Ignoy’s First 100 Day Capriccio in F Major

No matter how media and Ignoy supporters try to portray his first 100 days as being Fair, the unfortunate and undeniable fact is that Ignoy gets a Major F  for Failure. There have just been too many gaffes and mistakes done in so short a time. No amount of sugar-coating and putting all kinds of spin on Ignoy’s miserably dismal performance can change the fact that all of this is consistent with his lackluster performance as a member of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Both Homer and Ignoy are yellow, ugly, and stupid

Let us recall some of his pre-Inauguration gaffes:

  1. Ignoy antagonized the Supreme Court by refusing to be sworn in  by Chief Justice Corona on account of having been appointed by the previous administration
  2. Ignoy antagonized the Military by insulting Gen. Delfin Bangit again on account of being an appointee of the previous administration
  3. Ignoy antagonized the people of Times Street and the Filipino People by insisting on not living in Malacañang Palace and staying at the old Times Street residence.
  4. Ignoy wanted to name Boy Abunda to head the Tourism Department.
  5. Ignoy started to antagonize the Balay and Liberal Party stalwarts.

How about the gaffes that started on Inauguration day?

  1. Lousy Inauguration speech – no solid plans on job creation and economic development
  2. Focusing on the trivial:  Sirens and blaming the previous administration
  3. Ignoy thought of making a “Truth Commission” to investigate the previous administration. Why couldn’t the idiot just concentrate first on fixing the economy?
  4. Deciding to get rid of a huge number of civil servants on the day after the Inauguration only to recant the order, and reset the order number to hide the gaffe.
  5. He was late at the Red Mass because of his stupid siren ban and because at the time, he was still living at the Times Street family residence which was hit by a brown-out the night before.
  6. Ignoy did not recognize that the Low Water Level at Angat Dam was a cause for concern.
  7. Ignoy was partying while a storm was happening
  8. Lousy State of the Nation Address – wrong data, wrong interpretation of data
  9. Ignoy said that there was  too much rice, when in fact, there was still a real need to import rice as there was in fact a shortage
  10. Ignoy said that the previous administration depleted the budget but his own people later contradicted him and said that the budget was generally intact.
  11. Ignoy’s State of the Nation Address did not mention anything about fixing the economy and creating jobs.
  12. Moreover, when the second quarter of 2010’s economic results came out, it revealed a very high economic growth rate of 7.9% which occurred under Dr. Arroyo’s administration.
  13. Secretaries Purisima and Abad were forced to contradict Ignoy by pointing out that the Arroyo administration actually ran the economy pretty well.
  14. Ignoy’s negotiator on the government’s panel with the MILF, Atty. Marvic Leonen, said that the Aquino administration was open to charter change as a means to allow peace to flourish in Mindanao.  But when one of Ignoy’s communications secretaries – Ricky Carandang –  was asked about it, he contradicted Atty.  Leonen and said that the Aquino administration sees no  reason to do charter change  at  all.
  15. Ignoy said that he was not in favor of divorce, yet he suddenly said that he was in favor of legal separation with ability of the separated couple to remarry should  they meet  new partners.
  16. Ignoy was nowhere to be seen when the Hostage Crisis occurred, neither did he do what he  should have done to prevent the situation from getting worse.
  17. Ignoy did not take Donald Tsang’s phone calls
  18. Ignoy was smiling at the post-incident bus inspection at  Luneta and was conspicuously smiling during the press conference regarding the Hostage Crisis
  19. Ignoy’s government did not make sure that hostagetaker Mendoza’s coffin would not have a draped Philippine flag which caused a diplomatic protest on the part of the Chinese.
  20. Ignoy immediately thought of sending in a team to beg for forgiveness in Beijing but the Chinese were not impressed: they said “don’t come.”
  21. Ignoy insulted China, whose leadership is friendly towards Dr. Arroyo.
  22. Ignoy  also insulted Hong Kong, though while it is subordinate to China is practically a separate economic and political entity with whom the Philippines makes regular agreements on regarding the welfare of  Filipino domestic workers based in Hong Kong.
  23. Ignoy was exposed as having castrated the DILG secretary position he gave to Jesse Robredo, and gave the sensitive Philippine National Police portfolio to his close firing-range buddy Rico E. Puno.
  24. Ignoy drastically lessened the pork barrel and discretionary fund of the DILG’s local government units. He also lessened the budget for the Department of Health and government hospitals, and worse, lessened the budget for the Department of Education. All  this appears to have been done so that  Ignoy can  re-allocate all that  money to the pork barrel of Congress (House and Senate) so that he can avoid being impeached by what is essentially a hostile legislature as many Liberal Party members are  actually from Lakas-CMD-Kampi and worse, the Liberal  Party  is  also losing  its desire to support Ignoy on account of his preference of the Samar bloc and his mistreatment of the Balay and  Liberal Party bloc.
  25. Ignoy mentioned that he had problems and personal differences with Jessie Robredo
  26. Ignoy insulted the people who headed the Incident Investigation and  Review Committee, even if they took pains to keep the blame away from him.
  27. Ignoy decided not to attend ASEAN and other international conferences that required his attendance and only visited the USA, as if the USA is the only country that the Philippines should consider worth having relations with.
  28. Ignoy claimed the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s grant as being a result of his work  when it is  clearly not his. Dr. Arroyo’s administration successfully met the MCC’s minimum qualifications and the MCC merely deferred the awarding because of the impending change in administration at the time. The MCC gave the Philippines its nod in March 2010, but that also meant that the administration which worked  on getting the  grant was on its way out thanks to the elections. Ignoy’s act of not even giving credit to the tremendous work that the previous administration did is proof of his substandard breeding and his malicious  desire to take the credit for something he didn’t do.
  29. Ignoy mentioned that he didn’t want to let go of his close friend and gun-club buddy Rico E. Puno because he said that the people who might take over are “already enemies.”
  30. Ignoy has to this day not yet  fully accounted for how he spent his time and where exactly he was when the hostage crisis  occurred.

