Condoms to 'fight AIDS' and annulment to end 'invalid marriages' – makes sense to me!

Pope Benedict XVI’s edict allowing the use of condoms in the fight against AIDS is a major milestone passed in the slow journey that the Roman Catholic Church is taking towards enlightenment. Granted, perhaps this is not the relaxation of a key doctrine in Catholic dogma that many people would like to think it is. The comment made by Pope Benedict is framed more by the need to arrest the spread of the dreaded HIV virus and not as a tacit acknowledgement that runaway population growth is a major problem in impoverished nations.

As such, population explosion denialists like the honourable Senator Vicente Sotto III can rest easy as the Church remains consistent with its infamous go-forth-and-multiply commandment. And resting easy is, well, easy when one’s mind remains imprisoned by primitivist thought…

I still believe we have no problem on population and that our statistics are bloated […]” – Vicente Sotto III – Senator, Republic of the Philippines


But then there is also reason for more progressive minds to rest easy. Catholic dogma is like a big dike of human hubris foolishly built to keep Mother Nature at bay. And if there is one lesson to be learned from one of the mothers of big dike failures — the New Orleans disaster in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina — it is that you do not build an entire framework of human existence below the water level of Mother Nature’s powerful inclinations.

Nature will find a way.

Pope Benedict’s let’s-use-condoms-to-fight-AIDS is the hole in the proverbial dike. A sprung leak cannot be unsprung.

In a statement that reveals the astounding lengths that the clergy would go to to secure its continued grip on the minds of its flock…

Bishop Deogracias Yñiguez of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said that the rare cases where condoms could be used should be spelled out by Church leaders.

And what else is there to spell out when the good Bishop already makes the Church’s new position quite clear here:

“If a condom is used as a contraceptive, certainly it will be condemned by the Church,” Yñiguez told The Associated Press. “But to use it to avoid a disease in specific circumstances, the church can take another mind-set.”

Whatever you say Padre.

Perhaps, going down that same line of thinking, Mr Bishop, you might also want to re-visit the laughable concept of “annulment” and “spell out” to us once again what it was originally intended to be used for. Considering that the Church’s position on divorce is an equally well-spelled-out No-Way-José, “annulment” has become a convenient proxy for the more civilised way of ending a marriage that our men-in-robes have so bizarrely made taboo in our society. Indeed, annulments are routinely shrink-wrapped and sold over-the-counter nowadays by our enterprising compatriots in that most honourable profession — Pinoy-style lawyering. Just ask our resident First Expert on the matter and she might even score you a product catalogue.

For those who have got to this point and still do not get, er, the point, I’ll spell it out…

So what if the Pope says it’s ok to use condoms for whatever reason?

The fact that the use of “annulment” as a rubber stamp for “legally” ending a marriage in the Philippines has become a banality is a testament to the simple principle that governs even the smallest minds on the planet: Nature will find a way.


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41 Responses to Condoms to 'fight AIDS' and annulment to end 'invalid marriages' – makes sense to me!

  1. Chi Chi says:

    Good one.. as always

    • Chi Chi says:

      This site has really enlightened me…more power guys..Its just sad to think..that no matter how hard we push to get the contents of this site known to the masses…only a few will have the understanding to absorb its content…perhaps the majority who can..have already left…
      Sigh..why are filipinos so ignorant, close minded and backwards? I guess it will take another century to see any progress…that is if there will be any…ALL of the articles,observations here are damn true…IF ONLY THEY CAN SEE!?!?! Arghhh!!

      • Chi Chi says:

        I have been sending emails to all the people in my addressbook to have a look at the articles here…Im really disillusioned and I cant stand mediocrity anymore..I think we all deserve a better Philippines..after being abroad and being to see how things are done…Im lucky..Im just sad how the masses are still blinded by substandard and backward practices and its ok for them…
        I really hope our leaders will have a vision for our future..please..make them read this!!

