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Noted blogger Manuel L Quezon III (MLQ3) takes a POSITION on Charter Change!

The above title notwithstanding, there is a bigger lesson that I will go into towards the end of this blog entry. But for now, this morning’s brief engagement with one of our society’s most esteemed leaders in the field of … Continue reading

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The Official Profile of Benigno "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino III

I don’t have a crystal ball but at the rate things are going, I have a strong feeling that Noynoy Aquino is going to win the 2010 presidential elections. One only has to look at the trend of how most … Continue reading

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Ten Predictions for 2010

It’s that time of the year again when we review the year just passed and look ahead to the next one. I haven’t gotten to the reviewing part yet. Looking back on the frenzy that was 2009 is still a … Continue reading

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The Philippines : flaccid mongrels ruled by gutless bozos

The Noted One made the following remark in a comment in his article The platform problem apparently in response to understandably adamant challenges to politicians to shut up and cough up a proper platform that is actually useful for the … Continue reading

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How to become a successful Filipino

A lot of Filipinos have an identity crisis. You can spot these sorts a mile away. They are the ones who shout out “I am proud to be Filipino!” as if they hold a monopoly over harbouring such a sentiment. … Continue reading

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Koreans: The Philippines' next colonial masters

I came across an interesting piece in Reyna Elena‘s popular collective blog Its title “Bulgogi Nights: A Country Prostituted Again!“, pretty much is a dead give away of its author’s (who goes by the handle johnonymous) lament — that … Continue reading

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"Shocked" and "awed" in Imperial Manila

Here now lies the whole trouble with the inbred Philippine Media community and its boys’ club of mutually high-fiving Establishment “bloggers”. While so much ire, speculation, and hearsay “reporting” directed at a who’s-who of bozos in Imperial Manila (revolving around, … Continue reading

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The Philippines is a Failed State

As I am writing this, a joint session of the Legislature is debating whether or not to give its endorsement to the declaration of martial law in Maguindanao, which was triggered by the massacre of 57 people 18 days ago … Continue reading

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The road to the next "revolution" runs through Maguindanao

Looks like our pal Conrado de Quiros of the is at it again with his lame attempts to stir up dramas where there shouldn’t be any. The one thing I’ve wished for devoutly these past several years is the … Continue reading

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What distinguishes the true leader from a mere administrator

The recent article Excellence of Execution by Marck Rimorin on his provides very good insight into some very flawed notions in the way we regard the electorate’s role in a democracy and what is expected of our politicians. I’ve … Continue reading

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