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The parallelisms we presume to make

Consider the sort of psychology that sells celebrity magazines and tabloids. The paparazzi make their lucrative living highlighting the miseries and imperfections of famous people — writing up blow-by-blow accounts of failing relationships, personal tragedies and failures, and public spectacles. … Continue reading

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The Non-Platform of Noynoy Aquino

Benigno S. “Noynoy” Aquino III is running for President. The current news stream of his “weighing the decision” and “seeking the support of the people” should not fool anyone, nor should the “discussions” within the Liberal Party about his candidacy. … Continue reading

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Presidential Elections are all about choosing ONE

I recently revisited the seminal piece written back in 2003 that describes the real challenge that faces a society so pyramidal in structure that it makes the target of an effort to reform so obvious: Key to social change: Enlightenment … Continue reading

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Education Standards in the Philippines: The Mar Roxas Solution (Part Two)

Since his reaction to the embarrassingly-low NAT scores was the catalyst for Part One of this discussion, Senator and presidential aspirant Mar Roxas has the perhaps dubious distinction to be the first candidate who will have part of his platform … Continue reading

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Education Standards in the Philippines: A Bar So Low You Can Trip Over It (Part One)

In an August 24 Senate hearing reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Senator and presumptive presidential candidate Mar Roxas expressed incredulity at a report by the Department of Education that set the passing grade for the National Achievement Test at … Continue reading

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The self-described Filipino "patriot"

Unfortunately, benny, any and all Filipinos are entitled to their own opinion, and groups of Filipinos of their own opinion should not be seen to demonstrate the dysfunctions of the whole. You’re getting to the point of using anything and … Continue reading

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We Wrote It, So It Must Be Right: The Arguments Against Charter Change

For all the histrionic dissent against the idea of charter change, it is not easy to find a clear explanation of exactly why so many people are against it. A recently-launched Facebook group, however, provides a link to a manifesto … Continue reading

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A Primer on Charter Change

 In a new complaint posted to Filipino Voices yesterday, Primer C. Pagunuran laments that “the future of a forthcoming charter change is bright not bleak” in describing – surprisingly, quite accurately – the output of the Technical Working Group of … Continue reading

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Mapping our future: Are we up to the REAL challenge?

What does the Philippine “Opposition” offer us other than a position that involves merely replacing the incumbent? Is replacing the incumbent an end in itslf? Or is mapping out WHAT HAPPENS NEXT the whole point of an “opposition”? Until we … Continue reading

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Roadmapping 101 for Presidential Candidates

How hard could it be, considering that one would at the very least expect a bit of executive management chops in the various characters who are vying for the highest executive position in the land? If we are to expect … Continue reading

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