Catholic Bishops’ gaffes and the slide to irrelevance of the Catholic Church

The thing with brats is that they (1) lack the brain wiring to take “NO” for an answer, (2) lack a grasp of theory of mind to understand that other people have different thoughts on a subject, and (3) are utterly inconsolable when faced with the prospect of coming to terms with the reality of Points 1 and 2. For the Roman Catholic Church it is the prospect of losing its vast and steady supply of ignorant believers to the more reasonable regard for sex and reproduction that modern thinking offers. For Yellow Army stalwarts like Conrado de Quiros, it was the prospect of his pal-now-President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III losing the 2010 presidential elections back in May of that year.

St Aquinas mounted a monumental but ultimately unsuccessful effort to backward-engineer sense from dogma.

Indeed, Conrado de Quiros at the height of the heated campaign seemingly went as far as inciting rebellion, highlighting “the specter of massive breakdown (to put it charitably) or massive fraud (to put it accurately) the Comelec’s type of automation bodes”; to which he came to the real point of his fear-mongering:

Or more to the point, what can the Aquino camp do in the event of massive cheating? Organize a walkout of observers at the first hint of cheating? Maybe. Whip up public indignation? Maybe. Create a Yellow Army? Maybe.

Fast forward to today and we find the Roman Catholic Church engaged in a similar fit of foot stomping, first issuing a threat of excommunication against President Aquino, then suggesting to its flock how civil disobedience is still an “option” in case President Aquino remains adamant in his support for making artificial contraceptives available to Filipinos via state distribution channels.

What is the common denominator here?

There are two common denominators in both cases, actually. The first common denominator is how fear of great eee-vils is used to move the masses to latch on to otherwise nebulous and moronic belief systems — whether it be the hollow spectre of “tyranny” and “injustice” that only “people power” can triumph over or the prospect of “eternal damnation” that only blind beholdenness to nonsensical dogma can avert. The second common denominator is how violation of the Law and disrespect for and defiance of state institutions and offices is made out to be a “moral” option for citizens — quite presumptuous that one person or an organisation would see itself as possessing of the authority to summarily nullify the edicts of duly-elected officers of the state.

The Church after all is in no threat of imminent collapse, considering that it derives much of its power from an enduring primal fear of the unknowable of what lies beyond death residing deep in the psyches of all human beings. In short, adherence to religious schools of thought don’t require much deviation from our reptilian impulses, making the power base of the Church formidable in its stability. On the other hand, making a modern state at the very least function, and at best prosper requires an application of modern intellectual faculties and civilising disciplines that oftentimes require us to overcome the primitive million-year-old evolutionary legacies still embedded in our minds.

The Church takes a position today that is both breathtaking in its infantile lack of regard for the bigger scheme of what it means to be a modern state and at the same time consistent with its legacy as one of the great suppressors of The Truth…

The bishops said they had the moral authority to call for such an action if the government promoted an action contrary to the teachings of the Church.

“The Catholic Church in the Philippines can do that if it decides to do that because for one thing, civil disobedience is a moral option, one of the moral options,” said Msgr. Juanito Figura, secretary general of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

“Contrary to the teachings of the Church”?

Excuse me, Padres, but since when has the state been obligated to defer its state policies to the “teachings” of any one of the large number of quaint cults that infest our primitive society? I also find that there is a quaint irony in the use of the word “civil” in the civil disobedience being incited by a religious organisation that does not recognise a civil marriage, for one.

Interestingly enough, de Quiros is on the right side of things nowadays, pointing out how “the Church’s opposition to P-Noy’s championing of the RH bill—the best thing he’s done in quite some time — merely unmasks its medievalism and growing alienation from its flock”.

For me this illustrates the importance of focusing on issues rather than on people and harks back to that famous observation said to have been made by Eleanor Roosevelt:

Small minds talk about people;
Average minds talk about events;
Great minds talk about ideas.

Bozos — and their quaint slogans — that figure in politics and religion come and go, but the principles to which they add to or subtract from evolve and endure on the basis of their relevance and robustness. We see in the examples of de Quiros’s rapidly eroding credibility (despite his occasionally getting things right) and the Church’s steady slide to irrelevance as enlightened thought takes on greater and greater bandwidth in the Filipino’s mind that our salvation as a society lies not in people and Medieval relics but in a clear and consistent set of principles.

