Tweet made Carandang look like a twit

Philippine President, Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) is surrounded by a bunch of morons. We already know this fact. However, it seems that they have to constantly prove the level of their incompetence to the entire nation and even to the world on a regular basis. It is not enough that they commit their gaffes inside the country. Some of his staff go on to act like giddy teenagers who have yet to learn some manners. This is evident in the way they take delight in talking like bitches behind other people’s back.

Was he trying to save his own ass?

While accompanying P-Noy on his first ASEAN summit meeting in Vietnam, Presidential speech writer Carmen “Mai” Mislang posted what could be the most damning evidence of misguided Filipino pride and arrogance.

When Mislang posted derogatory messages about the host nation of the summit, she not only insulted the Vietnamese people, she also demonstrated that she has no sense of humility. Her behavior is right up the President’s alley, I suppose. Apparently, Mislang is behind all those speeches that are full of motherhood statements that P-Noy has been spewing since being sworn into office. P-Noy must have hired her not just because he likes her style of writing, but also because she is an aspiring wine connoisseur.

Unfortunately, her Twitter messages during the trip to Vietnam left a bad taste in not just P-Noy’s critics mouths, but also his own supporters’. Last I saw, commenters in of some of the public forums that were a haven for P-Noy supporters before and during the election had nothing good to say about her. One commenter even wrote, “Barkada mentality sila lahat sa Palasyo ni PNoy. They suck!!!

It would be an understatement if we said that she was being an idiot when she broadcast to her Twitter account followers how “the wine sucks” referring to the drinks served in the Vietnamese banquet attended by some of the world leaders. Considering she is a speechwriter, it can be said that her wit was obviously not in attendance that night.

She could have been more creative and said instead that “the wine is not of a suitable vintage” with an accompanying emoticon or something. She just had to use language more appropriate for a ladette or a woman who behaves in a crude manner while engaged in heavy drinking. I don’t even know why people think that her boss, Ricky Carandang should be off the hook because he initially didn’t mind her inappropriate behavior and seemed to share her disappointment when he responded to her tweet by asking, “red or white?.” This contradicts his statement to the media, which was, “I got mad at her, I reprimanded her.” Was Carandang blatantly lying or what?

Her other twitter messages make it very fitting to refer to her as a space cadet. She must think that she is some kind of hottie or Jennifer Aniston look-alike, otherwise she wouldn’t have said the words, “Sorry pero walang pogi ditto.” Excuse me, last I checked, she is not exactly surrounded by Brad Pitt look-alikes in Malacanang either. Plus sized DILG undersecretary Rico Puno, anyone? Don’t get me started on P-Noy’s looks…

To be fair she became wittier with her tweets later on when she described the traffic condition in Hanoi and said “Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die”, though it is not as if the jeepney “laden” streets in the Philippines are among the safest in the world. What was she thinking, really? In her apology she said that offending anybody was never her intention. What was the intention, really? Either she is dumb or she thinks we are dumb. Either way, her apology is still an insult to peoples’ intelligences.

Could it be that she is just your average Filipino who cannot accept the fact that just over a decade ago Vietnam was not even at par with the Philippines and that now the previously war-torn country has overtaken us economically and has even become a favorite tourist destination worldwide? I can’t imagine why she would send negative messages about a country that though had gone through so much hardship during the Vietnam War now stands tall as a potentially profitable trade partner of the Philippines.

True to form, Presidential spokesman, Ricky Carandang is playing it down by saying that the Vietnamese people were not offended. Well, to be sure, the Vietnamese people are NOT like Filipinos because if someone insulted us in the same way, Filipinos would be up in arms protesting and asking for an official apology from none other than the Vietnamese leader himself.

In another moronic statement, Carandang kept saying that he still doesn’t know how to tackle the issue of social media involving Malacanang staff. To quote:

“I haven’t formally reviewed it. I just told them, I don’t want anyone tweeting for the next couple of days while I figure out what to do. I don’t want them tweeting for now until I figure out what the rules are. I said Twitter. Maybe we’ll do the FB [Facebook] as well.”

“I haven’t really thought about the specifics of it. When I was in my old job, we had policies for social networking. And that’s the general way that I was looking at it. Pero iba ang private media sa government. So, I think mas mahigpit yung sa government kaysa sa private media. Yung guidelines when I was in my old job were a little looser, and I think there’s a need for stricter guidelines especially since this is government, it’s not private sector,

Great! The boss of the communication team in Malacanang has no immediate direction to give his staff or the mainstream media. This further proves his amateurish abilities. This is even further proof that on the job training in some of the most sensitive positions in the land can have dramatic repercussions to our reputation overseas.

