P-Noy's first 100 days: "achievements" that fail the "So What" Test

Life can be so unfair. Some people will hate you just for being ugly. Then again, some people will still hate you just for being beautiful. But if you believe the recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) report on the satisfaction rating of President Noynoy Aquino’s first 100 days in office, you can be forgiven for thinking that Noynoy Aquino is quite possibly the luckiest man alive, his looks notwithstanding.

There are many things in life that just seem so unreal. Things like the Pyramids of Egypt or Stonehenge in the UK can make you go, “I cannot believe it is man-made!” But SWS surveys in the Philippines never leave us with any doubt about the endless possibilities of what men can do and this includes the likely manipulation of “trust” ratings to favour one person or another.

The results of the SWS survey “had 71% of the respondents saying they were satisfied with Mr. Aquino’s performance, compared to the 11% who said otherwise, for a net satisfaction score of +60.” Just to stress, only 11% were unsatisfied with P-Noy’s performance according to SWS. This despite all the gaffes and errors P-Noy committed since Day One in office, most of which even a close Aquino ally, Professor Winnie Monsod, had pointed out.

The survey results seem so unreal so it is either the survey firm did not ask the right people or the Filipinos who participated in it definitely have very, very low expectation issues. Either way, they are both undesirable thoughts. Let’s not forget to mention that the SWS is owned and operated by friends and family members of P-Noy. I guess we can expect a high “trust” rating until his last day in office in 2016 even when majority of the Filipino people become increasingly dissatisfied with his performance.

But in addition to reacting with disbelief when you see the Pyramids or the Stonehenge or the result of SWS “trust” surveys on P-Noy, you may also ask the question: What was the point of it, really? Indeed, it seems to me that building the Pyramids, the Stonehenge site, or conducting SWS surveys for P-Noy were all exercises motivated by vanity. It just simply fails to provide a satisfying answer to the perennial question: So What?

The most vocal and informed Filipino citizens on the Net tend to be the most frustrated and anxious about P-Noy’s handling of the economy and some of the local issues that continue to derail his management of the country. Some issues like his final recommendations on the Incident Investigation and Review Committee (IIRC) report particularly the slap on the wrist he gave his friend and Department of Interior and Local Government Undersecretary, Rico Puno for his incompetence in handling the bungled Mendoza Hostage Crisis on the 23rd of August 2010 and on being implicated on the jueteng scandal has disappointed many Filipinos and Hong Kong Chinese citizens alike.

P-Noy’s latest decision to grant amnesty to ex-military personnel and convicted mutineer Antonio Trillanes has sealed the tradition of management by impunity which has contributed to the lack of accountability in our public officials. What “hope” is there for a better tomorrow for the rest of the Filipino people? As has been pointed out in this blogsite over and over even before he was elected, P-Noy is part of the problem and not the solution to the woes of the Filipinos. It seems that some of the survey respondents don’t really have a clue what P-Noy stand for. They are like lemmings who routinely jump off cliffs for reasons unknown to mankind.

In some internet forums, his supporters always come out in his defence by saying, “He is only one man. He needs everyone’s cooperation to succeed.” It would have been better had they applied what they are saying to all the previous Philippine presidents. And in any case, cooperation need not be just blindly following P-Noy’s decisions. Cooperation also comes in the form of being vigilant in criticising his wrong decisions which can greatly affect the rest of the population. They also say that it is too early to criticize P-Noy. Well I say that it is too early to say that he is a success.

On his 100 days performance report, P-Noy spoke with a wisdom that can only come from someone with very little experience and a lot of arrogance. Like a little boy full of pride, he praised himself rather than acknowledge that he still has a lot of issues to resolve. When he spoke about our country’s problems and said “Nag-ugat ito sa isang gobyernong parang tatlong matsing na nagbingi-bingihan, nagbulag-bulagan, at gumawa ng sariling katotohanan,” he might as well have been talking about himself as well because he doesn’t really listen to what some people — his “boss”, according to him — have to say about his management style.

P-Noy just kept going on and on about working hard without yielding any meaningful results. He even takes credit for the accomplishments of the previous administration for the $430M Millennium Challenge Corp (MCC) grant, among other things. He is lucky indeed, for majority of Filipinos are the sort of people who are easily impressed by pomp and pageantry like Noynoy’s “wang-wang” grandstanding even when a lot of the bigger issues aren’t really being addressed.

He might have scored brownie points for his support of the RH Bill with some of his detractors but that will only translate into something if he sticks to his guns even under Catholic Church pressure bearing down on him.

