Mr President, someone in your administration has to go

Something occurred to me while I was watching footage of President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) eating a hotdog sandwich in New York City. I thought that perhaps P-Noy would be better off joining the circus. P-Noy is very good at talking to a bunch of people with his mouth full and he does not seem to mind doing so in front of the camera.

Food for thought

If this latest display from the Philippine head of state were part of his job, we would not be questioning his competence level at all for it shows that he is very good at giving the Filipino people comic relief. Unfortunately, making a fool of himself while children watch is in poor taste. P-Noy probably thought that in order to be seen as pro-poor, he had to eat like he didn’t have any manners. And it worked like a charm. His supporters are praising him for being so “humble” after seeing this theatrical spectacle.

Talking with his mouth full is a good excuse too for a possible future claim that his message was misconstrued. He may or may not have been chewing when asked about his friend Rico Puno’s post in the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), but what he said was not palatable:

One thing we have to watch out for is if these people who have been with us when we were still in the harassed opposition and who joined us in our struggles…if all these people who are close to us are removed and replaced by those who are not as close, the next group could already be our enemies

I guess P-Noy does not have any plans of letting go of his “trusted” friends, especially Puno even in the face of mounting evidence of his incompetence and his questionable character. P-Noy’s “daang matuwid” is now becoming harder to navigate as his first 100 days in office draws to a close.

As far as many Filipinos are concerned, Rico Puno has to go not because he is not “The Total Entertainer” some of his supporters thought him to be. He has to go in order for the President to get back on track and possibly be able to say “The Way We Were“. The President himself has to realize that eating hotdogs in New York is not enough to make him Macho Gwapito.

If the President really wanted to prove that he is a real man and a statesman, he needs to rid his team of his friend. Without secretaries that only serve to weigh down his administration, P-Noy can then concentrate on the business of improving living conditions in the Philippines and not on trivial matters. If he does this, the Filipino people’s Kapalaran might even start to change for the better.

In Puno’s defense, P-Noy stated that his friend’s involvement in the illegal gambling game jueteng and his bungling of the Mendoza crisis are still under investigation. As quoted from the man himself: “So, we have a process. We should give the same process given to our enemies to our friends and allies too. They should also undergo a process. I cannot hang him just because some people asked me to. I don’t think that is right,” he said.

However, from my point of view, his friend’s conscience should already dictate what he needs to do. To be fair to Puno, he already filed his resignation but it is P-Noy who doesn’t want to accept it. In other words, P-Noy is not even willing to heed his friend’s wishes. He is making it hard for everyone. P-Noy’s arrogance is not uniting the Filipino people. His ignorant supporters blindly side with him no matter how flawed his decisions may be.

P-Noy’s decision not to accept Puno’s resignation is inconsistent with what he said on his first State of the Nation Address (SONA). In his SONA, he was very adamant in his request to former President Gloria Arroyo’s “midnight appointees” that they resign. He asserted that if they had any delicadesa, they should resign immediately (even without going through the proper procedure). I wish he could remember his own words and apply it to this situation with Secretary Puno.

P-Noy has even insinuated “that his close aides are targets of a demolition job.” Our president is quite the conspiracy theorist indeed. He probably reads a lot of novels by Dan Brown because his statements keep referring to Angels and Demons.

Since the list of people cited as beneficiaries of jueteng money came from a member of the Catholic Church, Archishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, P-Noy is practically saying that the Church is demonizing his aide. Likewise, he might as well say that his Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is part of the demolition crew because she spearheaded the Incident and Investigation Review Committee for the Mendoza hostage tragedy which recommended that Secretary Puno be made liable for contributing to the fiasco. Does this mean that he does not trust some of his own aides too? No wonder he has requested for a review of the IIRC report, much to the surprise of Secretary de Lima.

Something else has occurred to me while analyzing what the President has said so far about his allies: he needs to think first before he opens his mouth. Or better yet, he should at least not talk while he is chewing. That way, his thought processes might catch up with his mouth.

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100 Responses to Mr President, someone in your administration has to go

  1. Sareet L says:

    Re your title: how about starting with the Prez? And then everyone else around him? No one in this admin seems to know what they’re doing.

    Besides the convoluted logic of his statements, there’s his paranoia showing for all the world to see. This is not a sign of a secure or mature man. Where does competence come into the picture? Are the appointments all about loyalty, then (as we suspected)? Susmariosep.

    And those food reports from the States is all we get for the 45 million PhP spent on the PR firm? Getting tired of saying this, but, ‘nakakahiya.’ Embarrassing to have as chief exec someone who keeps focusing on trivialities to score alleged PR points as he continues in campaign mode still, instead of taking on the real work of the presidency and start wrangling with the many problems we’ve had for so long? And we have 6 years of this to look forward to?