The solution is simple Mr Carandang. Social media is here to stay. What you need to do is replace the people in Malacanang with competent and professional staff; with decent people who are more sensitive about other people’s feelings. Maybe you should think about quitting yourself.

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  1. manzi says:

    i actually like carandang when he was still in the ANC and I was very delighted when AbNoy put him on his team. Maybe that was just post-election optimism in my part but i believed that despite AbNoy’s invitation Carandang would remain true to his journalistic roots and be impartial. but sadly nowadays he has become the presidential ass-wiper.

    marahil sumasakit na rin ang ulo ni Carandang sa kagaguhan ng Malacanang. Yun nga lang AbNoy’s got him by the balls.

    • ilda says:

      Well, it is now becoming really obvious that Carandang does not have control of his job and his own staff.

      He even stressed that Mislang’s job is safe despite the gaffe because she and P-Noy go way back when he was still in the Senate. I mean, does that even make any sense?!? Whether P-Noy met her 10 years ago or just yesterday, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether she is fit for the job or not. It is obvious that she is not. All the speeches she has written so far did not have any substance and now she has shown that she has a lousy character.

      She is not fit to be in Malacanang and Carandang needs to handle it like a real boss.

      • UP nn grad says:

        The gaffes and mismanagement in the Noynoy inner-circle continue to 👿 corrode, and if Noynoy 😀 thinks he personally is insulated from it all, he should think again. Someone who, 4 months ago, was a rabid pro-Noynoy now writes “…mukhang PNoy’s dramatics about accountability during the campaign eh hindi totoo. Mga rhetorics lang pala. “.

      • manzi says:

        at the risk of sounding crass and pervy.. maybe she’s sampling the fine “presidential wine” / “Katas ni Noynoy” from time to time.. which probably explains why AbNoy is very forgiving and treats the whole mess as “lighthearted joke”

      • JOn says:

        Just wondering Mai Mislang is so immature to be the country’s presidential speech writer. How old is she?  

      • ilda says:

        I heard she is 29 years old. That’s old to still be acting like a giddy teenager.

  2. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    *coughs* Federico Pascual *coughs*


    Ano ka ba naman, bati ba naman iyan, pinapatulan mo pa, ang babaw mo talaga kahit kailan. Wala ka ba namang ibang pwedeng gawin sa buhay mo kundi mag-reklamo tungkol sa mga non-issues na sangkot ang administrasyong Aquino eh?

    • ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

      Ang saya talaga sa fb page ni Noynoy Aquino. Wat u sey?

    • ilda says:

      Ang galing naman magbulag-bulagan ni JUANDELACRUZ. Even some high profile Noynoy supporters who were so actively defending him before the election are now pointing his gaffes but you are still roaming around the blogosphere making it look like we are just imagining things.

      Why don’t you just hang around Pro-Pinoy or Kuro-Kuro if you don’t have the stomach to read about the truth anyway? Those sites only write good things about your idol P-Noy so you can continue living your fairy tale uninterrupted.


      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Let him go, ilda. For all we care, he can go and self-fornicate while making his obeisance to his “god” called PNoy. Let him go to those two sites where he can worship PNoy without fear of learning the bitter truth, because frankly, such empty minds are not worth paying attention to.

        Safety and peace to you.

      • ilda says:

        The fact the he can’t resist coming here means he knows that we make sense Aegis. He is just being a typical Pinoy who cannot accept that he made a mistake in voting for Pinoy. This is precisely the reason why we as a people will never be united. Most Pinoys are sore losers.

  4. UP nn grad says:

    There is hope for Pilipinas…. if more and more Pinoys in Pinas realize :neutral:, as One commenter even wrote, “Barkada mentality sila lahat sa Palasyo ni PNoy. They suck!!!”

    • ChinoF says:

      It’s like these guys are treating every state trip into a state of tripping. Trip sila dito, lait sila diyan, etc…. di nila alam, makakasakit na. After that, sila naman ang mapapag-tripan. 

    • ilda says:

      There is no hope for the Philippines if people like JUANDELACRUZ continue to defend P-Noy and the people around him even when they make lots of errors which can have devastating affect to the reputation of the country.

  5. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    Yung BFF Puno niya, nakalusot, eto pa kayang feeling maganda na speechwriter niya?

  6. mix says:

    I think, that even if the worst wine was served to them, as diplomats representing our country, everyone should just have kept their mouths shut. Making those kinds of public statements are simply uncalled for and unprofessional

    “True to form, Presidential spokesman, Ricky Carandang is playing it down by saying that the Vietnamese people were not offended.”