P-Noy never fails to mention how he is so good at saving on funds. But no amount of saving from income generated from tax collection will be enough to build all the infrastructure and facilities to cater for a population that keeps on growing. Tax revenues is dependent on people having jobs. When people have no income, there will be no taxes to collect from them. It is that simple. There are quite a number of Filipinos who have been unproductive their whole lives and cannot break out of the cycle of poverty. So obviously, P-Noy needs to stimulate the private sector with fewer regulations to induce the sorts of investments that create more jobs for the Filipino people.

Even his promise of creating more schools with the emphasis on using the money he saved will not be enough to train people to help them become more entrepreneurial. Our manufacturing sector seems to be irreversibly descending a slippery slope and can no longer compete with China, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh. Besides, he also needs to address the reality that it is in our cultural DNA to be less competitive than other ethnic groups a concept I explored in my previous blog. With P-Noy’s tendency to turn a blind eye to our own failures, Bloomberg.com may have been right when they predicted before the May 2010 elections that P-Noy may be bad for the economy.

Life can be so unfair. But when you are President Noynoy Aquino, everything seems so rosy particularly since he has friends and relatives who will greatly benefit from his impeccable public image — no matter what he does.

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74 Responses to P-Noy's first 100 days: "achievements" that fail the "So What" Test

  1. markad says:

    tsk tsk, white wash surveys…


    tsk tsk tsk…paano ba ang buhay natin, lokohan nalang ba?

    • UP nn grad says:

      President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino continues to demonstrate what he believes is the reason he has been elected president — to demonstrate the Pinoy-in-Pilipinas desire that ang mga 💡 kaibigan ay mas importante 😯 kaysa prinsipyo. Ubod ng bait talaga si Ignoy sa kaniyang mga kaibigan at mga klasmeyts, ma-aasahan talaga 😕 .

      The facts can be bent, decisions can be made without 🙄 regards for facts.
      But friends are friends forever!!!

    • Jay says:

      When PNoy gives everyone lemon’s, everybody better be prepared to make the lemonade.

  3. crisostomo ibarra says:

    Like mother, like son….from beginning to end….
    God bless the Philippines… 😦

  4. anonymous bosch says:

    The Philippines is created as an example of what other countries ought NOT to emulate.

    Resistance is futile.

  5. Hyden Toro says:

    I always believe in the statement of our hero, Jose Rizal, that states: ” There are no tyrants. Where there are no slaves.” We had been under almost 300 years of Spanish Colonization. Yet, we did not unite ourselves; to throw the colonizers out. Same condition now. Opportunist politicians, like Noynoy Aquino; lie to us. Deceived us thru improbable Surveys. Hired people to heap praises of them. Inspite of the fact, we are seing the contrary. Do we complain? Do we do something about it? No sir, we allow ourselves to be abused, robbed of our tax money and dignities; etc…A vibrant country would had thrown out its leader, like Noynoy Aquino; a long time ago. I have no iota of respect of the man. He is fake. Even his soul and spirit are fake. 😮

  6. ninjaone says:

    “Indeed, it seems to me that building the Pyramids, the Stonehenge site, or conducting SWS surveys for P-Noy were all exercises motivated by vanity.”

    The SWS results, if true, are disturbing. If he has a very high rating, it means the Filipinos have accepted mediocrity, laziness, incompetence and indecisiveness as all right. What then makes a bad leader if Noynoy gets a high rating? You mean this country, with so many intelligent and good people can only do this good?

    That is so disturbing. 

  7. mel says:

    This is the sad and bad reality of Philippine politics. Most of the people are frustrated and helpless. Here in San Fernando, La Union, (The Ortega Clan Haven for more than 50 years), citizens are afraid to talk about politics. They just avoid government topics. I am doing some sort of brainstorming using the AP visions in our Barangay meetings but I often hear “wala din namang mangyayari”.

    It seems that what the government meant by “cooperation” is that one should keep his mouth shout and just follow what the leaders want.

    • ilda says:


      I don’t know why people are so afraid to speak out. They really think that to cooperate means to not complain. This is why our public officials get away with everything!

      Thanks for disseminating AP information. I’m glad you are able to access AP with no problem because I myself had a hard time the whole morning today. I thought it was down or something. I can only imagine that only regular readers will have the patience to put up with the constant error message that keeps coming up when you click on the links. Thanks for being patient with the site.

      • mel says:


        It is really difficult to persuade people to express themselves. I do get some affirmation but mostly expressed after meetings. Surprising though, that ordinary citizens have also their critical views. Sadly, many do not have Internet access and their only source of information is the TV.

        Thanks for writing, too! Thank you, AP writers for sharing your knowledge and time to inform and educate people. I do admire you for that.

  8. J_ag says:

    Why is everyone surprised when a crisis happens and the Philippines, instead of using the crisis to change the personality based culture of the politics in this country, to a more responsible republican form we revert to the worst kind of personality based system.

    We are still ruled by a kingdom of families and an autocratic form of state.

