A letter to P-Noy from "a Hong Kong Official"

During his recent panel interview with the Philippine Media, Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) took a jibe at Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang. For reasons only he can explain and without provocation, P-Noy categorically stated that a Hong Kong official had sent him an “insulting” letter, which he summarily ignored.

While Malacanang’s obvious intent in scheduling a media interview with the Philippine President was to clear any issues regarding the recent hostage drama involving deceased former Philippine National Police officer Roland Mendoza and the slain eight Chinese tourists, regrettably, some members of the media and many Filipinos alike have been left baffled by some of P-Noy’s statements during the said interview. Just to quote P-Noy:

“I decided not to respond to the official letter from the Hong Kong government, that in my view was insulting. Instead, I conveyed through the People’s Republic of China government that maybe sending that letter to me was not right. I did not like its tone”

Although he did not name the sender, Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang confirmed that he did write P-Noy a letter on the 26th of August 2010, which was three days after the hostage tragedy. Mr Tsang insists that his letter was not at all insulting. To quote from the report:

Tsang’s office said the chief executive had written to Aquino on August 26 “in a respectful and polite manner” thanking him for his government’s assistance but also setting out issues he hoped the “independent, professional and comprehensive investigation” would explain. These included the processes of the hostage operation, details of negotiations, considerations behind police operations, the reasons why Philippine authorities could not make promises on the hostage-takers’ requests, and the causes of deaths and injuries.

He has done it before and he did it again. P-Noy has a penchant for teasing his audience and the rest of the Filipino people. To refresh everyone’s memory, before his State of the Nation Address (SONA), he announced to everyone that the Filipino people would be shocked with the revelation in his speech. Unfortunately, most of his critics were just shocked at the inaccuracies, lack of substance, and lack of direction in his first SONA.

It is evident that P-Noy has an inability to keep things that should be left unsaid to himself and resorts to preemptive strikes in the form of little teasers. This just proves his immaturity and lack of self-control.

His recent teaser was in very, very bad form considering it involved a top official from Hong Kong who is possibly still reeling with anger over the deaths of their citizen in the hands of Filipinos.

In an obvious display of bad taste and lack of diplomatic skills, P-Noy made sure to leave everyone guessing when he refused to say who the “insulting” letter was from; what exactly was the message in the letter; and more importantly, and even more bizzarely, why he chose to tell everyone about the “insulting ” letter after he already chose to ignore it.

Like a child thinking out loud, P-Noy babbled on in front of the media and added, “Maybe I’m wrong to tell you this. But I decided then that while someone wanted to quarrel with us, we wouldn’t fight back in order not to widen the rift.” And this: “Kung pwede, wag ko na lang hong palakihin yung insidente dahil na-avoid na ho natin,” he said.

Apparently, P-Noy wants everyone to calm down while he tells everyone that he had just been insulted. He also wants us to not make a big deal out of being insulted while he licks his wounds. Evidently, P-Noy just wants everyone to know that even if he felt hurt, he was humble enough not to react, and to please not mind him even as he mentions it on national TV just the same. Yoohoo! Mr President, grow up please! Just in case you didn’t know, life’s tough. It’s even tougher when you are the head of state – sometimes you are the windshield, other times you are the bug.

Of course, his minion in the form of Billy Esposo had come out in the President’s defense (in the same report) saying of P-Noy: “Have you noticed that China is not really pressing the issue?” Only Hong Kong was doing so, he said and added that such an insulting letter, “in other situations could even provoke a war”. This chair wrecker even has the balls to mention the word “war” considering our police force can’t even save eight innocent lives. Ground control to Major Tom, please come back down to Earth!

Even Presidential spokesman Ricky Carandang found a silly excuse to rival “the dog ate my homework” excuse as to why P-Noy missed a call from Mr Tsang on the day of the hostage crisis was no big deal: “Let’s clarify. If a Philippine governor suddenly demands to speak with President Obama or Hu Jintao , that would probably not be allowed,” he said. Uh oh. Now, they are resorting to pooh-poohing Mr Tsang’s position in the Chinese government. But wait, I thought P-Noy is a humble man? How come his supporters are using the defense that P-Noy is above Mr Tsang and speaking to him is not the correct protocol? Tsk-tsk.

Since P-Noy chose to reveal that he received an insulting letter from a Hong Kong official but refused to reveal its contents, I have taken the liberty of writing down here what that official might have said to P-Noy:

26th August 2010

The Honorable Benigno Aquino
President of the Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Dear President Aquino,

First of all, this is not an insulting letter. I hope you do not tell your people that a Hong Kong official has insulted you with a letter telling you what to do.

Mr President…um… may I call you P-Noy? I feel like we’ve known each other for so long even though we failed to speak on the phone on some crucial occasions. I do know so much about your country now. Anyway, I was really really disappointed that you did not return my call on that crucial day but your staff explained to me that you were in a “closed” door meeting the whole day. I thought maybe you were discussing strategies about the hostage crisis — or not. By the way, can you tell me the difference between a “closed” and an “open” door meeting?

I respectfully want to express my disappointment again for how your police force had bungled the rescue operation. One of the reasons why I wanted to speak to you urgently on that day was to ask if there was some kind of assistance we could provide because Hong Kong is more than capable of handling such a crisis. During the 11 hour siege, our elite force could have gone to the Philippines and back to Hong Kong in no time at all. And had we spoken on the phone, maybe you would have come to realize the urgency of the crisis to our people. It was obvious that you didn’t know the extent of our sorrow until it was too late.

