PNoy blames Arroyo but takes credit for her work in a speech in Singapore

Official records show that there have been 14 Philippine Presidents that preceded incumbent President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy). However, PNoy seems to be under the illusion that there were only two past Presidents before him and he takes turns referring to each one of them in his speeches depending on the occasion.

The writing on the wall says it all

When PNoy talks about his famous and much revered parents, the late Ninoy and Cory Aquino, PNoy never misses an opportunity to blame the late former President Ferdinand Marcos for the “Martial Law” years. When PNoy talks about corruption, PNoy never misses an opportunity to point his finger at former President Gloria Arroyo for a decade of “dark” years as if she were the only President linked to corruption.

In his recent speech before the Filipino community in Singapore, PNoy was disappointingly predictable, blaming Arroyo yet again indicating that “all decisions made by the former administration were based on politics.

PNoy’s favorite example of politics-based decision-making was when, in his opinion, Arroyo “allegedly” chose to reject an increase in electricity rates in 2004 because it was an election year, a decision which according to him again, resulted in “Napocor’s debts soaring to P1 trillion.” For a man with enough resources at his disposal to help him analyze most situations, PNoy is singularly focused on blaming one single entity for the shortcomings of his administration.

How sure is he anyway about his allegations? How is it even quantifiable? Arroyo not increasing electricity rates could not have affected the voter’s decision in the first place because the voters would have found the cost of living high at any given time, particularly during Arroyo’s term. And isn’t it PNoy and all those who despise Arroyo who keep insisting that she cheated in the 2004 election anyway? So her win in the 2004 election could not have been because she kept electricity rates down.

To be sure, PNoy is just trying to find a scapegoat; someone to blame (again) for why he needs to increase the cost of electricity during his term. He knows that as soon as the Filipino people feels the pinch of the rate rise, his popularity will more than likely, go down. It is short of saying, “Don’t look at me, Arroyo should have increased it during her term.” PNoy’s tactic reminds me of an Adolf Hitler quote, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

PNoy also stressed in the same speech that “the government became insensitive during Arroyo’s term.” Really? I wonder what kind of people fall for PNoy’s irrational talk? Even a biased Inquirer article about Arroyo accurately paints a very different story about the “insensitivity” of the government even before Arroyo took over:

Ms Arroyo came to power in January 2001 following the ouster of Estrada in a sequel to the iconic Edsa People Power Revolution in 1986. The first uprising had ousted Marcos after nearly a decade and a half of strongman rule.

The replay—nothing more than an out-and-out military coup—was triggered by moral indignation over the abortive Senate impeachment hearings against the actor-turned-politician. The televised proceedings showed he was up to his eyeballs in wine, women and wampum supposedly weaseled from “jueteng” (illegal numbers game) collections and shady business deals.

Arroyo, his vice president, replaced him.

What does politics-based decision making mean to PNoy anyway? It seems to me like he is playing politics too by excluding other past Presidents from the blame game. Even Walter Lohman, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center was quoted as saying that the country is facing “institutional problems that go back a long time,” and these “need to be addressed over the long term.”

And to quote myself in my previous article:

In other words, it is likely that PNoy’s own mother’s stint in Malacanang also contributed to the problems ‘that go back a long time.’ As a matter of fact, his own mother, the late former President Cory Aquino was actually instrumental in creating the current institutional and legal frameworks that are causing major, major problems for the country.

PNoy has the opportunity to fix things but unfortunately, there is no sign of improvement in the way he conducts things. PNoy is given a big opportunity but he is just wasting it. PNoy promised to improved things but he is not doing anything different to achieve it. Opportunity keeps on knocking at Malacanang’s door but PNoy refuses to let it in because he has no more room for improvement.

Likewise, in the same speech PNoy claimed that the Philippine economy is improving. He cited how it grew by a solid 7.3% last year and “the country is now the fourth-largest shipbuilder in the world and the No. 1 in the call center industry.” How lucky is PNoy? Barely a year in office and he is already taking credit for the growth that is the result of the previous administration’s hard work.