      • benign0 says:

        Actually, you get around to some level of acceptance that the masses may probably never understand even half of the messages here in AP. But when you consider that much of the Philippines is owned and influenced by only a tiny handful of elite oligarchs and truly insightful (and not just “educated”) people, you begin to see a point to all this — that the key to change lies only in a small number of cluey people and not in the ignorant but vastly more numerous majority. 😉

  2. Homer says:

    I think the good bishop could use a good fohk.

    • Homer says:

      Hahaha….the lady beside me quipped, “It’ll never happen. Who’d wanna fohk him anyway?”.

      • ChinoF says:

        Maybe that’s why Vader has this weird breathing sound. Musta been from that time. lol

      • Hsing Tao says:

        Luke I am your father! Obviously Vader did not use condoms. Maybe he was a devout Catholic. I am starting to like Pope Benedict. He is starting to make Catholicism cool. If he keeps this up people might start wanting to go back to church again.

  3. ChinoF says:

    More people need to be empowered to realize that they can make their own individual decisions despite what the church or any other supposed “authority” tells them. If only mass media were more helpful in this. 

  4. boombox says:

    Looks like the CBCP would say “Okay…” then “sigh face..”
    C. Celdran would probably love this news.

    Need to make “Okay meme” for this one.. XD

  5. UP nn grad says:

    How does it work in Pilipinas again with regards marriage?

    Consider where Pinoy-and-Pinay in mid-20’s or even younger gets married in Makati, then separates after a few years marriage. Pinoy migrates to Houston Texas, finds another partner. The Pinoy gets the wife-in-Makati to sign some papers acceptable to Texas-state 💡 divorce laws; Pinoy gets remarried. Pinoy returns to Manila for a 2-month vacation. Can Pinay-in-Makati get him landed in jail for 👿 bigamy?

    [ Texas does not ask for “annulment papers”; separated for many years with irreconcilable differences would be enough for divorce.]

    • killem says:

      one of the element of bigamy is that the subsequent marriage should be celebrated within the jurisdiction of the phil… if the other marriage is abroad, the bigamous spouse cannot be charged with bigamy….

  6. Hyden Toro says:

    We have a Court Jester in the Senate, by the name of Vicente Sotto. If you look at history; the Roman Catholic Church has given wrong decisions in the past like:

    (1) Giving the doctrine that the world was flat. and that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

    (2) Allowing the African Slave Trade to be done by foremost slave traders: Spain and Portugal. These countries were Roman Catholics.

    (3) Inquisition of Witches. Burning of Heretics. Destroying the Cathars in France. The Cathars believed that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion. Married Mary Magdalene. They settled in Southern France. Their descendants became Kings in France.

    (4) Collaboration with the Nazis in Germany; and the Fascists in Italy.

    (5) Providing sanctuaries for Nazis fleeing justices, after World War II. The Church helped in their escape to South America.

    • Jack says:

      Very true….Its an agenda of folks in power to divide humanity in spirituality and science…however, in reality there is no difference between science and spirituality…everything around us is singular in nature.

      The people who control science control the religion…religion will always take a opposing view of what science says and vice versa. It has always been that way…what passes on as a science also is a method to control humanity. We are only free once we come out of both. search for David Icke, Micheal Tsarion to know more thanks

      • Hyden Toro says:

        We live in a World of Dichotomy. There is North and South. There is Front and Back, in every person. There is Cold and Hot. However, in Quantum Physics; it teaches us that whenever, we attain the Level of Unity, or oneness. There is no Time and Space. There is no Day and Night. This may have been known by Mystics, as the Spirit World. Science and Religion can work side by side. I’m a Technical Man; not a Scientist. However, I believe in the Divine Source, or God. On the reason; we did not put the radio waves in space. We just discovered it. We did not put the power of electricity, or the power of the atom. We just discovered it. We cannot create planets, animals and beings…This is the Core of my faith. However, if we use religion to control people and to delude people; for any reason of your own. This is where I’m against organized religions.

    • blueredicedtea says:


      you forgot the crusades.
      christians versus muslims anyone?

