Reality bites P-Noy but eludes his aides

Whatever happened to columnist Conrado de Quiros? He seems to have stopped being a spin-doctor for his Excellency, Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy). De Quiros worked hard during the Presidential election campaign months before the May election and even weeks after P-Noy’s inauguration in June to ensure that the President sustained his image makeover, all using his borderline fictional style of writing. Nowadays De Quiros is nowhere near the subject of P-Noy and his aides even as gaffe-after-gaffe fill the days of the Office of the President.

In fact, it is very hard to find articles in the mainstream media that are not critical of P-Noy nowadays. Even P-Noy is complaining that “if they get to watch the news on television or read it from newspapers or online websites, most of the time the news were negative.” He even said that he found it impossible to work because of the negative press he is receiving. To quote P-Noy from a recent article from

“Kahit naman sino, natural lang na nawalan ng ganang magtrabaho kung puro kapalpakan lamang ang nababalitaan (It’s natural for anybody to lose his passion if only the bad news is reported)”

Yikes! Is P-Noy really losing his enthusiasm for the job because of the negative press? He said the above in front of about 1000 OFW’s working in Japan while he was there during the recently concluded APEC summit. Oh dear. Poor P-Noy is reduced to complaining to Filipinos who are out of the loop. Somebody please quickly remind P-Noy that being the President of a Republic is not equivalent to being a staff of a mom-and-pop shop where you can gripe about “your boss” during your lunch break.

Speaking of mom-and-pop, in the same speech to the OFW’s, he did not miss another opportunity to brag to the audience why he was elected to office in the first place. With reference to his parents he said that “he does not go on trips abroad just to brag, or otherwise his late parents—martyred senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino Jr. and former president Corazon Aquino—would surely make him feel their disapproval.

You just have to love the way he emphasizes that he is not a brag by bragging. We get it. You don’t go on trips for the pleasure of it. You go on trips because you have to; it’s more a “duty” lest the country sink into a deeper hole. As the saying goes, “lokohin mo ang lelang mo!”

I don’t understand why he seems so surprised over the criticism he gets for his unpopular decisions anyway. His administration is no better than the previous one and it is arguably even worse depending on whose side you are on. He should at least acknowledge that he now knows what former President Gloria Arroyo (GMA) must have felt like when she was still in Malacanang. At least GMA neither wavered nor complained when she was receiving punches left, right and centre. Some people are just too whiney.

P-Noy’s official spin-doctors are not even good at their jobs. In response to the recent popularity survey conducted by Pulse Asia, Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda stated that P-Noy is pleased that the Ulat ng Bayan survey showed “high performance and trust ratings across all socio-economic class groupings.” He said this despite the fact that his rating slid 9 points (down to 80 percent) from his previous trust rating. He even further stated the following:

The President noted further that the performance and trust ratings indicate the shared optimism among all sectors of society, in contrast to the negativity of those who want to return to the old ways. This confidence, he said, affirms his conviction that the straight and righteous path is the road to success. It also acknowledges the work done so far and serves as an impetus for the administration to sustain its efforts to reform the government and revitalize the economy.

To be fair, 80 percent is indeed high despite the non-stop gaffes, although we already know that it is likely because his supporters don’t expect much from him anyway. But Lacierda’s statement contradicts P-Noy’s wavering enthusiasm for his job expressed during his speech in Japan. And anyway, their overconfidence is such a turn-off because they don’t even acknowledge that the drop in the rating even though minimal should be taken seriously.

The P-Noy administration is certainly full of itself. I can’t help but recall how the newly elected US Florida Senator Marco Rubio reacted when their Republican party won in the recent mid-term elections. He was quoted as saying “We make the grave mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican Party. What they are is a second chance.

The US Senator’s statement is quite a contrast to P-Noy’s triumphalistic statement about their latest trust survey. It goes to show that they still think that they can continue what so far has been a mediocre performance.

They do try to believe their own lies, which could be why P-Noy seems to be getting angry when things don’t go his way and thinks that some people are just out to get him — even some world leaders: he “slammed the APEC allies over travel advisories” according to one report on the papers. Why would P-Noy think it is his place to scold other world leaders for not submitting to him? He obviously just embarrassed himself because instead of being taken seriously, they just laughed at him:

He said the advisories had been issued amid efforts of his government to encourage investors to come to the country.

Mr. Aquino, who attended the APEC CEO Summit here along with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, was the one who got the most attention from businessmen, as several questions were thrown at him over how they could invest in the Philippines in the light of the adverse travel advisories.

Mr. Aquino and the New Zealand leader were joined by business and industry leaders led by Asian Development Bank (ADB) president Haruhiko Kuroda, DHL CEO Hermann Ude and All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd. chairman Yoji Ohashi, who is also vice chairman of Nippon Keidanren.

