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The Firecracker Problem

Firecrackers: a yearly problem that is a symptom of an even deeper problem of our society… aside from being intensely annoying noisemakers Continue reading

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Why Colonial Mentality is a Bogeyman

Colonial mentality, long believed as one of the problems of our country, is revealed for what it is: a distraction. Continue reading

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The Real Flaw in 'Pilipinas Kay Ganda'

This flaw that the whole story demonstrates is the attitude of not cleaning house, sweeping the dirt under the rug and hiding it with flagrant and arrogant pronouncements, like “Proud to be Pinoy,” that are more like bangka-lifting. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts about Being Filipino

I just believe many stupid things that people popularly believe as “Filipino” are not Filipino at all. They’re just misconceptions thrown to us by a devious media. Continue reading

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"Be Proud of the Filipino Race" – Wrong thinking

I happened to see this on a public school wall and it made me think, “oh no, this is wrong.” Continue reading

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Dancing Girls on TV: Cultural Dehumanization

While riding the EDSA MRT, I happened to be shocked by the Guadalupe bridge billboard of “Willing Willie,” where the infamous host Willie Revillame poses with a troupe of dancing girls flocked around him. What bothered me was not really Willie himself, but how the girls around him were used. Continue reading

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The Bus Hostage Crisis: A Failure of Filipino Culture

The Manila Bus Hostage Incident/Massacre was no isolated incident. It was an effect of everything our culture stands for. Our Filipino values, our system, our beliefs and of course, our corruption, all played into the event. Continue reading

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