PNoy failed to mention the following reasons for the growth as reported by the Inquirer:

1. Higher remittances from the millions of Filipinos working abroad.

2. Spending fuelled by the billions of dollars overseas Filipino workers sent home.

3. Was achieved on the back of the world recovery from the global financial crisis.

4. The extra money that was pumped into the economy by politicians who campaigned in the national and local elections held in the middle of last year.

Additionally, the National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB) gave the following explanation:

Growth by sector

Private sector investment in construction, machinery and equipment resulted in a robust 17-percent growth in gross domestic capital formation. This supported the healthy pace of growth in manufacturing and services, according to the NSCB.

Industry contributed 3.9 percentage points to total GDP growth on the back of brisk manufacturing, particularly electrical machinery, petroleum and coal products, and food—thanks to a strong pick-up in domestic demand and the rebound in external trade.

The services sector contributed 3.5 percentage points to GDP growth, boosted by the strong performance of trade and private services. This was complemented by flourishing domestic investment, robust expansion in business process outsourcing, hotels and restaurants, wholesale and retail trade, and import and export trade.

Due to fewer typhoons, the agriculture sector managed to grow 5.4 percent in the fourth quarter. “Only two typhoons hit the country compared to seven in the last quarter of 2009,” Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Cayetano Paderanga noted.

In short, PNoy had nothing to do with the economic growth. He just keeps saying that he did. Let’s see how the economy performs this year after tens of thousands of Filipinos had to be evacuated from the Middle East.

And of course, a PNoy speech is not complete without his standard ramblings:

“Lahat ng minana natin, hindi pa tayo perpekto, at tao tayong imperfect, hindi naman natin ma-pe-perfect yan. Pero gusto ko lang pagdiinan at ulit-ulitin sa inyo na talagang yung pagkatagal-tagal na iniisip nating walang kapaga-pag-asa, talagang sobra nang pag-asa ngayon,” he said.

I don’t know what PNoy meant with his latest drivel but when it comes to pure nonsense, I still prefer former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld’s classier excuse:

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

Official records show that there has been 14 Philippine Presidents before PNoy. They have all made their decisions based on politics alone, which is why the international community still considers the Philippines a basketcase today.

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69 Responses to PNoy blames Arroyo but takes credit for her work in a speech in Singapore

  1. “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” << thank you for using this as reference. I really think that Noynoy is looking up to Hitler as much as the Communist Party is also using Nazi tactics to infiltrate our democracy.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Joseph Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, plainly explained: “A lie repeated from time to time, will soon be accepted,as Truth.”
      Hitler lied to the British Prime Minister Chamberlain, by signing for peace…Chamberlain went back to Britain, showing the document as: “Peace of our Times.” Soon Hitler gobbled Austria, then Czechoslovakia…He made a non-aggression treaty with Soviet Union’s Stalin. They soon partitioned Poland…
      See how these leaders lie to each other, for their self-interests…Noynoy Aquino is their illegitimate son-of-a-bitch…there is no truth in any part of his bone…

    • ilda says:

      The quote is very fitting, indeed. He has no shame taking credit for other people’s work.

  2. jmp says:

    masasabi ko lang — kapal!

    • ilda says:

      PNoy’s supporters believe his every word though. When he commits a gaffe, they will say, “Give him a break, he is just new to the job.” But when it is good news like economic growth, everything is credited to him even if he is barely a year in office.

      • and you are right in pointing out that the next phase of Pinoy’s blame game agenda is to take effect in full blast once his regime can’t be considered “new” anymore. this being the effort to track back in a yellow timeline how the past regime did not do this and that enough to have the consequence of which today (whatever the present day is when the effort is used).

  3. dumb-oh says:

    Hanggang dyan na lang. Pati mga fans, deserve daw ni Arroyo ang masisi.

    Kumusta na yung paggamit nya ng hagdan paakyat sa 20+ floors?

    • killem says:

      presidente sya ng pilipinas, kung wala siyang respeto sa sarili niya, sana naman respetuhin niya ang posisyon ng pagkapresidente!! binabastos na sya na pagakyatin siya ng 20flr, natuwa pa siya…tanga talaga!

    • ilda says:

      Climbing the stairs was the highlight of his trip. They used the incident for PR. Patok na naman sa fans.