I hope you don’t take this personally, but I have listed down the things that you need to do for us. Hey, it is only right that we find out how things transpired during the day:

1. I expect an independent, professional and comprehensive investigation of the events with our own team involved in it.

2. Please include the following in the investigation:

– Processes of the hostage operation
– Details of negotiations
– Considerations behind police operations
– The reasons why Philippine authorities could not make promises on the hostage-takers’ requests
– The causes of deaths and injuries.

I know this might be a bit too much to ask of your incompetent government…oops! No offence, but that is why our Hong Kong team needs to be present in the investigation. Let’s face it; Philippine authorities have been known to cover up their mistakes in the past. Even your Ampatuan massacre hasn’t been resolved yet.

This is all for now. I hope you will not take this the wrong way but I just want to remind you that there are currently 120,000 Filipinos working here in Hong Kong and, you know, I can’t imagine what kind of jobs they will enjoy in the Philippines if they didn’t have their jobs here.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Signed by:

Hong Kong Official

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166 Responses to A letter to P-Noy from "a Hong Kong Official"

  1. Aegis-Judex says:

    Pagka-bogo intawn aning animala da!

    You get a letter that appears insulting from the people you pissed off, you should respond instead of having the sender shove it up his own ass! Does the inanity of PNoy know no limit? Judging from his response, I say his mindlessness is limitless!

    • ilda says:

      He obviously just wants some sympathy and to feel the love again from his supporters. Never mind that in saying those things, he is doing more damage to our already fractured relationship with HK.

  2. ArticleRequest says:

    What else do you expect. Sabi pa ng mga Nazi mods niya sa FB dinedelete lang nila yung mga “offensive” and “profane” comments which is pretty much anything that is critical of Noynoy.

  3. ArticleRequest says:


    I was browsing PEX and my gulay these yellows are idiots praising PNOY for his lack of protocol. They really ARE blind delusional supporters who will say yes to any kapalpakan that their yellow bald one makes. One yellow named “sargo” is ranting now on how right Noynoy was to ignore letters from Tsang and to ignore phone calls during the crisis. Seriously you need to have some screw loose in your coconut to not recognize PNOYs lack of protocol. If a similar incident happened to us do you expect to the host country to ignore us and keep us in the dark?

    Guess who’ll be up in arms once again in Hong Kong?

    Guess who’ll feel the brunt?

    Tanong sa mga readers ng antipinoy.com:
    Does Noynoy Aquino know the real meaning of TRANSPARENCY?

    • ilda says:


      Pinoys like them should not be surprised if and when an OFW does not get any fair treatment from whatever government overseas.

      Transparency to P-Noy is telling everyone what’s in his head without analysing first the repercussions of his own words. I don’t think it has hit him yet the responsibility that comes with his position.

    • NFA rice says:

      The protocol demands Noynoy to initiate contact with Chinese officials. He did not do that. The yellow zombies blame Tsang instead 🙂

      • J says:

        In fairness, Noynoy DID initiate contact with Chinese officials and, indeed, strictly speaking Donald Tsang is not at the same level of Noynoy in terms of protocol.

        BUT, in this situation, assuring the leader of Hong Kong that the government is on top of the situation should be more important than protocol. I think using protocol as an excuse to ignore a call of a foreign leader is the worst kind of red tape.

        I also disagree with the analogy of Tsang and a provincial governor since Tsang is leader of the other half of the One Country, Two Systems set-up in China. Hong Kong is not an ordinary province but a self-governing territory. Perhaps a more apt analogy (although still not a perfect one) would be Manuel L Quezon. Quezon, although subordinate to Roosevelt, was not seen as a leader of an insular unit of the US but rather a country that do not enjoy the status of a state. And by the way, the Emperor of Japan and the President of the United Mexican States didn’t mind meeting with Quezon even though protocol dictates that he was not their equal.

      • NFA rice says:

        Well the protocol says that under the circumstances, Noynoy initiate contact with his Chinese counterpart.

        Yes, he was the first to contact Chinese officials. But was it during or after the hostage incident? If it was he broke that protocol by not doing it.

        But in any case, he had no excuse for talking with Tsang during the hostage crisis. Tsang was advised to wait a call from the DFA, but the DFA was told to wait the call from Tsang. A deadlock therefore occured. And it seems to me the protocol issue was raised by Aquino’s camp in an attempt to cover up its disgusting mistake.

      • ilda says:


        Their protocol excuse is lame and a little too late. I thought P-Noy was not above talking to people lower than him? Obviously, P-Noy is not above throwing an insult back at the HK official by saying he was sent an insulting letter by someone below him and through the media too.

        Apparently, he is not the only one making a big deal out of the letter. Now Miriam Santiago is also raising a stink in saying that “An insult to the Philippine president was an insult to Filipinos.” Ah, naku. Pinapalaki nila lalo ang issue!

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        @ilda: My Lord, did the good Senator just say that? It makes no sense! Clearly she has to consider that not everyone voted for the dumbfvck.

      • J says:

        @NFA Rice,

        To be fair, Noynoy did initiate contact with the Chinese Embassy as per protocol.


        Exactly. As I said, there are times when protocol is just red tape.

        And really, provincial governor? Have you ever seen Chavit Singson or Arnold Schwarzenneger attend an APEC meeting? Noynoy’s take on protocol is too simplistic. He ignores important nuances.

      • ilda says:

        Or sometimes, protocol is just an excuse to justify not returning an urgent phone call 🙂

    • himynameistimoy says:

      That.. is a very nice picture.  😆

    • princess says:

      he does. do you?

  4. silvercrest says:

    Just about the same thing I said to a pro-PNoy friend about this insulting letter issue.