There is only one good thing that Ignoy did: He defied the arrogance of the Roman Catholic Church by mentioning his general inclination to support the choice of couples in  their method of family planning.

Essentially, Benigno S. Aquino III gets a major F.

His pro-artificial contraception stance only got him avoiding a flat zero for his score. Taken in terms of a score of 0 to 10, with 6 as the passing score, he gets a 3.

While Ignoy got people “on his side” on the RH Bill issue, there are still many other things Ignoy owes to the Filipino People. No amount of sugar-coating, lying to the public, and media spin and media  manipulation is  going to buoy up support for his already heavily reduced support base.  SWS and Pulse Asia can pretend that Ignoy continues to enjoy a lot of support, but the reality is one of major disappointment.

Ignoy still has no choice. He has to concentrate on improving the economy and creating jobs. He has to drop all this stupid nonsense and waste of resources and energy on idiotic pursuits like the Truth Commission, when in fact, ordinary Filipinos care more about jobs and real opportunities. What better way than for him to push  through with Charter Change this early, as it would open up the economy to foreign investment, bring in a devolution of power from Imperial Manila to the periphery,  and will make sure that a  more stable and more competence-based government can emerge.

Media spin will not make Ignoy a good president in the eyes of the Filipino People and the World. Only good performance through the implementation of the right policies will.

If all he does is do “what he wants” and govern according to his own whims and caprices or those of his friends and relatives advising him, then it really  is no wonder that the miserable Failure that is his first 100 days is also known as the Capriccio in F Major.

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36 Responses to Ignoy’s First 100 Day Capriccio in F Major

  1. Chorvaqueen says:

    He’s raking a nice amount of gaffes.
    I wonder why these weren’t reflected so much by the media. (read:sarcasm)
    He’s not getting those brownie points until the bill gets approved and see it actually work.

  2. Miriam Quiamco says:

    Jose Rizal, we are in complete agreement on N/A’s performance rating:  a big, sounding F!!!

  3. Markad says:


  4. bokyo says:

    Pure 10!!! 

  5. Sharafa says:

    @Jose Rizal II

    You forgot about his so-called Truth Commission which not only redundant, but is also unconstitutional.

  6. Ryunken says:

    Nice ranting!

    Noynoy Aquino’s rating as a President in just 100 days… F major! If this is how our idiotic president works…

    Now, I’m afraid on what he’ll be doing in the next 100 days!?

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  8. jemon says:

    If Pnoy “defy” the “arrogant” church full time, he would have gotten a passing grade for you I suppose? jejeje..

    • Ronald Montemayor says:


      Read the article again, troll.
      You get an F for Reading Comprehension and Grammar. 😆

      • jemon says:

        And how does that concern you Ronald? jeje.. Now you are the 2nd person here who called me “troll”. Obviously one of you is impertinent. jejeje..

    • ChinoF says:

      He would be just passing if he enables charter change, allowing economic liberalization, federalism and parliamentary system. That would be a C though.

  9. MikeS says:

    I gave Penoy a big 3..

  10. lj says:

    a 3 is way too generous!

    • ben says:

      Agree… 3? Seriously? I’d give him a negative… Regarding the RH Bill, he obviously thinks it’s all just about contraceptives xD

  11. Hyden Toro says:

    Noynoy Aquino and his apologists, mostly from the Catholic Church; brands anyone criticizing him as: leftist, rightist, defeated candidates, socialist, agnostic, atheist, etc…While the brand names of us are not acceptable. They are blind on the mistakes and the incompetence of Noynoy Aquino. It is not our fault that he slept; was a coward and was an indecisive leader, during the failed Hostage Incident. We are not at fault, if his friend Sec., Puno admits receiving “Jueteng” bribes from the gambling operator. Yet, he is still there in his position. It is not our fault, that he refuses to implement the Land Reform, to protect his Hacienda Luisita. These are valid issues on him. And, we are not fabricating them.