      • kakambal ata nya kamalasen eh. nakulong at pinatay tatay nya. nagkasakit ng STD sister nya, wala syang bills na napasa, walang magkagusto sa kanyang babae, nasira voting machine kaya pumila ng matagal, nagalit HK sa mga napatay na nationals nila kasi walang SOP, nasabugan mga bus victims sa EDSA kasi di concerned sa protocol worldwide regarding terrorism or baka walang protocol tapos recently nasiraan ng elevator. sinusundan talaga ng malas. kawawa naman. tsk-tsk.

      • ici says:

        either that, or the climbing up to the 20th floor is grossly exaggerated by his spin meisters.

  4. Hyden Toro says:

    The imbecile President Noynoy Aquino is really an imbecile. What has he accomplished in his administration? We are still importing rice and sugar. Land Reform Program is put aside, because he owns the Hacienda Luisita. Prices of basic necessities and prime commodities, are skyrocketing. His corrupt, self-confessed bribe-taker Sec. Puno, is still on his side, working with him. Prices of gasoline are going up-up and away.
    We should blame him also, because, he was a Congressman and a Senator. What did he do as a Congressman and a Senator, to solve these problems.
    Blame Game is very dangerous. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, blamed the German Jews, for the problems of Germany. It resulted to his Final Solution, which was the Holocaust…8 million Jews and German political opponents were murdered…
    He is following the Path of Adolf Hitler of Germany…with his Yellow Horde Nazis followers.
    So, watch out this kind of President…He is not to be trusted…

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      What, like this:


      (Adaptation of: DER FUHRER’S FACE
      Spike Jones & His City Slickers
      Note: Each “heil heil” is accompanied by what is variously
      called “the bird”, “the raspberry”, or “the Bronx cheer”)


      When Aquino says we is de master race,
      We “Heil! Heil!” right in Aquino’s face!
      Not to love Aquino is a great disgrace,
      So we “Heil! Heil!” right in Aquino’s face!

      When Carandang says we own the world and space,
      We “Heil! Heil!” right in Carandang’s face!
      When Esposo says they’ll never bomb dis place,
      We “Heil! Heil!” right in Esposo’s face!
      Are we not the supermen, Pinoy pure supermen?
      Ja, we are the supermen! (Super duper supermen!)
      Is this Yellow land so good?
      Would you leave it if you could?
      Ja, this Yellow land is good!
      We would leave it if we could!
      We bring the world to order,
      Heil PNoy’s world to order!
      Everyone of foreign race
      Will love Aquino’s face
      When we bring to the world dis order!



      CHORUS (slows down like a dying tape cassette on the last line)

      Sieg heil, Aquino!

  5. Drake says:

    Noynoy is stupid. So now it’s proven that most students who study in Ateneo are stupid and corrupt.

  6. Chiruu says:

    In other words that Pnoy is a mere liar….

    • ChinoF says:

      Hey there, howya doin? 

      Well, he’s just following orders… from his “bosses.” 😉 

      • Chiruu says:

        I’m just fine Sir, to be more honest that I’ve kept observant to the state our country for the moment and it doesn’t seem good in my opinion. Off-topic: I’m worried about one of my sibling’s friends who’s currently studying at japan when an earthquake have struck followed by a tsunami and my sympaties to those who have died and affected by the recent calamity.

  7. pro aquino says:

    wait for a few more months & right before your very eyes you will see significant progress in my beloved Philippines. Mabuhay ang administrasyong Aquino! Mabuhay!! :).

    • bulag says:

      Pls wag nang magbulagbulagan… pakiusap po, pakiusap, pakiusap, pakiusap… nakikiusap ako sa panginoon na mahabag at imulat ang mga mata ng mga taong naniniwala sa napakaobvious na kasinungalingan ng presidenteng ito. PAKIUSAP.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        @Pro Aquino
        Heil Yellow Horde Nazi Spokesman….
        If your Imbecile Master cannot produce good results in the previous months , he is in office…Would you have me believe that he can produce good results in the coming month.? …His mental caliber is overrated by the Yellow Horde Media. The Fake Heroism of his Parents were sold to the Voter; instead, of what he can do for the country. I don’t believe that some prayers or “Oratio Imperata” will give him wisdom; that he can now accomplish…He has shown what he can do…and he failed. Don’t sell us any “good future”; because he lost credibility already…

    • ilda says:


      We are all for progress as long as PNoy gives credit where credit is due. His aim should be to unite Filipinos and not to divide. He should just focus on doing his job instead of being contemptous. He will never win his critics by blaming the previous administration. GMA is gone.