    Had Cory been alive and instead of calling up her li’l PNoy wrote a letter, wouldn’t the contents be the same? Would PNoy call for a press con ala “da buzz” and say it was insulting without even giving details? It’s the standard “I’m the victim” tactic again. Never mind clearing things almost 3 weeks after the event…”Filipino Time”.

    • ilda says:

      Yeah, I realised that it has been three weeks since the incident and it’s only now that his handlers thought of clearing things. Maybe after the heavy criticism, they felt compelled to say something just to pacify his critics. But when P-Noy speaks, the opposite happens.

      • silvercrest says:

        It is only now that they have ironed-up an alibi. They gathered as many comments and tried to conjure-up a blow by blow account of what he did during those times. Expect that his FANS will use those in defending their CHUMP. Yun nga lang, palpak pa rin.

      • frustrated citizen says:

        3 weeks even before giving an account on what the prez has been doing…delaying tactics plus the expected ‘performance’ and reaction time of Pnoy and his supporters…still, much has been said when they were silent during those 3 weeks. That won’t be such an easy thing to erase.

    • princess says:

      the “da buzz” interview that you mentioned, for you to know, is not what the president called for.The request is from the media and was granted by malacañang.again, this seems like new to you because you have never seen this on the past administrations.during the past adminitrations,they dont allow external media to cover a conference, only malacañang press are allowed.now it has been allowed, though invitational. as per the letter we can only give speculations are per the contents,nobody really knows.what he meant he “ignored” it is he didnot reply to that email, that is what he meant by “ignoring” the letter.and if you are a keen observer,you would notice that its was just brought up when he answered the a the question being thrown by one of the reporters.that is but the personal feeling of the president.
      and we cant blame him if that was how he felt, he is but human.so quit judging him.if you dont have anything good to say,quit it.PI already apologized to HK, we dont need to bow down to them, to show our sincerity.

      • Jay says:


        As a leader of a nation, you DO realize the weight of your voice is beyond just one human, even in talks of compassion and ignorance? Especially in a situation that calls to show even some form of humility and dignity for the dead.

        The issue is not about bowing down but has justice been served. For certainly, it has not. What with the utter ignorance of those that represent the people and those like you who feel likewise.

      • princess says:

        on what ground you say that the justice is served?we already apologized to HK,we gave them our sympathy.we feel sorry for what happend. both countries were upset of what happend.as per justice,hearing is ongoing.you cannot just pinpoint and punish those who you think are accountable just to please HK.as per dignity and all,its not HK who was degraded, it was PI, and as per the government, they are doing the best they can to have this resolved.and the investigation cant be done in a day or two.lots of people to question, but the point there is, there is an action done on this case.so give your government chance to fix the mess.the prob is, we are too good to criticize the goverment, too good to ridicule it even.we are one nation.PI need all its citizens support.”you dont have the right to criticize your government if you have done nothing to improve it.”

      • Jay says:


        on what ground you say that the justice is served?we already apologized to HK,we gave them our sympathy.we feel sorry for what happend. both countries were upset of what happend

        Apologized? Nay. I have yet heard of such thing from the authorities of the Philippines, except for Noy’s twisted smile and his callous thinking that we’d all laugh at this event two to three years from now. Maybe the public, who thinks much like a bunch of hail maries counts for something like an apology. Clearly, HK is upset but the Philippine government, who represents the nation and certainly some of its citizens have missed have yet to be anything but sincere about their reaction.

        you cannot just pinpoint and punish those who you think are accountable just to please HK.

        Yes you can. For one, Noynoy is responsible for his role in diplomacy. His gaffes that have already been mentioned countless times is the primary source of the anger and disappointment of the HKers. Of course HK won’t be pleased since those of the authority did not own up to the undesired outcome!

        as per the government, they are doing the best they can to have this resolved.and the investigation cant be done in a day or two.lots of people to question, but the point there is, there is an action done on this case.so give your government chance to fix the mess.

        Are they? For one seeing the ineptitude of the authorities, it is no wonder why HK officials want to send their own, knowing they are more than capable and efficient in reaching a conclusion than the Philippine authorities who have resorted to nothing but finger pointing and lack of accountability. Also with the mishandling of the evidence, it took much longer for forensics to figure out how the hostages were killed, when it came out much later that the further ineptitude of an open gunfire between the PNP and Mendoza had a hand in slaying the innocents.

        You are deluded to think if anything is being fixed here by divulging in useless details to have yourself forget about the real issue.

        we are too good to criticize the goverment, too good to ridicule it even.

        I sure didn’t choose the government. Nobody in their sane mind deserves a president who chokes on his own words, lacking of any humility in them. Adversity is a great measure for a leader and he’s had many small ones, with the hostage incident being his major one. And he FAILED horribly. For those who can’t see the result clearly means they too are just as weak willed when it comes to adversity.

        ”you dont have the right to criticize your government if you have done nothing to improve it.”

        According to your own words there, you too should shut up and stop typing because you can’t contribute anything to what the leader should do to NOT MAKE THE SITUATION ANY WORST!

      • princess says:

        i respect your opinion,after all we are entitled to our own.
        upon reading your comments,it just shows that you know so little about our country, about our government.=)
        i just wish you take time to know your government first to widen your understanding.
        and well,i am doing something to improve our government, i can assure you that =).and it is just so good to know, that those people you call “idiots” are helping each and everyone to promote and stand by the government despite what happend.we are not being belittled because of the hostage incident.we are being belittled on how co filipinos act against their government,who turned their backs and refuse to support their country just because they dont like the president,as for me is very immature especially for someone who talks as if he can do better.
        i myself is not pro PNOY,i didnt vote for him,but since he won, its just but right to support his platforms,as for me.i am not pro Pnoy,i am Pro Filipino,proud to be one.=).and yes you can criticize, but make sure that you dont JUST criticize.

