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It is in the Filipinos’ best interest that Noynoy stay alive until the 2016 elections are over

President Noynoy Aquino’s health has been a concern ever since the start of his term. He is known as an avid smoker. He claims that his job causes him an unbearable amount of stress. What doesn’t help is that he … Continue reading

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SC upholds candidates’ freedom to air as much TV and radio political ads as they want!

Perhaps if our “activists” focused more on creating buzzes around real issues rather than on presuming to police the campaign tactics of our politicians and auditing their token fly-by-night “platforms” we’d gain more traction around creating a more issues-based political … Continue reading

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Plagiarism and Filipinos: the words can mean the same thing

The case of plagiarism supposedly committed by Philippine Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo that was eventually dismissed by the Supreme Court represents a microcosm of a bigger problem, which I think needs urgent attention from Filipinos. The bigger problem that … Continue reading

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Battle of the Lawyers: epic fail of the 'So What?' test

It is not surprising that even in a battle amongst professionals who built their trade upon deep-thought fields such as philosophy, the tools of choice remain primitive — intimidation, pulling of rank and seniority, and use of mass media. All … Continue reading

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Three-step process Noynoy needs to take to become President

Every day that’s gone by since his “presumptive win” in this year’s elections, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III turns into a bigger and bigger chump. As we follow the self-created drama that now embroils his first step into the Presidency — … Continue reading

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In the News: Aquino oath taking issue "settled"? Guess again!

According to the Inquirer.net Editor, the issue of Aquino’s swearing into the Office of the President is “settled“. MANILA, Philippines—The Supreme Court has apparently accepted presumptive presidential winner Sen. Benigno Aquino III’s declared intention to take his oath before a … Continue reading

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To the staunch Aquinoist, mob rule trumps everything

Lest some people here are under the mistaken impression that we are out to undermine the new administration of President-Elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, I thought I’d set the record straight. Noynoy won the election fair and square. He bagged … Continue reading

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