    This reminded me of Claire Danes’ comments way back in ’98. We even declared persona non grata. Now the PNoy entourage wants a free pass? Bilog nga ang mundo :))

  7. Hyden Toro says:

    A saying goes:”Birds of the Same feather flock together”. Their Boss, Noynoy Aquino is an imbecile. What would you expect his staff be?

  8. Hyden Toro says:

    The main purpose of Noynoy Aquino going to Vietnam was: to Beg for rice to Buy; so that the Filipinos will not Starve. Not only he has degenerated this Nation to Medicants of Asia. He has some People in his Staff, who are immature and behaving like children. Look at Sec. Puno, confessing, he accepted Bribes. He is not presecuted, removed or even given a little lecture from his Boss. “Kinunsinti ang Tarantado”. Carandang and staff are too young. They don’t have experiences and proper exposures. They don’t have proper manners also; which are important in international diplomacy.

    • UP nn grad says:

      There is a high-intensity crackdown by Vietnam on political bloggers (and it also included jail-time for Catholic villagers protesting about a cemetery), and Noynoy Aquino has not mentioned his concerns about this —- not to the host Vietnam and not even to Pilipinas reporters.

      Baka siya matanong tungkol sa Morong 43 at tungkol sa Hacienda Luisita.

  9. brianitus says:

    In fairness to that lady, di nya siguro akalain na may tumitingin din sa FB/ Twitter pages nya.  She must’ve forgotten that she represents her bosses and her bosses’ bosses — tayo yun.  
    She must’ve forgotten that she wasn’t there for the wine, the guys and the traffic report…or was she?    Nalimutan nya na hindi na siya ordinaryong trabahador na puwede basta humirit ng ganun.

    Anyway, just goes to show how much miscommunication is there over at the communications group.  In a way, I pity the president.  It’s tough running a country tapos may ganyan ganyan pang kilos ng mga tao nya.

    • ilda says:

      I don’t pity the President at all because he chose his staffs and he can also get rid of them if they don’t perform. I can’t imagine hiring my friends as my staff anyway. That’s just crazy.

      How does he differentiate between work and play nowadays with that kind of relationship? Does he spend the whole day with his friends in Malacanang and then proceed to go for drinks with them after 5pm? That’s perfect for him but not for everyone else.

  10. Lilly says:

    A government-employed speechwriter without any knowledge of basic diplomacy skills. Why am I not so surprised.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Hey… the woman; just had a drink too many of a lousy wine…it imploded inside her stupid brain…it was good she did not stripped naked, infront of her hosts…Hey… Ricky Carandang…it would had been a show…

  11. juanaindaydelacruz says:

    the Filipino people ought to be enlightened with the fact that there exist a ‘BARKADA’ mentality between the President and his staff.  Typical bachelor attitude maybe? So apparent with Mr. Aquino’s leniency in dealing with his erring subordinates and getting incompetent people to work for him out of pakikisama (e.g. hiring classmates and friends).

    • UP nn grad says:

      That is so dangerous — the Barkada Mentality for Malacanang.

      What it says is that Noynoy is an extremely lousy 🙄 executive and he does not know when to recognize those actions by his inner circle that does damage to Malacanang in particular and to Pilipinas the country. That is very dangerous. This is so much of that “…. what are we in power for?” type of behavior.

      Rico Puno justifies the damage he has done to Pilipinas with “…. aba, okay lang kay Presidente, ano ang masasabi ninyo?” 🙄

      • Hyden Toro says:

        If a common government employee receives bribes. He/She will be subject to administrative charges of bribery. If a high government official, who is in charge of the Police, confessed that he received bribes. No one is investigating him. What is this? The law is applied to me, because I’m just an ordinary folk. The law is not applied to the High and Mighty, because their Boss is in Power? EDSA Mania, turns to REALITY.

    • ChinoF says:

      They’ll probably explain that this is a good organizational model, for the company or organization to be like a “barkada,” believing that this is what “horizontal” leadership is like. Thing is, this is one of the best models for the organization to become less serious about its work. Also, it smacks too much of the “kakilala first” thing which our culture can be notorious for. 

      • MKDL Studios says:

        Sir, for example, I get to work in a film project directed by Raymond Red or Brillante Mendoza, but I have the necessary schematics (ideas for cast, crew, story, music) to build one movie for him. The main problem is that, during the production phases, I want my own “platoon” of college friends (mostly MassCom students) to support the film project (assuming that they are well-educated, with super high standards of morality, as long as they don’t imitate PNoy and his cabal), but only if I cannot find anyone else to do the work for me. Should I go start making my reinforcements this way?