    We have a lot of history to do still.

    Now a blanket amnesty for mutineers from out of the blue.

    While there is tumult in the global economy we seem to go backward.

  9. palebluedot_ says:

    i just received a very disturbing tsismis from a padre’s labandera. days ago she heard the kapari-an talking about how confident (still, in spite the recent issues about their rift) the padres are that Abnoy will make this country great because of one fact – Abnoy is single!!! they said daw that single individuals (like them LOL) are better leaders because they have no other commitments but their promise to the people & they are not prone to practice corruption because they are only feeding their own mouths. i do not know if i should laugh or cry with this kind of stupid reasoning. but if this is the kind of rationale for the vote of confidence to Abnoy we are getting from so-called leaders of our society, we are definitely in hell!!!

    • ilda says:


      If they are so concerned about feeding other people’s mouth, then why are they against the RH bill?!? Their rationale is still palpak!!! What an idiot!

      • palebluedot_ says:

        exactly, ilda! nakakaloka nga because their rationale is too absurd, i doubt if they themselves understood it and its effects to the issues these days.

        they seem to be riding a roundabout on these postulates:
        postulate1: singlehood = reduction on the number of mouths to feed
        postulate 2: reduced number of mouths to feed = greatness (in the case of Abnoy & the Church celibates)
        postulate 3: RH bill = reduction on the number of mouths to feed
        postulate 4: RH bill = immoral
        postulate 5: reduction on the number of mouths to feed = immoral
        so, greatness = immoral?

        ambot lang…

    • Being single was one of the reasons why Noynoy originally wanted to be housed away from Malacanang which made him tardy in his commitments. If he had a family, he would choose to stay in the beginning at the palace. And the weird thing was when he got his wish to live away from Malacanang, he called the place like a prison cell.

  10. bokyo says:


    I’m surprised his “doubled pork for Tongressmen” move wasn’t mentioned. I was quite surprised how the double pork budget didn’t seem to stir the people when it was the biggest thing when GMA was in position. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • ilda says:


      Sometimes I forget to mention all the gaffes because there are too many! He is looking out for his barkada in the Congress because he used to be one of them 😉

  11. Sareet L says:

    Thanks for another enjoyable post – your writing, not necessarily the subject matter! I, too, could not access the site almost all day today. Is there some kind of site maintenance going on daily? Or could it be some yellow-hued hackers trying to take you guys down?

    Anyway, I don’t know what other kapalpakan Noy can still do yet (but he’s good at coming up with more things to botch that we didn’t think of, I’ll grant him that!). He’s pretty much exhausted the immediate possibilities in his first hundred days, most of which you already mentioned. And still, there has been no freaking direction from this administration as to what good future it envisions for the country. No one is inspired to do anything to improve things by the actions of Noy and co., seeing that the top echelon are all in it for themselves, their kith and their kin.

    To highlight a few: Yep, there’s the infamous, horribly mismanaged (to put it very mildly) hostage-taking crisis, followed by the equally disastrous aftermath reaction, followed then by the current shameless whitewash of the IIRC recommendations – what a waste of taxpayers’ money to have funded the committee, only to trash their report – Malacañang could’ve made up their own ‘report’ – ‘twould’ve been equally credible as their ‘revised’ IIRC report, no?

    Not to mention the unreal awarding of a blanket amnesty for the soldiers who blatantly broke the basic code of the military and mutineed – and go scot-free for it, no expression of remorse or a promise not to repeat such actions notwithstanding? But then, with Trillanes in the Senate, Noy gets another ally for his administration!

    Yes, this government has kept its promise of having ‘transparency’ in its moves – but not in the way we thought; it’s not that they inform us of what they do because it’s right when applicable – it’s just that we all can see so clearly through their machinations to their real purpose in being in government – to protect their own interests, the rest of the country be damned.

    What if the arrogance and incompetence so overtly displayed were purely incidental? What if this administration just really doesn’t give a rat’s freaking ass about what the rest of the nation thinks or says, and has brought cynicism to a higher plane, and will persist in carrying on as they have and only do all they can to protect the interests of, and only of, the KKK – Kamag-anak, Kaklase at Kaibigan?

  12. boombox says:

    “Mission Accomplished” [citation needed]

  13. RamonAng says:

    All you fucktards keep pinning the blame on P-fucking-Noy. No wonder nobody takes your shit seriously. Our country is fucked up because of power players like Binays, Singsons, Marcos, Arroyos. Pnoy is just one part of the equation, but your so-called enlightened blog is just another BORING P-NOY BASHING BLOG. You want SUBSTANCE? THEN TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES PNOY’S FUCKUPS CUZ THERES PLENTY TO GO AROUND IN OUR POLITICS. GROW THE FUCK UP ANTI-PINOY.