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      Don’t feed any troll

    • sige excited ako dyan. a few months ba? sige balikan kita dito ng december 2011 ha.

  8. jon says:

    Although I like the idea of Pnoy’s PPP project, but I am getting tired of his repeated tyrants of the past administration. It was the same with Obama during his first few months in office that he constantly blames Bush to the current state of the US economy during his previous media speech. Some people got tired of hearing it…..many sent massive emails to CNN and twitter telling his to “I don’t want to hear that bull#$%” just fix the problem!….maybe hearing 2-3 times is good but hearing it for the 10th times gets tiring and annoying. What people want to hear from Pnoy is the eradication of corruption once and for all. The people who committed this selfish act had been punished! I also would like to hear the country’s progress! It’s even music to my ear to hear the small progress of the Pasig River, job creation, housing etc…..

    • ici says:

      maybe we should flood the yellow media aka aquino newsletter the same email…where can we send them?

      i totally agree with you ilda…bs aquino is truly full of bs.

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      We’ll just waste five minutes of their time dragging all those mails in the spam folder.

  9. anony says:

    Sus, kung maka-comment naman kayo, parang kayo lang ang tama. Puro reklamo kaya hindi nagkakaisa. Kahit pa sino sigurong presidente ang manalo, reklamo pa rin kayo ng reklamo. Hindi ako maka-Pnoy pero mas pipiliin ko na lang na ang presidente ay “tanga” sa paningin ng iba, basta hindi naman ba ubod ng talino pero magnanakaw naman.

    • palebluedot says:

      those who do not complain about the sorry state of this country and its president, do not care about this country…

      btw, are you one of those who were taught in school about the fake history of the Philippines, thinking that the only reason we are poor is because of corruption?

    • ilda says:


      Your President is the one causing the divide. If he wants to prosecute Arroyo, he should just do it without too much brouhaha. He keeps branding her a thief when it hasn’t been proven yet, so naturally Arroyo’s supporters are not happy with him. He should be thanking Arroyo for the 7.3% growth last year.

      He should be more responsible with what he says to the Filipino people. There are those who are gullible enough to believe him but there are still some who use their own critical analysis.

      Tell your President to stop claiming credit for something he did not work on.

      • counterlevel says:

        here’s my bread and butter for your sentiments et al. I had to learn this saying myself.

        “It is one thing to punish the bully who wounded you, but it is another thing to heal your own wounds.”

        Do you really think by doing the former you’ll successfully achieve the latter? Heck no!!! People (not just Filipinos, i think) need to be more enlightened what real justice is all about.

        Do you have concrete proof to even bother say “Your President is the one causing the divide.”? Sorry but I wasn’t born yesterday to not know what’s going on with the society nor am I that ignorant (I rarely watch the news ‘coz I’m screwed up with my studies) but uncultured people like you et al. can’t just bluff around certain anti-cultural/racist/ignorant hullaballoo into the mix where many people will be more othered by your uncultured brouhaha. Get the point nappy-head?

        Usap tayo; kailangan mong maliwanagan…

      • k.izmet says:


        Perhaps you need to read first the COMMENTING GUIDELINES prepared by the admin of the site available at the bottom of this page. If you may have observed (if you haven’t, you might as well start so), the writers of the blogs on this site refrain from using foul language or pigeonholing anybody. 

        Now, being uncultured, anti-cultural or racist is relative. By labeling her as such, don’t you just qualify yourself as the same?

        The thing is, the culture–including the traditions and norms–could be a breeding ground for ill-attitudes and ill-character. In most often than not, the culture is the very hindrance of a nation to move forward, to achieve the much deserved progress.

        Criticising a culture is not tantamount to being anti-cultural especially if there are bases to stanchion such claims. Ours is an amalgam of rotten, obsolete, and good norms and tradition. Being critical of the rotten norms only entails that one is using one’s reason being the supreme characteristic of a human.

