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SWS and Pulse Asia polling firms owned by relatives and friends of Noynoy Aquino

This is it guys. If the following information does not convince you not to vote for Noynoy Aquino, I don’t know what will. Heck, Noynoy’s alleged mental disorder is ok with you, so it is so hard to tell what … Continue reading

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A Simple Life is not necessarily a Virtuous Life

I argue that even a person who has a simple life can have a reprehensible life. We should not gun for mere simple living. We should gun for ethical and responsible living – no matter how simple nor complex. Continue reading

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Noynoy Aquino: Desperate to win

I don’t cry too much anymore when I’m upset. I realized that after I’ve had a crying session that aside from getting puffy eyes, I always regret making a big deal out of a situation. Most of the time, the … Continue reading

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The bright side of a Noynoy Aquino presidency

I wrote MANY TIMES IN THE PAST. There is no comparing the 1986 Edsa “revolution” to ANY of the subsequent “people power” “revolutions” that followed. NO COMPARING. Y’all know why? It’s because, no one bozo instigated the 1986 version. And … Continue reading

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A Noynoy Aquino administration could be the modern-day version of the Marcos regime!

Back in the early eighties amidst the “revolutionary” spirit following the assassination of Noynoy’s daddy Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr, one of the initiatives that really caught on was the boycott of what were at the time the biased newspapers Daily … Continue reading

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The true tyrant is Filipino Culture, not the Government

We have a culture wherein we blame the government for our problems, but fail to realize that we ourselves have corruption and are thus responsible as well for our condition. Continue reading

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Filipinos divided over Noynoy Aquino: Why it's so hard to get our act together

When Joseph “Erap” Estrada decided to run for the Philippine presidency in 1998, he had the majority of the Filipino masses behind him. He was the champion of the poor and poor people came out in droves to vote for … Continue reading

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