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What Vice Ganda’s tongue-in-cheek remark says about us Filipinos

The latest buzz that has been circulating around the chattering classes is how ABS-CBN comedic talent Vice Ganda made a tongue-in-cheek remark when asked if he had any plans to pursue a career in public service. “Gusto ko president ako … Continue reading

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It is in the Filipinos’ best interest that Noynoy stay alive until the 2016 elections are over

President Noynoy Aquino’s health has been a concern ever since the start of his term. He is known as an avid smoker. He claims that his job causes him an unbearable amount of stress. What doesn’t help is that he … Continue reading

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Filipino voters should be blamed for the Philippines’ problems

I don’t think there is a point in holding elections in the Philippines. It’s so expensive and the whole process just disrupts normal activities and keeps Filipinos from moving forward. What is the point in going through something that won’t … Continue reading

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2010: The year of the rise of the Philippine idiocracy!

What a year it has been! 2010 is the year I and many other like-minded people will never forget. As a Filipino, I never thought it was still possible to learn many new things about the culture I was born … Continue reading

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Noynoy Aquino's inauguration: The Yang that completes Erap's Yin

I’ve always called politicians “bozos”. And for the record I personally consider Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III a bozo’s bozo. Add me to a box of “witchhunters” then, given this categorical declaration coming from me. Noynoy is in a class of … Continue reading

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Election and everyday fraud: every citizen is to blame for allowing it to happen

Filipinos seem tired. For some reason they just want to move on from the election. Maybe the campaign jingles have proven too much to bear and any further exposure to them after the 10th of May just might make them … Continue reading

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Three-step process Noynoy needs to take to become President

Every day that’s gone by since his “presumptive win” in this year’s elections, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III turns into a bigger and bigger chump. As we follow the self-created drama that now embroils his first step into the Presidency — … Continue reading

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