Trillanes amnesty: "perfectly legal", but is it right?

According to the empress of Jolog Central in her recent published “insight” on the cutting loose of mutineer “Senator” Antonio Trillanes and his mob, “Trillanes and company never stole a single centavo from the government”. I say perhaps. But in my book Trillanes and his band of bandits did something worse. His actions contributed to undermining the stability of the state and perception overseas of the Philippines as a viable market to invest in and do business with.

Any moron can grandstand about attracting foreign investment. Indeed, it is the job of whoever is sitting in Malacanang — whether it be the current President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, former president Gloria Arroyo, or whoever the hell else — to mouth off such platitudes. Competing for capital (whether domestic- or foreign-originated) is an underlying principle of development economics in any country. It is a principle that is, in fact, hardly debatable.

The trouble is, principles reside below the thin layer of vacuous politics that turbulently sloshes across the surface of the national consciousness. And the reality is that the Philippines is populated largely by people whose faculties for comprehending issues rarely penetrates deeper than this thin layer of petty politics and into the underlying principles.

Ellen Tordesillas quite perfectly embodies this inability to see past politics and into simple principles. To the typically small Filipino mind, Trillanes represents a “fight” against a person. To bigger minds, however, Trillanes and the act of rebellion he committed resulted in an undermining of an idea that is the core of our aspirations as a people — the idea that in a modern state, one composed of thinking people, there are disciplines to be taken to heart, processes to be observed, and structures to be applied.

The conceptual haven of most bozos who fail to grasp such principles is the letter of the Law. And true to form, Tordesillas makes this rather hollow-headed assertion:

I [Tordesillas] ask [state prosecutor Juan Pedro] Navera: Is there anything illegal in the President’s issuance of Proclamation 50 [granting amnesty to Trillanes and his band of bandits]?

Of course there is nothing illegal about Proclamation 50. That is in fact an argument for the lawyers whose job it is to argue on the basis of the letter of the Law. As for the rest of us online pundits, I’d like to think that there is the bigger debate to be had — one that is conducted around the spirit of the Law. The Law is but a mere document composed of words formed from an alphabet of a mere 26 letters that strives to but, in practice, imperfectly captures this spirit. As such the real debate from which real insight can be taken is necessarily grounded on said spirit.

In a society infested by lawyers, it is quite amusing to behold a blogger of Tordesillas’s stature deferring to the jargon of a profession that contributed mightily to running the country aground. Indeed, there is “nothing illegal” about Noynoy’s issuing Proclamation 50, just as there was nothing legal in a bunch of “soldiers” storming the premises of a business establishment, endangering the lives of civilians using high powered weapons purchased using public funds, and breaking the chain of command of what is supposed to be the most discipline-oriented institution in any state.


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42 Responses to Trillanes amnesty: "perfectly legal", but is it right?

  1. red says:

    hmmm… so I guess it IS okay to launch a rebellion with high powered firearms purchased using taxpayers money… Mendoza was on the right track all along!

  2. ricelander says:

    “…there are disciplines to be taken to heart, processes to be observed, and structures to be applied.”

    You were referring to legal procedures, right?

    To which one could also ask, if the results offend his senses: “Is it right?”

  3. i guess it’s President Noynoy who’s clearly making a mockery of our judicial system and the way the military is run. this amnesty coming from the president who stated for the record on newspapers that he only appoints people he trusts which means without trust he won’t want to work with a certain person.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      That pezzo di merda! If the guys he trusts are the guys NOT SUITED for the job, does that mean he’ll still appoint the fooks?!

      • kusinero says:

        He already did. Look at Rico Puno, no qualifications whatsoever, but he’s the shooting mentor of our president. Now he heads the PNP!

        I do think penoy’s concept is this:
        Guns = pareng Rico
        PNP = has guns
        pareng Rico = PNP head

  4. BenK says:

    I’m not sure it is legal; maybe somebody ought to ask Bencard. It only seems legal to me if the principle that “the president can do whatever the hell he wants” is part of the law.

  5. kusinero says:

    The sad truth in pinas is this: Crime pays. Especially true if you are a big time criminal.

    Nobody gets punished anyway, so if you want to steal, steal millions!

    If you want to make yourself heard and sabotage the country’s economy in the process, but making sure you go scot free, barricade a high end hotel! Or just make enough ruckus on it through the media so that pinoys from Aparri to Jolo know you enough to make you a household name. Who knows, they might elect you as senator 🙂



    • Dr. José Rizal II says:

      Juandelacruz = JUAN TAMAD


      • ricelander says:

        You can do better than that.

