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The Kick-Ass Test

In my recent article on, “The promising decline of Philippine demagoguery“, I celebrate evidence I see of small steps being taken down a different path in the way we as a people regard the coming presidential elections. That is, … Continue reading

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Here's a Platform, But No One's Standing On It

Presented here, unedited and in its entirety, is the Economic Program portion of the platform published by the Liberal Party. It is one of three parts of their platform, which bears the general title “Policies for the New Century”; the … Continue reading

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The pig wipes off its lipstick

The trouble with swinging a pendulum hard in one direction is that it will eventually swing back in the opposite direction just as hard. In the Philippines, the pendulum has swung from one end to the other hard all within … Continue reading

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Between Poverty and Ignorance

I have a friend who disagrees very much with my social and political views about the Philippines. He thinks that my commentaries about the country come across as negative and therefore running counter to his own views. This deeply offends … Continue reading

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The latest Pulse Asia popularity survey

According to the latest Pulse Asia survey relevant to the coming 2010 presidential elections in the Philippines, “presidentiable” Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III along with his sidekick “Mar” Roxas are tops in the race. Their report Filipinos’ Preferences for the May … Continue reading

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The official campaign period: Does it even matter?

[…] our political practice is more oriented towards coalitions; and the coalitions, too, require time to hammer out a common platform as the basis of uniting to support specific candidates. The broader the coalition, the longer and more complicated the … Continue reading

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Noynoy Aquino's vblog

Over at Barrio Siete, a commentor issued a challenge to another commentor that illustrates an aspect of the Philippine National “Debate” that is a Filipino favourite and a cherished tradition of our “democracy” — gossipping about who thy neighbour planeth … Continue reading

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