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  13. DJ says:

    It’s a sad case of a communications professional not fully understanding the impact of New Media, worsened by the fact that P-Noy reorganized the presidential communications team specifically to keep up with the times.

    • ilda says:

      P-Noy’s defense is that Mislang is still young that’s why she still does not fully understand the impact of social media. Duh?!? I saw her photo and she definitely looks like she is near middle age. Just because P-Noy is old it does not mean his staffs who are below his age are still young.

      • Oh please! Juvenile communication skills is more appropriate and this is not even confined to Mislang. We saw Lacierda with the local media then Carandang + Coloma with HK now this “wine connoisseur” with Vietnam. Superb machinery for diplomatic nightmares, I say. They must have gotten their tact and skills from Kris.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        A Robot can communicate better, than these people; because the Robot is programmed by its owner…these are Yellow Horde Robots…

      • amnesia says:

        i thought working as a cabinet member is the pinnacle of one’s career. obviously, in this administration, a cabinet position is an on-the-job training ground.

  14. benign0 says:

    Carmen Mislang: if thine speech writer offended thee, cut it off

    Eminent columnist John Nery today published a quaint attempt to diffuse some of the flames burning through the blogosphere over the latest gaffe of a member of the Yellow Horde. This of course, has to do with the venerable speech writer and erstwhile rocker Carmen Mislang who, upon sampling some of the local wines of the excellent Socialist Republic of Vietnam (officially Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam), promptly posted on Twitter: “Wine sucks”, and went further to criticise the facial qualities of Vietnamese malehood.

    Here are some of his “arguments”…

    One mistake, you’re out.

    Nery, in essence, asks for “benefits of the doubt” and for people to be cut some slack. This is an easy one to comment on and I do so as only “benign0” can: Tough luck, dude. Who said life is fair? Perhaps you should tell that to other folk who didn’t get second chances and paid a lot more dearly for their indiscretions. Some get away with murder, some don’t. It all comes down to the roll of the dice — specially in the Philippines where application of rules (such as The Law) is all but bafflingly random or, at best, dependent on the “will” or “graces” of our Catholic God.

    The “evolving nature of online social networks” – a “source of concern”.

    Nery asks whether it is necessary for a writer to ask permission from a person who posted content online (say, on Facebook or Twitter) before said content can be reported on in a public journal (such as a newspaper, news site, or blog). For me the guiding question is quite simple: Was said content posted on a public forum? Perhaps there is a need to ask permission had the content been posted in a limited access online forum which may include but is not limited to:

    (1) your personal “profile” in any one of these “social media” sites with privacy settings (either inherited from the overarching user account or of the specific content posted) set in a way so that only a defined set of people (such as one’s “friends”) can view it.

    (2) an online members-only forum. Facebook, for example, now allows privacy and access settings to be tweaked in the forum facilities it provides to its users.

    Having said all of the above, that does not stop exclusive members of any of the above from leaking information to the outside world — like post it on public forums (such as and blog comment threads. From there, it is fair game in my view. Whilst perhaps the person who leaked information from a limited access online facility may be guilty of impropriety, in this case a blogger or “reporter” picking up the leaked information is within his or her rights to use it. Tough luck.

    Some commentors, for example, criticised me for exhibiting real people and their faces (plus links to their Facebook profiles) when I launched an exhibit on featuring the moronism of Filipinos expressing their anger on Adam Carolla’s very public Facebook page. Indeed, Ellen Tordesillas herself does the same thing, exhibiting image grabs of Mislang’s offending “tweets” on her blog “Tweets are forever” (even after the offending Twitter account and even the Facebook account of Mislang had been taken offline).

    In short, ultimate accountability can ultimately be traced back to the ultimate originator of the offending content. If you do not want a piece of information broadcast, then don’t post it online (whether in a private or public forum) to begin with, right Ms Mislang?

    A “greater distrust of government”

    Upon reading this, I thought at first that Nery was spot on on this one. But then he went on to say…

    […] perhaps it is because greater distrust in the government, no matter how popular, is yet another lasting legacy of the Arroyo years?

    That’s one hell of a punchline, Mr Nery and a tired ho-hum use of classic Eeeevil-Empire-of-Arroyo fear mongering that is so last year. You conveniently leave out the possibility that this distrust in the government could now have its origins in the the rapid-fire gaffe machine that was President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s first 100 days in power.

    Nice try, dude. Fact is, Ms Carmen Mislang set herself up big time. Perhaps it’s time you visit your Public Relations 101 textbook where there is a simple principle that you can apply to yourself: When you see a stinking pile of turd on the ground, it’s best you walk around it and not look back lest the stink rub off on you.

