi ko pero sa totoo lng lahat ng ito ay base na rin sa mga nangyayari ngaun.. 

  28. palebluedot_ says:

    my visayan eyes have a hard time reading your very long tagalog article 😆 but let me have a take on this:
    “ganito ba talaga kalakas ang impluwensya ng marcos na nangurakot na pera ng bayan sa loob ng 20 taon.. ”

    maybe the marcos era had a strong influence on who we are now. but are we not going to consider who ruled and controlled and influenced us right after marcos? can they also be the reasons why we are what we are now? the marcoses *poofed* after the 1st people power. anything they have done after was ignored by the majority of the filipinos. but who replaced them to influence us as a nation? whose philosophies people cling to? whose stories and histories are our school textbooks biased on? the aquinos & cojuangcos? the catholic church? abs-cbn? who else? let’s blame them for what we have become now eh?

  29. boombox says:

    Asar talo yung dragon sa Palasyo.. haha

  30. Iam4noynoy says:

    really!?! 😯

    I didn’t realise Noynoy was like that! I thought that Noynoy was just as good as his momma Cory, and i expected him to do better. 😦

    After the hostage crisis, na-turn-off na ako sa kanya kasi hindi siya sumagot kay mendoza 👿 👿
    And now he is even making excuses. I started to hate him more 👿 👿

    • sky says:

      To quote Dick Gordon: “Leadership is not inherited”.

    • ilda says:

      Good on you! Nag-iisip ka. Pero sana na-turn-off ka na sa kanya even before the election.

      • Caly says:

        if the media was fair enough for the advertising of national candidates i hope that people will choose wisely but with the massive power of media and its negative effects it turns that they brainwashed the minds of poor people only saying the words noy noy and noy noy and noy noy

  31. Ronald Montemayor says:

    You know why some of our kababayans never admit their mistakes. It is because of misplaced pride, or worse, ignorance. They imagine that the Philippines is the center of the world. Haven’t you noticed that the World News segment of our local newscasts consists of only an article or two, and their showbiz segments are much longer?

  32. frustratedcitizen says:

    @ Iam4noynoy
    –gud for you po. be awakened and enlightened – truth is, our president will not, and will never be, the hope that this country is looking for

    –the media was never fair to begin with. remember the amount of airtime that noynoy had during the night of May 9, 2010? the eve before the elections? if one candidate is aired twice every hour(just an example), noynoy’s was aired 6 times! and they claim to be unbiased? sheesh…

  33. Ace says:

    Nakaka-bobo. Personally, hindi ko ginusto si Noynoy. I didn’t vote for him. I even campaigned against him. I campaigned for a different candidate. However, when he was declared President, I respected the decision. Ayun na yun eh, anong gagawin natin? Welga-welga na naman? Black propaganda? Mudslinging? Ang PATHETIC na. Tapos ngayon, gagamiting paraan tong issue na to para ma put down lalo si Noynoy eh ano kaya sa tingin nila dapat niyang ginawa dun? The problem sometimes is masyado ng nagiging idealistic- puro salita. Sana maging REALISTIC din. Hindi lahat ng parts ng kwento ay alam natin. Saan tayo kumukuha ng impormasyon- sa media lang din. 100% ba lagi na accurate yun? Lahat ba ng angle napapalita ng mga yun? Of course hindi. Ilagay and sarili sa sitwasyon. Madali lang kung pa-comment comment ka habang nanonood ng tv o nagbabasa ng newspaper or whatever. Sana maging logical pa rin ang mga tao. Kapag kayo pinasok sa sitwasyong yun, tignan lang natin. 

    Ang mahalaga ngayon, DAMAGE CONTROL. COOPERATION. Naghihilahan tayo lalo pababa eh. Eh di palitan si Noynoy. Gaano kaya tatagal ang susunod na presidente, tignan ko lang kung ilang araw pa lang, may mga magrereklamo na naman may masabi lang. It doesn’t even matter who sits up there anyway. The role of the president is always as a scapegoat. May masisi lang ang taong bayan. Kainis. 

    What a great future for us kids. No wonder I see a lot of other kids my age just resort to apathy and escapism. Seeing grownups fighting like clowns. Nobody wants to cooperate. They’d rather throw the blame on each other. Nothing productive there. Just wasting time. It makes me so sad. I wish when I grow up I could become a better example to my children.

    • NFA rice says:

      Who isn’t pushing us down but Noynoy himself and Kamag-anak Inc?

    • NFA rice says:

      Damage control, cooperation? Did Noynoy do those last August 23?

      Show me any evidence of Aquino’s LEADERSHIP on that day then we can talk about cooperation.

    • TickBar says:

      “No wonder I see a lot of other kids my age just resort to apathy and escapism. ”

      you still consider urself a KID? you participated in the election already (“I didn’t vote for him. I even campaigned against him. I campaigned for a different candidate.”), and you still see yourself as a kid? just curious, because i don’t know how to read your comment, you as an adult or you as a kid who is still in need of parental guidance when it comes to political & social issues.

    • Jay says:


      The problem sometimes is masyado ng nagiging idealistic- puro salita. Sana maging REALISTIC din.