    • BongV says:

      Binays, Singsons, Arroyos – are demigods in the time of the Yellow Emperor – tough luck. In case you didn’t notice – Aquino has given his oligarch pals – Tan, Cojuangco, Ayala, Aboitiz, Pangilinan the red carpet treatment. Binays, Singsons, Arroyos – aren’t in the Global Fortune 500 due to protectionism 😉

      • bokyo says:

        and while students , militants and other sectors gave PeNoy’s 100 days an F mark, BUSINESSMEN gave PeNoy an A mark.


    • ilda says:

      @RamonAng or Mr Pro-Pinoy,

      I thought I emphasized it enough but obviously, I was not clear enough for you. I am not pinning all the blame on P-Noy. Those who forced him to run, those voted for him and those who still blindly support his every move even if most of his actions only mimic the very same thing he keeps saying he won’t do, are mostly to blame for the situation the country is in now.

      What we write here is critical analysis similar to, if not more than what you will find in local publications written by people with common sense.

      If you think people don’t take us seriously, then why on earth do you sound so frustrated? Oh yeah, your all caps tell us how annoyed you are that we are turning out to be right about your idol P-Noy.

      Do us a favor: have a nice day 🙂

      • RamonAng says:

        HAH! Mr. Pro-Pinoy? Or Pro-PNOY? As it stands, the site does NOT live up to its name. Fuck PNOY. Fuck Arroyo. Fuck Ramos. Fuck Erap. They all suck. Don’t know why you people have such a hard-on for this fool when our country is so full of other fucked up shit to talk about. Have a nice fucking day.

      • ilda says:


        If you really believe in what you are saying, then why are you even reading our articles and commenting here?

        As to your suggestion, I’ve got a better idea: you do what you want and I’ll do what I want.

        I’ll tell you what else is wrong with you: you want to look away but you simply can’t because deep inside, you know that we speak the truth and the truth has set you free 😉

        Enjoy the rest of your day with AP!

    • Ryunken says:


      Are you trying to protect Mr. PNoy? Well, I know the country is pretty F-ed Up! But, if PNoy doesn’t act like a president and do smart things right now, those around his circle of friends will continue their follies and get away with murder.

      And Good day to you!

      • RamonAng says:

        PNOY sucks the way Obama sucks now. He will NEVER deliever on his initial promises. That’s common sense. So whatever he does will, to the readers and supporters of this site WILL SUCK NO MATTER WHAT. That’s because Philippine politics SUCK. All the ruling families are too well entrenched now and THERES NOTHING YOU or ANYBODY can do about it. You think writing disertations about how disappointing PNOY HAS BEEN is going to solve anything? NO. You’re just building anticipation for the NEXT “PROMISING” LEADER TO DISAPPOINT EVERYONE. FUCK ALL THAT. LIVE WITH IT. GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. There should be an anti-pinoy website for anti-pinoy. Stop wasting your time ANALYZING SHIT AND DO SOMETHING THAT WILL HAVE A REAL IMPACT in BETTERING SOCIETY. As it stands, its just the same SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

      • Jay says:

        PNOY sucks the way Obama sucks now. He will NEVER deliever on his initial promises.

        He has at least been more transparent than PNoy. Its only a matter of his staunch critics and alike to break down the specifics of his provisions. There has nothing been specific about PNoy’s policies in except the RH Bill. Anti-wangwang? The bill that supports Pinoy musical artists? They don’t have any long term effectiveness to it.

        That’s because Philippine politics SUCK. All the ruling families are too well entrenched now and THERES NOTHING YOU or ANYBODY can do about it.

        Not a generalization but about 15% of the whole 95-100 million Filipinos are part of the elites. A group of 40-45% voted PNoy in according to the mandate that his PR reps keep parroting about. They are entrenched because nobody did ANYTHING to begin with!


        So you’re saying that not understanding how the system screws over people and how to approach politics better is not for the benefit of a society rife with ignorance regarding the issue? One of the main reasons why these 15% of the population are where they are at because the rest of the people WERE IGNORANT ABOUT IT! And here you are, trying to claim that doing anything else but understanding how the politics system work will be effective? You do not put a band-aid on a tumor to stop the cancer! If that isn’t common sense to you, enjoy the Philippines you are so pissed about yet accepting that you and your generation will forever be part of the grind for it.

    • Jay says:

      Bash on bad feudal families, praise other supposed good feudal families.


      Funny, because the current event F— UPs you refer to all go back to one source for the most part.

    • Yeah let’s talk about other stuff like…. you. Nah. Your life’s boring anyway.

  14. mel says:


    I find it disgusting and rude how you express yourself. Your words reflect that you do not have respect even for yourself.

  15. Ryunken says:

    Still… Whatever he thinks… His total scorecard of achievements are: ZERO! Nothing!