    * * *
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    • aboy says:

      benignO, thanks for the links… wow, I didnt know the girl was tweet talking to Ricky that time… kaya pala gusto ni Ricky na kalimutan na, because he’s in the hook as well… as a boss of communication dept of PH, for sure dapat he acted professional and with good logic… he even asked if it was the Red or White wine… what was he leading on??? and you can see as well another ABSCBN troll was on the loop… CesDrilon… these guys are so arrogant…. Mislang like his Boss, Ricky, like his boss PNoy….

      • ilda says:

        When Carandang responded with “Red, the white is fine” it was obvious he meant, “indeed, the red wine sucks but the white wine is fine.”

        When did he reprimand Mislang then? After the public uproar? Othewise, they would have just laughed about it like their own private joke. At the back of their heads they knew other people could read their messages. They were trying to be cool and sophisticated but it backfired.

      • UP nn grad says:

        Excellent point, ilda. Carandang should have shushed Mislang about courtesy to the host country and her barbed remarks in their first tweet exchanges.

      • Don Rogelio says:

        Check your facts, gurl. Here’s a snapshot of the tweet::

        You are spreading falsities on this blog, babe. Attributing to Carandang a statement he never made. Blogs are forever, hahaha. 

      • ilda says:

        Thanks for the correction Mr. Don. However, it still does not make a difference to my point. Carandang made a statement to the media “I got mad at her, I reprimanded her.” When did he reprimand her? After the public uproar?!?

        Try using your critical analysis 😉


        I have corrected the quote on the article. It’s funny because it didn’t make a difference to my point at all! Cherio 🙂

      • ChinoF says:

        Don R, Carandang still didn’t actually reprimand or contain the tweet. If he was doing his job, those tweets would not have gone public. As the article says, he’s still culpable for a failure. 

    • ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

      Vietnam hashtag, anyone? #vietnam

  15. Carandang’s statement is only proof that they are really training on the job.

    Like Carandang, President Noynoy thinks that the issue is overblown. He goes on to contend that Assistant Secretary Carmen Mislang did not even mention Vietnam in her tweets. However, Carmen herself tagged her tweets Vietnam which made the dissemination of her criticisms available under that category even before the various reputable news agencies could even allegedly overblow it. Worse, the Philippine president even opines that it’s just a personal message of one of his summit entourage and she’s intended to be visible for being her speechwriter only.

    As much as it’s true that the official designation of Mislang is being a speechwriter, her so-called personal messages on Tweeter were based on an official function that is representative of the whole Philippines. This has made the opinion of President Noynoy annoying:

    “She is not in the front portion of the operations. She is a writer. Hindi naman siya nakikita,” Aquino said.

    President Noynoy is a believer in the scoial networking mechanism which makes his recent statements to Carmen’s defense annoying. He had an official Facebook account where Filipinos could send him questions and suggestions. His administration also has an official tweeter account (@govph).

    What experts see here is another failure in management on the part of the president for showing a poor track record in protocol adherence. In retrospect, Aquino even bragged during the presidential campaign period that he would just send envoys abroad if there were travel opportunities to represent the Philippines. See the post about it here.

    Just a few months ago, President Noynoy was called on by political experts for insulting Japan about his statement on international aid. A month after, he successfully earned the ire of Hong Kong leaders and citizens when he mismanaged the hostage-taking crisis. Now, his statements to Carmen Mislang’s defense is another hoopla showing his poor diplomatic skills.

    • Sareet L says:

      Ha, so Noynoy and company have already succeeded in offending…let’s see…Japan…Hong Kong/China…and now, Vietnam – all in the space of a mere four or five months! Can Indonesia be far behind? Singapore? Malaysia?

      Will we be expelled from the ASEAN one day soon for our government’s unremitting boorish, arrogant and stupid behaviour towards our Asian neighbours?

      Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ng…Kapalpakan at Kabobohan, Inc.!

      • anonymous says:

        “Will we be expelled from the ASEAN one day soon for our government’s unremitting boorish, arrogant and stupid behaviour towards our Asian neighbours?”

        The problem is not that the president is Noynoy Aquino, the problem is that we Filipinos have been taught to be arrogant and no offense, to be stupid and childish, due to our joke of a culture which rewards people with the overt “machismo” pride and those who let other people laugh the most. I’m really sorry to say this but we are no different from the blacks.

        Filipinos indeed are the niggers of Asia.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for the reminder Philippine Guild. P-Noy is definitely going down the path of self-destruction.

      • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

        “……..P-Noy is definitely going down the path of self-destruction………”

        ……..with us along unfortunately. If so we’ll reach the time where we really are oppressed by foreign neighbors, just like we are led to believe.

