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Cheating and Marcos Loot recovery: Big issues swept under the rug

Even as I’ve always harped about the culture of crime that pervades our society, a fuller extent of the Filipino’s capacity to tolerate criminality and injustice has only recently revealed itself to me. This revelation comes in the wake of … Continue reading

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Election and everyday fraud: every citizen is to blame for allowing it to happen

Filipinos seem tired. For some reason they just want to move on from the election. Maybe the campaign jingles have proven too much to bear and any further exposure to them after the 10th of May just might make them … Continue reading

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Three-step process Noynoy needs to take to become President

Every day that’s gone by since his “presumptive win” in this year’s elections, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III turns into a bigger and bigger chump. As we follow the self-created drama that now embroils his first step into the Presidency — … Continue reading

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Noynoy's win: People's mandate or fraudulent outcome?

It’s hard to lead a normal life when you are a Filipino. There are times when you just want to do the right thing but other people prevent you from doing so. Take voting during an election as an example. … Continue reading

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Noynoy Aquino: Desperate to win

I don’t cry too much anymore when I’m upset. I realized that after I’ve had a crying session that aside from getting puffy eyes, I always regret making a big deal out of a situation. Most of the time, the … Continue reading

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