Mr. Aquino and Key were separated by a coffee table and delivered their speeches before the question and answer portion.

Mr. Aquino sternly answered the question on travel warnings against the Philippines, which elicited laughter from the crowd.

Key, for his part, seemed to have reddened serious and blushed while Mr. Aquino voiced his displeasure over the advisories. New Zealand was among six countries that warned against travel to the Philippines, citing imminent terror attack.

For his part, Presidential Communications and Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma stressed that it is the responsibility of the governments from other countries to ensure the safety of their citizens. He even lauded Japan for giving the travel warnings in Nippongo and he wishes that other countries would follow Japan’s lead and warn their citizens in their own language. “What makes the Japanese travel advisory different,” Coloma noted, “was that text was written in Nippongo, which means only Japanese people can understand it. There is no English or international version,” Coloma said. “The travel advisory was written in Japanese.”

One cannot help but ask the perennial question: “What was Coloma thinking”? Logic does elude him. Chinese, Nippongo or Greek warnings are still warnings. Travellers will still heed them when they consider coming to the Philippines.

Where is Conrado de Quiros when the administration most need him? At least he can do a better job at fooling the voters.

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54 Responses to Reality bites P-Noy but eludes his aides

  1. ArticleRequest says:

    “He even lauded Japan for giving the travel warnings in Nippongo and he wishes that other countries would follow Japan’s lead and warn their citizens in their own language. “What makes the Japanese travel advisory different,” Coloma noted, “was that text was written in Nippongo, which means only Japanese people can understand it. There is no English or international version,” Coloma said. “The travel advisory was written in Japanese.”

    One cannot help but ask the perennial question: “What was Coloma thinking”? Logic does elude him. Chinese, Nippongo or Greek warnings are still warnings. Travellers will still heed them when they consider coming to the Philippines.”

    Is this true?!?! I know Coloma was absolutely tanga during the bus hostage fiasco by claiming Donald Tsang, Hong Kong boss, never called and nothing of the sort happened. Is he keeping everything under the rug or masyadong tanga at kulang sa pansin lang?

    • ilda says:

      Unfortunately, it is true Mr ArticleRequest 🙂

      He can’t get any dumber than that. But he will surprise us again I’m sure.

      The reason why they keep committing gaffes is because they are not honest. They are in damage control mode all the time. As the saying goes, “You’ll never get mixed up if you simply tell the truth”

    • kasi nga di ba this administration’s priority is image-building that’s why all their top efforts are geared towards that. even noynoy admits this by saying that carmen mislang’s boo-boo is minor coz carmen is supposed to be invisible, just a writer. kaya nga they also have the DSWD feeding the poor with money project based on the 123% increase in budget kasi that’s their WOWOWEE approach to the poor filipinos — yet another image-building effort. this reminds me of imelda’s building which is still haunted kasi may mga dead workers buried alive under the rubble just to make the point that image is absolute.

    • coloma just chooses to be “tanga” in order to communicate well with there “tanga followers”. I often get infuriated everytime these people open there mouths… you can immediately tell that they are just trying to fool idiots and fanatics..

  2. Hsing Tao says:

    Coloma is a moron. Shows the world that Pinoys could not solve a simple problem of hiring a FUCKING INTERPRETER and finding out what the warning said..

    Nakakahiya sila!

  3. dumb-oh says:

    ganyan din naman ang ginawa ng ABSCBN kay Gloria. Puro negative. At yun ang isang factor na nagpanalo sa kanya. tanga.

    • ilda says:


      How come P-Noy did not even complain when they were reporting so many positive things about him before the election? He should have admitted then that they were mostly exaggeration. 😉

      • archie says:

        a spoiled brat never wanted to hear criticism about his bad doings. too bad we have this kid as our president, probably josh would make him feel more comfortable while working in malacañang?

    • ChinoF says:

      You don’t even need media to try becoming negative during this prez’s term. All the mistakes are so obvious, out in the flesh. Anybody who misses them is self-blinding. 

  4. jmp says:

    So how does Coloma want US, Canada, Australia, UK, and other English-speaking countries want their travel warnings published?

    • Birdigator says:

      Native American, French, Aborigine and Old Roman-era Latin, I guess.

      • UP nn grad says:

        Birdigator: your comment is funny, but there is something very sad, pathetic, insulting because Coloma (hilariously not-funny) represents Pilipinas best-and-finest to Noynoy.

    • ilda says:

      From the news item, he was happy that the Japanese issued their warning in Nippongo. He kids himself by thinking that “At least the warning will not be understood by other nationalities who don’t speak Nippongo.”

    • ChinoF says:

      Morse Code? 😛 

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Ecclesiastical Latin, perhaps. God knows that baka would have a hard time, even with friendly bishops.