Perhaps it is when we begin to be more adept at guiding our thoughts and actions with principles rather than with the empty words and dramatic public spectacles of morons who dazzle us with their impressive robes, their purchased “expertise” and credentials, and their associations with old relics of past epochs, that we can begin to consider ourself a truly modern, secular, and free people.


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59 Responses to Catholic Bishops’ gaffes and the slide to irrelevance of the Catholic Church

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  2. kusinero says:

    “Meanwhile, Valte was also asked whether the Palace would extend any security help to popular Manila tour guide Carlos Celdran following reports that he had been getting death threats for staging a demonstration against Catholic bishops inside the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros.”

    What the heck? Are these guys serious about the death threat? Killing people in the defense of their “christian” faith? Obviously these guys don’t read their bibles. What a pity.

  3. bokyo says:

    “Our salvation as a society lies not in people and Medieval relics but in a clear and consistent set of principles.”

    I like every word of of this 😀

  4. benign0 says:

    Perhaps this captures the spirit of the immense opportunities presented by these times…

  5. Jack says:

    All religions were created to suppress humanity and create fear. The same people who create wars have created religions to keep humans in prison. There is no god no Christ no Buddha no Mohammad ..they were all created to program human mind.

    Illuminati controls the David Icke to know more. Filipinos or Americans are all good…its the manipulation of human beings at top that created problem.

  6. Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

    Sablay ka na naman Pareng Benigz.

    CdQ is appealing on the real and greater authority of people’s will. The Bishops are appealing on the delusional authority of a Pastafarian deity.

    Meanwhile, your favorite congressperson, former non-President Dr. Gloria Arroyo, PhD is on the side of medieval dolts.

    • BongV says:

      Read 1 million times – our salvation as a society lies not in people (CdQ, GMA, Aquino) and Medieval relics but in a clear and consistent set of principles (RHB).  :mrgreen:

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Salvation is not what the religious dogmas tell you. Sin is not what the doctrines tell you. Sin is just a Spiritual mistake. If you know your mistake (sin). You are saved(salvation) from your mistakes.
        I believe in the physical world and the spiritual world. I believe that life is eternal. I believe that there are life and civilizations in other planets. We are not alone. The Book of Genesis in the Christian Bible has a lot of contradictions; as per, its description of the origin of life on Earth. 😯

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:


        Read 10 million times : People’s will is real;  the Flying Ratzinger Spaghetti Monster is not.

      • BongV says:

        People’s will is to be 75% Roman Catholic – millions of them – they have to make up their minds – 10 million times?  :mrgreen:

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

        People’s will, in this thread, refers to Benigno’s allusion to CdQ suggesting the possibility of civil disobedience in case it (the will) had been thwarted in the May elections.

      • ChinoF says:

        If the people’s will is that Jews should all be killed, does that still make the people’s will right? That’s the issue.

        The dissenter says: 1+1=2
        The people’s will: 1+1=5
        People’s will is still wrong here.

        But in this case, the CBCP is taking on the 1+1=5 view. So if the people take on the 1+1=2 view, that’s good. But they don’t need to go to the streets (a la “People power”) just to promote 1+1=2. They should have voted on it in the past elections. 😉

      • BongV says:

        API – I’m sorry I couldn’t tell the difference between the people’s will with regards to Aquino and the Pastafarian deity.

        please clarify the differences (or similarities, if any) of the people’s behavior in both instances?

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

        There is no equivalence, as Benigno asserts, on the rationale behind CdQ’s and the Bishops’ call for civil disobedience. One is anchored on the validity of people’s will, the other is anchored on the arrogant imposition of outdated dogmas and the preservation of deluded faith in a Ratzingerian deity.

        Had there been massive cheating in the last elections, I would have gladly responded to CdQ’s suggestion. Had the Bishops proceeded with their threat of civil disobedience after the fracas with P-noy’s stand on RH, the men in pointed hats would’ve surely got a rude awakening of their irrelevance.

      • BongV says:

        how is the thinking behind choosing Aquino any different from choosing the Ratzingerian deity?  😆

    • benign0 says:

      ====begin quote
      Sablay ka na naman Pareng Benigz.