        Why keep on practicing a bulok tradition or system when your reasons (mental faculty) dictate you are better off if you change?

        I haven’t read all blogs of all bloggers of anti-pinoy because as much as I would want, my time is always constrained. Thus, I only read the new blogs published. So far however, I see the criticisms to be pro-active. The blogs don’t seek for the downfall of our incumbent administration because these bloggers are not stupid not to think that they’d be among the millions who are first affected, or their families for that matter.

        What the blogs are written for is enlightenment. It seeks to educate the public. It aims to evoke in us a sense of reality, of  the painful truth–that because of the mediocrity of most Filipinos or the bahala na mental attitude, we always miss our opportunity to success.

        The blogs give alternative options to the current plight that is crippling us since time immemorial. The blogs are published to awaken the president.


      • k.izmet says:


        As for the concrete proof you are asking that made the blogger phrase ” your president is the one causing the divide” is already right before your very own eyes. You just failed to acknowledge it. You choose to brush it off simply as trivial. But no, it is what it is. You just refuse to accept it.

        With P-Noy’s way of rationalizing his incompetence by blaming either Marcos or Aquino is already a strong motivation for the populace to be factionalised, to be divided. Why? Because he’s provoking the Marcoses and GMA including their followers. Remember that the tongue is sharper than the edge of a sword.

        So instead of uniting the nation by focusing on what is happening in the present and prepare for the future, he keeps on going back to the past. It was already the past. No matter what we do or he does, the past cannot be undone. The best thing for us–especially him as the head of state–is to move forward.

        But, if he is really serious with his empty platform slogan about corruption being connected to poverty, he should initiate actions. Let the actions/initiatives do the talking. 

        Please, attack the argument, and not the person positing the argument.

        Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

      • ilda says:


        Unfortunately, I had to remove the cuss words from your comment. It’s so typical of a Pinoy like you to write a comment without any regard for the guidelines. Sorry to say that with or without the cussing, your comment does not make any sense.

        Do you have concrete proof to even bother say “Your President is the one causing the divide?”

        Yes, I do. Your comment is already enough proof.

        Here’s a question for you:

        Do you have any proof that what PNoy is doing is NOT causing further division among Filipinos?

    • niac says:


      walang hindi magnanakaw sa gobyerno, at yan ang realidad, sa tingin mo ba si PNoy ay hindi corrupt? eh paano mo ngayon i-explain ang unprogrammed at audit-free 68Billion pesos na personal pork barrel fund nya? yung pagtaas nya ng pork barrel ng mga mambabatas na mahigit sa 100%? yung porsche at lexus nya? yung pagnanakaw ng pamilya nya sa karapatan ng mga magsasakang umangkin ng lupa ayon sa batas ng Pilipinas? ang pagbigay ng utos na idisperse at pagpapatayin ang mga taong nag-rarally sa Mendiola? ang pagkakaroon ng 40Million pesos na property ng executive secretary nya? ang pagpili at paglagay nya sa puwesto sa mga sanagay ng gobyerno na mga taon may kwestyunableng integridad? at ang pagtatakip sa mga kamalian ng mga sipsip sa kanya?

      i think PNoy is suiffering from a severe insecurity, when he admitted that he has no blueprint on how to move this country forward is like saying that our road map to progress, peace, success and etc is both clueless and directionless; san ba tayo talaga tutungo (propaganda and sloganeering aside)?

    • the katangahan is not just a perception. he is not just perceived to be tanga. na-prove na n’ya yan kasi one too many times sa early part ng regime n’ya while he kept on blaming the past president. imagine that — may tangang presidente na accuse ng accuse sa dating presidente. ang sagwa naman ng tangang president na yan. tanga na nga, masama pa ugali.

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      Let’s see how that changes if someone na hindi magnanakaw gaya ng sinabi ay pumatay…
      Okay lang mamamatay-tao, basta hindi magnanakaw?

      But I understand your position, reklamo ng  reklamo ang mga tao. Ang pinagkaiba lang, ang mga nagrereklamo ngayon ay iba sa nagrereklamo noon. And yes, Noynoy should do something more constructive in putting his nemesis to jail, but I’m not counting on that.
      On the pagkakaisa thing, differences of opinion are not bad in itself, as long as the issue concerned is vital. Kaso lang nakikipag-away lang ang mga Pilipino sa mga walang-kwentang bagay eh, tapos nilalaganap pa ng gobyerno.

