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It is in the Filipinos’ best interest that Noynoy stay alive until the 2016 elections are over

President Noynoy Aquino’s health has been a concern ever since the start of his term. He is known as an avid smoker. He claims that his job causes him an unbearable amount of stress. What doesn’t help is that he … Continue reading

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Did COMELEC spokesman James Jimenez fail his advocacy?

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) spokesman James Jimenez did his job well. He led a successful initiative to educate voters, mounted drives to raise awareness around abusive political campaign practices, and publicised processes and procedures to encourage Filipinos to register and … Continue reading

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PCOS debacle: Is the software source code really important?

The source code is the format of a program in human-readable format (that is, as far as computer programs go). It most intuitively describes the logic followed by a computer that is running said program. Programs written in high-level languages … Continue reading

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The Iron Lady: Could Filipinos have handled a leader like Margaret Thatcher?

Filipinos can only make wistful remarks about the greatness of the late former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who died yesterday aged 87. This is a lady who busted Britain’s paralysing unions, sent Her Majesty’s warships sailing thousands of miles … Continue reading

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Uto-utomaton Nation

Ever wonder why Pinoys keep electing the same types of people every election year? The answer is simple, really™ and it is not a new idea. Most Pinoys are conditioned to follow so called “experts”, “authorities”, “opinion leaders”, and now, … Continue reading

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2010 – the year of the tyranny of the Starbucks-masa

What a year. We have a presidential candidate set to win by a landslide who is much-loved for his celebrity, is widely renowned for his lack of substance and has so far exhibited mediocre if not substandard statesmanship. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Fixated on the past, or looking to the future?

Are we a people fixated on the past (retrospective) or focused on the future (prospective)? The way that we as a people seem inclined to regard the coming 2010 presidential election provides some insight into how we might answer that … Continue reading

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