        Simply put, what’s the good argument for releasing Trillanes and what is yours for not. Amnesties are pardons, as far as I could see. There are its drawbacks and gains of course that do not compute well with logic, but in the same manner that when wives and husbands or quarreling neighbors settle their wars, the one keeping the score keeps his quiet lest he lets out the count and the war begins again.

        I voted for Trillanes and I am for the pardon. His rebellion, at least to me, was born out of a genuine offense to his values not because he wants part of the loot.

    • boombox says:

      Cool Story Bro…

    • Hyden Toro says:

      @Juan de la Cruz….Noynoy Aquino maybe better than us. At least, we are not Liars and Cowards. We don’t deceive people by improvised surveys, owned by any of our relatives. We don’t promise people we can do the job as President; then; become incompetent as President. We don’t hire Media people to deceive voters by misinformation. We don’t own any Hacienda Luisita, acquired by dubious means. Our families fought against the Japanese, during World War II. They did not collaborated with the Japanese Imperial Army. We don’t protect friends receiving “Jueteng’ bribes. We don’t hide, or sleep during Hostage Situations.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      I would rather betray a people with no sense of honor than remain loyal to it, selling my soul to mindless slave wenches such as yourself, barbarian. My conscience can not abide loyalty to the dishonorable.

  7. kristine0019 says:

    If P-Noy can grant pardon to Trillanes and his cohorts, why can’t he released the Morong 43? In my opinion, the Morong 43, not Trillanes, deserves to be released.

  8. peste says:

    Funny thing. These same people are now hiding behind legality the same way Gloria had. And back then, they were the ones ranting about things being legal but not right.

    • Dante R says:

      heh heh heh… Noynoy administrasyon,… cronyism and kalokohan inside Malakanyang, walang ipinagbago.

      Mon Tulfo reports:
      Perhaps Aquino doesn’t know this, but those close to him are running circles around him. Unimpeachable sources in Malacañang told me about a high Palace official who allegedly charges P5 million from prospective appointees for the position of undersecretary and P3 million for assistant secretary. The money is coursed through his close aides.

      Another Malacañang official was allegedly confronted by one of the President’s sisters after she learned that the official was demanding P1 million from applicants for the government’s prosecution service.

  9. Markad says:

    This is what we get with a dysfunctional principles. Stephen Covey said that principles are absolute not like character but the way Filipino do things show otherwise. Tsk…

  10. Dante R says:

    Maybe Noynoy gave Trillanes a pardon in recognition that Trillanes despite “handicaps – ahemm ahemm” and less years in Congress has produced more laws than Congressman- and later-on- Senador Benigno Aquiino III.

    Or maybe Noynoy is just sending a message to the AFP higher-ups that military procedures and laws about rebellion are to be ignored at the discretion of Malacanang-prerogatives.

  11. Hyden Toro says:

    This Rebellion Phenomenom was started by opportunists like: Ramos, Enrile and his son-in-law Honasan. These people wanted power, during the time. However, the U.S./C.I.A. backed up the late Cory Aquino. The U.S. needed the renewal of the U.S. Bases agreement. They removed Marcos, because Marcos wanted the U.S. Bases out. The U.S. used their C.I.A. agents like Ramos to overthrow the Dictator, on the pretext of bringing Democracy. Like what they had done to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Iraqui oil was what they want; not a Democracy in Iraq.
    Trillanes has no political ideology. He did not have any good alternative solutions to the problems facing Gloria Arroyo. He rebeled to be elected as Senator. And, he was elected. The pardon of Trillanes by Noynoy Aquino is a matter of poor judgement. It is legal to him; but it may cause him his Presidency; or even his life; if worse comes to worse. Nonoy Aquino should understand that:he cannot Fool people all the time.

  12. Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

    Here’s a quiz for you Benignoy:

    When the moled pandak made a public declaration in front of the bronze statue of Jose Rizal not to run for election because, according to her, she has become the main cause of divisiveness in the country yet proceeded to run anyway; what principle did she violate?

    a) Archimedes’ principle
    b) Newton’s law
    c) Zuckerberg’s theorem
    d) all of the above

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Both of them are liars. However, Noynoy Aquino is the worse liar. He is also coward and incompetent. He hired Media people to praise him. He hired psuedo Bloggers like you. How much is he paying you? He deceived people thru contrive surveys, owned by his relatives. He used his Whore sister in politics. He protects his Hacienda Luisita, which was acquired by his family by dubious means.

      • Anti-pinoy Idiots says:

        Dear Hyden,
           What’s a psuedo Blogger?

      • Hyden Toro says:

        @Anti pinoy Idiots…You Idiot, you think yourself as smart? So you call other people blogging here idiots?