    • Cy says:


      Yo, here’s what I want to say to you: We’re not against anyone. We’re against what they do.

      “Hindi ako maka-Pnoy pero mas pipiliin ko na lang na ang presidente ay “tanga” sa paningin ng iba, basta hindi naman ba ubod ng talino pero magnanakaw naman.”

      – Are you sure that you want to choose between chocolate-flavored thumbtacks (intelligent thief) and nightshade berries (stupid) for snacks?

    • k.izmet says:


      Don’t you just complain if your food tastes bad especially if you believe or thought that your cook is capable of preparing food primarily because it is his function as a cook/chef? Why would he brand himself as cook if he cannot prepare tasty foods that his customers are expecting?

      If you believe you deserve better, nutritious, and palatable foods from the money you are paying to the restaurant/cook, you always reserve the right to complain. If you know a cook can be better, you should complain because it is your money you are spending and it is your tummy you are filling or upsetting. It is your health that can be affected. Thus, it is your right to demand better dishes.

      I don’t settle for less. Ilda and the rest of the bloggers here simply don’t settle for anything less either because we believe we deserve better government.

    • dumb-oh says:

      anony and counterlevel, napakaBULAG at napakaBABABAW ninyo. Sobra. I have nothing more to say.

    • ArticleRequest says:

      @anony Ay naku! Mga typical Pinoys. Want a better society but have a high toleration of mediocrity, kapalpakan etc.. 

    • sus ano ba yan puro ka reklamo sa amin. magbago ka na nga HAHA para kang si kris at si ngoyngoy na attracted sa mga tsismis kaya paninisi.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      There is no difference, between a Congenital Liar, and a Thief…the Thief steals my money or goods. The Congenital Liar steals my Trust in the Goodness of my fellow human being…Anyway, the Aquinos stole the Hacienda Luisita lands from the People of Tarlac, who as human beings; deserve also to own a land to till, to feed themselves and their families…Is not Greediness to own Lands, so huge, that you deprived others; some sort of Thievery?

  10. Bessie Rivera says:

    Noynoy is still in the campaign mode, hitting at his rival, GMA. The election is over, he probably didn’t realize he already won the presidential race, thanks to automation cheating. Or probably that is the reason he still is campaigning, he thinks there was cheating in the last election, he didn’t know who won. Duh!

    • ilda says:

      He is still campaigning to what he refers to as the “noisy minority.” What he needs to do is to listen to his critics and address their concerns in a serious manner. He just keeps shrugging them off and chanting the words, “pwede na tayong mangarap.”

  11. Manuel Garin says:

    hmmm…isn’t PNOY’s grandfather a Japanese collaborator who was later pardoned by Roxas’ grandfather….kala mo napalinis ng pamilya nila politically….both sides of his family have history of opportunism and self-aggradizement

    • yup suicidal ang tatay na komunista at ang kapatid ay tsismis show host na nagka-STD. si ngoyngoy naman ay damaged son na may victim complex kasi grew up away from a father figure kaya laging nakikipagaway at emotional. yuck.

  12. Trosp says:

    Ignorance can be cured and stupidity has no cure. I’m not (yet) convinced Penoy is stupid.

    It’s not that Penoy doesn’t know anything, it’s just that most of what he knows is wrong!

    • Hyden Toro says:

      The test of the crispiness of the “Lechon” is in the eating…not in the advertised pictures…or in the advertised broadcasted talks of sales pitch people…Same as the test of the capability of leaders, we voted in office…it is the results of their performances; and what they have done while in office…
      You cannot justify bad results; because; they stare back in your face…same way you can see and feel good results; by the improved living standards of people (voters)…Good works and Good Performances never need: time-to-time subliminal messages; disinformations; outright manipulation and sanitation of the Truth…they stand on their own…

  13. kssael says:

    @counterlevel: Seriously, what did you smoke just to comment like that?