    • ilda says:

      I don’t know how he comes up with statements like “when we were still in the harassed opposition.” When was that? As I recall, his minions were the ones who kept fabricating stories of corruption by GMA and the other presidential candidates.

      Oh well, it’s fun times for the rich… but not for the poor.

      • KKK says:

        ah, so the corruption of GMA was fabricated?

      • Jay says:

        Well certainly there is no hard evidence, except for a couple of whistleblowers who were jailed but now after PGMA’s tenure, have been released and put into high positions.

        The Garci ordeal was pretty much a redundant rude awakening. Every other politician has done some dirt during election time, especially in areas that don’t get as much media coverage.

      • ChinoF says:

        It’s likely a mix of truth and non-truth in the charges against Dr. GMA. But for sure, seeing Dr. GMA as the most evil politician in the Philippines is pure myth. There are a lot of more evil politicians… they’re probably the ones sitting in right now.

        Media fabricates a lot of things. They make the news. Better pay no ear to mass media. Go for alternative media.

      • ilda says:


        Has any of the allegations been proven in court? Why did P-Noy not agree to play the Darcy tape?

        I’m not a GMA fan but people throw all kinds of allegations and yet have not charged her with it.

      • Parallax says:


        so, you’re saying you’ve proven that gloria is guilty of what she’s accused of?

      • jemon says:

        I thought it is only Pnoy with a double standard. Since there are no charges proven in court against PGMA, then her corruption is merely fabricated. Meanwhile, even if there are no charges proven in court on Puno, Pnoy should remove him. I think someone has to make up her mind. jejeje..

      • Mike H says:

        Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino and Cory Aquino were defenders of GMA….
        until Pilipinas government decided to tackle the Hacienda 😦 Luisita issue.

        GMA – talsik diyan!!! shouted Noynoy.

      • miriam quiamco says:

        Kawawa talaga ang mga HL tenants Mike, no amount of blogging has brought relief to the suffering of these tenants and the self-righteous bloggers over at FV had the gall to defend this moralizing president who for decades had been benefiting from the sweat and blood of the HL workers.  He is in my opinion more corrupt than GMA. . .

      • MaskmanReturns says:

        Naku,iyan ang sinasabi ko,they have no code of honor and no respect whatsoever.The HLI issue needs 2 be on the main headlines right away before it is too late.C’mon man enough of this P-crap having a hotdog lunch issue the main issue should be tackled right now!!!!!!!!!

    • Hyden Toro says:

      P.R.firms in the U.S. cost much. Most on per hour basis, runs into thousands of dollars. Some of the U.S. politicians use them. However, I don’t trust most of them. Most of these firms are scammers. They oversell themselves to clients. New York is full of big time scammers. More vicious than Filipino scammers. They steal you blind. 😆

  2. Aegis-Judex says:

    The ethos of a true leader is this: You are not in power to PLEASE your constituents. You are there to SERVE them, popularity be damned. If your idea of service to the people is merely pleasing them, you might as well be an entertainer instead of a leader. 💡

    • ilda says:

      Well, he is from a long line of entertainers. His late father loved hearing himself talk. His late mother became addicted to rallies. He is just continuing the tradition.

      • Tony says:

        well, dont forget his paternal grandfater; his lolo was a GRO for the japanese during WW2! (a japanese collaborator)

      • ChinoF says:

        One of his ancestors, Melecio Cojuangco, an architect, was said to have built secret stairs in Barasoain church to smuggle girls for the friars.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        So that caonima (Cao ni ma – Mandarin for Mofo [lit: Fvck your mother]) had excreta on both sides, Chino? Yikes. Spanish collaborators, a Japanese collaborator, a Commie coddler, what more can the dumb fvcks who voted for this fvck ask for? 👿

      • jemon says:

        By the way that entertainer of a person who loved hearing himself talk also gave up his life so that we can enjoy more freedom that we now have.

      • palebluedot_ says:

        right jejemon…more freedom to be incompetent & mediocre & stupid & idiot like what is happening to the jejemonic youth these days…

      • jemon says:

        @pale.. a small thanks would have been less stupid… jejeje



  4. ralliart1to3 says:

    PNOY is best at his “pa-cute” antics just to garner “sympathy” from the sentimental following. And I thought that PNOY and his minions were “anti-corruption” in their ways. They are basically anti-Arroyo but being anti-Arroyo does not equate to anti-corruption. PNOY struggles to go after the past administration but fails to police his own men.