        “They represent the the nation for PETE”S SAKE!”
        -not they,but WE,FILIPINOS represent our country.now, if you are not filipino,then it is just but right not to include yourself,but if you are,well,you are one of the reasons why Filipinos are being looked down upon.
        the government didnt choose you either,let alone be a citizen of this country.just imagine how shame and pain the PI must bear to have a citizen like you.and if cannot do anything other than call my fellowmen idiots, then i sugget you change nationality.=)

      • ilda says:


        There was no need for P.Noy to say that he was insulted. He should know that he has die hard fans who would also feel insulted if their idol felt insulted. He clearly acted immaturely.

        Yes, we do not have to bow down but we do not need to act like victims either. As far as many Filipinos are concerned, P-NOy and the rest of his supporters need to step back and cool down. They are being unproductive by focusing on being “insulted.” Just get on with the business of running the country. There’s no time for stroking bruised egos. He should work like a dog not smile like a dog.

      • princess says:

        we do not need to act like a victim because we ARE VICTIMS too. because we will bear the consequences of this.our relation to other countries is affected because the tragedy.but we dont need to cling on the guilt feeling because its already done.and i agree that we have to move on and deal with and let the goverment handled it.as per us citizens,the best thing that we can do is support the government.

      • ilda says:


        We are victims of our own public official’s incompetence particularly P-Noy’s. We are not victims of the HK or Chinese government.

        How do you propose supporting a government who keeps committing gaffes? P-Noy has ruined our relationship with HK and he hasn’t stopped doing more damage.

        In my opinion, it’s better to show the Chinese people that some of us don’t really think or feel the same way as P-Noy or his supporters lest the Chinese people start thinking we all have loser mentality.

      • Jay says:


        Its obvious Philippines are victims because 15 million idiots think much like the current leader who makes the decisions. As citizens, they can support AND criticize the decisions and actions of the government! They represent the nation for PETE’S SAKE! It wouldn’t be so democratic now if people can vote in the power hungry and the idiots AND ARE UNABLE TO criticize them for their ineptitude. But there in lies the complexity of it.

        You know, even people can take it upon themselves to represent their own interests and not the government regarding the situation. So as opposed to agreeing with the vexing attitude of the president towards the incident, citizens can come together and express their sincerity and solidarity in the loss of the HKers. As oppose to coming off as mute, insensitive idiots ala the leader. But of course, leave it to the blind leading the blind to find a way out a room with one open door.

      • princess says:

        im sorry to disagree,but we are not victims of of our own public official’s incompetence.for one, we choose our officials.see, what is just so pathetic with some filipinos,when someone is at fault,we are sooo good in blaming,criticizing,even goes to the point that you feel righteous because its not you who is at fault.but you should also know, that we are still one nation.what makes other countries look at us so badly,is on how we think invidually, ready to pull down the other just so to look good in their eyes.
        with your opinion , you said its better to show the HK people that some of us dont think or feel the same way as PNOY——-
        it is as good as saying that you turned your back to your country.remember, that other countries dont judge you individually.many filipinos did that already.i dont know if this is the right term, “hugas kamay”.like,nantraydor kana nga nanlaglag kapa.”, its like, “hey hk, we are sorry,i want to let you know that i dont think like our president.that he is a loser.i am not like him”.HK will not feel for you,they will feel disgusted on you.because for them,its the most shameful act against patriotism.all filipinos knows and admitted that the hostage taking was mishandled.i myself was, when i was watching it.But i dont think that is enough reason for every filipino to turn their back on their country just so to save their assess. its pathetic.

      • ilda says:


        Your logic is dead wrong. People like me are very concerned for the welfare of the OFW’s in Hong Kong and the country’s relationship with Hong Kong and China. It seems you are not looking at the big picture my dear.

        If P-Noy, who I didn’t vote for, choose to focus on being insulted, he is just risking damaging further the already fractured relationship we have with Hong Kong.

        For the record, I have a collection of articles warning people about P-Noy’s incompetence even before the election so I have a right to say I was right about him all along. Why would I agree with his actions now when he is deliberately ruining international relations?

        During the term of George W Bush, a lot of Americans voiced their disapproval against the invasion of Iraq, I believe that did not make them unpatriotic. It actually showed to the whole world that not all Americans are war freaks. They have been vindicated now because the war in Iraq was a mistake and a total disaster.

        I’d rather side with reason than irrational thinking such as P-Noy’s and his supporters. Sorry to say but it does not make me someone who has “turned my back on the Philippines”.

      • helios says:

        “we cant blame him if that was how he felt, he is but human.so quit judging him.”

        i dont think anyone is blaming him for how he felt… its his actions that are being criticised. 

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        When you say “his actions are being criticized,” do you mean “he has been weighed and found wanting?”

  5. helios says:

    thanks for pointing this one out… i did think it was actually bizarre for him to even mention about the letter when he already “chose” to ignore it… 

    maybe we should really provoke war with China… the Filipinos after all are obviously not ready for independence…. 

    at the rate we’re going, and with Noynoy’s leadership, there won’t be a Philippine state by 2012

    • ilda says:

      AP writers and regular readers see things that other Filipinos don’t. 

      It is scary to think that there are some P-Noy supporters who even dare speak of engaging in war with a country such as China.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Some of us are highly educated, from ivory league universities; mostly experienced; some even holding high corporate positions in foreign corporations. Some are really smart Filipinos. You can see the contents of their Blog comments.However, they love their country and their people. So, Noynoy Aquino and staff. You are not dealing with ordinary Filipino masa… 😯

      • silvercrest says:

        War with China? hahahaha… I remember when the Americans left their bases, the cannons aimed at the South China Sea were replaced by old machine guns by the AFP.

