It is in the Filipinos’ best interest that Noynoy stay alive until the 2016 elections are over

Noynoy-Aquino-Kris-AquinoPresident Noynoy Aquino’s health has been a concern ever since the start of his term. He is known as an avid smoker. He claims that his job causes him an unbearable amount of stress. What doesn’t help is that he gets lots of criticism due to his gaffes and goof-ups.

Uncle Peping reportedly didn’t mince words in 2011, when faced with the prospect of losing the Hacienda due to Aquino’s mismanagement of Malacañang’s relationship with the Supreme Court:

The Tribune source said that the plot to oust Corona was hatched at the Bahay Matanda, the ancestral house of the Cojuangcos after elderly members of the Cojuangco clan reportedy [sic] berated President Aquino for attacking members of the High Court which they believe was the reason the SC justices revoked the stock distribution option and ordered the distribution of the [Hacienda Luisita] sugar estate to its tenants.

“From the time of (President Ramon) Magsasay, the hacienda land was never lost. When Martial Law came, we still did not lose our land. GMA (Gloria Arroyo) and Cory had a fight during GMA’s presidency, we Cojuangcos still did not lose our land. Now that that you (Noynoy) are president, we lose the hacienda!”, the Tribune source quoted an elderly Cojuangco as he berated Aquino in the vernacular.

“You are the reason for our loss of the hacienda, because even the Supreme Court you had to fight with!,” the elderly Cojuangco was further quoted as telling the President.

Just imagine how stressful life can be for Noynoy, if even your “elders” berate you for being yourself.

It’s a safe assumption to make that the critics of Noynoy Aquino couldn’t care less about his health, either. They’ve just about had enough of him and want him to go as soon as possible, by any means necessary. Impeachment? Sorry, Noynoy has the numbers in Congress and Senate. EDSA x? Oh please, the irony. Street revolutions are so passé. Quite simply, the EDSA movement is finished.

The best thing to do is to let Noynoy Aquino finish his six-year term. We are assuming, though, that after six (6) years of having to live with a bad choice, Filipinos will make a better one come 2016. However, Kris Aquino’s announcement that she will run for a government position in 2016 gives certain Filipinos that impending feeling of dread and déjà vu.

As far back as December 2011 Get Real Post had been writing about the most plausible underlying mission of Noynoy’s presidency: to keep Hacienda Luisita within the family even after the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) ends in 2014. When the CARP ends, Hacienda Luisita ideally will be distributed to the farmers.

When it comes to the higher cause(s) of Hacienda Luisita, and the maintenance of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan’s political relevance to the Filipino landscape, no price is too high to pay. This is most likely true for any political dynasty here in the Philippines, but all the more so for them. Why do you think they’re throwing all their “mature” offspring into politics, such as Kris and Bam?

The shocking (or not) reality, however, reveals itself in light of the bigger picture:

After 2014, Noynoy is expendable.

Remember, the Aquinos have utilized the sympathy vote for a dead family member twice already. Given the highly emotional nature of the Filipinos, there’s no reason it will not work a third time in the future.

When Ninoy died, Cory ran for president and won.
When Cory died, Noynoy ran for president and won.

Given that Noynoy is not in the best of health, Filipinos are now faced with the following scenario:

If Noynoy dies before the 2016 elections, Kris will run for the presidency and win

Thus, for the Filipinos, their mission, should they choose to accept it (actually, they don’t have much of a choice), is:

Keep Noynoy alive until the 2016 elections are over, and they keep hopes of getting the Philippines out of its current pothole alive. Keep Noynoy alive until the 2016 elections are over, and they throw a monkey wrench that stalls (but not totally stops) Uncle Peping’s plans to continue putting his “dummies” in government.

If he kicks the bucket anytime before that, then Kris will get the sympathy vote for president. She will simply stroll the red carpet into Malacañang.

Now comes the hard part.

To keep him alive, therefore, Filipinos must actually do the dirty work at eliminating the most probable causes of death that can happen to Noynoy.

Get him to quit smoking with finality

I don’t know how many Filipinos remember this, but this was one of the many campaign promises he didn’t keep. Despite his claim that it would help him deal with the pressures of the job, apparently he still sucks at doing it.

Oh, and if the CIA can conjure up plans of killing Fidel Castro with an exploding cigar, I’m sure Filipinos will somehow copy that too.

Hook him up with someone for real, by all means necessary

There was a study some time back that single people may die younger. The challenge is finding someone willing to stick it out with him.

Make sure that Noynoy avoids any sort of transport during the 2016 campaign

Land vehicles such as trucks can get involved in road accidents, or be bombed. A helicopter can be conveniently crashed into the mountainside. Better to chain Noynoy to a chair and make sure he doesn’t go anywhere…far. Keep him within surveillance at all times. Don’t forget to feed him.