  7. manzi says:

    any of you guys have link to a legit updated copy of the RH Bill. There’s this fanatic quoting parts from the “RH Bill” on this article’s FB page.

      • manzi says:

        what i don’t understand is that the articles in the Bill are as clear and concise as possible with multiple reviews and revisions. ilang beses nang sinuyod, sinala at hinimay-himay bago ipinasa for more critical inspection.. but for some fucked up reason, the closed minded will always have their own MIS-interpretation of things.

        The country is in severe need of this Bill and people are more worried about the moral implications? that this bill promotes promiscuity, pre-marital sex and other things.. etc. This Bill was written because people being people are promiscuous by nature. Things like fucking can’t be avoided. masarap eh! So the best that we can do is help control the situation through family planning and birth control.

        Yun nga lang malakas ang propaganda machine ng Vatican. It is a well oiled machine slowly being upgraded through the ages, fueled by the fear of damnation and the silly notion that the pope is infallible.

      • Twin-Skies says:

        [that this bill promotes promiscuity, pre-marital sex and other things.. etc. This Bill was written because people being people are promiscuous by nature. Things like ****ing can’t be avoided. masarap eh! So the best that we can do is help control the situation through family planning and birth control.]

        Saying that sex education will lead to promiscuity is like saying that teaching people to wear their seatbelts will make them more like to drive recklessly.

        It’s a tired old slippery slope argument, one that has yet to be proven by any current data.

      • krainierd says:

        i think the firm grasp of the Church is slipping though in their tight grasp…people are now realizing the doctrines being advertised by the Church is full of s&%t! So having many wives is a sin, so Moslems can’t go to heaven, is that it? The Church is just constructing rules so that they can manipulate people to do their bidding, directly or indirectly.

  8. The Lazzo says:

    Here’s the kicker, the Vatican’s saying that the Pope’s statement was more of a side quip and that the Vatican’s official position is not changing.

    Just another reason why I’m atheist.

  9. Chorvaqueen says:

    Star Headlines:

    “I’m against the RH Bill because I have many siblings”

    inb4 more cojones for the moral fags.

    • Chi Chi says:

      Pacman: Pro-life poster boy?
      By Paolo Romero (The Philippine Star) Updated November 23, 2010 12:00 AM Comments (37) View comments
      MANILA, Philippines – Pro-life advocates might have found a new poster boy in world boxing champion and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao, who expressed opposition to the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill and suggested abstinence as a means of family planning.

      “I’m against the RH Bill because I have many siblings,” Pacquiao said yesterday in a press conference at the House of Representatives in Quezon City when asked about his stance on the controversial population control measure. “And also on condoms, I’m not in favor of it.”

      Seated beside Pacquiao during the press briefing was Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., who earlier reiterated his commitment to have the bill reach voting in the plenary.

      Pacquiao has two sisters and four brothers and has four children – Emmanuel Jr., Michael, Princess, and Queen Elizabeth.

      “We have our own respective beliefs. We have differing beliefs. I believe that there is nothing in the Bible that says that we limit the number of our children,” Pacquiao said.

      “In the first place, the Lord said: ‘Go to the world and multiply’ and not ‘go to the world and have two kids’,” he said.

      He said couples should undergo orientation on how to plan a family that could entail abstinence to limit the number of children.

      “We sometimes need to make sacrifices like: ‘Darling, not tonight because you’re fertile so we sacrifice in the meantime’,” Pacquiao said, eliciting laughter from journalists.

      “You guys must also learn to sacrifice, abstain. But hey, the girls sometimes are the ones making advances,” he said.

      He said he supports the bill filed by Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez and co-authored by former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo seeking to protect the rights of the unborn child.

      Pacquiao reported for work at the House of Representatives for the first time after arriving in the country last Saturday from Texas after defeating Mexican fighter Antonio Margarito.

      “I want to be a champion public servant,” he said prior to being conferred the Congressional Medal of Distinction by Speaker Belmonte at the session hall in the afternoon.

