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Peak Oil and El Nino – what do our presidentiables have to say?

In the “breakfast talk show” I catch every morning as I prepare for work, one of the guests was a guy talking about Peak Oil. Relying on my stock knowledge on that term (not being able to google it for … Continue reading

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Are Filipinos a curious people?

At the end of the day, we all do what we do (whether it be running triathlons, climbing Mt Everest, or — hey yeah — blogging about Pinoy dysfunction) because we get off on it. If doing something for our … Continue reading

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Gordon is a Champion, there's no time for losers

Just before I posted my previous article about Dick Gordon, I thought to myself, Oh no, be ready for the avalanche of criticism. But that anxiety attack didn’t stop me from publishing it because I also thought, Well, fair enough … Continue reading

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EDSA, As Seen Through a Long Lens

Benign0’s and BongV’s excellent retrospectives on what is in this country viewed as a sacred, watershed moment reminded me of the value of an honest memory. So much of what we regard as “history” is corrupted by our hindsight: we … Continue reading

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How I became a "Get Realist"

I recall as a nine-year-old making my folks and grandparents gasp when I remarked how I wished that the Philippines had remained an American colony so that we could have grapes and chocolates all year round and no brownouts. By … Continue reading

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Remembering the 1986 Edsa "revolution"

I was a teenager in 1986 when the first Edsa “Revolution” erupted. The sound of this “eruption” for me was the murmer of a crowd queueing at a fishball stand or playing pusoy dos with their pals on a sidewalk … Continue reading

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News Flash: Senator Dick Gordon is the Saviour of the Philippines

I once met a guy whose nickname is Dick. He insisted that his name is spelt “Dict” (with a “t” instead of a “k”), not that this made any difference in the way people hear him say his name. Most … Continue reading

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