Amnesty for Trillanes: not surprising in a society where principles are an alien concept

Within the last couple of weeks, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III had exhibited an astounding capacity for giving the softly-softly treatment to people accountable for rebellion and needless loss of life. One is his dithering on how to interpret and act upon the findings of the Incident Investigation and Review Committee (IIRC) set up to sort out the facts surrounding the Mendoza hostage massacre. That eight innocent foreign tourists needlessly died in this incident seems to have been relegated to a mere footnote in the political scuffle.

The other is the amnesty being granted to Antonio Trillanes and his supporters despite a clear recognition of the gravity of the offenses they had committed — rebellion, the deliberate endangerment of civilian life, and damage to private property. The only rationale Malacanang could provide to justify this granting of amnesty to Trillanes and his mob (based on how this is articulated in Proclamation 50) is that:

(1) “there is a clamor from certain sectors of society urging the President to extend amnesty to said AFP personnel”;

(2) The Constitution says the President can; and,

(3) It is in line with Noynoys aspiring “to promote an atmosphere conducive to the attainment of a just, comprehensive and enduring peace”.

A “clamor”, a Constitional provision, and an airy-fairy aspiration to some nebulous goal constitute the only things Malacanang can cough up to justify setting loose a group of loose-cannon ex-soldiers.

Even under the leadership of a President who made a standing for principles as the cornerstone of his campaign, in practice, said principles ultimately take a back seat to Old Reliable Pinoy-style Petty Politics. Recall the politics surrounding Trillanes’s release back when Noynoy and First Sister Kris Aquino were backing Kiko Pangilinan’s bid for the Senate presidency

First it was Kris Aquino trying to pay off (in political kind) senators to back Kiko Pangilinan’s bid for the Senate presidency, now his brother President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is trying to spring another Kiko supporter — alleged rebel and “Senator” Antonio Trillanes from the slammer.

The only thing at work here is politics, folks. Principles? Innocent lives deliberately endangered and an undermining of the stability of the state? All of those simply fly over the heads of the intellectual midget that is the Filipino mind.


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37 Responses to Amnesty for Trillanes: not surprising in a society where principles are an alien concept

  1. i am not surprised… Pnoy aint stopping. He is a perfect moronic alien. Pnoy dont care, he felt that he is not getting any good support from national police and the AFP… so he is going over with the enemies of the state.. i bet he is trying to ink an alliance with the NPA. lol. NO wonder Shalani wont marry that looser.. I have enough already with Pnoy, he practically decieved the low brainers with the help of his media.. he gets credit for someone elses work. He saves his close friends from humiliation.. and surprisingly still getting good support from low-brainer filipino idiots. If i get a chance to become a president of these country.. there is only one thing that i would be doing to save us from extinction…. GET RID OF the LOW-BRAINERS. put them away from voting – precinct. The president is a mirror of a country.. if ours is retard-selfconfessed-homo-parasite.. then so we are to the eyes of the world. =(


    a very influential person behind the rebellion of Trillanes and even behind the winning of ignoy and jejemon, This mite be the beginning of payoff program by this administration even the case of hacienda is silent today the show is already starting, and more yet to come.. remember they will support anybody except for GIBO.. 😦

  3. anonymous bosch says:

    Ever since GMA pardoned Erap I’ve braced for events like these. It’s not farfetched if PNoy one day says that he forgives GMA for some reason. They do that whenever they feel that they can use the beneficiary for their convenience.

  4. Hyden Toro says:

    Noynoy Aquino may be trying to placate the AFP people. This can send Wrong Signals to future AFP opportunists. They can rebel and can be elected as Senator, at the same time. I would not be surprised. Since, his parents, Ninoy and Cory Aquino; had an Unholy Alliance with the NPA insurgents. Which resulted to the MV Karagatan debacle.

  5. estan says:

    8 dead and they just get a slap in the wrist. multiple coup attempts will just get them amnesty. this is really getting ridiculous. what will they think of next? 

  6. Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

    Benignoy you are hyperventilating again. Relax ka lang dyan. I could not remember you ranting when your favorite non-president Dr. Gloring Arroyo, PhD granted pardon on a convicted plunderer.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Another Yellow Horde Robot, comforting his imbecile Master, Noynoy Aquino. Kiss your Master’s Ass, Dude. It will make him Stop hyperventilating like a spoiled rich child. Your good reward: He will throw you some crumbs of political favors, for your dedications. So much nonsense, for these people. They simply lack maturity. They are behaving like children. Brainwashed people on the loose, by their Master… 😆

    • anonymous bosch says:

      Between the two of them however, I would prefer a pluderer over an aspiring junta top brass. Hay nako Gloria, Hay nako Penoy.

