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Should we junk the minimum wage law in the Philippines?

Workers unite! But then ask the question: Unite to do what exactly? That slogan has been around for more than two centuries now, and though many “activist” elements out there might want us to believe that their “fight” was what … Continue reading

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The Rediscovery and Re-enchantment of Our Humanity: in Honor of the May Day and In Defense of the Global Occupy Movement

The present times are complicatedly so fast and furious. So fast the pacing that we forget to stop and pause to enjoy the quality time with our family and savor the moment with our friends! We are so concern with … Continue reading

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Miss Korea 2013 meme: Have Koreans flipped on plastic surgery?

Like the way computer-aided design and engineering has resulted in the convergence of automobile design to a general look that, technologies and procedures that enhance physical appearances that have become increasingly available and affordable are now resulting in a creepy … Continue reading

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Should Janine Tugonon make up with Jaypee Santos?

So what’s the verdict guys and gals? Miss Universe runner-up Janine Tugonon, says it was really just an innocent exchange of Twitter direct messages (DMs) between her and Danny O’Donoghue (singer in Irish band The Script). Boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) Jaypee … Continue reading

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Love Exciting and New

    ” Love Exciting and New/ Come Aboard / We’re Expecting you and Love’ Life’s Sweetest Reward, we’re a friendly smile on a friendly shore.” Theme from the Love Boat sung by Jack Jones.   No,  I am not … Continue reading

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Why Filipino tourists are most likely to get bad reputations abroad

We often harp on and on about Filipinos and the things they do and do not do in their own country. We also contrast this to Filipinos abroad, and how strikingly meek, compliant, and law-abiding most of them suddenly become … Continue reading

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Animal fetish: Frozen pangolin in Chinese fishing boat seized in Philippine waters off Palawan

On top of the damage a Chinese fishing vessel had caused on World Heritage-listed Tubbataha Reef off Palawan in early April, Philippine authorities have reportedly made a striking discovery in the ship’s cargo hold — hundreds of frozen anteaters or … Continue reading

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