Lack of class of the Aquino Government rubs off on classy lady Yoly Ong

From the Web site of Campaigns and Grey:

I’m a great believer in learning new skills and looking at things in a fresh, new perspective, so that the traditional becomes untraditional.” – Yoly Ong, Group Chairperson

We now see the irony in those words after Ms Ong launched into a monumental tililing rampage (google the term!) that put her firm — and the name of its venerable Fifth Avenue, New York City parent company, the Grey Group — squarely in the cross-hairs of the best of the Philippine blogosphere and on-line media. No less than the Warrior Lawyer, Stuart Santiago, Jojo Robles and the MomBlogger weighed in on the spectacle, and in many words collectively had this to say about Ms Ong:


Poor Ms Ong. She made the mistake of leading Campaigns and Grey into the mine field of gaffes that is the Second Aquino Administration.

An excerpt from an interview with the Business Mirror sheds some light into the sort of administrative “expertise” Ms Ong and her team were dealing with in Malacanang:

Ong: Tulungan nyo nalang kami and we’ll fix it after.

[Campaigns & Grey chief of corporate affairs Marilyn] Villapando: Saka nalang tayo mag-usap. Basta [Undersecretary Vicente “Enteng” Romano] only said, “Basta ‘di naman ito libre, we will make sure that something….” There was no more talk about money because at that time…

Ong: Parang panic time na. Siya [Enteng] ang nagpa-panic. We tried our best naman, that’s why we came up with five [adcepts] from different groups namin. Initially our primary market was North America. And the initial was gawan muna ng exploratory concept for North America, and later we will do one for the rest [of the markets]. But I knew they only had P200 million for advertising…

I do wonder though: why the panic? It’s not as if the Philippines lacked a working tourism brand. Then again, perhaps it is precisely because there was one that this urgency to come up with a new one and bury the old one filled the halls of the country’s tourism department.

For that matter;

The Aquino Government destroys brands.

Indeed. It destroyed brand “Aquino”, destroyed brand “People Power”, destroyed brand “Enteng Romano” and his e-mandirigma” mystique. The government of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is, in fact, in the process of destroying brand “Philippines” (not that the Philippines had much of what can be considered to be brand equity to begin with). Where else does the Yellow Army start in its campaign of brand destruction than on the nation’s pitch to foreign tourists — first in the botched rescue operation that resulted in the deaths of eight such foreign tourists, and now this, our brand turismo itself.

Quite simply, Noynoy and his government are uncool. And in an industry like advertising where “cool” is everything, it’s just not surprising that a firm like Campaigns and Grey loses cool appeal simply by associating itself with a government unprecedented in its ability to subtract rather than add to the collective coolness of human civilisation.

Behold, the latest casualty of the Reign of Yellow: the Grey Group dragged from its tony Fifth Avenue neighbourhood in New York City into the tacky wanna-be world of Philippine politics. Nice job Ms Yoly Ong. At least you still have your Harvard degree. Lucky for you, the lack of class you exhibited in your Star piece will most likely be lost in a society that struggles to grasp the concept of class.


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16 Responses to Lack of class of the Aquino Government rubs off on classy lady Yoly Ong

  1. ChinoF says:

    Wow. This current administration is a destructive government. The purpose of its founding is really destroying things. Wonder if they’ll destroy more than the brand and destroy the country itself. Although their intention was actually to destroy the previous administration. They’re sloppy at it though. 

    • archie says:

      penoy and his acolytes have been destroying our country’s integrity from day one of their campaign. di pa man siya umuupo bagsak na siya sa credibility and competence to hold a high position. at least we’re not part of the yellow squadrons who love only our country thru promises and idealistic but not realistic slogans

  2. The Lazzo says:

    Mmkay, so I only started commenting here last week, but I remember when you guys were all for Gordon during the elections. What did you guys think of his WOWPhilippines anyway?

    • ChinoF says:

      For me, it should’ve been kept. 

      Of course, removing everything with the tinge of GMA (WOW Phils was made during her time) was this current admin’s goal.