      • nymphetamine says:

        Ma-shock lang yang si AbNOy kapag maulit ang rebelyon sa termino nya.. he he he… :mrgreen:

      • anonymous bosch says:

        That will not happen, I can even see Trillanes leading any force who will try to curb coup attempts against PNoy. He’ll follow the Dear President through hell and back.

  7. benign0 says:

    Sassy Lawyer Connie Veneracion weighs in on Trillanes and limpdick Pinoy politics

    The venerable Sassy Lawyer Connie Veneracion finally weighs in on all the moronic happenings that have been transpiring in recent weeks. Great insight and clear positions articulated coming from a truly insightful mind (unlike some lawyers). Here are my key takeaways from that great piece…

    * * *

    The “amnesty” granted “Senator” Antonio Trillanes

    (1) Pardong and amnesty “extinguish criminal liability“, in effect “REWARDING criminals for the crimes they have committed“.

    (2) Amnesty makes culpability disappear.

    (3) Filipinos are complicit to encouraging impunity by virtue of the concurrence of their Congress.

    In the Philippines, crime magically disappears.

    The re-engineering of the Rolando Mendoza hostage fiasco IIRC report

    (4) DILG Undersecretary Rico E. Puno and PNP Director General Jesus A. Verzosa — ABSOLVED.

    (5) Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim given a flaccid slap on the wrist with a no-substance “Simple Neglect and Misconduct in Office under Sec. 60 or the Local Government Code”.

    Philippine Media off the hook but not without a tarred-and-feathered fall-guy in the form of Maria Ressa. Tsk tsk…

    * * *

    Whew! The flaccidity of the approaches taken, the thinking involved, and just about everything that goes on in Philippine politics is breathtaking!

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    • kristine0019 says:

      Don’t you think the same holds true for Erap when he was pardoned by GMA? GMA granting pardon to Erap also sends the wrong message to corrupt politicians. They can bleed the public coffers dry; if convicted, they can be pardoned, anyway. And, in the case of Erap, they can run for the presidency again, as if nothing happened.

      Anti-pinoy Idiots is right. How come we did not hear any ranting from you when GMA pardoned Erap?

      I’m not a Noynoy supporter, just an ordinary netizen who stumbled upon your blog.

      • anonymous bosch says:

        >”Don’t you think the same holds true for Erap when he was pardoned by GMA?”

        That holds true as well.

        >”Anti-pinoy Idiots is right. How come we did not hear any ranting from you when GMA pardoned Erap?”

        Maybe it was because many of the people here sympathize — or at least, prefer — GMA over Noynoy. You see many Noynoy supporters letting the president’s faults pass with many reasons or just reply with silence. Ganun din yung iilang tao dito. People sometimes try to make it even with others on the other side of the fence. An eye for an eye, ika nga.

        And if you don’t like someone to a certain extent, chances rise that your objectivity towards that person is compromised.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        I don’t think so. I myself criticized Gloria Arroyo, during her term. I criticized her for pardoning the convicted plunderer, Erap Estrada. I did it as a Blogger in the now defunct Filipino Voices. I believe in bringing the truth in Blog comments. Inform people. And being sincere to your readers. In the end, you owe them the task of bringing them the truth; so that you can help them. If your motive is right; your readers will feel it. 😀

    • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

      Excuse me but where was your rabid strident ranting when your favorite pandak un-elected non-president pardoned a convicted plunderer before he could even spend a minute in a chokey?

      Could it be that you are now stridently ranting because the object of Trillanes’ rebellion is your favorite pandak un-elected shamelessly corrupt non-president?

      • anonymous bosch says:

        Yeah I’m wondering over that. But you API, as you type those words, I hope you’ve seen yourself on the proverbial mirror first as you cry foul on someone’s biases. Because as far as I see in your words here, you hold a grudge against the former president and I guess you have a tendency to defend the current regime.

        Now, could it be that you are now stridently ranting because the object of benign0’s rant is your favorite beloved and most excellent and incorruptible Dear Leader?

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

        anon bosch,
        In case you still haven’t got it at this point, let me remind you that the operative word here is consistency.

        Don’t you think our Benignoy is somehow suffering from selective amnesia?.

      • anonymous bosch says:

        It would be best to ask him, because only he knows what he’s thinking.

