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Let's all put a little Twist in the end

I finally got to watch the film Oliver Twist directed by Roman Polanski. The critics were right in saying that it is the best adaptation of the classic novel by Charles Dickens. You won’t find it in the cinemas today … Continue reading

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The smart and the dumb

I often wonder why smart people are frequently admonished for “failing to reach” less-smart people — as if society owes the less smart a dumbing down of the smart stuff. One particularly controversial example of the prevailing pressure to dumb … Continue reading

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One of the things that struck me as very odd and disturbing when I first arrived in the Philippines was the habit of the media – and transitively, the people – to treat news of crimes in a sensational way. … Continue reading

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Oratio Imperata

While scanning the today, I happened upon a page that displayed today’s (19 Oct 2009) editorial cartoon… … and I thought, okay, three interesting elements all together in one image: (a) a black cloud labelled with the words “super-typhoons”, … Continue reading

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Noynoy's platform: HTTP 404 – File not found

I found out recently that public flavour-of-the-month presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino Jr had upgraded his website. The new website is far glossier than the original one that I trawled for information and cited as reference back in the 30th … Continue reading

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Change the way we consume and save the environment

This is our contribution to this year’s Blog Action Day theme — climate change. What we as ordinary people can contribute to the effort to combat climate change lies in some personal behaviours of ours that we have direct control … Continue reading

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The Filipino Cultural Trinity

We often hear the phrase “culture of impunity” attributed to Filipinos. Indeed, nothing could be more true. We so incline ourselves to latching on to improper habits that present no immediately unpleasant outcomes without really understanding long-term ramifications associated with … Continue reading

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