    Now that his men are involved in a string of scandalous jueteng allegations, he calls it demolition job. For one thing, Ret. Bishop Oscar Cruz is a staunch anti-jueteng and anti-corruption advocate within CBCP. I met the man and all I can say, every time the word “thief” passes his ears, his face reacts with disgust. He can never be Arroyo’s puppet or of anyone for that matter.


    Just because he’s an ally it warrants him immunity from these allegations, investigations, and possible prosecution? I’m sorry Sec. Hillary Clinton but your staff hasn’t briefed you about this.


    The so-called Arroyo Thieves are gone. The Yellow Thieves here to stay.
    A NEW ERA OF CORRUPTION. Well done 16 million Filipino voters! 😆

    • Voltron05 says:

      and a dark era of Philippines has begun within the 6 yrs.of that Doink the Clown wannabe’s turn He should fire the corruption in the Gov. before the people in the Phils. would riot against Noy .

      The new era has begun and we have the next John Cena of Politics has arrived hahahahaha  :mrgreen:

  5. ako ang simula ng... says:

    well, he just sided with the squatters. 😦

  6. boombox says:

    If PNoy will do a barrel roll in front of the public.
    Noytards: Haha, PNoy is funny..
    Realist: LOL WUT? *double facepalm*

    What’s the next stunt…? Abangan nalang.. 

  7. Hyden Toro says:

    Eating Hot Dogs in New York, may serve your Photo Opportunies. But, it will not raise your standing in the World Community. Noynoy Aquino is not being taken seriously in the world stage. I don’t know, if he ordered an expensive meal afterward, from room service. The guy is really “Tamad”. He did not even deliver his own speech in the U.N. General Assembly. Maybe, he is afraid of Iran’s Ahmahdinajad, blasting the U.S. Regarding Mr. Puno. He was singing the wrong tune. So, the Hacienda Luisita Mafia wants him out. Mr. Puno is volunteering to be the Fall Guy. If you dig deeper. You may find more garbage; more stench..

    • KKK says:

      Many, but maybe not all, government officials who will have foreign trips in the future are now forewarned not to eat in expensive restaurant. That is the POINT in all of these. Just like the wang-wang effect. Is it too hard to understand?

      ang gagaling nyong magsalita e simpleng bagay lang di nyo ma-gets ang purpose.

      • palebluedot_ says:

        and you really thought your president did not eat in expensive restaurants or order room service right after he lap on that hotdog? KKK, simpleng bagay lang di mo ma-gets? he is trying to act in front of the camera…gusto nyang makakuha nang simpatiya from the bobo viewers na hambol daw sya…same as his wangwang drama.

        he is doing it as a warning to other government officials?!? kung ganun e…ang babaw talaga sa paningin nya sa mga Filipino. he doesn’t need to be a hotdog model to send a message of frugality, simpleng circular lang, tama na sana. wala na nga syang respeto sa mga Filipino you still adore him…how zombie naman!

      • No Idea says:

        @paledot: aha! you are a very bad influence but you know, i am starting to believe you. Seriously, of course he ate in other restaurants and it would be naive to conclude that he only ate hot dogs during his whole trip. I wouldn’t even do that if I were there.. of course, I’d eat somewhere like 21 or the restaurants in Manhattan.. I also agree with you that eating hotdogs does not actually mean one is trying to be “frugal”.. it just means that like myself, maybe the President likes (or misses) NYC “dogs”.
        If this quote was really said by the President , it may bother me because he is the President of ALL — the president of both “friends” and “enemies”. (or at least that’s HOW it should be)

        ” One thing we have to watch out for is if these people who have been with us when we were still in the harassed opposition and who joined us in our struggles…if all these people who are close to us are removed and replaced by those who are not as close, the next group could already be our enemies”

        Maybe there should have been a follow up question for more clarity.. asking him to specify if he means those “enemies” during the time of Marcos or if he meant GMA. Also, I wish he’d identify his “enemies” more specifically.

      • Jay says:

        @No ID

        I can imagine why Noynoy is vague about his friends and enemies. If you already seen the samar/balay factioning and the fact that he doesn’t even control neither the congress or the senate, NOR does he have full alliance with his Vice President, who is kindly watching behind (no pun intended) in the shadows, waiting for his potential moment in the coming years, you can understand why he’s not specific about who he feels his friends are or should be.

        Also, just because one announces their frugality doesn’t mean the media can’t catch wind (or paid off) if a politician splurges. P.Noy is going to earn something like over 100k this year and people would see his frugality as a good example? PGMA managed to earn the ire of the media and crowd and then scold at her for spending 20k, which quite possibly could have been earned somewhat honestly considering her career as a lawyer?

