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PNoy blames Arroyo but takes credit for her work in a speech in Singapore

Official records show that there have been 14 Philippine Presidents that preceded incumbent President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy). However, PNoy seems to be under the illusion that there were only two past Presidents before him and he takes turns referring to … Continue reading

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Real perspective: the proposed National Bloggers Association of the Philippines

I followed with disinterest the whole discussion on the pros and cons of putting up a Philippine National Bloggers’ Association (the order of how those words are placed varies). What you are reading now is sort of a what-the-hell article. … Continue reading

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Is the Philippines overpopulated or just mismanaged?

Is the world overpopulated? The answer to that depends on who you are asking. If you ask a capitalist, he will most definitely say no because to a capitalist, the bigger the population, the higher his bottom-line. If you ask … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from weeks spent doting upon Arab People Power

First we cheered on stirrings of what we described as impending “people power” Edsa-style revolutions that started in Tunisia and spread over the rest of North Africa. Quick to fancy ourselves as the doting grand-daddies of this sort of “grassroots-initiated” … Continue reading

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DOT Chooses “Mind-Numbing Stupidity” as a Promotional Strategy (Again)

I’ve sat in front of my computer for the better part of an hour trying to think of a clever way to preface this latest bit of astonishing idiocy from the Philippines’ Department of Tourism, but I think I’ll let … Continue reading

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