      CdQ is appealing on the real and greater authority of people’s will. The Bishops are appealing on the delusional authority of a Pastafarian deity.
      ====end quote

      Nah. The “people’s will” is only effective as a sustainable force when channeled through the structure of democratic institutions and channels. Without them, this “will” is no better than the same sort of moronic mobs that raise fists in rage but lack any structure to implement outcomes in any useful and consistent manner — much like a nuclear reaction when released via a bomb simply destroys in contrast with a nuclear reaction that occurs within a reactor designed to release the energy generated by the reaction in a productive manner.

      In the nuclear reaction analogy, it can also be said that “power” resides in the nucleus of the atom. But without the structure of a nuclear reactor, that power cannot be channeled towards productive ends. 😉

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:


        People’s will is the sacrosanct framework of our pledging democratic system. Not perfect as it is now by any means but the bad news for Benigz is that it is the only framework we can work on at this point. Either we strengthen it and hasten our positive evolution OR we keep poking holes at the embryo and actually weaken it. Either we strengthen the molecular bond for our cellular growth OR abort our organic development towards totalization and singularity. 

        The Celdran incident, along with the availability of social media tools, engages citizens in the collective building of modern meme. Evolution happens.  I feel good being an optimist..

        If you two had grown cynical of our political system what alternative do you have in mind? Authoritarianism?

      • ulong pare says:

        daaaang…. Anti-Pinoy Idiots aka API… buti nga! aping-api ng mga kaksucker padre damasos, traposakals and uniformed thugs triumvirates… either you are a part of the problem or you are one of the flips >>> ‘toopids, ignos, and illiteratis… grow up and smell the squat’s sh!ts…

      • BongV says:

        15 million out of 40 million doesn’t sound majority to me –

        people’s will of 15 million in favor..

        people’s will of 25 million – NOT IN FAVOR

        which “people’s will” are we talking about here?  😆

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:


        If you want a majority, let us introduce the merits of a run-off election of the leading top two contenders.

      • benign0 says:

        ====begin quote
        If you two had grown cynical of our political system what alternative do you have in mind? Authoritarianism?
        ====end quote

        Guess again, dude. What makes you think I am pessimistic about the system? On the contrary, I am optimistic about it. In fact, I have always been so optimistic about it that I have for the longest time been campaigning against all forms of moronic extra-constitutional initiatives to subvert the outcomes of due process — things like ocho-ocho “revolutions”of the sort CdQ suggested we mount in case Noynoy was “cheated” in the last elections, and, yes, those “civil disobedience” proposals of the idiots in the CBCP.

        So you see, dude, I am FOR the system and FOR doing things PROPERLY and am against any kind of adolescent posturing that is packaged and branded as “exercises of the people’s will” by people who harbour this vacuous notion that the “people’s will” is some sort of “spirit” that can exist outside the framework of democratic institutions and due processes.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        How about massive and sophisticated cheating just to make N/A win?  Would you join people power if massive cheating was done against other more deserving candidates?

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

        There goes your Orwellian double-speak again Benigno : “I am for democratic system but, uh, damn those crazy stuff like people’s will.”

        You really should consider working for the Ministry of Truth. :mrgreen:  

      • BongV says:

        “If you want a majority, let us introduce the merits of a run-off election of the leading top two contenders.” – exactly, why trump up a dystopian “will of the people” which isn’t a majority?  

        Just be contented as Aquino’s Minister of Truth?  under the tutelage of Maria M and her garden variety trolls – that include goats 8)   :mrgreen: 

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

        Current electoral rules apply. Dick Gordon lost. Deal with it.

  7. Hyden Toro says:

    The Catholic Church must revise and renew its doctrines and dogmas; to fit and serve the needs of its followers in this digital age. Look at the Al Queda of the Islamic faith. It wants to impose its Islamic doctrines and dogmas to the whole world. It consits of 11th century doctrines and dogmas, which are running in collision to our digital information age. Osama Bin Laden is an 11th century man, born in our times. He wants an Islamic Caliphate for the whole world. He wants to use the Arabs hold on oil, to push his religious agenda.. So, he sends Jihadists and Suicide Bombers to terrorize the world. The Philippine Catholic bishops use Excommunication threats to its followers to fall in line . I think these religious Wackos are having a good time, deceiving us all and creating havocs. 😮

    • jemon says:

      nice analogy, the Catholic Church and the Al Qaeda.. jejeje.. Excommunication and sending jihadist.. jejeje.. keep it up!