      • UP nn grad says:

        If you think about it, what Noynoy really focuses on is the Pinoys-in-Pilipinas audience. Noynoy likes bad news about him to be in Niponggo because Pinoys don’t understand Niponggo. Noynoy wants Australia travel advisories in any other language so that Pinoys in Pinas do not get wind of the bad press. Sure sounds like Noynoy wants censorship on a 💡 case-by-case basis, doesn’t he? He should write another Executive Order 😐 to this effect, then.

  5. manzi says:

    gagawin pa na nilang fine print yan.

    babala: mag-ingat sa pakikipagsapalaran sa perlas ng silangan, mag-iwas sa mga lugar na maari kang dukutin, bihagin, tubusin o di kaya pupugutan.

    tapos matagintinting na BOLD text!


    para sa karagdagang impormasiyon wag ka nang tumawag dahil busy lahat ng linya

    • ilda says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that 😉

    • hilarious but true. hong kong knows about this — the line being busy. pilipinas kay ganda: huwag pumunta, isang babala. noynoy was not satisfied with the explanation of one country when it said that the advisory was only for the high risk places in the Phillppines. seriously, noynoy still thinks that it’s safe to be a tourist in sulu? palibhasa nakatira sya sa NCR. just because your face is clean does not mean that your feet is not dirty.

  6. frustratedcitizen says:

    It’s high time that PNoy feels the frustration of most of his countrymen… it will just take some more time until most people have had enough of this foolish government and take action. But please, not another EDSA..

    again Mam Ilda, briiliant piece of writing! 

    • ilda says:

      But he is still in denial though. He just thinks that some people are just being negative. Pinalaki kasi nung mga supporters nya ang ulo nya.

      Thanks frustratedcitizen

      • frustratedcitizen says:

        Oh yeah.. thanks for reminding me. Yup the yellow horde seems to make the president believe that all of this feedback is nothing. Still, given due time, the yellow horde can’t maintain this kind of position, the president is already feeling the pain despite the yellow zombies efforts.

      • ArticleRequest says:

        80% of Filipinos trust Noynoy anyway simply because they cannot detach him from Ninoy and Cory. Some of Noynoy’s stupid supporters on PEX (thankfully there are a minority), Yahoos Fit to Post Blog, and Noynoy’s FB even laud the dishonesty and incapability of his staff by saying a bunch of idiotic statements such as : “Tira ka ng tira! U cnt do better! Asa ka pa!”, “To err is HUMAN!” “Kahit ano ang sasabihin mo, Noynoy is my president and he is the most honest of them all…” “Noynoy saved us from GMA”.. etc. They should get real. NOYNOY AQUINO IS A LOUSY PRESIDENT who has done very little good and caused blunders and embarrassment since day one of the presidency. The yellow zombies (and millions of non supporters who did not vote him but think of him as capable) cant get over it because he is popular and they cannot divorce him from Ninoy and Cory.

  7. peste says:

    OMG 300+ comments in the PhilStar Article! The butthurt is amazing!



    • aboy says:

      you said it yourself, Juan… hihihihihi…

    • dumb-oh says:

      di nga crybaby si noy, whiner naman. Har har

    • ilda says:



      P-Noy was out of place in berating those who issued travel warnings; was laughed at for doing so and yet you still think P-Noy is cool? You need to have your head examined.

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      He thinks being president is child’s play.

      Therefore, childish tendencies.

      Gaya nga ng sabi ng nasa commercial: “Anak, use your coconut!” Gawin dapat ni Noynoy yun!

    • well, when he moved in sa new place n’ya when he did not choose to live in Malacanang, he felt depressed. Noynoy tends to be more paranoid kasi he has a victim complex. he decided to live alone there only to be depressed. self-imposed. ganyan din ang mga paranoid episodes n’ya which the nation is being subjected to daily in tandem with his other victim complex sibling kris.

  9. Interested says:

    Coloma is an idiot, just like his boss…i wonder if he is one of the ‘lightweights’ in Pnoy’s cabinet that Miriam Santiago was referring to. Coloma’s shameful statements & Pnoy’s bratty demeanor just make me cringe. Parang ako nahihiya for their katangahan. Ugh!

  10. Sareet L says:

    Eto na ang pangkasalukuyang kabanata ng Gulong ng Kapalpakan. What to do with this embarrassment of a presidency and staff? I cannot fathom the pretzel logic in Coloma’s claim re Japan’s travel advisories being issued in Niponggo as a positive thing. So, the Japanese get it, but it was intended for Japanese, anyway. That sounds like a completely unfunny attempt at humour – if he was not genuinely sincere about it. And what is the gov’t doing about the *basis* for the advisories? Instead of taking these things as a wake-up call to improve security, law and order in the country, this administration has decided that it’s better to just shoot the messenger(s). And the bigger the mountain they make of this molehill, the more silly and immature and laughable they become on the world stage yet again. (It’s not the first time Pinas has had travel advisories issued about it, no? But other administrations did not waste their time and energy and focus on it and just went about their business of governing the country.)