    • aboy says:

      I was still in college when WOW Phil was launched. I studied at Mapua in Intramuros… During the WOW Phil times, every week different regions showcase their best. Foods, Cultural performance, Arts.. name it… I think Dick really did a good job with WOW… After WOW was launched, many new tourist places emerged in main media (tv, net) samples: Bohol, Coron, El Nido, Camiguin, Davao everything else follows… Hindi lang Bora ang asa isip ng tao pag tourism ang iniisip..

    • archie says:

      WOW Philippines was a good program. and tourism really did boom in this period. Penoy wanted to get rid of it because he hate GMA that he even hated some of the past administration’s good programs. masyado kasing emotional ang presidente natin ngayon. puro emosyon, walang critical thinking

  3. Hyden Toro says:

    I am also a believer of innovative people, who can make things work. However, I’m a Realist. I know that to start or to innovate anything; does not require: a Harvard College degree;or MBA, or a PhD. Thomas Edison, did not go to Harvard. Yet, look at his inventions. Henry Ford, was a Soybean Farmer. Look at the Auto industry, he started. Same as Microsoft Bill Gates. He was a college dropout. I don’t discount education, much more higher education . But, to claim that your fancy education can guarantee to make things happen; and not seeing the Realities of your Client. To run away with their hard earned OFW slave money, is not right…

  4. Miriam Quiamco says:

    I am posting here a comment by Lacierda on Yoly Ong’s online piece about how Filipinos should disgusted with GMA:

    Edwin Lacierda said…Ms. Yoly Ong says a mouthful and that mouthful cannot be swept under the rug of apathy and indifference.
    What makes her admirable is her boldness to speak out in the light of the profession she is in. Where once she walks in shadows, she now stands astride in the light. This is no lady shooting from the hip. 
    Her essay can perhaps be described as a succint intellectual evolution of GMA believers who saw the light. And definitely, one that present GMA admirers cannot debunk so casually.
    In the absence of light, darkness prevails.

    Yoly Ong’s company got the DOT contract because Yoly Ong was a critic of the GMA administration not because they are the most deserving of the advertising contract.  Another sign yet of how wasteful the current administration’s quest for revenge against GMA!  They are literally excluding others who are more competent and can deliver more efficiently goods paid for by public money by awarding government contracts only to those whose business record notably includes an anti-GMA stance.  What a bunch of morons we have in government now!

    • bp says:

      for a second there i thought the last paragraph was also from lacierda.

    • ChinoF says:

      Yun lang yun eh. Anti-GMAism became the red herring that causes everyone involved to make new mistakes that they should’ve avoided in the first place. 

      • UP nn grad says:

        Do you notice that Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo does not step into the mud with these guys?

        The Noynoy Administration and yellow-Army rabid followers keep digging themselves into one hole after another with their inability to keep their mouths shut…. like Coloma saying, while in APEC, that the Japan Travel Advisory is okay 😛 because the Japan advisory was in Nippongo, not English. Or that it is Japan’s responsibility 💡 to protect Japanese businessmen and tourists who visit Pilipinas. Now Yolly Ong saying “Pilipinas, Kay 👿 Pangit”.

    • archie says:

      f***! and lacierda did it again? boy i want to his head rolling pag nagkaroon ng revamp. di natin kung nagtatangahan siya or ayaw lang niyang madagdagan ang pintas sa boss niya.

  5. gabriel pichon says:

    i’d like to know who was the marketing firm they hired when P-Noy went to the UN in New York..

  6. UP nn grad says:

    I still consider one of the worst instances of failure 😐 to choose words correctly would be this:
    “Our problems now, in two or three years we can say that they are laughable :mrgreen: when we recall that they were not that grave,” […] said [by President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino] in Filipino.
    … said when Noynoy was trying to calm the outrage against Quirino Grandstand massacre.

    • lines says:

      I wonder how Ninoy would react if those words are used to refer to his father’s murder. A matter that will be laughable and not as grave as people thought back then.

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