      • miriam quiamco says:

        This is very bad example to Filipinos, eating hotdogs is detrimental to one’s health no matter where one eats them, in New York, Tokyo or Manila.  Another idiotic act by an idiotic accidental president and the media people are feasting on this nonsense, hayyyyyy. . . 

      • ChinoF says:

        Miriam, in addition to smoking? Hehehe 😛

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Eating Hot dogs, just for cheap photo opportunity. Cheap political trick… 😆

      • Hyden Toro says:

        @No Idea: You are one of the brainwashed Yellow Hordes. Who were subjected to the constant barrage of Yellow Propaganda. This has resulted to people, who don’t think anymore. But, are behaving like Zombies and Robots. 🙄

      • Ronald Montemayor says:


        From your statements I can conclude that you are a lazy researcher and will believe everything the media throws your way. You probably think that Cory Aquino was the best president we ever had when in fact it was Ramon Magsaysay who was the best.

        As of now, BA III may do no better than his mom. But of course the media, especially that Lopez outfit, would probably make a movie about him via Star Cinema and starred by John Lloyd Cruz after his term ends.

        Big Brother anyone (I don’t mean that odious TV show)?

  8. that’s our president. concerned only about having a good image — the need to show that he ate a hotdog sandwich in a foreign land to look humble and outsourcing for a PR Firm’s efforts abroad. his masa voters are really proud of him for receiving such kind of image. nothing wrong with that at the onset since it makes them feel good. however, the fact that something makes one feel good only when there should be more to be experienced is the same as being shortchanged. his elite voters know better but they, too, are only concerned about feeling good.

  9. mel says:

    PNoy’s delegation is composed of billionaires and millionaires. Here in the Philippines, they dine in Five Star Restaurants, members of elite clubs like Rotary International, Lions Club, Makati Business Club, etc. These people eat expensive, good food and get the best steaks in town simply because they can afford that lifestyle. Eating hotdogs in New York is just a sort of fun and adventure for them. It is a Must- Try when you are in such places, like when you are anywhere in the world.

    People who believe that the current Philippine government is frugal are dumb. They should follow them everyday so that they will have a clear picture of their lifestyles.

    On PNoy’s not willing to accept Puno’s resignation – I think the former is trying to save those people who are trying to save him but he should realize that such is a very dangerous situation. He cannot save a drowning person when he does not know how to swim!

    • Mike H says:

      P/Noy refusing to accept Rico Puno resignation is an invitation — Rico, okay lang, pero next time, 🙄 don’t get caught!!!

      And is there truth that delicadeza so Secretary de Lima has offered her resignation already, did Inquirer just make up the story, or is Secretary de Lima waiting for Presigent Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino (who has a reputation to be a gun enthusiast and :mrgreen: loyal to his friends) to return to Pilipinas?

  10. Enlightened Filipino says:

    bakit pinagtripan ang magkain ng New York Hotdogs??? But i can’t blame Noynoy either. Filipinos do that all the time with Yellow Cab, Sbarro and Starbucks coffee because it’s FOREIGN, “hindi LOKAL” . . . 🙄

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  12. JOn says:

    I don’t like Aquino; however, I liked the idea of a low cost budget meal by eating in a hotdog stand in New York. $57.00 bill can’t beat that vs a $20,000 dinner night. I give him credit for that. 

    • ChinoF says:

      Is eating a hotdog at a common stand really that useful an achievement? Is it worth publicizing? It’s obviously a gimmick and doesn’t necessarily indicate good character. He just ate a hotdog at a stand, period. Nothing special.

    • Jay says:


      it was never said PGMA squandered 20k of the PEOPLE’S MONEY for a cirque de soleil dinner. Despite Noy’s attempt to show that he’s living by his means, that isn’t exactly the case at all. Besides PGMA’s 20k most likely could have come out of her paycheck, considering her occupation as a lawyer, as opposed to Noynoy whose earnest beginnings are that of a professional slacker.

    • mix says:

      ok lets give him that ‘pro-poor’ meal at a hotdog stand. but at least he should not have talked while his mouth is full. nagmukha tuloy siyang poor. tsk2

      and eating hotdogs on the street does not guarantee that Noynoy did not eat an extravagant meal in his hotel after, away from the press.

      the news of Noynoy eating hotdogs ( i dont even consider it news, but it is in our country anyway), is just that. Noynoy eating hotdogs. Lets just all eat hotdogs so that we can be pro-poor.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      @JOn: you don’t know what he did off camera. He may had ordered expensive meal, at room service. Or may had disguised himself, gone to an expensive Manhattan Restaurant; ordered a very expensive meal. With loyal Yellow Hordes, guarding against cameramen, to distance themselves. Hypocrites, anyone? Whitewashed tombs. Beautiful on the outside. Inside, full of dead men’s bones. :mrgreen:

    • MikeS says:

      Do you think these billionaires and millionaires who ate with Penoy did not order for room service for their favorite delicious meal?Very cheap understanding of a photo op dictated by paid American PR.