      • kristine0019 says:

        I don’t know which President is worse:

        a. One who “hires media people and pseudo-bloggers to praise him, deceives people through surveys, uses his whore sister in politics and protects Hacienda Luisita.” Add to these the pardoning of Trillanes and the coddling of Puno.
        b. One who won the 2004 elections through cheating (“I am sorry” speech, anyone?), pardoned a convicted plunderer, masterminded the NBN-ZTE deal and coddled the perpetrators of the worst election-related violence in history (Maguindanao Massacre – 57 people dead).

        Note: I am not associated with or a paid hack of any politician/organization/company/what-have-you. Sinulat ko itong comment na ito sa bahay namin gamit ang isang Internet connection na binabayaran namin nang tama at malinis. Alam ko napaka-paranoid ng dating ko, pero kasi, maraming taong makikitid ang utak. Makabasa/makarinig lang ng opinyon na iba sa pinaniniwalaan nila, kung anu-ano na ang itatawag sa iyo (“bayaran,” “tanga,” “bobo,” etc.).

      • Hyden Toro says:

        We are all getting Paranoid, because of these people.

      • Enlightened Filipino says:

        The “I am sorry” speech did not prove anything. Listen to the Garci tapes and the speech again before you needlessly flap your gums. XD

        I seriously recommend that you stop snorting that Yellow Journalism you are always hooking up with.

      • Antay-antayan says:

        Are you saying that the people here are paid hacks? Hmmmm.

    • peste says:

      The opposition then could’ve prevented Gloria from running again and hold her to that “oath”. (Seriously, you trusted her about that? Hahahaha!) Instead, they got divided between Lacson and FPJ, and Gloria saw an opportunity. The opposition deserved the butthurt that they got after that.

      • Enlightened Filipino says:

        Agreed, CGMA saved the Philippines from FPJ. She spared the Country, albeit for another 6 years, from incompetency. I even openly campaigned for her. I realized then and there that Filipinos had never learned the ERAP lesson. 

        Side Note:

        IF you see a shiny, expensive car, hummer, SUV or any of the high-end cars with a Yellow ribbon sticker in the front or back, then who is behind the wheel?

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Response to the side note:

        {And I must scream… BIG TIME!) 8(

        The driver is most likely an empty mind that is more easily broken. Failing that, the owner of the PNoy-supporting vehicle.

      • Enlightened Filipino says:

        Answer: It’s an Obligarch. 😀

  13. Ricardo says:

    Ganti lang ni Penoy yan ng pinalaya ni Pres. GMA yung mga pumatay sa tatay nya. Bengador talaga si Abnoy

  14. kristine0019 says:

    “The “I am sorry” speech did not prove anything. Listen to the Garci tapes and the speech again before you needlessly flap your gums. XD

    I seriously recommend that you stop snorting that Yellow Journalism you are always hooking up with.”

    —> Sinabi ko lang yung mga kontrobersyang kinasangkutan ni GMA, “Yellow Journalism” na kaagad? OA mo, ah. My point there is that parehas lang si Noynoy at si GMA.

    Ano kaya kung sinabihan kita ng “bayaran ni GMA” dahil sa pro-GMA comment mo? Eto na nga ba ang sinasabi kong “kakitiran ng utak ng mga tao.” Makabasa lang ng mga komento na hindi nila gusto, puro ad hominem attacks na kaagad ang ibabato sa iyo.

    @ antay-antayan:

    “Are you saying that the people here are paid hacks? Hmmmm.”

    —> Wala akong sinasabing ganyan. Ang sabi ko lang, “Alam ko napaka-paranoid ng dating ko, pero kasi, maraming taong makikitid ang utak. Makabasa/makarinig lang ng opinyon na iba sa pinaniniwalaan nila, kung anu-ano na ang itatawag sa iyo (“bayaran,” “tanga,” “bobo,” etc.).” Yun lang.

    • anonymous bosch says:

      May mga anti-Noynoy rin rito na makikitid ang utak gaya ng karamihan ng mga pro-Noynoy.
      Matamaan yung mga kalaban ni Noynoy/kung sino mang sinusuporta nila = Yellow Journalism.
      Matamaan si Noynoy = Paid hack ng mga kalaban niya.

      You’re very observant.

      • kristine0019 says:

        Thanks for the compliment. Thanks for the open-minded reply as well.

      • Enlightened Filipino says:

        The Reality is, The Noynoy Administration is ALL Marketing pitch, and NO Business plan. 😉

        We are not anti-noynoy, We’re just being painfully truthful.

    • Antay-antayan says:

      Hmmm. Baka unpaid hacks. =)

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