  16. Mike says:

    It is unfortunate that this site and its writers frequently resort to Ad Hominem attacks on President Aquino. Take this for example:

    “Let’s not forget to mention that the SWS is owned and operated by friends and family members of P-Noy.”

    Aquino, for his part, has not only refused to centralize the power of the executive branch unto himself like so many of his predecessors, but he has also empowered various institutions by laying his hands off of them thus allowing these institutions to do their work.

    Let’s take the hostage crisis as one example. Not a few have expressed their dismay over Aquino’s lack of “personal micromanagement” of the situation which has thus resulted into a catastrophe. In any modern and working democracy, the expectations are laid down for institutions to carry out their responsibilities, and the focus is shifted from the individual politician to the institution at work. In this context, the responsibility then lies solely on the Crisis Committee that was in charge of that operation. 

    Furthermore, I find this writer’s use of the term “Cultural DNA” disgusting because it not only shows the writer’s apparent lack of knowledge on the dynamics of molecular biology, but it also undermines the the capability of the Filipino based solely on anecdotal evidence and generalizations. 

    Try calling me a Pro-Aquino or whatever name you could think of and it’ll only show your incapability for intelligent discourse.

    • benign0 says:

      Guess again Mr “Mike“. I’ve got the perfect piece for your reading pleasure — food for your little mind, kung baga:

      The Economist weighs in on Noynoy Aquino’s First 100 Days

      The venerable Econcomist makes this terse assessment of Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s first 100 days in office in a 14th October report:

      Since taking office in June, he has proposed scant new legislation and promised little. His speeches are filled with platitudes and swipes at his unpopular predecessor, Gloria Arroyo-Macapagal. Nor is Mr Aquino obviously interested in foreign affairs; he is a reluctant flyer and has cancelled several trips abroad. “He’s not a statesman,” sniffs one Asian diplomat.

      They make other pointed observations…

      (1) “he has tiptoed around a disaster that took place in August after a disgraced former police officer hijacked a tourist bus in Manila”;

      (2) “[his government] is packed with people whose main qualification is their loyalty to his family”; and therefore,

      (3) his inclination to be fair in the dispensation of “justice” that was the cornerstone of his campaign blurbs are suspect: “Mr Aquino has ruled out prosecuting any official” and as such, “Rico Puno, the deputy interior minister, who also served President Corazon Aquino, the incumbent’s mother, […] will face no sanction”.

      Noynoy’s possible saving grace?


      Stick to his guns on his position on Reproductive Health

      According to a recent opinion poll, 64% of the electorate would support a politician who promoted “modern methods” of family planning. If Mr Aquino would take this as a vote of confidence in his nascent stand, he could do lasting good.

      It’s simple, really™ — though not for the small-minded.

      [Click here to share this comment on your Facebook profile!]

      As for your little insight on microbiology, well, that’s just that all-too-familiar manifestation of the inability of most Pinoys to grasp metaphors. In case you hadn’t noticed, “cultural DNA” is a metaphor — a written communication device — that you quite simply took a bit too literally in an interesting exhibition of the metaphorically challenged comprehension faculties of most Pinoys (from which much of the power of the Catholic Church is derived, if I might add).

      So if you believe that much of what we assert here on AntiPinoy.com are “based solely on anecdotal evidence and generalizations”, then why don’t YOU come up with insightful counter-arguments instead of going around stomping your feet about how “unfair” our “generalisations” are.

      Up to the challenge? 😀

      All together now:

      Kahol ng Bayan

      Marahil nga na nakakabagot
      Ang mga suliranin ng ‘sang Lipunang
      Sa kabiguan lamang nauuwi
      Mula munting pakitang-taong ambag
      Hangga’t sa mula pusong alay na palag.

      Makabuluhang resulta’y di inaasam
      Sa mga kilusang kinakamkam
      Bagama’t punto ng pag-alsa
      Kahit pinuno’y di alam
      Basta’t “sugod” ang kanyang damdam.

      Ngunit saysay ng sigaw di malaan
      Pagka’t kailan ma’y walang nakamit
      Na pag-unawa sa pinagmulang prinsipyong
      Makabuluhan kung mayroon man.

      Sa mga susunod na kabanata
      Ng kasaysayan ng bansa
      Ang paglitis ng madla
      Di magtutugma sa iba
      Kundi sa malinaw na pangamba:

      Pinoy nga naman talaga,
      Parang aso umasta
      Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo
      Sa tawag ng amo lang tatayo.

      [Dedicated to the Filipino “Revolutionary”
      by benign0, Lyricist Extraordinaire]

    • Jay says:

      Ah, looks like someone isn’t caught up. Sadly, we get MANY people like you.