  13. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    akala yata ng mga defenders ni Pnoy eh hotdog lang yung kinain niya? Bwahahahaha.

  14. helios says:

    Finally, something about Puno…. kumukulo ang dugo ko sa kanya sa totoo lang… the truth is you don’t need investigation to actually realise that he f***ed up the hostage fiasco… the honorable thing there is to resign… end of story… he was even defiant at first…and then the mounting questionability of his character… the man has got to go

    • ilda says:

      It’s an issue that has to be pointed out for those who are too blind to see the obvious. To tell you the truth, nakakasawa na rin talaga yung mga number of inconsistencies nya because it’s never ending. Sometimes I feel like, “is it just my imagination or what?” But then I see comments that agree with my point of view. So, definitely I am not the only one who can see the irregularities in his moves.

    • brianitus says:

      Um, he should resign already.  He should also see a shrink.  He’s having a hard time accepting reality.

  15. bubi78 says:

    The poor could have related with him more if he ate noodles instead because that’s the daily fare for majority of the people anyways…a pack of noodles, an egg and a cup of malunggay leaves. For breakfast you get to eat the egg with a little of the soup; for lunch you eat the noodles with, again, a little of the soup; for dinner you drink what remained of the soup. Then off to bed you go to a nightmare of grinning hotdogs. ayyyiiieee!!!

    The poor do not eat hotdogs but they do eat dogs. Doggone you nonoy!

    • ilda says:

      That’s really true. I see a lot of workers who eat two-minute noodles everyday because what they earn is not enough to cover their expenses. One time I was shocked because one of the staff in the office said they didn’t have a fridge so they have to buy ice all the time.

      Everyone knows that the hotdog stands in NY is like one of those all American things that most people in America are proud of and eat. Even Hollywood feature those hotdog stands in films. It’s not something you eat because it’s the only thing you can afford meaning, it’s not really food just for poor people. I don’t see why Filipinos should associate it with being “humble” at all.

      • brianitus says:


        Medyo hard-up na yung kasama mo sa office ah.

        There was a study around 2001 or 2002 about the shifting eating habits of Pinoys. It did cite the trend of eating more instant noodles.  The study said that pinoys were eating more of instant noodles and rice.  To wash down the meal — if they can afford it — they drink a small bottle of Coke.  Taken apart, the meal had an appetizing soup, main course and dessert for less than 20 pesos.  Some companies were quick to capitalize on this by even coming up with pancit ulam varieties (now out of the market).  This is also the same motivation for the food items we see in the market today like sauce you pour over rice, cheap substitute for ulam.  


      • ilda says:


        I know. I guess it was my exposure to ordinary people’s issues in the office that motivates me to write my blogs. I know of people who never got a chance to meet folks who suffer so they still think that life in the country is so rosy and peachy. They keep talking about loving the country but then again you won’t even see them hang out with people who don’t belong in their social class. They prefer to collect friends on FB with conyo sounding names.

        Instant noodles is bad for the health. I don’t know what lasting effect it will have on people who eat it everyday.

      • brianitus says:

        @Ilda:  Well, the internet can be anything.  FB popularity makes up for lack of friends in the real world, I guess. 

  16. Jih says:

    Ilda, how can he remember what he said on his SONA about asking the midnight appointees to resign if they have delicadeza if he wasn’t the one writing his own speech?

    And be that as it may.. abnoy has so far been perfect and consistent in be…ing inconsistent.

    Remember Prisco Nilo? Was he given ‘due process’? I wonder.

    And speaking of inconsistent.. Why on earth has he not explain the reason he recognized CJ Corona after rejecting him for so long? Tche.

    • ilda says:

      I thought he was part of the team who wrote his own SONA. I remember there was an article saying that he was on the 5th draft already because “they had to be careful about details” which unfortunately, turned out to be incorrect.

      You are correct about him being consistent in being inconsistent. Maybe he and his team are hoping that if they show inconsistency on a regular basis, his critics will just accept it as normal and give up.

      • Jih says:

        Perhaps he was.. his mouthpiece had said that the bulk of SONA was abnoy’s own words, if I remember the news article correctly.

