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Should we junk the minimum wage law in the Philippines?

Workers unite! But then ask the question: Unite to do what exactly? That slogan has been around for more than two centuries now, and though many “activist” elements out there might want us to believe that their “fight” was what … Continue reading

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The Rediscovery and Re-enchantment of Our Humanity: in Honor of the May Day and In Defense of the Global Occupy Movement

The present times are complicatedly so fast and furious. So fast the pacing that we forget to stop and pause to enjoy the quality time with our family and savor the moment with our friends! We are so concern with … Continue reading

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Why you should be worried about 2015

Already wrestling with the public relations fallout of the latest poverty statistics, the Aquino administration apparently was too busy last week to notice the press release from the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) announcing the results of a study … Continue reading

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Anti-Pinoy Sentiments in Singapore?

Apparently, The Real Singapore doesn’t want a Filipino company to hire Filipino staff for its operations there. Unlike other multi-national fastfood restaurants like Macdonalds and KFC which hire mainly Singaporeans and even the disabled and elderly, Jollibee Singapore intends to … Continue reading

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Mining Sector Giving Up on the Philippines?

It is probably welcome news to environmental activists but a disappointing turn of events for anyone who likes the idea of tapping the Philippines’ imposing stockpile of mineral resources to attract tangible industrial investment and create jobs: Some subtle hints … Continue reading

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Noynoy Aquino government hires Fitch Ratings to give Philippine economy a thumbs up

Incumbent Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is beaming with pride now that the country has scored an “investment-grade” credit rating from Global rating agency, Fitch Ratings under his watch. You might be asking yourself, “What the heck does it … Continue reading

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Being cluey about foreign capital

One of the key aspects of the Constitutional Reform agenda revolves around the proposal to open the Philippines to full foreign ownership of business assets and private property. It is a worthwhile option to explore as it has been known … Continue reading

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