    @Pro-Aquino anons: Don’t white knight P.Noy just because he commited numerous blunders within less than a year in the office. Try to think many possible solutions and brainstorm witn us if you want a change for this nation, for the very least.

  14. Voltron13 says:

    P-noy has no capacity 2 be a president.The whole stairs incident was just a bruhahaha by the media.The guy needs 2 step down now!!!!!!

  15. Voltron13 says:

    and by the way why is the Japan quake was not mentioned in the AP main headlines?Pls explain.

    • MaskmanReturns says:

      hmm..good seems the main issue around the world now is about the devastating quake in Japan

    • k.izmet says:


      Did you mean the AP Crowd in FaceBook?

      Hmm, there were members of the group who posted some links related to the happening in Japan. They made comparisons of capacity of some nations and the mental attitude of people as part of their reactions. But with the variance of topics linked by other members and the threading of comments to older posts, some links plummeted in rankings.

      Links are arranged in a chronological order not only by the posts, but by the responses they evoke.

      🙂 Just my two cents worth of thought. 

      But if you refer to AP as associated press, well, my mistake.

      So far however, GRP published a blog relevant to the quake in Japan. 🙂

    • ilda says:


      I know. I personally can’t catch up with what is happening. If only I don’t have a life, I could have written more stuff 😉

      Here’s a link to the GetReal Philippines article about Japan:

  16. Pro pinoy says:

    shut up all of you! kaya kayo ganyan kasi natalo mga binoto nyong kandidato sa pagkapangulo. hindi ko binoto c noynoy pero tanggapin nyo na totoo mga cnsabi nya. mga **** anti-pinoy talaga kayo. lumayas kayo dito. mgpalit na kayo ng citizenship

    • ilda says:

      @Pro pinoy

      Kaya kami ganito kasi nanalo na nga si PNoy pero wala pa ring ginawa kung hinde manisi at mag-malines. Mag-iisang taon na sya sa Malacanang pero he has not done anything significant yet. He is still using the same economic principles as what Arroyo used. Although I don’t expect you to understand my explanation even if it’s already in Tagalog.

      Which part of what he said is true? Yes, the economy grew but not because of him. It was because of the following:

      1. Higher remittances from the millions of Filipinos working abroad.

      2. Spending fuelled by the billions of dollars overseas Filipino workers sent home.

      3. Was achieved on the back of the world recovery from the global financial crisis.

      4. The extra money that was pumped into the economy by politicians who campaigned in the national and local elections held in the middle of last year.

      Please read the article again para maintindihan mo. You can’t win an argument simply by swearing.

    • UP nn grad says:

      to Pro Pinoy: There is a group to your liking (tocayo mo pa their blogsite name), they will like your commentary about why the Gloria Administration (or maybe it is the Erap administration) that hid the Japanese study of metro-Manila’s readiness for a large earthquake. The group blog is ProPinoy-dot-Net.

      Click here:

  17. Pro pinoy says:

    ikaw ilda at kayong mga *****.. oo mga ***** kayong lahatkayong mga anti pinoy. kayo ang nagsisimula at gumagawa ng gulo sa pilipinas at d si noynoy. kung hindi pala kayo mga ****e. ala namang hindi sabhin ni nynoy ang mga pagkakamali noon. kaya nga tayo nag-aaral ng kasaysayan. ewan ko sa inyong mga ngdudunungdunungang mga ***** kayo. e para maitama ang pagkakamali noon. natural n sbhn ni noynoy un e para sabhn nya saming mga pilipino at senyong mga basura na hndi nya ggwn at di nya gngwa ang kahayupan ni gloria. kayo kasi baka di nyo kaya umakyat ng hagdan tulad ni gordon n ubod ng ***** at ubod ng taba na idol nyo haha. at si noynoy ba e mamamatay tao? kung hndi b kau mga gago e. mga sundalo ang dapat sisihin dun sa hacienda. lahat n lang isinisisi ninyo sa pinakamataas. e wala naman kaung maipakitang ebidencia ni papel o video na siya ang me kagagawan. haha. me sinabi ba si noynoy na siya ang dahilan kaya umuunlad tayo? wala mga *****. sinabi niya na gumanda ang ekonomiya lalo ng pinas ng umalis si arroyo. tuldok!