      “I’m taking a break from boxing and I’ll focus now on my job as a congressman,” he said in Filipino.

      After the briefing, he proceeded to the session hall where he was given a red carpet welcome with cheering House employees lining the path and waving the Philippine flag.

      “We honor our colleague today, not only what he has achieved but for what his victories signify for our country… He has showed us that he is a man of strong faith, which has carried him through every adversity, and he has never ceased to return that gratitude to our God despite the many peaks he has already achieved in his life,” Belmonte said.

      He said Pacquiao has reminded “us of our role to utilize our skills as leaders of government and inspire and instill basic values in our people, especially the youth who will inherit this nation and become our future leaders.”

      “His achievements prove that with determination, discipline and focus, greatness is within reach of anybody who perseveres through hard work, an accomplishment that should inspire and be emulated by the youth of the Philippines and around the world,” the congressional citation stated.

      “This victory is not mine alone, it belongs to the Filipino people,” Pacquiao said in accepting the honor. “We have shown how we the Filipino people can excel in a world-class arena because of hard work, dedication and faith in the Almighty.”

      Session was suspended at 4:30 p.m. after the conferment ceremonies. Lawmakers later feted Pacquiao with a victory dinner that included a live band at the foyer of the Speaker’s entrance of the main building of the Batasang Pambansa complex.

      Earlier in the day, Pacquiao went over a long list of projects and requests from his constituents that urgently needed to be implemented but were delayed due to lack of funds.

      “I have many things to take care of. I’m overwhelmed I am back, there are many things to attend to here,” Pacquiao told reporters while seated at his desk in his office wearing a suit with a red striped tie.

      He said among the requests flooding his office were for additional classrooms, a mini-gym, various livelihood programs, and the repair of the provincial hospital and municipal hall in Sarangani.

      “I have to prioritize the classrooms and the livelihood programs,” he said.

      He said he thought of a novel idea to help more of his constituents despite limited government funds at his disposal by entering into an exchange deal with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), which plans to tap him as one of its endorsers.

      He said instead of getting his talent fee, he would ask the PCSO to convert the amount into ambulances that he can distribute to each of municipality of the province.

      “I won’t get my payment anymore (from PCSO),” Pacquiao said. “I always want to help my country and my fellow Filipinos.”

      “I’m happy for the blessing that I receive from God, like my earnings from boxing. I wish I would be of great service and help to others,” he said.

      As an endorser, Pacquiao is likely to earn millions.

      He said he is willing to take additional tasks in the name of public service as his current duties and schedules permit.


    • krainierd says:

      Probably it is also God’s will to let those to be hungry because their parents don’t know how to restrain themselves hey! It is good to know that Mr. Pac has four healthy children which he can feed anytime of the day with his multi-million dollar winnings from boxing. But hey, not every Filipino has his skill and luck, not everyone can support as many children with the poverty line is at P6,000 minimum and when you have a family at P10,000 a month. Good luck in counting days and being stressed whether your wife is fertile or not, sometimes when you’re in the moment you just do it, and without the proper tools (condoms, pills) you might just get lucky and have a child that is not planned. Good luck when you already ahve five or more children and you’re just a plain wage earner hey!

  10. outoftheblue says:

    Good article!

    A recently read an article though that further explained the Pope’s position

    I think the church’s point is not to have a contraceptive mentality. This is the reason why they oppose condom use. 

    I’m still weighing my personal take on condom use. It’s difficulty to make decisions right away but it is good to look at both sides of the coin. The medical side and the moral side. Both sides agree on one thing, and I also agree that this is the best way to avoid STDs and fight AIDS, “abstinence

    • outoftheblue says:

      Same comment here. I just corrected some typos and spellings

      Good article!
      I recently read an article though that further explained the Pope’s position
      I think the church’s point is not to have a contraceptive mentality. This is the reason why they oppose condom use. 
      I’m still weighing my personal take on condom use. It’s difficult to make decisions right away but it is good to look at both sides of the coin. The medical side and the moral side. Both sides agree on one thing, and I also agree that this is the best way to avoid STDs and fight AIDS, “abstinence

      • Twin-Skies says:

        You will find that most other Anti-AIDs groups and call for abstinence as well as the first line of defense in AIDs prevention. However, they also encourage responsible condom use, which can only be done by properly educating people on its use and limitation.

