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Will the Philippines prosper if we change its system of government?

Can a change in system of government really change the development trajectory of an entire nation? Perhaps so, but the complexity of any causal link that might exist between a system of government and the future success — or failure … Continue reading

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Lack of thinking and arrogant attitudes are the Philippines’ undoing

In the Philippines, there are many people who claim to have a monopoly on great ideas. They claim to know what is good for you and everyone else. Some of them get very impatient about bringing their ideas into “action”. … Continue reading

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Change in system of governance equals prosperity? Hmmm…

My esteemed colleague Orion makes use of two cornerstone arguments to support his position that a change in form of government will necessarily translate to an improved probability that the Philippines will prosper as a society over a given period: … Continue reading

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Plagiarism and Filipinos: the words can mean the same thing

The case of plagiarism supposedly committed by Philippine Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo that was eventually dismissed by the Supreme Court represents a microcosm of a bigger problem, which I think needs urgent attention from Filipinos. The bigger problem that … Continue reading

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Battle of the Lawyers: epic fail of the 'So What?' test

It is not surprising that even in a battle amongst professionals who built their trade upon deep-thought fields such as philosophy, the tools of choice remain primitive — intimidation, pulling of rank and seniority, and use of mass media. All … Continue reading

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Filipino self-anaesthetisation after the Mendoza hostage massacre

For a nation that I’ve asserted so many times is motivated by nothing more noble than a culturally-ingrained sense of hiya (a Filipino concept that is a bizarrely convoluted complex of shame and face), it seems like extracting even a … Continue reading

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Filipinos have no right to move on from the Mendoza hostage crisis

In the aftermath of the August 23 Mendoza hostage massacre that resulted in the deaths of eight foreign tourists, Filipinos had plumbed new depths of collective shame as a people. The on-going investigations notwithstanding, the drama revealed to the world … Continue reading

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