      • Jay says:

        So while in 5 years, these Asian powers continue to prosper and grow in their own credible heights, the Philippine media continue to purport the supposed progress of its country and people to new heights by their misleading tactics. The rest of Asia is graduating high school now to join the rest of the world, while the Philippine is still in 7th grade, satisfied for being the class clown of the global community and not taking itself seriously.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        In AD 2010
        War was beginning.
        PNoy: What happen ?
        Carandang: Somebody set up us the tweet.
        Lacierda: We get signal.
        N: What !
        L: Main screen turn on.
        N: It’s you !!
        Reality: How are you animals !!
        R: All your base are belong to us.
        R: You are on the way to self-destruction.
        N: What you say !!
        R: You have no chance to survive your term make your time.
        R: Ha ha ha ha …
        L: President !!
        N: Take off every ‘SWS’!!
        N: You know what you doing.
        N: For great illusion.
        N: Move ‘SWS’.

        Reminds me of that infamous dialogue from Zero Wing…

      • ilda says:

        Well, it’s not a dialogue now. It’s actually happening.

      • Hay. Those surveys are just Aquino tools to manipulate his yellow zombies into believing what the wants them to believe.

  16. Sareet L says:

    Sirang plaka na ako rito…geez, where are the mature people, the grown-ups, the adults in Malacañang today? Mislang betrayed her abhorrent lack of basic good manners and right conduct with these immature Tweets.

    ‘Aquino is surrounded by juveniles’ – said one online blogger – because he can relate and interact only with those of like mind.

    You think Mislang has learned her hard lesson by now? Perhaps she has, but I don’t think Noynoy and the rest of the gang(sters) have.

    Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa pag-ikot ng… ‘Gulong ng Kapalpakan’.

    • ilda says:

      Mas sirang plaka si JUANDELACRUZ with his lame defence of P-Noy and his cohorts. This is going to be a longggg and painful presidential term.

      • I am not advocating for the president to remove Mislang from the cabinet. Aquino hired her so he needs to bear the quality of performance that his team members have. Everyone’s wondering now where President Noynoy is taking Carmen Mislang next to make another review of the host country’s gifts and mementos?

  17. ChinoF says:

    Hmm, what I’m learning here is that, under the Aquino III administration, people you never knew existed suddenly become famous (or rather, infamous) thanks to really idiotic gaffes. 😛 

  18. Francis says:

    Man first Hong Kong, now what Vietnam. F**k when will our countrymen learn the word “Respect” toward to the foreigners. Man there like Monkey’s and a Donkey sh**.

  19. benign0 says:

    At the root of Carmen Mislang’s blanket Get-Out-of-Jail pass

    So now there’s this new hate site dedicated to wine connoisseur Carmen Mislang that was put up on Facebook. I first learned of it from a friend who emailed me the link to a news report on the GMA News TV site featuring that Facebook page. So off I went to check it out. One of the first things I found was this photo.

    It kinda expresses everything about what this whole circus is all about — impunity and, more importantly, how this is rooted in President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s personal relationship with more than a few people in his team who seem to enjoy a blanket Get-Out-of-Jail pass under his watch.

    * * *

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    • mix says:

      In my opinion, creating a hate page doesn’t solve anything. Especially if you are going to base it on the comments posted there. It only shows how Filipinos are able to instantly create racist, demeaning and inappropriate comments which does not do anything. 

      That being said, I agree benign0 that all of this is rooted to PNoys personal relationship with his circle. 

      • benign0 says:

        If reprimand had been swift and convincing and/or if Mislang’s apology came across as truly contrite and sincere, and/or she tendered her courtesy resignation on her own initiative, then perhaps she could’ve come out of this mess a bit less tarred and feathered.

    • ChinoF says:

      This picture is one of those attempts to show how “ordinary” the president is – drinking with his staff. Thing is, this “ordinary” behavior would actually be condemned as “unbecoming” in more advanced countries. To those who think right, it just shows how being “ordinary” is actually inappropriate.  

      When will they learn that an “ordinary” president will not make a good president at all. 

