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"Be Proud of the Filipino Race" – Wrong thinking

I happened to see this on a public school wall and it made me think, “oh no, this is wrong.” Continue reading

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A Closer Look into the Destructive Power of the Mass Media

One of the most popular and controversial books ever written about the roles and influence of mass media in contemporary history is Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (1988) by world renowned linguist, author, philosopher and political … Continue reading

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Plagiarism and Filipinos: the words can mean the same thing

The case of plagiarism supposedly committed by Philippine Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo that was eventually dismissed by the Supreme Court represents a microcosm of a bigger problem, which I think needs urgent attention from Filipinos. The bigger problem that … Continue reading

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Dancing Girls on TV: Cultural Dehumanization

While riding the EDSA MRT, I happened to be shocked by the Guadalupe bridge billboard of “Willing Willie,” where the infamous host Willie Revillame poses with a troupe of dancing girls flocked around him. What bothered me was not really Willie himself, but how the girls around him were used. Continue reading

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Do Filipinos have the balls to punish enemies of the state?

Our culture of impunity. It’s the Filipino’s renowned hospitability and smiling demeanor turned devastatingly cancerous, perhaps terminally. Storms that resulted in “minimal casualties” (by the standards of the typical Third World society’s regard for human life) for now occupy the … Continue reading

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After the Storm: Stories on Ondoy

The following is a re-post of my article “Day Ten, post Ondoy” originally posted on on the 7th October 2009. The article has since been included in Elbert Or’s After the Storm: Stories on Ondoy, an excellent collection of … Continue reading

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Battle of the Lawyers: epic fail of the 'So What?' test

It is not surprising that even in a battle amongst professionals who built their trade upon deep-thought fields such as philosophy, the tools of choice remain primitive — intimidation, pulling of rank and seniority, and use of mass media. All … Continue reading

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