        But like you said, his carefully crafted details turned out to be incorrect, and since he is sooo inconsistent that it had become a trademark of his administration, even if he was indeed part of the team that wrote up the SONA, it wouldn’t be a surprise by now that he forgot about his request to GMA’s midnight appointees.

        And speaking of inconsistency Ilda, I’m not sure whether my memory serves me right here, but didn’t abnoy say Jueteng was not his priority when he was asked about it after Robredo said he was up in arms against Jueteng just after he was appointed?

        So how come now that the issue is up in the Media, I hear Malacanang saying “It’s still a priority”? Honestly.. “Inconsistency… thy name is abnoy”. – Jih

      • Jay says:

        Its funny because if it mattered, they should just legalize it and regulate it. But knowing the bumbling attitudes of the current admin now, I doubt they can make anything good out its regulation and the funds created from it.

        Of course, by making these certain elements legal, they do lose out on potential investors. And there certainly is no way to create anything out of the legality of those things besides jueteng.

      • ilda says:


        I can’t recall if he said that about jueteng. It was probably not one of my priorities either. 😉

        But if he did say that and is saying something else now, it is another proof of his inconsistency.

        In my opinion, jeuteng is just another betting game similar to lotto. I have a feeling the only reason the Catholic Church is trying to get rid of it is because they don’t receive a cut from the proceeds. They should then just legalise it so everyone is happy.

    • brianitus says:


      Prisco Nilo and the people he decided to axe via his EO (anonymous) were the only ones he can bully and do his make-believe toughie routine.

      He is inconsistent and his alipores remind me of the expression “two left feet” whenever its time to dance.

  17. No Idea says:

    Anyone here miss GMA yet? Just asking….



    • ChinoF says:

      She’s certainly looking better today thanks to Ignoy’s piling list of blunders (some of them fatal).

    • Jay says:

      @No ID

      not really. When it comes to politics, its like parties and you can notice when someone has worn out their welcome… or goodbye for that matter. Of course when it comes to talks between her, Noynoy and Erap (a potential winner from last election as well), she will always be the odd one out.

      • Jih says:

        @ ilda

        Neither is it my priority, but unfortunately, my job involves reading three newspapers a day whether I like it or not, and I remember it so clearly because it seemed like a contradiction between Robredo and abnoy (Not capitalizing abnoy is intentional for I have no respect for that buffoon) in fact, here’s a quote from an Inquirer article “Aquino backs drive vs ‘jueteng’ but says it’s not priority ” (

        “But Mr. Aquino Monday said the issue of what to do with the multibillion-peso underground industry—a source of corruption over the years—was not atop his list of priorities.

        “That’s a low priority for me,” he told reporters after a military command conference in Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.

        Robredo himself Monday said that the main focus of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) would be the empowerment of local governments.

        Aquino noted that the Philippine National Police, the primary agency tasked with stamping out illegal gambling, had more important things to do such as helping in the campaign to end extrajudicial killings.

        Compare with: “‘Jueteng’ still among P-Noy’s priorities — Palace” (

        ““I don’t recall the President saying ‘jueteng’ is not a priority,” Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said at a press briefing.” (You senile!)

        I tell you, abnoy and his men are shape shifters, flip-flops, fickle-minded people and so damn inconsistent, and it’s frustrating.

        I’m just scared he’ll flip on the peace process, I’m a Moro so he better not change his mind late in the game, because the Muslims in the south will not forgive his inconsistencies and flops.

      • Jih says:

        I’m tired of speaking of the inconsistencies consistently seen in this present administration.

        But my two cent worth about jueteng:

        I personally am against jueteng AND cock-fighting, STL, and whatever games out there that contribute nothing to the progress of humanity to become active and progressive in all aspects of life, including morality, these games whether they be legal or illegal, contribute to economy or not, are activities that needs eradication because it just pushes Da Pinoys to become what they became now, a bahala na-pwede na yan kind of people, hard working in lines to buy a lotto ticket or watch a sabung.

      • ilda says:


        My view is that jueteng, cockfighting and any form of gambling is a component of poverty trap. It’s also another form of instant gratification. There are some people who will believe in get rich schemes no matter what and no one can stop them from pursuing it. I guess even if you legalise jueteng, others will find another illegal activity to satisfy their need to live on the edge – kung ano yung bawal, yun ang gusto.