    • Hyden Toro says:

      A drink too many, that had gone wrong!!! “Toma tayo, mga pare at mga kumare”….Imbibe at will; and at your pleasure…Ricky Carandang ordered…

      • Hyden Toro says:

        The Drunkards were imbibing Wines; while begging for Rice from the Vietnamese…this is the leaders that we have…

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaaaang… she must be a good laid… prez gung gong has the pick of the litter when it comes to iyutan…. anong say mo, first laid-y?… ‘sang tambaks ang competetion mo, hano? bwi hi hi hi hi…

  20. Jon C says:

    Carandang didn’t say “red, the white is fine”

    He tweeted “red or white?” in response to Mislangs: “wine sucks @rickycarandang”

    • ilda says:

      Please read this other article by Ellen Tordesillas. She was the first to mention what Rick Carandang tweeted back to Mislang:

      • Don Rogelio says:

        I quote this from tordesillas’ blog:

        Carandang didn’t see anything wrong with the disrespectful comments and even asked which one, white or red wine. Mislang’s reply:”Red, the white is fine.” (A DFA source said the wine was Chilean, not Vietnamese.)

      • ChinoF says:

        There’s the problem. Seeing nothing wrong with disrespectful comments makes you wonder if the guy knows how to do his job properly. 

      • ilda says:

        Thanks for the correction Mr. Don. However, it still does not make a difference to my point. Carandang made a statement to the media “I got mad at her, I reprimanded her.” When did he reprimand her? After the public uproar?!?

        Try using your critical analysis 😉


        I have corrected the quote on the article. It’s funny because it didn’t make a difference to my point at all! Cherio 🙂

    • aboy says:

      Jon C, we know that… but the point here, Ricky asked the question “Red or White?”… so he was playing with this foolish girl as well… He’s the boss, he should not have tweeted back and asked that question… dapat nga pinag sabihan nya yung tao nya na this is not proper… Then in the news, Ricky was saying that he reprimanded Mislang for her careless words and action… oh my gulay Ricky, we’re not stup!d as the yellow hordes..

  21. AlexB says:

    The woman lacked grace and respect, virtues that are important to Filipino and Vietnamese cultures. Since the HK tourist massacre, I’ve been shaking my head reading or hearing at what comes out of the mouth of the ignorant. No amount of coaching and mentoring will redeem these people, they just haven’t got the ability to measure up to their positions. They can bury themselves with their own arrogance and pseudo intelligence.

  22. NFA rice says:

    After all the Mislang dust settles, PNoy should be asked about his achievements in Vietnam, like how many Vietnamese wieners has he eaten?

    • mix says:

      come to think of it, they were able to enjoy a simple new york hotdog, saying they are simple, and dont want hi-end food. yet once served wine, they tell us it sucks? the irony….. not to mention their inconsistency :)) ROTFL

  23. ulong pare says:

    … daaaang… flip gung gongs put these monkeyasses in power… what do you expect from monkeys?… geniuses? throw them a pair cymbals for better entertainment… ay sus ginoo…

  24. benign0 says:

    Lol! Got these gems courtesy of “starczamora” in his (or her) post on…

    Huwag ka na Sweet Twins. Salamat sa Google caching, nahahalungkat lahat ng chakang tweets mo.

    Also noting the silence of Mainstream Media on this whole Mislang circus. Tsk tsk. They’re missing out on a lucrative media frenzy. If I was a shareholder of ABS-CBN and the, I’d be firing their CEO. 😀

    * * *

    Click here to share this comment on your Facebook profile!

    • potaters says:

      Haha, this is priceless!

      Even though this is a relatively smaller faux pas, the real outrage is this person simply lacked BASIC manners. You know that your Twitter is not private + you know that you are with the presidential staff + you know that you are on a diplomatic trip = oh, I don’t know, just add those things together and formulate the appropriate response?
      Haha, oh, and I always laugh when they call her a “wine connoisseur”, heeehee.

      Gaya nga ng sabi ng marami, manners, like common sense, is not so common (here anyway).

    • anonymous says:

      “Also noting the silence of Mainstream Media on this whole Mislang circus. Tsk tsk. They’re missing out on a lucrative media frenzy.”

      Do we really have to ask that? Of course they’re forced to be silent, manok nila yan eh. And of course, such news sources will put the infamous “Filipino Pride” (more like hot air) in its proper place.

  25. Jay says:

    And these how bad rumors/stereotypes get started.

    So much for transparency eh guys? They’ll tell you what intends to happen in vague details but when it comes to opinions outside of work, they have absolutely no filters, and expected to be treated like uh, normal human beings devoid of any bias regarding whatever they spew out of their mouths.

    Noynoy promises tracker – 0
    Comm group tweets – negative 10

  26. kaye says:

    This goes to show that it’s one thing to be a news reader and another to be a bureaucrat who is supposed to serve the best interest of his boss and those that pay for his salary and foreign trips. If both Carandang and Noynoy cannot rein their own people in, what else can we expect from them when it comes to leading some 90 million-odd people, majority of whom are living below the poverty line?