    • anonymous bosch says:

      If we are to call a spade a spade, Noynoy and his brood deserves to be called also as leftist, rightist, defeated candidates, socialist, agnostic, atheist, etc., by defenders of GMA. Wait, they’re mandated by heaven, right? So they are immune from such branding because they have an inherent value of ‘virtue’ and thus have the right to judge who’s right and who’s not! Mah.

      Incites divisiveness, right? If only those two presidents find a common ground and cooperate in uplifting this country…

      • Hyden Toro says:

        They have to address the issues, we are bringing. Noynoy Aquino and his Yellow Horde; do not want to answer the issues. Instead, they: (1) use the Blame Game. (2) Divert the issues. (3) always show pride and self-importance. (4) are always self-righteous, and will never look on the other side of the issues. We are tired of playing games with these imbeciles. They are so retarded in their thinking, like their master, Noynoy Aquino. 😆

    • anonymous bosch says:

      If we are to call a spade a spade, then Noynoy and his brood deserves to be called leftist, rightist, defeated candidates, socialist, agnostic, atheist, etc… by the defenders of the previous president. But wait, Noynoy and co. are holier than us! They’re mandated by heaven, and therefore immune to such branding and have the right to judge who’s right and who’s not! Mah…

      Incites divisiveness… If those two presidents just put aside their differences and work together for the good of the country they serve. And at the same time justice is done on both of them…

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Exactly, this is what former  presidents and the current president of the U.S. do, they work together for the good of the country.  They are mature enough to know witch-hunting is a waste of resources, both in terms of time and money, so they move on to the pressing demands of the country for progress.  Obama chose not to initiate any investigation on the corruption allegations during the time of Bush because he had  a bigger agenda for his government.  The RP president now is too childish and petty to be a true leader, kawawa ang Pilipinas, puro nalang porma, at walang gawa.

      • anonymous bosch says:

        This country still has many lessons to be learned. It’ll take time for maturity to drill in the majority of the Filipinos’ brains. I say the Philippines is experiencing the equivalent of 17th century Europe.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Can’t his apologists ever accept that PNoy is NOT God?! 👿

  12. Cris S says:

    hey, where’s the hotdog? and the US based PR firm? are they not counted?

  13. Jayavarman XII says:

    JPR, that’s a nice litany of the highlights of Ignoy’s performance (or the lack thereof). As usual, I like the way you keep track of the fool’s miscues.

    100 days hence and we are already so tired of our bumbling president. Your comparison of him to Homer is spot on, even if I would say that it’s a bit offensive to Homer.

    Can’t wait to see what will happen in the next 2090 days.

    • anonymous bosch says:

      At the rate things are going, expect almost 21 recursions of the first 100 days of Noynoy.

    • UP nn grad says:

      President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino is just smirking :mrgreen: content that the Pilipinas Constitution guarantees that the next Presidential elections is over 5 years 😦 away still.

      Rico Puno and the many “Noynoy” cronies are very happy, too. 😆

      • Hyden Toro says:

        The Czar Alexander II of the Czarist Russia, and his Aristocrats; were basking in security, before their fall. They were even, importing sugar to use as snowflakes. They had the Czars Secret Police, to face any revolt. They believed, that the Czar’s Army commanded by the Aristocrats, was
        not susceptible to rebellion. Until, the Bolshevists threw them out and executed them all. Same as, the late Shah if Iran. Calm was there, before any storm. This is always the case. The Philippines is in turmoil internally. It is brewing inside. It can explode any moment.

      • anonymous bosch says:

        I think you mean NIcholas II.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        @UPnnGrad. You are one of those Yellow Hordes, with no brains. The country has an armed NPA insurgency all over. It has Al Queda inspired Islamic rebels running around free in Mindanao. It has Private Political Armies in almost every Provinces. Then, you Imbeciles, as your master Noynoy Aquino think: The country is in secure situation for the next five years? 😆

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Not to defend the guy, but I think he was telling us their POV.

        (Not that he has to. Personally, it just makes the hairs of my hair stand on end. 😯 )

  14. Homer says:

    “100 days hence and we are already so tired of our bumbling president. Your comparison of him to Homer is spot on, even if I would say that it’s a bit offensive to Homer.”

    Surely, there are other comparisons to make…even if the bumbling prez is yellow, ugly, and stupid like….. 😯 …..D’OH!!!

  15. Aegis-Judex says:

    Oh! Terrible, terrible damage! Really, how hard can manning up be for that dumbfvck?

  16. you guys are just too exagerrating… giving him an “F” is not being fair to PNoy…. I GIVE PNoy NOTHING like flat zero “0”. giving him “F” is just too fair.

    With all the stupidity that Pnoy is showing.. didnt you guys ask yourself… How could a Person like this cant even think of a right decision? why is Pnoy a total failure? is Pnoy an idiot since birth? OR is this an OPERA – a Shakespeare? or just a PUPPET SHOW>

  17. dodong iba says:

    him still hitting on Gloria. (She is bad, I am good) is just a sign of his moral development. (Kohlberg’s Theory) “The good boy, nice girl stage” which is particularly seen in children.
    haha poor Noynoy he never passed that stage, just an advice stay Noy away from Josh. haha LOL

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