      Aquino, for his part, has not only refused to centralize the power of the executive branch unto himself like so many of his predecessors, but he has also empowered various institutions by laying his hands off of them thus allowing these institutions to do their work.

      And have they accomplished anything besides false promises and delusions of grandeur? I like how you coined that he refused to centralize the power of the executive branch, meaning he wants no true accountability and lets not get to his sense of transparency as oppose to how Obama has done his. His predecessors (except his mother) despite having centralized the power, accomplished things not only due to being better statesmen, but were responsible enough with that power.

      In any modern and working democracy, the expectations are laid down for institutions to carry out their responsibilities, and the focus is shifted from the individual politician to the institution at work.

      Either you are a troll or dense. But I’m hinging on both. Regardless of how he runs things, he still has title of commander in chief of all armed forces in the Philippines and when disaster breaks out like that within proximity, most leaders are aware of that title to do what is best with that responsibility of theirs, with accountability in mind. When so much of that power and responsibility is vested upon those who put him there (namely the ignorant masses) it is only right to expect a professional and proper resolution handled by the authority figures.

      In this context, the responsibility then lies solely on the Crisis Committee that was in charge of that operation.

      The same crisis committee who don’t want to admit to their errors because no one was responsible enough to do the job right, with that mindset trickling sadly from the top (president) down to his pals in nice positions who are suppose to, as you say, their jobs. That is what happens when you have friends doing sensitive work, as opposed to professionals.

      , but it also undermines the the capability of the Filipino based solely on anecdotal evidence and generalizations.

      The best part is that there is TRUTH in those stereotypes! Unless it has been shown that Pinoys as a nation can do great things as a whole, there is no evidence to support YOUR perspective. As much as its the author’s opinion vs yours, the generalization stands true, especially when referring to the society and the nation as a whole. It doesn’t need empirical evidence, much like how somebody refuted the impact of remittances to the economy of the country by using GDP as a stat no less.

      Try calling me a Pro-Aquino or whatever name you could think of and it’ll only show your incapability for intelligent discourse.

      Well you surely were incapable of presenting any new perspectives regarding what was covered already, also without proving the author was seriously using ad-hominem. We’ve taken your arguments long before and pulled it apart. I’m rather sad then to see that this is the limits to your intelligence as nothing more than a long winded attempt at a troll-post.

    • ilda says:

      @Mike or Mr not Pro-Aquino

      It is very convenient of you to equate PNoy’s laziness to “…he has also empowered various institutions by laying his hands off of them thus allowing these institutions to do their work.”

      He is so hands-off that he is not even on top of things. Great job! NOT!

      FYI – cultural DNA refers to the personality of a society. The cultural DNA of our society influences its eventual success or failure. What is your evidence that it is in our collective personality to be competitive compared to other ethnic groups?

    • Oh, you’re not a pro-Noynoy. You just happen to look blindly at the things that he does and represent. Open your eyes, pro-blindness.

  17. ChinoF says:

    “Let’s not forget to mention that the SWS is owned and operated by friends and family members of P-Noy.”

    This is a fact, not an ad hominem. Look up first our own article on it, then look at this external source. Also, it shows that relatives’ and friends’ interests override that of our country for this administration. As if that wasn’t obvious with Puno.

  18. Self-righteous says:

    Ad hominem daw yung tungkol sa survey firms? Mr. Mike, parang may katulad kayo sa pagpapalusot. Parang si….


  19. boombox says:

    That’s what friends are for…

    bagay talaga sa admin ni Ngoy ang kanta ni Dionne Warwick…

    • Jay says:

      Only in da Philippines, where everyone promotes friends/family mixing with business. Yes, government BUSINESS!

      • miriam quiamco says:

        yes, this was quite apparent during SONA, members of the legislature worried more about fashion with their friends and family attending it, government business is trivial business, no wonder we are lagging behind our neighbors in southeast asia.  i don’t ever recall seeing members of families and friends of u.s. legislators attending such an important state function, what is wrong with our culture, can’t distinguish trivia from serious business.

    • ilda says:

      He can’t function without them. He would be totally lost.

  20. I will never get enough of articles that stomp of the pseudo surveys that lie about our president. Actually the lie is less about Noynoy but more about the respondents and the survey results. Not that surveys were not taken at all. The lie there is the sources’ connection to the president. The media seem to pick on the survey results and use it as if it’s they are legitimate sources of information that represents the real mental and emotional condition of the Filipinos. Of course, such survey do not. No one in the media and the press even bothers to question that factor. And just this morning I read on The Philippine Star that 8 out of 10 pinoys now trust Noynoy more than ever. Whaaat?! — the desperation to keep the people on feeling positive even if feeling positive is no longer the issue to achieving a reformed nation. And why do I see such survey results being used almost on a daily basis? What’s the purpose? Mental and emotional conditioning? I dare them to publish the respondents and pieces of their demographic information that are permissible to be printed, listed on television and enumerated on the radio.