        I don’t think there would be a war, a massacre perhaps.

      • palebluedot_ says:

        waging war against China is just like mosquitoes waging war against men. mosquitoes (along with their dengue queen Kris) bites and are terribly noisy (what with the masa karaokeing all day long :roll:) . mosquitoes might also be deadly, but just one spray of INTSIKtecide, patay ang lamok! 😈

  6. ralliart1to3 says:

    I watched his press interview and I never imagined I would last enough such torturous exercise though I felt I lost half of my brain. Great. Mr. Tsang is now on the his hit list after Cong. Arroyo. Who’s next? Maybe he could try leaders from Iran or North Korea.

    • ralliart1to3 says:

      on his hit list rather.

    • ChinoF says:

      This is so obviously an anti-foreign government, isn’t it?

      • ralliart1to3 says:

        I can absolutely imagine PNOY in his SONA say something like this: “sa kabila ng mga batikos at pangiinsulto ng mga dayuhan, narito ako at ipinaglaban ko ang dangal ng bayan.”

      • NFA rice says:

        Abnoy math is Abnoy = Philippine nation.

    • ilda says:

      P-Noy lived a sheltered life prior to becoming a President. It is obvious that he is not used to not being in control of his life.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        He is a weak President. He was born of wealth and of power. He did not have to struggle in life, like most of us. Everything, including the Presidency was given to him on a Silver Platter. It is the fault of the People perpetuating the EDSA Myth; the Churches, their main supporters; and the Oligarch Media, that feartured an Overblown Capability of an Incapable man…Ah Pobre Filipinas…so near the Roman Catholic Chuch and the INK Church…so far from God!!! 😳

  7. RainSantiago says:

    Looks like President Noynoy Aquino has earned the distinction of being the most hated man in Hong Kong and in the entire Chinese speaking world. I bet CGMA is laughing her a*s off all the way to the bank right now.

    • ilda says:

      Even after his term in six years, HK residents will still remember him as their smiling dog.

    • palebluedot_ says:

      abnoy should read the history of china and reflect on how this nation and its people struggled through history to fight for their rights. darn! history of the great wall pa lang, matatakot ka na. wala pa si kristo. alam na nang tsina how to crush their enemies.

      LOL abnoy chose the wrong enemy to fight….sadly, we are part of the fool’s kingdom 👿 .

  8. tuna says:

    sorry, i cant help but to say this, i’m so proud i have voted for Sen. Gordon.. I just can’t understand why they have voted for Pnoy when it is very clear that he hasn’t accomplished a single law in his years in congress and senate,, No meaningful experience to be proud of.. NOTHING!!! but use his parent’s legacy. Even if you watch him speak?? there’s nothing awful about it especially during debates! Most of the time, he’s the only one who could understand what he’s saying.. And hey, it’s just his 2nd month as pres.. He messed things up already even before he was inaugurated.. It’s saddening that our country is being run by people who lacks experience and has no idea what they r doing (e.g. pNoy, puno-the shooting buddy).. People of the Philippines, hope you learned your lesson.. Sayang yung mga taong talagang qualified..

    • lines says:

      my whole family voted for Gordon as well. it’s disappointing how this turned out to be. gordon finishing 6th and the two most unqualified candidates on the first and second spot. made my grandpa decide to retire elsewhere.

      • Aegis-Judex says:


        Good for you! My family is split along political lines – my maternal Greens vs. my paternal Yellows. And the Yellows STILL act as if PNoy is God Himself, even with the terrible, terrible stain that plagued his administration.

      • MaskmanReturns says:

        What?! Noy is a GOD?!?! HAHAHA I wish Jesus is still alive in the modern so that he could shut those Pinoy’s up(who voted 4 this John Cena and a Pokemon wannabe)hahaha.Well it’s high time that the majority of the Pinoys should read the Entire Pages of the bible(old and the new testament) and realize that being christian isn’t a walk in the park. :mrgreen:

      • MaskmanReturns says:

        What?! Noy is a GOD?!?! HAHAHA I wish Jesus is still alive in the modern times so that he could shut those Pinoy’s up(who voted 4 this John Cena and a Pokemon wannabe)hahaha.Well it’s high time that the majority of the Pinoys should read the Entire Pages of the bible(old and the new testament) and realize that being christian isn’t a walk in the park.. :mrgreen:

      • MaskmanReturns says:

        sorry 4 my double reply.I made a mistake there.

  9. Hyden Toro says:

    The imbecile , Noynoy Aquino is not only incompetent. He is also Arrogant. What does he think of himself? He was negligent in his duties; which resulted in the death of 8 Hostages, and a Crazy Policeman. And he is telling us to be silent about it? He has not even fully explained to us; what he was doing during those crucial time of the hostage incident. He just want us to overlook it? You can see the arrogance and the immaturity of this imbecile President. He throws Childish Tantrums. The best way is to: fire this idiot and let us save our country from more international humiliations. ➡

    • ilda says:

      He should resign. He does not have any real programs to change our society for the better. The six years will just be a waste of time. His only plan is to not steal. He actually believes that if he does not steal public funds, the economy will grow.

    • MaskmanReturns says:

      Ha don’t be surprised there he is a lousy president of the Philippines and Jay Sonsa is right on the Inquirer radio 990 Am khz last Friday on his morning show that most of the blame of the failure presidents r on the people who voted 4 em’.

  10. NFA rice says:

    Critics of Noynoy don’t have to do anything. Noynoy is his own worst enemy.