  8. benign0 says:

    Our renowned Culture of Impunity: All Filipinos are complicit

    It’s no wonder that everything in the Philippines is expensive. Insurance premiums probably cost more than the average in the region because insurance companies most likely factor into their risk models the generally high likelihood of a bunch of “soldiers” barging into a client’s business premises and nonchalantly declaring mutiny against their civilian bosses. That certainly becomes a more likely risk now that more than a few precedents have been set for uniformed bandits routinely getting away with waving high-powered weapons at civilians’ faces in the name of some made-up “revolutionary” stand.

    Already the average Filipino consumer contends with the high cost of borrowing money owing that (pardon the pun) to the average Filipino’s inclination to simply doing a runner on their obligations to creditors.

    Such is the economic cost of a cultural malaise that we are all otherwise quite familiar with…


    In many flaccid acts of slacktivism, we raise fists, display icons on our profile pictures, and publish “status updates” symbolising our trying-hard expressions of “indignation” against many acts of impunity. Yet we are all complicit by virtue of our own duly-elected representatives in Congress concurring to politically-motivated “amnesties” and “pardons” that are doled out, exchanged, and brokered in the way most forms of political currencies are.

    Not only do Filipinos deserve each other, Filipinos simply reap the poverty they themselves have sown.


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  9. benign0 says:

    Trillanes et al have “suffered long enough” – Tanada

    According to House Deputy Speaker and Quezon Rep. Lorenzo Tanada, author of House Resolution 524 granting amnesty to “Senator” Antonio Trillanes and a mob of “soldiers” who endangered civilian lives and damaged property as they mutinied against the government of former President Gloria Arroyo, benefactors of this “amnesty” have “suffered” “long enough” and are therefore deserving of a break (quoting from a Manila Bulletin report)…

    It has been more than seven years after the original Oakwood incident and the cases against the involved members of the AFP have languished before civilian and military courts. I think that they have suffered the consequences of their actions, incarcerated long enough for their desire for meaningful change in our country. That mutiny, including the other incidents happened in the midst of the growing calls against corruption, electoral fraud and bad governance […]”

    Given that the reason (as we are being led to believe) for their “long enough” “suffering”, is a snail-paced civilian and military criminal justice system, I wonder now why any “resolutions” coming from Congress or “proclamations” coming from the President did not instead address that underlying problem.

    If these bozos had indeed “suffered” due to the ineffective processes of our civilian and military justice systems, then somebody who is responsible for these processes must also be held accountable for that “suffering” Trillanes et al supposedly sustained.

    For that matter, how about all those other poor sods who also have cases languishing in the system? They don’t get this sort of “amnesty”, do they?

    Then again… pwede na yan. This is the Philippines after all. Land of emo politics.


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  10. The Judge says:

    danilo Lim, trillianes and those other scumbags short-circuited the constitution, they all deserve to fry under the law.granting amnesty to these loons will not only encourage further military interventionism in the future, but will weaken the integrity of the state. p-noy just made breeding rebels cool.

  11. Homer says:

    There really isn’t much more to add. Just when the stupidity of da Pinoy appeared to have reached a peak, it keeps coming back in spades, re-inventing itself to even higher levels of stupidity and more frustration for many. If only more people woke up and came to whatever senses they had left, I’d believe that any posibility of positive changes thru peaceful means would still be achieved. This yellow administration (and it’s equally annoying army) is asking for a ticking time bomb with a shorter fuse. Perhaps the impending “explosion” might be the moment to anticipate…but that’s just my opinion. No one can say what the result of that explosion would be, but the urge to gamble on it becomes stronger at the rate we’re going.

    On another note, it would be nice to hear what Maria Ressa has to say. I’m sure she has reasons for chosing not to speak out, but I’m willing to bet that what she knows can be oh-so-damaging to her network…or rather, former network. Calling all idiot periodistas: Press her on the issue and protect her if needed! (I’m not holding my breath though…)

  12. jemon says:

    I can see mr. benign is still at it. In case nobody noticed, Pnoy is not the “Society”. jejeje

  13. Pingback: The Rule of Law and the IIRC Report: Aquino and de Lima do a Pontius Pilate

  14. archie says:

    big bald bastard of malacañang did it again. so shallow to use his power to give amnesty to someone who is willing to sacrifice civilians just for his personal grudges against GMA. should he went to malacañang to air his sentiments that time instead of going to oakwood, i might praise him as a hero but no! he went on with his military adventurism, taking hostages and giving trauma to innocent civilians. somehow this amnesty this is predictable, people elected trillanes and won in senate, how much more if we add pnoy/homer to the list of no-good politicians eh? just like what bug bunny always tell yosimite sam: What a maarooon!