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      Rule no. 1:
      Noynoy is always right. His enemies are always wrong.
      Rule no. 2:
      If Noynoy turned out to be wrong on something or his enemies were correct, refer back to rule no. 1.

      Tama? Correct me if I’m wrong.

      “Kaya kayo ganyan kasi natalo mga binoto nyong kandidato sa pagkapangulo.”
      Kung natalo yung kandidato mo mag pepeople-power yung mga supporters nya at pagpipilitan nila na nandaya yung kung sino man yung nanalo. Win-win situation, diba?

    • k.izmet says:

      @ Pro pinoy:

      You know I had a refreshing Sunday and I wanted so much to elongate the good feeling it took me a humungous effort to resist myself from commenting. Alas, I have to yield. Your thinking is pitiful I have to make a response.

      Foremost, you failed to read the threads of comments forged in this blog, particularly the statement of the author that she had to censor the written language of counterlevel for failure to comply with the commenting guidelines naturally pasted on the lower left of every page of this site.

      Or maybe you deliberately wrote the foul language above because you became irascible following the logical and educated tirade of reasonings as to why the blog made sense and why you, anony, and counterlevel acted far-fetchedly. 

      It is because of your mental attitude why progress is evasive in the Philippines. Pigeonholing us as tanga, basura, gago and being fat is only an act unbecoming of a true man (not gender-sensitive). Is that your best shot? Can’t you think hard and straight as to counter the argument we all presented in a similarly educated manner?  Acts such as yours belong to someone unlettered.

      It seems that you cannot refute the arguments founded with facts presented here above and the only recourse for your wounded pride and injured ego is to attack our persons.

      It is such a shame that followers of P-Noy rest their strength on assailing others on a personal level than on their mental faculties. Perhaps, there is nothing to marvel about the fact that yours is a president such as P-Noy because you share a similar mouth and mental capacity with him. 

      Remember, through the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks. Isn’t that just familiar? You know what, I should not blame P-Noy in as much as I cannot blame you for what you are and for failing in seeing through the hideous social and economic happenings concealed with sugary icing  that are so commonplace.


    • your ngoyngoy is president. the recent events during his regime: 1) dead HK tourists 2) dead filipinos sa bus bombing 3) read the philippine star at every single day sa metro news section nila eh may binabaril na local politician 4) yung reporter ng GMA-7 nanakawan ng LV bag 5) rampant carnapping at pagpatay sa dealers 6) di naasikaso ng maayos ang mga OFWs sa libya 7) inapprove nya ang pilipinas kayganda na ginastusan na ang launch tapos pinatanggal nya ang tanga tanga talaga HAHA 8) scandal ng luxury car nya — di naman pala pro-poor dyusko!

    • Cy says:

      @Pro pinoy

      According to Ilda, “You can’t win an argument simply by swearing.”

      So what makes you think you can win it by MORE swearing?

  18. Dexter Determinado says:

    hay naku,,,ganyan tala si PNoy,,,,kung maganda dapat nakakabit sa kanya palagi,,,pero kapag pangit,,,sinisisi sa iba,,,,,

    • mismo. parang si guingona na OA tapos single sa edad nyang ewan. tapos sabi ng mga lukaret nyang mga kapatid kelangan before sya matapos sa term magkaasawa na. bakiiit?! bakit naka sched during his term?! corrupt ang isip ng mga kapatid. no wonder ganyan kasi nga damaged family sila. suicidal ang tatay.

  19. Giacomo House says:

    @ pro pinoy
    Audacious signs of LEADERSHIP FAILURE was glaringly apparent in a televised comment by pnoy about 3 of his cabinet members that are his “pasanins” (burdens) because they always approach him because of problems in their respective departments. Who appointed them to the position anyway? His exposure of these issues to the public are evidence to the following:
    1. They don’t have a Team.
    2. They obviously have no teamwork.
    3. Pnoy doesn’t like to work on our country’s problems. Let the other guys do it.
    4. Showbiz ang style nya. (presidential blind item?)

    God help us !

  20. There are only two presidency that is of worst kind in the Philippines. Its the cory aquino presidency and son, noynoy. What do you expect from them? nothing but pure talk and propaganda.

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