  11. himynameistimoy says:

    Hi guys! I’ve been browsing AP for around a week now and already in that short span of time my outlook on the real state of the Philippines has changed from being an ignoramus to an informed citizen. I really hope more people, particularly Filipinos 😥 , will stop seeing this site as just being demeaning to their fellow countrymen and us being ashamed of being Filipinos but actually get the message that you guys are trying to deliver. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and more power to you guys.  😀 


    The smiling 狗 saying “no” to outside criticism because it is “insulting.” Smiling 狗 indeed. 

    “..Let us show everyone that we, Filipinos, know how to respect and understand.” – Abnoy’s appeal to detractors on his facebook page. http://ph.yfittopostblog.com/2010/08/25/aquino-calls-for-end-to-facebook-bashing/

    Dear Mr. President. What the hell is wrong with you?  😯

    • NFA rice says:

      Noynoy is too onionskinned. WTF does he think about the presidency?

      I think we should write to Donald Tsang about our disgust with the current president, that although he represents us, his personality is not representative of the Filipino people, and we regret the unnecessary deaths of 8 Hong Kong citizens as a direct result of the ineptness of our officials.

      • frustrated citizen says:

        i agree on your idea – I think we should instead write to Donald Tsang about the current state of our national government and how it affected the hostage taking crisis… it’d be better for us and for Hong Kong rather than the Hong Kong official writing to our prez..

    • frustrated citizen says:

      he basically doesn’t know what is he taking about..

    • ilda says:


      Good on you for reading AntiPinoy. The truth has set you free! 🙂

  12. boombox says:

    Noynoy: “DO NOT WANT”

  13. jonas says:

    Mr. Tsang wrote the letter, why didn’t he produce it to prove that Noynoy is lying?

    • NFA rice says:

      I would love it if he do that. On the other hand, maybe Tsang is just more sophisticated not to respond? I mean Noynoy is already making himself the laughingstock.

    • ChinoF says:

      Why did Noynoy have to mention that there was a letter in the first place?

      Who said that Noynoy lied? I don’t think Noynoy is lying, but he is certainly being an ass.

    • ilda says:


      Why would Mr Tsang produce the letter when it’s not even confirmed that P-Noy is referring to him? It was actually very humble of Mr Tsang to admit that he did write P-Noy a letter just to clarify things. You can tell that he is really wondering what P-Noy is talking about when he claimed that the letter was “insulting.”  P-Noy just loves creating an air of intrigue around him. He is dividing Filipinos.

  14. m. kasahara says:

    I clicked on the abs cbn news link and for pete’s sake, the comments below are D: …

    I don’t know how to even describe it. Is there hope for that country anymore? I am not even done reading this article.

  15. interested says:

    I believe this article speaks so much about the type of presidency we are in for till 2016. Surprisingly, it was written by no other than Maria Ressa, the head of News and Current Affairs at ABS-CBN. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/insights/09/08/10/noynoy-flunks-his-first-test-0

  16. m. kasahara says:

    Done reading. Good read as always.

    Recently, I was thinking that a totally crippling war maybe the one thing that could just save the Philippines.

    • frustrated citizen says:

      yep..agree on that one. the only thing that can help restructure the entire dysfunction of the Philippines is a war. its a bitter pill indeed

      • Jay says:

        well AP had discussions in other articles about certain events that would force the darwinist political climate. If P.Noy wants a taste of fantasy and recruited his 15 million mandate to try go to war with the Chinese, it may actually be better for the Philippine nation in the long run. I’m no advocate of violence, but with such brazen display of stupidity to a more civilized and progressive nation (yes everyone will have their take on them about drugs, lack of rights, etc. Same with the Philippines really) and they literally uttering come at me bro, I only pray for a quick resolution then.

    • himynameistimoy says:

      I hate to agree to something like this but I guess it makes sense. It’d have to be a long one (occupation) though to totally replace the current culture and the we-are-the-victim mentality that FIlipinos love so much.

      Also, just wanted to share something with you guys about the perspective of some Filipino-Chinese citizens as told to me by my dad.

      “When we are in the Philippines, Filipinos see us as Chinese people. But when we are in China, the people there see us as Filipinos.”

  17. HusengBatute says:

    One has to be deeply prideful to be “insulted” or offended by such a letter, especially after one’s profound incompetence is now pretty obvious to the international community.

    Noynoy is not humble at all. He is in no position to reject any recommendation or advice given by more progressive societies. In fact, he should simply welcome and look into each suggestion diligently and enthusiastically.

    • ilda says:

      Exactly Mr Batute

      P-Noy has forgotten or is not even aware of the fact that it is only in recent history that Hong Kong has been under China’s rule. Prior to that, it was under British rule.  Like Macau, it is now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. “It has its Basic Law, and in both basic laws there is an article stating that the territory is a “local administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, which shall enjoy a high degree of autonomy and come directly under the Central People’s Government.”

      They just keep coming up with silly excuses that insults HK even more.

  18. vhortex says:

    I secured a copy of the said interview not because I want to listen to it over and over again but to find an ounce of understanding on what Pnoy was saying. 
    We should thank him for those words that we are starting to secure (once again) frontpage exposures on international newspapers and online news groups. This photo was really heartwarming http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4104/4978988154_71d0c55066_z.jpg

  19. Mike H says:

    Portion of the interview is here:

    Medyo mahilig ngang ngumiti si Mister Persidente Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.
    At umeksena ulit, hinatak na naman…. “wala pa tayong pruwebe kaya hindi natin puwedeng ungkatin, but we need to look at the previous administration”, sabay ngiti.