    I agree that Carandang should not be off the hook. Did he even explain why he asked which wine “sucked”? I still have to come across an apology from Carandang for his own gaffe.

    • ilda says:

      The communication team is very quiet lately. In fact, I just went to the official fan page of P-Noy on Facebook and the administrator has banned people from leaving messages on the wall again. The last time this happened was during the height of the Mendoza hostage crisis. They can’t stand the heat. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of unsatisfied citizens expressing their views on that wall. Unfortunately, they are very good at ignoring the messages.

  27. bubi78 says:

    Carandang had it coming and so with the rest of the comm group… it’s just a matter of time before they will self-destruct and good riddance when their time will come. The comedy of errors goes on with no end in sight and the ball of yarn that the comm group has spun keeps on unraveling to the dismay of the yellow horde. Its way too embarrassing to be a pinoy nowadays.

  28. Kotobuki says:

    Hmm. We buy our rice from Vietnam and then we nitpick about their wine sucks, their men boring, and their streets are death-traps. Di magawang ihambing ang sarili sa Vietnam ngayon.

    After this and the hostage-taking fiasco, I think the infamy gets snowballing from here. It would be laughable to see those yellow retards bungle things, but since they’re dragging all of us into this, it’s not.

    • ilda says:

      That’s the thing, they think that every gaffe they commit is minor and people shouldn’t make a big deal out of it but when the gaffe affects international relations, everyone is affected.

  29. jake says:

    She’s a UP Tourism graduate.  Not to disrespect, but they’re not the brightest in the university.  A lot of students who were kicked out of their initial colleges move to tourism.  Seriously, this girl Mislang is the worst example for someone working in the public service.  I’m sure she’s only comparing the wine to Novellino, pathetic!

    • ilda says:

      That’s what I thought too. Here’s the question: if UP produces hundreds of brilliant tourism graduates every year, how come our tourism industry so dull?

      It’s obvious Mislang wanted to be funny with her tweets, so she should just be the court jester in P-Noy’s palace not his speech writer.

  30. UP nn grad says:

    Now this is interesting because the PNP(Rico Puno) and the Communications Group is right in the middle.

    For past 3 days, Noynoy Aquino and Lacierda and others of Malacanang (plus AFP) say that Pilipinas has not received any intelligence on a terrorist threat. And now this :

    The Philippine National Police’s Aviation Security Group (PNP-ASG) had admitted receiving the intelligence report in August. 👿

    “A terrorist group from Sulu is planning to deploy in San Juan, Metro Manila this coming September to conduct bombing operations against a still unidentified target,” the report warned.

  31. Also, all the speeches that have made Noynoy look nice and smell good before his yellow zombies (even the yellow media) were made by Mislang. Most of those speeches even exaggerate accomplishments at the expense of other people. Tapos laging may pasaring na negative sa mga kagalit ni Noynoy. This means that Mislang is operating at the front and center and not invisible as Noynoy was trying to point out to her defense. And that defense is even being considered? That’s not even saying anything to defend the fault-finding that Mislang did in Vietnam. Bottom line is, kinarma ng sobra sobra itong si Mislang sa mga blood speeches that she’s been doing for Noynoy.

  32. interested says:

    Mai Mislang’s father defends her – – In the end it’s still the character of the person that eventually speaks for what he/she really is.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for the link interested

      Of course her parents will defend her. It is actually surprising that they didn’t speak out soon enough. Unfortunately, it looks like her father failed to comprehend that being a choir member or having been a member of religious organizations like ICTUS has no relation to her behaviour in Vietnam and even before the trip. It does not erase the fact that her daughter acted inappropriately during an official trip.

      I don’t even understand why he had to mention that Mai is an active Church goer. It’s as if he is saying that she is an angel just because she used to be active with religious stuff. Give us a break, man! There was even an old Tweet of Mai saying that she wants to quit being a Catholic because of their narrowminded views.

      There was enough evidence that Mai Mislang had a habit of behaving like she did not have any manners judging from all the uncompromising photos circulating on the NET. Plus, it was not the first time she kept referring to boys like she is in some kind of heat or something.

      • interested says:

        Your welcome, Ilda. It’s a pity that taxpayer’s money are being spent for the salary and foreign trips of people like Mislang who seem to lack the maturity and professionalism required and expected from people around the President. What a shame, really.

  33. deusX says:

    It just goes to show you, discipline is hugely important, but discipline is also what most of us lack.

    If we had been more disciplined since our independence, I wonder how Philippines turned out to be?

    Successful Nation, like Vietnam and Singapore.

  34. Pingback: PNoy reportedly laughing at jokes amidst the tragedy unfolding in CDO and Iligan | Get Real Post

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