  15. benign0 says:

    Trillanes amnesty: the Filipino’s spectacular society-level tolerance for IMPUNITY

    Disappointing indeed. Hong Kong’s expression of disappointment over the flaccid action taken by the Philippine Government on people found accountable for the deaths of eight tourists as a result gross incompetence comes in the wake of a similarly moronic granting of amnesty to “Senator” Antonio Trillanes and a mob of “soldiers”, who also put civilian lives at significant risk as they stormed business establishments brandishing high-powered military weapons.


    That is one word to describe how President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III‘s administration fixates to its focus on cronies and family members fat and content by selectively applying the softly-softly treatment to people who have done significant damage to the Philippines as a result of their hollow-headed ill-thought-through “initiatives”.

    Some of the excuses being bandied around by the esteemed officers of our so-called “Republic” are among the lamest I have come across even relative to the banal lameness of Pinoy society we all know and love:

    (1) Trillanes and his bozos have “suffered enough”.

    Cute. That’s Philippine emo politics at its finest. That the good “Congressman” Lorenzo Tanada, author of House Resolution 524 granting amnesty to “Senator” Antonio Trillanes and his posse of bandits would cite the glacial pace at which the Philippine civilian and military criminal justice systems work makes his proposition even more pathetic.

    First of all, I wonder now why any “resolutions” coming from Congress or “proclamations” coming from the President did not instead address that underlying problem. Rather than work with the system we work around it. And as we can observe today, that ethic overstepping proper procedure is reflected even at the top most echelons of our government.

    Second, If these bozos had indeed “suffered” due to the ineffective processes of our civilian and military justice systems, then somebody who is responsible for these processes must also be held accountable for that “suffering” Trillanes et al supposedly sustained. For that matter, how about all those other poor sods who also have cases languishing in the system? They don’t get this sort of “amnesty”, do they?

    (2) The Government is yielding to “clamors” coming from “certain sectors of society”.

    What and who constitute these “certain sectors of society”. Cite specifics plez. According to Noynoy his “boss” is the Filipino people. So I am curious as to what he means by “certain sectors” of society. Does this imply that said “certain sectors” are representative of the “Filipino people”? Explain, plez.

    And get this: Congress concur. I say that is a concurrence to a spectacular tolerance for the same old garden variety impunity that Filipinos have always been renowned for. Impunity, indeed, is a key pillar of our collective character as a people, and the Trillanes pardon is but another one of many MANY manifestations of this dysfunctional character.

    And guess what: ALL Filipinos by virtue of the mandate they had granted to these “Congressmen” to represent them in matters of state are COMPLICIT to this tolerance for that nefarious trait of ours.

    In summary, ladies, gentlemen, and tambays of our sad country, perhaps we should step back and think (I know it goes against our national grain, but thinking is what underpins productive action):

    What exactly is going on here?

    If we want to respect the rule of law, if we want to bow to the court, we should wait for the court decision […]

    The above is the wistful lament of Senior State Prosecutor Juan Pedro Navera who along with four other colleagues spent the last seven years building a case for the conviction of Trillanes and his mob of mutineers.

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  16. Sharafa says:

    Pascual Jr. from the Phil Star pretty much sums up the double standards:

    • UP nn grad says:

      President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III (who won the last presidential elections with less than 48% of the votes) again demonstrates that he has only a small regards for waiting for the wheels of justice (military or civilian) to run its course.

      Will anyone be surprised should President “Noynoy” Aquino make an Executive Order on HACIENDA LUISITA four or five months before the next Philippine Court decision on this issue?

  17. benign0 says:

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  18. killem says:

    Amnesty is a political question, it does not depend on the merit of the granting of amnesty… it will always depend on the political views of the sitting president. so stop this non sense discussion, whether we like it or not its in the exclusive discretion of the pres, to grant amnesty and be effective if concurred by congress.. 

  19. JUANDELACRUZ says:


    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Hey, St. Fu!

      You call someone who shows no respect for authority “honorable?” HONORABLE MY ARSCH! Seriously, the reason why we as a country seem to be stagnant is because of creatures like yourself giving praise to empty minds and dishonorable souls that detest the forces of progress. Advice: THINK! God gave you a brain for one reason: To think! If you detest that, then leck mich im arsch! :green:

    • AlvinEternal says:

      Uncivilized human being is uncivilized. Deal with it.

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