    • Mike H says:

      Part 1: :mrgreen:

      Part 2:

      O, napika na pala si Noynoy, nasaan daw ang SAF?

      At ngawa ng ngawa na the media should have shut down the TV broadcast, pero Noynoy (and the crisis committee) was dependent on the TV broadcasts to know what was going on.

      • silvercrest says:

        Soon ABS-CBN will have a new reality show, Big PNoy…all set “sa bus ni kuya”. Kris will be hosting. There will be “love teams” made inside the bus. Mendoza’s brother will be giving activities. Uncle PNoy will call each contestant to vote out one another. Unfortunately, contestants will be eliminated by gunshots from outside the bus.

        P.S. Free souvenir photos can be taken with the bus as background. Free uploading to Facebook will also be available.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        We shall see about that. God willing, the benevolent ayatollahs of the CBCP won’t cream their pants watching it.

      • ilda says:


        How can they think of giving a directive to have a news blackout eh kasi nag-request pa daw ng TV habang kumakain sa Emerald restaurant. Tsk-tsk

  20. anatheist says:

    I screamed “TRANSPARENCY WHERE?!” when P-Noy talked about the letter which said “we were being told, in very minute detail, what we were supposed to do.”

    I wanted immediately to know what the contents in the letter. What could be “insulting” to him could possibly be “constructive criticism” to us.

    What an idiot. He talks about being insulted and not taking actions to discourage widening the rift [with the Chinese relations] when he did just that when he mentioned the INSULTING letter.

    • Jay says:


      he was insulted by something that we’d have to take his word as being insulting.

      Donald Tsang called Noynoy and his government CAPABLE


  21. concerned_citizen says:

    It really is a great loss and a great shame that most of our fellowmen can still be swayed by sweet promises and by fake legacies. Pessimism still sets in each day I think about what other fiascos will happen in the next 6 years. God save the Philippines, please.

  22. Ryunken says:

    … Great… If Filipinos working on Hong Kong get fired and were shipped back to the Philippines… Then let’s thanks our stupid President…

    Us… The common tao doesn’t want to fuel the flames of hate and war with Hong Kong… Yet, these losers on the upper echelon are trying to put us and our country in a situation which the Filipino people and the country would be greatly disgraced and ridicule which these MORONS try to stop those making fun of us… Yet, these LOSERS started it!

    After reading the newspaper on Noynoy will fire those who doesn’t do their job well… Since were the boss of him… Let’s fire him… RIGHT NOW!

    • himynameistimoy says:

      The problem is that the ‘common tao’ or specifically – the failure of the Philippine culture – were the ones who put him to power in the first place, so we only have ourselves to thank/blame now.  😦

      • Ryunken says:

        True and True… Some of the COMMON TAO… Some Filipinos fail to see that this disaster is our fault as well since we put these losers in power!

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        The problem is that the ‘common tao’ or specifically – the failure of the Philippine culture – were the ones who put him to power in the first place, so we only have ourselves to thank/blame now.

        Only ourselves to blame? How can that be when we didn’t vote for the dumbfvck? The only people who are to blame — that is, if they really are “people” — are the fvcks that voted for the diao ren.

      • himynameistimoy says:

        Sorry – I meant ourselves as a nation and culture.

  23. innagadda54 says:

    It’s all my fault. The letter that Noynoy found insulting was the one I wrote him when the election results came it. Blame it on me.


  24. jemon says:

    Surely, the President’s actions are not defensible.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Correct. If anything, he needs to perform penance before bring shriven. No points in guessing as to what his penance is, but it absolutely has nothing to do with his usual scapegoat, CGMA.

  25. mihael keele says:

    Great article, Ms. Ilda. Spot-on as always. For a physically-grown man, PeNoy lacks the mental capacity to control his mouth to keep from further aggravating the situation. The same can be said for those 15 million voters who, despite their physical maturity, lacked the mental capacity to control their emotions to keep the country from sliding further down the drain.
    To those commenters above who are saying that we need a war to save the Philippines– my grandma will whack you on the head with her cane for saying that. She lived through WWII, was almost dragged off to serve as a comfort woman had it not been for her uncles’ courageous intervention, lost her sister to a shrapnel and she nearly lost her life after a Makapili threw a grenade through their window. To this day she still walks with a limp because of that. So go ahead and tell her that a crippling war will save the Philippines when all that last one did was to kill millions of innocent lives and ruin the economy.

    • ilda says:

      Well said mihael keele.

      We do not need a war. We just need to pretend that we, the thinking group, lost the battle of the brains (due to vote rigging) and have become prisoners in our own country. We can pretend that we have been released by our captors (the yellow mob) and have rejoined the rest of society but with limited movements. Anyone caught using their brain will be shot.

      We now have to regroup and think of a new strategy to escape this wretched detention centre where thinking is not allowed. We are privileged enough to use our computers but with slow internet connection. We need to use this privilege wisely for anytime our yellow captors can just take away the privilege by completely eliminating all means of communication.

      It is my belief that if we continue to feed every Filipino we encounter with logical information, we can eventually infect their thought processes with logic. Eventually our way of thinking will become mainstream. We must continue to fight on even if it seems futile. Never surrender. Violence is not an option.

      • frustratedcitizen says:

        perhaps, war is not the best of options, it’s really an unpleasant situation to begin with… but with the rest of the people being influenced, brainwashed, and controlled by the yellow mob and the media… I’d say that its the only way for the nation as a whole. Unless the words of AP.com and others with the same views start spreading like wildfire and gaining mass support, the country will be submitted to take the bitter pill one way or the other.

        One more thing – our current prez’s stance with China and HK, plus the yellow horde’s statements and rumors that China staged the hostage incident intentionally to claim Spratlys, it seems that they’re literally asking for force.