      Did someone here ever notice that the supposed threat said “it (Excommunication) is not a proximate possibility”?

      • Hyden Toro says:

        The first “Jihadists” were the Christian Roman Catholic: Knight Templars. They were Catholic monks, and specially trained warriors, at the same time. They were the Special Forces of the Christian Crusaders; who conquered Jerusalem, during the Christian Crusades. They were featured as two Knight Templars, riding in one horse. The Islamic “Jihadists” are just a modern-day imitation of the Catholic Knight Templar. :mrgreen:

      • jemon says:

        and excom vs jihad? jejeje

      • John B says:

        On the contrary, when Islam was founded by Mohammad in the 7th Century in the Arabian Peninsula he has already preached “jihad” to his followers and those who followed his warlike teaching to conquer and convert non-muslims were already called Jihadist. That was 500 hundred years before the existence of the Knights Templars!

        The Knights Templars or accurately called The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon was founded in 1119 by two knights of the First Crusades. They had their headquarters at the Temple Mount where the Temple of Solomon was located ( and where the Al Aqsa Mosque now stands). They were established to assist and protect Christian Pilgrims from Europe and other parts of the world to the Holy City of Jerusalem. They never fought during the conquest of Jerusalem because they never existed at that time. In fact, it can be said, that the Knight Templars or any order of knights in that time period was influenced by the concept of Muslim “Jihadist”and not the other way.

        The Templar Knights may be compared to today’s special forces but more accurately to regular army forces composed of volunteers. It should be understood that after the First Crusade and the capture of Jerusalem many Christian Knights and warriors quickly returned to their homes thinking that their duty had already been performed thus leaving the conquered lands almost with no defenses. The Templar Knights were founded out of necessity to defend Jerusalem and Palestine (or Outremer as the Europeans called it).

        The Jihadist had already existed before the crusades, during the crusades and after the crusades and still does until today’s modern times. Don’t blame Catholics for that.

  8. L says:

    As much as I’d hate to admit, we still need “christians” and “catholics” to stem the world of an unimaginable islamic invasion.

    Buddha bless you.

    • BongV says:

      and that was how the Crusades started  😈

      • WTF DUDE!!! says:

        BongV are u an atheist or agnostic? xD

      • BongV says:

        i’m an observer  😀

      • John B says:

        The Crusades started not because Catholics just wanted to go out there and kick Muslim butt. It began as a reaction to the Islamic attack and conquest of Christendom. It should be understood and realized that before the founding of Islam in the 7th century by Mohammad in Arabia most of the areas of Europe, Anatolia, Palestine, Syria up to Arabia was home to Catholic Christians, Orthodox Christians and other Christians. With the death of Mohammad in 632 AD, Muslims began to take seriously his teachings to conquer and convert all people to Islam and 100 years after his death their conquest of Christendom was almost complete except for Constantinople and Europe (except for Spain which was also conquered by Muslims).

        In reaction to the Islamic threat, the Catholics began to organized themselves to meet head on this threat. In 1095 they set out to meet the enemy and re-conquer Jerusalem from the Muslims. Although there was initial success with the First Crusades the Crusades as a whole was not as successful as it was wished to be but it did stop the momentum of Islamic invasion and thank God for that. Many hate the Catholic church and lose no opportunity to ridicule it, bad mouth it etc. but it’s okay I guess because it is part of being Catholic to tolerate and understand them. But I think the Catholic haters should also be grateful for one thing, that it is the Catholic Church they hate and ridicule. We all know what Muslims do to those who hate and ridicule Islam.

    • ChinoF says:

      That’s demonizing the Muslims for me. Stop creating imaginary bogeymen. 😉

      • John B says:

        Nobody is demonizing Muslims, we should respect and love Muslims, many Muslims are good people but we should also accept that there are teachings in Islam that justify violence towards non-Muslims. But then again in this web site it’s the Catholics that are evil, corrupt, hateful, bogeymen, perverts, etc.