        It’s a cultural problem too, majority of the men in our country act like kings. They don’t want to help with the chores around the house. They think it is ok to just let the women make money by being a labandera or katulong while they stroke their c ocks or drink Ginebra sa corner store. If they were productive with their time, they wouldn’t be engaging in such activities. I do agree that it does help to minimise the activity when it is illegal. But the problem is, members of the law enforcement are susceptible to corruption (because they are not well paid and are also into the get rich schemes) so it becomes a never ending source of headache in our society.

      • Jih says:

        Oops. These two posts of mine are supposed to be a little up there.

  18. frustratedcitizen says:

    another brilliant read Mam Ilda!

    Pnoy doesn’t really think when he opens his mouth to speak. That is why there are so many inconsistencies in his statements.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks frustratedcitizen

      • Jih says:

        Indeed Ilda..

        It saddens me that pinoy men- I don’t know if it’s majority or some- are so not into being productive and spend most of their time idle while the wife/live in is the one working her ass off, as can probably be seen also by how many female OFWs are out there.. It sickens me.

        Instead of working hard and taking on responsibility, our people instead choose to go for the easy rich scheme, bawal or not bawal. It’s weird how I see people, on my way to office, flocking a lotto to buy tickets and what have you.

        You mentioned men here act like kings.. more like king slob. I know when a man acts like a king, majority of Arab men are, they have jobs, earn a living, but in their house they do no chores, help no wife, and do nothing, but at the least they are earning the food on the table. Unlike our kababayans. Wala pang trabaho, may asawa and probably a kabet, and then sampo ang anak, and then puro tambay and inom alak. Goodness!

      • palebluedot_ says:

        could it be because Filipino mothers train their sons to be kings? i know a lot of men (from cousins to neighbors) who are very unproductive, who just wait for their parents and sibs to provide their needs. and you really hate it because they are so bossy & bully even if they do not contribute anything. if their mothers hear your comments against their sons, they get mad at you LOL

      • ilda says:

        @ palebluedot.

        I think it’s both the mother and the father who introduce the mentality that boys should not do anything at home. The thing is, a lot of Filipinos still have their umbilical cord attached to their mother even after the wedding. It’s probably because they still live in the same house they grew up in. 🙂

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Damn, I get that treatment all the time from my youngest brother! He’s 9, I’m 18, and he can pretty much get away with bossing me around because my stepdad will just tell me to “understand him, Kuya, because you’re older…” Me having to be there at my bro’s beck and call? MY ASS! At least my mom has the good sense not to be like those foolish mothers. If only my stepdad would do the same… but then again, he’s Yellow.

      • palebluedot_ says:

        i have also observed that many men never bothered to get a college degree. within my family and friends, esp. the unico ijos, they either never graduated or have shifted courses many times to the point that they don’t care graduating anymore. also, for those men who have college degrees, that’s all they have. women though either have more than 1 college degree or have post-graduate degrees. interestingly, most men i know who have more than a college degree are confused with their gender preference. 😕

        do you think there are researches made to determine the correlation between favorite colors & how men brought up their son? because my uncles who groomed their sons to be kings also have yellow written on the autograph for their favorite color. 🙂

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Too right, mate. If no one has done that, why don’t we do the research? 💡

  19. Votoms says:

    Okay lang kinakain niyang hotdog kaysa naman kakain ng napakamahal kayabangan ginawa ni Arroyo.

    • Enlightened Filipino says:

      I hate the phrase “Okay lang”. To me it means that the person is REALLY not okay…

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Even presidents need their nutrients. That hotdog was just… lacking.

    • mel says:

      The exaggerated “Arroyo Dinner” was a friend’s treat. The First Couple had their Wedding Anniversary. They did not pretend they are frugal. PNoy is pretending he is thrifty abroad while back in the Philippines, they do their meetings and conventions in Five Star Resorts and Restaurants.

      I have nothing against government officials dining in the most expensive restaurants around the world so as long as they spend their own money.

  20. Mao Che Guevarra says:

    It’s quite obvious that almost everyone in his forum knows how dumb Penoy (more aptly bugok) is. It’s getting tiring already talking about the same things, the same observation again and again.

    Its high time we start a movement to bring this idiot down and put an end to this government which is a comedy of errors and a theatre of the absurd combined.

    Say goodbye to mediocrity and incompetence!