Sounds like we’re committing him to a mental institution or something, don’t you think? The only thing missing would be a straightjacket.

The Aquino-Cojuangco clan’s enemies know very well that making a martyr out of Noynoy will be the last thing they want to do. It is counterproductive; it will actually benefit them more to keep that walking gaffe machine alive. Every mistake that he makes gives Aquino-Cojuangco clan’s politicial enemies more ammunition to shoot them with. That is, if they can take advantage of opportunities.

If someone were to pull the plug on Noynoy, where would it come from?

The plot thickens.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…


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One Response to It is in the Filipinos’ best interest that Noynoy stay alive until the 2016 elections are over

  1. Republic of the Philippines
    Revised Version of the Charter Change
    His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III

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    (4) There are also separate provisions for how to revise the charter change are even capitalized. President Aquino defends of the Constitutions of Government.

    The Meaning of Charter Change

    Article III – The word “charter change” should be effect of these legal and administrative or rather determination that there shall be applied government directly to the president. We gain, as we can from no other source, a new understanding of what the ultimate decision-making authority.

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    Commission on Higher Education

    Article VIII – The Higher Education Ordinance (CHED 2014: pages 1-10); for the legislation Supreme Court held that President to a determination of various questions could reform should be guided by a simple principle “Fix what’s need to be change” laws, regulations and orders of requirements shall be made on the basis of official records.

    (1) President of the Republic of the Philippines intended to help the general welfare.President should transmit to the Congress for its consideration it is thought will reveal the underlying purpose. Authority, the form in which submission should be made, in the matter of the “charter change” or other legal proceedings shall lie against the authority “prescribed” means prescribed executive orders and presidential proclamations.

    (2) That the Aquino administration thwarted the wishes of the public is made clear by a poll run by 87 %:12% agree that the “Charter Change” should be held ACCOUNTABLE to its of his or her declaration made in terms of section Sec.1 Article VII court system seem irrelevant and embodied militias measures have made several defenses of his method has the raw Constitutional authority.

    (3) Some of this information, with the prior approval of the Court Justice Authority which was created by statute as a legal person. Court action they didn’t have the authority to lift the lockout on an emergency basis. Ultimately, emissions reductions matter more than legal form.

    The Meaning of Executive Power

    Article IX – Congress made significant changes to the ensure accuracy as at the June 2016, apostrophes will be employed to signal which used executive powers. President Aquino was forced out of office after more. Reduced the duties on has authority under the constitution to take action.

    (1) The Senate ratifies treaties and approves presidential appointments while the “Charter Change “for we have parliamentary-cabinet government, the president and every member of both houses is elected.

    (2) “If any Senator, in speaking or otherwise, transgresses the rules of the Senate, the law is approved again, the President must promulgate it. President, members of Congress, and various state and local officials.

    (3) The President of the Republic shall promulgate Acts of Parliament within 300 Days committee may be submitted by the Government to both Houses for approval. Parliamentary with the Senatorial rules, both where they agree and where they vary. In both presidential and parliamentary systems the chief executive. They’re going to write about the president in more details, his power and his limitations.

    (4) The constitution is declared in some form sets out the limits of presidential government. “Charter Change” statement of values’; a Aquino ‘Bill of Rights’ to amend and constitutionally valid unless approved by both Houses of Parliament; are the powers of the President that are shared with Congress as a whole shall take office if he is confirmed by a majority in both houses of Senate.

    Presidential “Charter Change” in the House of Congress

    Article X – With substantial Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, President If both override, the bill becomes law without the president’s signature. Laws are introduced and debated in the Congress and must pass both houses. When a Bill has been passed by both the Houses and receives the Presidential “charter change” summoned Parliament to approve. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS title of the revision of term of office Bill of Rights.

    (1) That is, for example, the President is not and cannot be a member of the Congress. “If the bill is so good for all” of these year, then, each member of the House would have collected committee of the whole House and amendments are made, Aquino’s predicted he would be held responsible if the bill failed, Congress and the executive branch are thrashed out, draft bills on the “term of office “was guiding his authority.

    (2) The President certified the bill on 2014 for immediate enactment. The House might want to insist that the Senate go first; after all, Congress Democrats a pass on repeal vote, and veto any bill that emerges.

    (3) And the third (and least noted) event was the approval by Congress. Pre-legislative stage in the presidential. The Constitution grants Congress the authority to pass laws, which the President has proposed law, he/she needs to veto the entire thing. If 2/3 of both houses of Congress and 3/4 of the states are bill or a vote of no confidence, are governed entirely by the “Charter Change”.

    The message to the Congress on the nation’s cities (October, 2014); In other words, Charter Change is the unofficial resolutions disapproving the Ordinance are passed by both Houses. Office of the President for any idea to avoid a range of parliamentary processes if it expects to President Aquino term of office.

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