  21. frustratedcitizen says:

    People here in AP(except for the ones attacking the articles of this site) are the ones NOT blinded by the false surveys. I really hate it when SWS lets out survey results and the rest of the common Filipinos(which is, about 90%?!?) follow and heed what the survey states. 😦 ugh….

    I’ve stopped watching mainstream TV since you’ll notice that the news is sorely biased. Added to that is PNoy’s face all over the news, SWS, combined with news of everyday deaths, deaths, and more deaths…

    another informative piece Mam Ilda, good job!

    • Jay says:

      Though it does get repetitive, I think AP has homed in that after 100 days, we told you so. PNoy’s only salvation is showing some cojones with the RH Bill, because he has struck out since then. There are many who will listen to the criticisms and try conclude if people are trying to see perfection in him. Sadly, the issue isn’t even about perfection. Get past the glitz, glam and parity and it all boils down to performance in the end of the day. Forget perfection when his admin has shown total ineptitude and pretty much almost begging for a BongBong Marcos presidency in 2016. And if it does go through, I’m not surprised considering how the system is ran by ignorant bosses.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks frustratedcitizen!

      Pinoys do not learn their lesson that’s why the new articles here at AP always refer back to the same subject matter. The same old sh*t (SOS) keeps happening in the Phils and the only thing that changes are the players. Add a few more years and when you read old AP articles, it would be like reading a history book.  😉

  22. Pulis na pogi says:

    Congrats to Nick of Filipino Voices for getting recently engaged. Pics and video of proposal are here: http://www.rochellesychua.com/2010/10/and-our-journey-begins-the-proposal.html

    • ilda says:

      Ughh.. oh man! Why, oh why did you have to paste that link here! The bigger question is: why did I watch that video up to the very end?!? Dang! Major goosebumps!!! Not that there is anything wrong with being in love and getting engaged. I just don’t like drama queens. And I’m not talking about the bride to be.

      No wonder Nick abandoned FV, he is in love. Reminds me of John Lennon when he fell in love with Yoko Ono – the rest of the Beatles were totally ignored, hehe. Congrats to the lovebirds!

      But anyway, it’s good to see how the emos live from time to time because it makes me realise how great my life is. 😉



      • Pulis na Pogi says:

        Ilda, you finished the vid because I know that you are a romantic at heart 🙂 Why did I post this? Well I was surprised (and I suppose most of you as well) of what Nick turned out to be. I was expecting a promdi simple minded type. But if you look at the vid, he seems to be a conyo-englishero type na may authentic Chinese roots pa (hindi yung pa-chinese roots kunyari ba). Also, I hope seeing our “adversary” in a more human light will give us perspective which hopefully leads to moderation next time we decide to whack our misguided Pinoy brothers and sisters for not using their brains.

      • ilda says:

        Handsome Cop,

        You are mistaking me and everyone else here for Jet Hernandez. He is the only one who had a big enough axe to grind against Nick. Jet even nicknamed him Nick the pr*ck. I never even had a debate with Nick because he was never around to be totally engaged to the commenters in FV.

        There should have been nothing personal about the differences in our opinion. The likes of Nick are the ones who take things personally, unfortunately. I am not even angry at Nick for not publishing my articles in FV. I am eternally grateful that he did not publish them because I would have regretted being associated with that defunct site if he did.

        Of course I am a romantic. Nick is just not my type. I prefer men who are stoic. Men who do not show too much of their emotion in public; someone like Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice or Han Solo from the Star Wars Saga. They can be reluctant at first because they do not want to make hasty decisions but in the end, they show their bravery and passion once they have decided that something/someone is worth fighting for (like the love of their life) 😉

  23. danielle krist terbio says:

    this site is very funny…obviously its anti PNOY forum…this is sick! may nagawa bah kau sa bansa natin…?simpleng pagtapon ng basura nagagawa nyu bah…?simpleng pagsunod sa batas trapiko nasusunod nyu bah…?ngbabayad bah kayo ng tax on time…?ano bah ngawa nyu sa bansa sa ilang taon nyu nang paninirahan dito…?ang gnagawa nyu ay very negative…and honestly,di kau nakakatulong sa bansa…di namin kailangan ng mala einstein nah presidente,what we need is honesty and takot sa diyos nah mkagawa ng masama sa kapwa which we never see from the previous leaders…embis nah magsasatsat kau,tumulong nlng kau…pwede bah…?