  9. arnz says:

    I think this is by far one of the most useful things PNOY has ever done and I hope he pushes through with this. To hell with those bishops, I don’t even go to Sunday mass anymore.

    I even read an article in a newspaper wherein a bishop was saying that majority of PNOY’s voters were Roman Catholics and that he hopes PNOY won’t forget that.. nangonsensiya pa.. 😆

    • BongV says:

      RCC could wind up losing the majority  :mrgreen:

    • John B says:

      I hope you would attend Mass it’s Jesus gift to us with the Eucharist forget the bishops and priests when you attend mass, they are not important there, God’s presence and your presence there is important. Bishops and priests are just people like you and me and we may not agree with them as I don’t sometimes (I still do not agree with some nuns, priest and bishops when it comes to their support for Noynoy but I agree with them when it comes to the RHB) but I still remember to separate the humans from the sacred church and its eternal truths. God bless you arnz.

  10. bubi78 says:

    AntiPinoy have been unwittingly sidetracked by the ‘controversial’ RH Bill which is what the political propagandists of PNoy wanted in the first place; to get your mind off the jueteng controversy. It was not by chance that they came out with this bill, rather it was deliberately timed and calculated to shunt the jueteng issue to the sideline. One more thing, how else would you explain the stunt of Mr. Celdran when he is not even the kind capable of fathering a child; his antics are masterfully choreographed by a hidden puppetmaster. PNoy during the campaign was noncommittal in his stance on reproductive health; to be sure, it ought not be an issue because the barangay health centers were already giving out contraceptive pills even during the time of PGMA and the NGO’s, too, were handing out condoms in the guise of combating the spread of AIDS and other STDs. Ret. Archbishop Cruz drew first blood when he came out with his jueteng expose, but the Palace boys were just biding their time figuring out the best strategies before mounting their counter-attack. And when they did launch it, they hit back where the priests were so vulnerable and where it hurt them most – on the issue of population control.

    I have to hand it to them, these master tacticians of PNoy, for coming up with this devious strategy where the priests were outflanked, out-maneuvered and totally routed; consequently, the priests were forced to seek terms and asked for a dialogue with PNoy. The strategy was so effective that even PNoy’s usually truculent critics joined the bandwagon in vilifying the Roman Catholic Church. AntiPinoy was taken for a ride on this one hehehe

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Good point, come to think of it, Aquino and his cohorts pulled all the dirtiest tricks in the bag just to win the past elections.  They are a sinister bunch, this could really be their way of diverting attention away from the jueteng scandal hounding his administration.  There is no more mention of jueteng and his closest allies benefiting from this illegal numbers game.  Once again, we have been had by balls by his corrupt strategists.  Damn. . .

      • jemon says:

        Of course this is obvious, yet many antipinoy writers here won’t admit this.. they get riled up blind when the Catholic Church is mentioned. I wonder why? jejeje..

      • ulong pare says:

        daaang… where is doktora santa ate glo phd, da god’s anointed, when flip gung gongs needed her? doktora santa ate glo phd, when is the next prey-er breakfast sa shangri-la? i missed ’em…. paging, doktora santa ate glo…. paging… ding a ling a ling…

      • Hyden Toro says:

        According to Sec. Puno, in a GMA 24 Horas interview. Pres. Noynoy Aquino Went to Sleep, during the tragic Hostage Incident. Imagine a President, being asleep during the life-and-death Hostage Incident. This is the worst; I’ve heard. PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION; WORLD… 😆

    • BongV says:

      I am for legalization of jueteng too  :mrgreen: 

    • ChinoF says:

      It’s not much of a distraction for me. The problems that the RH Bill addresses are still the same that would be addressed as well by the AP bloggers’ most agreed upon stance: economic liberalization, federalism and parliamentary system through charter change. And the RH Bill issue also brings to the fore another problem that AP has always been against; imperialistic manipulation by a religious power, the Catholic church. We are not necessarily an anti-PNoy site only. The important things for us are the ideas and policies, not the people. Yet the RH Bill is something most AP bloggers advocate, because it at least gives choices to people who are otherwise trapped by our repressive and manipulative society. As for jueteng, the stance of AP (at least of AP’s owner, BongV) has been stated already (legalization is best), and it’s still around, so we can go back to it anytime we want.