    I still firmly believe that Pinas has never yet before witnessed a more incompetent, amateurish, undignified, unintelligent – yet most arrogant – presidency and administration than the current ones. It will be hard for any others to go below the collective subterranean IQ and EQ of these people, who all seem to be taking their lead from their clueless, bungling, naked-emperor of a pResident. Hopefully, our leadership has reached rock bottom already, and there’s no other way but up next time?

    Meantime, we need to keep holding their feet to the fire. They wanted to get this job so badly – well, they need to be held firmly to its responsibilities and duties, then.

    • ilda says:

      Exactly Sareet     What is the government doing about the terror threats? Instead of dealing with the problem, they just try to dismiss it. P-Noy and his aides are exhibiting the typical Pinoy mentality, which is to pretend that there is nothing wrong.

      • Sareet L says:

        Yes, it’s still not part of our culture to face problems headlong, to take the bull by the horns. We have some good traits, but our negative and worst ones are really, really showing themselves so blatantly through the Aquino people, aren’t they?

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        And the dumbfooks wonder WTF do we have such incompetent dongless pantywaists in office. Mater Dei, is it not simple enough for your wee brains?!

  11. Hyden Toro says:

    Conrado de Quiros is like the Loch Ness Monster, off the coast of Scotland. He surfaces, then dives in the bottom, at will. To cling to the machination of Surveys; to assure yourself that you are doing a good job; is not only futile, but ridiculous. No matter what language they write a warning for foreign tourists. It will be translated easily, in our information technology age. There is a computer software that can translate any language, in minutes. It seems that these Noynoy Aquino people has not yet been awakened: We are already living in the information Technology age. Even Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The computer software can translate it, in minutes…So, Noynoy Aquino and Yellow Hordes…Please grow up…and mature in your thimking. Running a country is not teenagers’ play…

  12. Sareet L says:

    Oops, nope, this is not the latest example of kapalpakan yet…the tourism promo is (complete with plagiarised logo and lame slogan)! Goodness, this administration remains an endless source of embarrassing gaffes and amateurishness. I ask with trepidation, what next?

  13. UP nn grad says:

    Noynoy will probably say that he was misquoted and definitely that he was misunderstood, but to me, the Noynoy Aquino recent words about guarantees for infra investors ring dangerous, Marcosian, even.

    Noynoy says Malacanang will strike up contracts with infra-investors, and If there are payments to infra-investors that Congress says “no can do” and Pilipinas Supreme Court says “unconstitutional”, Noynoy says Malacanang will guarantee the payments. Sounds crazy to me, and when Noynoy hands government-funds to foreign investors when Congres and Supreme Court says “no-can-do”, then I would expect that impeachment 👿 proceedings get hurled against Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” 😐 Aquino.

    Executive Orders and diktat can only go so far. Beyond a certain line, impeachment is the appropriate reaction.

    • but, you see, it will be easier for victim complex noynoy to call on his yellow sympathizing public and cry out “I’m being victimized by those who do not want the straight path!” di ba nga he already threatened to incite people power during his Bloomberg interview when he said that if he did not win (arrogance is a symptom of victim complex), the Filipinos will hold a people power rally that might even be worse than the recent thing that happened in Thailand. and yet Filipinos easily forget every word that comes out of noynoy’s mouth when he does not say it again. the public only remembers slogans like the straight path and tie a yellow ribbon.

      • The Lazzo says:

        If he didn’t win, Erap would have.

        Now that’s what I call a rock and a hard place.

      • right. a clear evidence at how pilipinas is not maganda. all filipinos, for that matter, need to re-examine how a government is run. first of all, plurality in the presidential election results to endings like having erap become a runner up to noynoy. and noynoy did not have an overwhelming majority of the public vote for him. more than 60% did not want him to be president. and even if critics did not exist to call on noynoy’s OJT skills, he would have committed them anyway. so he owes the public to improve on his skills ASAP and not in the course of 6 years.

  14. the media giants particularly the ABSCBN – made a tremendous job manufacturing a fake president. If our so called elected “president PNOY” is manufactured by these large corporations.. then guess who the real president is.. Your guess is as good as mine.!

  15. As a NON-tagalog Ethnic but a Proud ZAMBOANGUEÑO ETHNIC . . . .

    There is no need for all more than 175 Non-Tagalog Ethnics to learn Tagalog. Let each Ethnic Groups in the country learn English instead and their respective Ethnic’s native language.

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