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Cyclone Ondoy: A bit of perspective

Metro Manila is my hometown (or shall we say, home region), and having friends and family directly affected by the destruction and human tragedy that tropical cyclone Ondoy had wreaked on Luzon over the weekend, I was and am deeply … Continue reading

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Platform 101: On Culture

The anthropological definition of culture is “The sum total of the attainments and activities of any specific period, race, or people, including their implements, handicrafts, agriculture, economics, music, art, religious beliefs, traditions, language, and story.” What that all-encompassing definition suggests … Continue reading

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What freedom demands of us

The population has been conditioned to depend on government for everything, including jobs. Commentor “Uncle Pinoy” made that remark commenting on a proposal to reduce the size of Government to help improve the country’s fiscal position. He may as well … Continue reading

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Platform 101: Ideas for Better Economic Governance

While the process for developing a platform is relatively easy, it does require several careful steps. Recently, in response to several challenges to provide an example of a proper platform and in the hope of providing some issues for public … Continue reading

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The establishmentisation of the Philippine Media

I can still remember a time when The Media used to be squarely on the side of those who’ve made it their mission to instigate meaningful change in our society. In the periods between 1983 (when Benigno Aquino was assassinated) … Continue reading

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Fixated on the past, or looking to the future?

Are we a people fixated on the past (retrospective) or focused on the future (prospective)? The way that we as a people seem inclined to regard the coming 2010 presidential election provides some insight into how we might answer that … Continue reading

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Rethinking Patrimony

The word patrimony is one that frequently bubbles to the surface of the stew of political discussion these days. What it really means is “an inheritance or endowment from one’s father”; used here, it means “the reservation of the land … Continue reading

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Impunity and the Filipino male

Impunity. The word is defined as one that describes “a freedom from unpleasant consequences”. Hold whatever thoughts the above word induces in your mind while we make a quick digression… I see a monumental struggle all over that part of … Continue reading

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A Duel of Wits Between Unarmed Opponents

It seems President Arroyo’s oldest son, Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo opened his mouth and jumped into it with both feet in a recent – and decidedly very hostile – interview with Arnold Clavio and Winnie Monsod on the … Continue reading

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