    • palebluedot_ says:

      what type of movement do you suggest, che? isn’t whining, assessing, diagnosing, evaluating on what is happening in the Philippines a form of movement too?

      from what i observed in our society & have been reading in AP, it will just turn out the same if we abruptly end this government without any resolution from them who put incompetence to the throne. i see el presidente’s incompetence positively. that the more his idiocy is revealing, the lesser the confidence of his zombies to him will be. parang inversely related yata yun competence nang presidente & confidence nang constituents nya. kaya the more their confidence to him decreases, sila na mismo ang gagawa nang movement to topple him down together with his twin brother mediocrity. because if the enlightened will bring him down now, and put radical change to the throne, the zombies will always wage war against this change; they are wired for such kasi. zombiism pa naman is an infectious disease, dadami na dadami yun blinded ulit, magpi-people power naman yun against radical change. after few years, balik naman si incompetence sa throne, kasama ulit si mediocrity. sus! vicious cycle talaga…

      it may be a long wait for the enlightened to see his dreams, but judging from the rate of bloopers this administration has committed, baka malapit na lang. so while waiting, keep on whining, assessing, diagnosing, evaluating on what is happening in the Philippines. we need this weapons when the right time comes…

      • mel says:

        I agree, palebluedot. We are caught in a spider’s web. I was around as the Aquino cronies planned the EDSA 1. The Oligarchs is running Manila and suburbs. They own group of companies with a lot of yes-saying subordinates and employees. I was part of the EDSA 1 Logistics. Send out your employees to the streets and the rest of the people will follow because of curiosity and dumbness. It is easy for them to organize People Power.

        I prefer the “Dalai Lama” approach. Peaceful but intellectual. It could take time but I think it is more effective in the long run.

      • mel says:

        oops, typos, so early in the morning before breakfast…should be “The Oligarchs are running Manila and suburbs”.

      • ulong pare says:

        …. dat’s rayt… watch out for that “subject-verb, singular-plural” thingy/relationship… 🙄

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Too right. As I recall, even Ayn Rand stated that when a supporter of an ideology is the first to raise his fist, he is always in the wrong. Can peace ever be attained with violence?

      • mao che guevarra says:

        The movement i am seeking for is somewhat similar to the “age of reason” or more popular as the enlightenment. Its not only about arts and humanities and technologies but more of awakening of the FIlipino people, to embrace excellence and ditch mediocrity. The main reason why PH is poor is because of the people. It has been the same even before, during and after Rizal’s time. Its a huge dream to see Filipinos getting enlightened and culture being transcended in favor of progress and development. Peace cannot be always expected to be effective, not with the kind of people we are. We need strong leadership. We need force. If it requires violence to usher in positive change, then so be it. We cannot be weak in the face of ignorance and incompetence and manipulation. With the kind of people we have, the ends will certainly justify the means.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Or to quote Hassan ibn al-Sabbah, “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.” MCG, was that what you meant by the above statement?

      • Ponse says:

        “Peace cannot be always expected to be effective, not with the kind of people we are. We need strong leadership. We need force.”

        As a huge history major and big history buff, I have observed that coercion, violence or force even for a good produces too many negative “side”  consequences. Communism, the Nazis and even the quest of the Jews to find their holy land were full of good noble intentions that beautifully paved the way to hell.  

        Although in the outside Pinoys seem hard headed and undisciplined, we are actually a very cowed population. Look how the politicians, big oligarchs and major powers like the Catholic Church sheep and manipulated our population.  A handout society is a society that is easily controlled.

      • Jay says:


        I understand your intentions, though I think the problem is that the same reason why P.Noy is in office is also due to the system that helped him get there. If we want to fix it, we want to fix FOR GOOD! We can help usher in an age of enlightenment for that to happen, we as people would need to endure something that in a sense, would really want. Not just quick fixes like patalsikin si Gloria or now with patalsikin si noy!. As someone suggested awhile back, if the people started using their brains and grew some cojones, how about a massive boycott against the oligarchs?

        ULtimately, for real change to happen (not the manufactured ones that the Noy supporters deluded themselves into), they have to want it. They have to shatter the boundaries of their puny minds and start using what God gave them for the potential survival of the nation.

    • Jih says:

      @ Mao Che Gueverra

      I once called for what you are calling for now, but as someone here told me, let’s just enjoy the show of abnoy’s administration ruining itself through the days. It won’t be long. Cheers!

    • ChinoF says:

      I don’t think we need to do something to that end. I myself feel that getting the president removed is more detrimental. The replacement isn’t all that good anyway. Actually, at the rate he’s going, he’ll get himself removed. Best thing to happen will still be a change of government system, to parliamentary. With that, Ignoy can be a bumbling old figurehead while the more capable heads run the show.

      • No Idea says:

        Guys, do not talk about “movements” here. there are crazy people who may be paranoid and suddenly may come up with the strange idea that we are planning something. I do think we need to BUY an island, develop it and come up with something like Galt’s Glut… (Ayn Rand) which is because I really think most of these people are morons and can’t stand it sometimes. I wish that we were all neighbors!

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