      • Jay says:

        Its easy to be Anti-PNoy anyway, though get past that and Anti-pinoy stays true to their mission statement as PNoy represents most of what AP advocates against in terms of government and politics.

        The jueteng controversy only has 2 clear cut answers: Make provisions to abolish it FOR GOOD and enforce it that way (yeah, good luck with that) or legalize it, regulate it as tightly as possible so every juan tamad gets their cut. Of course the involvement of the church in this is also a cry of their hypocrisy as they slam on the topic, yet they are willing to take donations based from jueteng winnings. Its so nice to be the symbol of piety and humility but to go as far to take blood money? I guess they aren’t as outside of society as many expect them to be.
        Same with the RH bill. Church can’t continue subjugating the people on family planning once citizens are given options and methods to control it. Of course with a delicate issue, it needs very fine clarification on the provisions and how it works seeing even Sex Ed is a foreign/touchy issue with citizens, due to either lack of education indirectly influenced by the church. Because the pragmatic way about it certainly will clash with the ideals of the church, with no advantage for the people they preach to.

        If anything, I’m expecting a breakdown on the RH Bill provisions. Its not worth seeing something that has underlying support for one side, a far cry from what wonderful fiction a certain jcc mentions that the bill will make the Pinoy poor people extinct, giving only advantages to the rich and powerful.

  11. jemon says:

    “…enlightened thought takes on greater and greater bandwidth in the Filipino’s mind that our salvation as a society lies not in people and Medieval relics but in a clear and consistent set of principles”

    So the Filipinos are not stupid anymore? Or are they still? Can you make up my mind? jejeje..

  12. benign0 says:

    Malgcanang taking a strong position on contraceptives may indeed be a “tactic” to distract people from the jueteng thing. But then again it may not be. The question is: Is whether it is or it isn’t something that a logical debate can possibly settle/resolve? Probably not because the answer is unknowable, easily deniable, and confined to mere speculation.

    In short, there is already enough within the domain of pro vs con RH Bill that is non-speculative — and therefore worth debating over — to highlight the pointlessness of extending the discussion to the sort of speculative areas of it that are best left to tabloid journalists. 😉

    • bubi78 says:

      The RH Bill comes after the fact because it is a done deal; most barangay health centers are giving out contraceptive pills to their constituent clients, all one has to do is ask for it. While the Church and the government are debating the merits of the bill, the people directly affected by it have made their choice; they have voted with their feet and they have been trooping to the health centers for their monthly allotment of the pills. The Church has to accept that they have lost the battle with nary a shot being fired.

      My crap detector, its red lights flashing in warning, is telling me that an unidentified PNoy crap (UPC) has been detected in the north quadrant. Running the UPC’s profile through the database of all known craps revealed that the UPC is none other than the RH Bull..oops Bill rather. Knowing that my crap detector has yet to fail me, I aver that the timing of the RH bill is not fortuitous as it may seem and it is just a smokescreen to divert attention away from the jueteng controversy.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        This is not true, contraceptive pills are not widely distributed in every barangay clinic.  Gloria was against this policy and so only a few NGOs have been bravely doing this, but with limited resources, not all barangays are covered.  Have you ever wondered why over two million babies a year are added to our expanding population, and I would surmise a good 80% of these are brought to this earth by the poor.  There lies clearly the crux of our underdevelopment as a nation.

  13. ulong pare says:

    daaaaang…. i have a biznez proposition to make… a flip condom… made in flipland, for flips… see, it does not take too much latex… i.e. 5 flip-size condoms could be manufactured out of 1 ‘merkan size condoms… tipid, di ba? 😳 :mrgreen:

    • Hyden Toro says:

      This is a serious charge. According to the information given by Secretary Puno. Pres. Noynoy Aquino WENT TO SLEEP, during the Hostage Crisis Incident? The information came from his trusted Secretary. A life- and- death situation had arisen. Then, the President, who happens to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces; the Police included in his command: WENT TO SLEEP? Now, he is putting blame on everybody. Diverting the issues. This unfortunate incident must be thoroughly investigated. Dig further, will you? 😆

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