      Such an empty conclusion. How is it being idealistic when trying to analyze the root of the problem in an issue? Or to expect how our leaders should be have AS LEADERS and do their roles rather than trying to play blame games or seek piety from its own people??

      Hindi lahat ng parts ng kwento ay alam natin. Saan tayo kumukuha ng impormasyon- sa media lang din. 100% ba lagi na accurate yun? Lahat ba ng angle napapalita ng mga yun? Of course hindi. Ilagay and sarili sa sitwasyon. Madali lang kung pa-comment comment ka habang nanonood ng tv o nagbabasa ng newspaper or whatever. Sana maging logical pa rin ang mga tao.

      Oh LOL. There is a thing called analysis and comprehension. Of course you are implying much like every open minded person looking at the incident in different perspectives. However the only real perspective that makes the most sense, and sadly which many of you don’t understand is the COMPETENCY perspective. Its the entire root of the issue and why it became like this. I guess you never looked into into the perspective of the chinese, as they have the right to be angry. Or the SAS or international news, who have seen successful situations like these resolved and at least know how it is to pay respects for the dead and see a leader become humble when a situation they have full control of messes up.

      Kapag kayo pinasok sa sitwasyong yun, tignan lang natin.

      Isang english word lang: Adversity. Compared to you or the current president, many in AP are familiar with this word. It is what sets apart competent people who can run companies and institutions successfully from people like you, who can only fathom what to do in that situation and Noynoy who never knew how to delegate at take control of anything and join the blame game after wards.

      Ang mahalaga ngayon, DAMAGE CONTROL. COOPERATION. Naghihilahan tayo lalo pababa eh. Eh di palitan si Noynoy.

      DERP. Dapat noon pa yun, nung nalaman na ang nangyari. Kayo parati kasi mga late thinkers tulad ni Noynoy. Late na rin mag amin pero for the wrong reasons naman. Noon na ginawa ang proper apologies, proper memorial, proper burials (LOL nagkamali pa mag place ng pangalan sa kabaong) at asikasuhin na ang maayos ang foreign relations at may justicia.

      Palitan si noynoy? Tulad ng pagpalit kay Erap na Pipol power coup lang? Sensya na pero hindi ganun dapat ang democracia. May processo din naman. Pag walang noynoy, andyan naman si Binay, kakampi din ng mga alay ng Aquino. Parang ganun na rin. Pero di ibig sabihin di pwede mag criticize ng maayos at pakita ang katotohanan, by facts and objective truths. Yun ang perspective na talagang pagkakatiwalaan.

      What a great future for us kids

      Because instead of owning it and doing what is needed and necessary to take it, you let the adults do what they want and let them run their machinations for escapism and apathy. S.O.S (same old $hit) from you bro and you aren’t any different. If you wanted to be a better example for your kids, you would start on your legacy now anyway before having kids in the first place. You aren’t for Noynoy but by not voicing your displeasure in his plans and policies and supporting grass roots efforts such as FOIA or culture changing issues like charter change, you still agree with Tito Noy.

    • ilda says:


      I hope you realise that it is P.Noy’s supporters who need to admit their mistake in voting for him in order to achieve unity, peace and progress in the Phils. The biggest lesson in this exercise is for Filipinos to vote for a more competent leader in the next election.

      Frankly, I’ve already said all this and more in my article.


  34. ako ang simula ng pagtatago says:


    are you referring to Noynoy/LP/selective truth commission.

    Damage control? Dammit. This is where the f*cking yellows are good at.

  35. ako ang simula ng pagtatago says:

    how can i forget?

    We have damage control coming up.

    Go, PACMAN. Bury this event with yer fists.

  36. pogi says:

    yes we were wrong, but isnt it about time we stood up to what they are doing to us? we already admitted our mistakes, do we have to commit genocide just for them to forgive the country?

    to all HK chinese, F U.

    • palebluedot_ says:

      @ pogi
      why? what did they do to us? are you sure “we” (c/o ur el presidente) already admitted “our” mistakes (naku! wag mo akong idamay sa “our” mistakes. wala ako sa hostage taking, di ko nga nakita live coverage & di ako bumoto sa presidente mo noh). hmmm suicide-genocide might be the best solution to eliminate those with idiotic genes in this country.

      btw, what is FU? faithfully urs?

    • ilda says:


      What exactly are they doing to us? Please explain.

      Blame P-Noy for the now strained HK-PH relationship after the hostage crisis. His first impression as the new head of Philippines was a total disaster because the Chief Executive of HK was trying to get a hold of him during the crisis but he was not available. Until now, P-Noy hasn’t been very upfront about where he was and what he was doing. And then he had this stupid grin during the press conference after the siege. His latest stunt is likely to add more fuel to the fire when he claimed that a HK official sent him an insulting letter. Read the letter here.

      You can’t force people to move on when they are not ready yet. Ikaw ba, if a loved one of yours was murdered and the murderer told you to move on 3 weeks later, wouldn’t you get mad too? Of course you would.

      Wag ka masyado angry at the Chinese. You are inspiring me to write another blog sige ka. Abangan mo ha. 😉

  37. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    sira ulo yata si Noynoy. Humihiling ng pagkakaisa samantalang puro decisive naman ang mga aksyon. Hindi ako bitter. Nagkataon lang na di ako tanga.

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