    • BongV says:

      lumang tanong. answered that one million times over. tumigil ka bago ka sampalin ng mag-asawang sampal 😆

      • danielle krist terbio says:

        kng ganyan nlng dn gagawin moh,wag nlng…nareremind lng aq ng d mgandang asal ng mga pinoy…mabibigat ang kamay…ganyan bah gnagawa moh sa mga minordi edad…?okay lng,pro sana pg ngawa moh un,mging msaya ka…at sna dn mtahimik konsensya moh…mg ingat poh kau…

    • thepathofheaven says:

      honesty and takot sa diyos? do you honestly believe p-noy have those kind of attributes? haha you’re the one who’s funny here kid. Yung mga authors dito is trying their best to show the filipinos the truth behind those b*llshit that our president and the media is doing.

      I strongly believe this site helped many filipinos like me realize what is really going on in our country. i mean come on pnoy lied to many filipinos already, di mo ba nakikita? wake up dude. many of us now is in the real world 😉

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        If PNoy DID have those traits, he would have manned up and used his God-given BRAINS, instead of keeping them tucked up his sorry ass. Unfortunately, it’s heads-up-asses for that fvck.

      • danielle krist terbio says:

        ano ngagawa ng best nla…?sa ganitong paraan lng bah pwedeng hikayatin ang mga pinoy pra sa pag babagaong hinahanap nyu…?ang gnagawa nyu eh encouragement sa mga pinoy pra mg aklas…at ano masusunod…?mauulit nnman ang madugong people power…if your happy to it,cge carry on…mapipigailan bah kita…?kng ganun ka katalino,gumawa ka rin ng mbuti sa paraan ng Diyos…

    • ilda says:


      Quote: “this site is very funny..

      Ganyan naman talaga ang majority ng Pinoy, pinag-tatawanan lang ang problema imbes na seriosohin. Hinde naman kita kilala, bakit mo kailangang alamin ang mga nagawa ko?

      Obviously, you are a P-Noy fan so anything we say will be useless to you. Sarado na utak mo dahil para sayo lahat ng gawin ni P-Noy ay A-OK!

      Maigi nga na magsama-sama na lang kayong mga hinde nag-iisip. Kung ako lang ang masusunod, papa-tatuan ko lahat ng mga bumoboto sa mga bobo para hinde na maubos oras namin sa kaka-kausap sa inyo.

      BTW, this is not an anti-PNoy site, this is more of an anti-bobo site.

      Have a nice day! 😉

      • danielle krist terbio says:

        sa pg kakaalam q kac,kahit kailan nman eh wlang nging tamang presidente sa pilipinas…lahat meh kamalian…lahat ng problemang toh eh ngsimula noong kapanahunan ni juan at pedro…after elections,mas ng eenjoy mga pnoy na mag debati at di pgkakaunawaan…just making it clear…im not fun of anyone…esp politicians…skin lng wlang taong ganun katalino at wlang taong bobo…lahat ngkakamali,lahat di perpekto…kng ganun lng dn  nman sana ikaw nlng tumakbo,hindi maaaring sa isang araw eh msosolve moh lahat ng prob sa pilipinas…bakit bah d gumiginhawa sa buhay sa pilipinas…?eh dba pag meh naicp nah mgandang gawin eh maraming kumokontra,tsaka marami pang pnagdadaanang proseso at ahensya bago mgawa…maraming tao ang involve hindi lng isa…kng kaya moh baguhin pilipinas tumakbo bah sa susunod nah eleksyon,mgpakilala ka at sa susunod eh pwede nah q bumoto…

      • ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

        Red herring naman ang isang ito.

      • ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

        Saka po kumpleto naman siguro ang mga letra sa keyboard ninyo, right? Baka po pwede paki kumpleto yung sulat ninyo next time. Wala naman pong limit yung text boxt.

  24. anonymous bosch says:

    The trolls are getting hungrier than ever…

    Tama nga si iida: P-Noy Fan ka.

    “embis nah magsasatsat kau,tumulong nlng kau…pwede bah…?”

    Oo naman pwede yun. Pero ang dating ay mag-bubulag-bulagan dapat kami sa mga pagkakamali ni P-Noy. Sorry, pero hindi ganun ang buhay eh. He’s not a VIP among presidents na wala tayong karapatang mang-criticize sa kanya. Habang hindi maayos ang pagtatakbo nya sa bansa, we have all the reasons to voice out yung kanyang mga shortcomings.

    Good day to you.

  25. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    Yang troll na yan ang isa sa mga dahil kung bakit madaming gustong umalis dito.

    Pag walang pakisama, di ka pilipino, lumayas ka ng pilipinas movement.

    Mga baliw. Ayaw kong mamatay na tanga at sunud sunuran.

    • anonymous bosch says:

      At laos na laos na talaga ang nationalism? I think we Filipinos need a crash course in Soviet History and North Korean History. Kasi kung naghari ang mga isipan na ito, magiging katulad lang tayo ng dalawang bansang binanggit ko.

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