        This is where the problem begins the RCC in the past has been against condom use in any form (at least prior to Ratzinger’s statement.):

  11. Tish says:

    The annulment process pa in this country is too damn long plus expensive!

    It’s very unfair for Filipinos who marry foreign nationals pa because these foreign nationals (if legal ang divorce in their respective country) can divorce the Filipino spouse and re-marry but the Filipino spouse would have to file for annulment pa in the Philippines.

    We all know Manny Pacquaio and his huge influence in this country, well he just declared that he’s anti-contraception and magtiis na lang daw- it’s not a solution.  Tell that to your carnal urges.  He’s got 4 kids and known to be babaero, do you call that pagtitiis?  Practice what you preach.

  12. Tish says:

    Plus, you can’t just ask people to make tiis- blue balls katapat nyan.  As for the women, minsan-minsan na nga lang mangalabit- dineny pa!  Eto sayo, Crankiness!  LOL

  13. ScrappyHappyDappyPinay says:

    I read about this issue a few days back. Frankly, I don’t see why the Church adopted a very hypocritical stand on condoms. The thing is, when the Pope was interviewed he stated that the condom, if used for medical purposes like preventing AIDS/STD is acceptable. The example cited was this, If a male prostitute will have sex with a homosexual male then the purpose of this sexual activity is not for procreation but for pleasure. Because even if they had sex there is no way it will result to childbirth so basically, the condom is not use as contraception. The Church only opposes its use if it is to prevent procreation and that has always been their position. Although I am not sure if the Pope has thought this through. What if a female prostitute had sex with a customer and uses the condom to prevent AIDS? Does that provide Catholics a license to engage in adulterous activities? or if a Catholic woman decides to have sex with a man for the heck of it and uses a condom, does that free us from the guilt of premarital sex? After all, both situations are not intended for procreation. Answers in the postcard please!

    • Maki_Alam says:

      What the church wants, basically, is that unless you’re a married heterosexual couple trying to make a baby, do not have sex! Which is a very unrealistic thing to demand. When a man’s feeling randy he’ll get some, and no amount of fire and brimstone threats will get in his way. I think the church is ever so slowly coming to realize this (though they’d never admit it), hence, the Pope has conceded to the use of condoms to fight the spread of AIDS. It’s a compromise. If you can’t stop people from having sex, then at least let them to do it more safely.

    • krainierd says:

      In another point of view, if the man is randy and the wifey doesn’t want to because she is fertile, the husband may get the idea of adulterous sex or maybe in some instance man-to-man sex, thus endangering the values of the family. If using a condom will prevent this, then I’m in.

  14. ulong pare says:

    daaaang! why are papa sa roma/padre damasos against use of condoms? they do not use their penises for procreation; they use their thingies for molestation of li’sl boyz and gurlz and fcuked fellow cumpadres… and another thing, what do they know about “family” when they themselves do not have experience in “raising” a family, i.e., their own blood?… hay naku, flips examine your kukotes… see if the grey matter is still functioning…

    • krainierd says:

      They don’t spent a dime for their living needs…shame on them for instigating that abstinence is the best way…

  15. deusX says:

    Oh come on this isn’t the medieval times or in Phil’s case the Spanish Era. I’m an atheist myself and I don’t care what a certain “holy” man says about sex. Sex is a good exercise, it should be practiced safely so I use condoms and additional protection on my partner side wouldn’t hurt.

  16. Antay-antayan says:

    I hate the church more than I hate Beniknok, so I am on his side on this. The good thing about all the crap that has been going in is that people who actually believe that the church matters will realize that it doesn’t. The catholic church needs to die soon.

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