        I’d really hope though that it won’t get as far as this.

      • frustratedcitizen says:

        or at least, war inflicted upon the so-called ‘elites’ themselves here in our country..

        I really do hope that AP can be spread not only on the Internet, but on other forms of media as well. It is known though that this would be difficult since most of the mainstream media is controlled by the ‘elites’, but its not possible. That way, even people who cannot access the Internet can access the points being put forward by AP.

        This is the only way that I can think of to spread the word and help the country. AP should not be limited to a computer screen. It should spread out from cyberspace into the hands of the common people. How people deal with the information – it’s up to them, at least they have the choice.

      • frustratedcitizen says:

        –“but its not possible.” –That way, even people who cannot access the Internet can access the points being put forward by AP.

        –but its not impossible i mean, sorry

      • BongV says:

        @frustrated citizen – AP will be rolling out the AP Skype podcasts very soon – we are just working out the timing details because the AP authors are spread out in different time zones.

        For a start however, tune in to Sentro ng Katotohan – Sentro ng Katotohanan airs live Tuesdays/Thursdays, at DWBL 1242KHz, 8.30-9.30PM and anchored by Arnel Endrinal, Orion Perez Dumdum and Chino Fernandez. The program may also be heard live online http://dwbl-am.mellow947.fm

      • mihael keele says:

        A war for the minds and hearts of the Filipinos— now count me in! 😀  That’s why I post links to AP on my FB page, not caring that a lot of my officemates and FB friends list are PeNoy addicts. Even though I sound like a sirang plaka, I keep pestering other disillusioned folks to drop by at AP for them to be encouraged by the objective and passionate articles/discussions here. ;P 

        A war, you say? From the looks of this, we’re fighting a Yellow Zombie Apocalypse.  ^_^

    • Jay says:


      I bet your grandmother dislikes reading the news even to this day regarding the Philippines. Innocents are still dying and the economy is still no better.

      I’m no war monger however I am saying that if there are those audacious enough (read: 15 million of the mandate or whoever follows the spineless leader of our country) to want to start a war out of ignorance, then let it happen. So many have forgotten the lessons your grandmother learned. Then history is forced to repeat itself for those who have not been educated like her.

      Those who can’t decide for the growth and future of pinoy society perish and suddenly, its easier to support 70 million as opposed to 100 million people. The event may also convince the rest to either adapt or die and take consideration for participating in events that will cause major changes.

      And maybe, just maybe, there are those in the elite too scared to continue the ways they have been and agree to rebuilding a better society then.

      • mihael keele says:

        She doesn’t even have to read the news just to be bombarded by incompetency and entitlement. All she has to do is go outside, almost get hit by a tricycle driver who refuses to obey traffic laws or  nearly fall into a canal because some jerk stole the metal grates covering the ditches. Or sit at home and be forced to entertain people coming in looking for my uncle (the town mayor) asking the mayor to give them money for their wedding, fare, baptismal, etc and they’ll get mad because the mayor is too busy rebuilding the town to give them their handouts. 😛

        There have been times when I’m also tempted by the idea of war or Martial Law to fix this sad country. But I stop myself because with war, my heart breaks at the thought of innocents perishing or losing their loved ones while those who should be cannon fodder (you know who I mean *wink*) will most likely escape with their lives by fleeing the country or siding with the invading forces. With Martial Law, I don’t trust the one in power to remain benevolent and be genuinely looking out for our welfare. Blame it on cronyism and nepotism.

        Funny though, looks like we have to be our own “Fifth Column” and work our butts off to (a) undermine the current wave of entitlement and hypocrisy in our country and (b) prepare the way for the “external forces”, i.e. the progressive way of thinking which a lot in this country consider as enemies of our oh so sacred Pinoy culture.

      • Jay says:

        I’m not even talking about martial law as a scenario really. I’m talking about if the Fil-China relationship becomes so bad that Noynoy decides to put the people to the front lines and the potential tragedy, loss that you mentioned of innocents. That is the same education your grandmother learned and the price she and everyone else who remembered paid for it.

        Bloodshed certainly is the last thing in my mind on how to force the knowledge to the people, but if they want to exchange blood and violence for the ultimate knowledge, then let these people do it. It would be a testament for a failed Aquino legacy, which he set himself up for among other things that should be burned in the minds of Pinoys everywhere.

    • ChinoF says:

      Your last line explains a lot. People believe the country went down during Marcos’ time, it went down during Cory’s time, it went down during GMA’s time, etc…. But now that I’ve read more, I see that the effects of WW2 constitutes the start of our country’s going down… and so with the aftermath which quickened the fall. Starting 1946, the oligarchs started their businesses and maintained their hold through political connections. So ever since, we’ve been on the way down.

      I also recall in history studies that when the Japanese entered Manila which had been declared an open city… there was massive looting. Even the police joined in since they were disarmed. So there was moral bankruptcy already back then.

  26. mel says:

    Great read, Ilda!

    PNoy should publish the letter. Perhaps, it was mine. I wrote him a letter two (2) days after the hostage-taking incident.

    Instead of facing his tasks and showing his leadership skills, he resorts to that childish and emotional “paawa-effect”! Probably, he does not realize that he will only draw negative energy from the people who did not vote for him (60%). Even if the whole 40% of the voting population will give him their support and sympathy, there will never be an equilibrium. He is only making things worst with his emotional approaches.

    In the past, FVR and GMA (their staffs) replied to my letters. Now, I know, this time, I will never get a reply from the Office of the President. I will keep on writing though.

  27. Kotobuki says:

    Looks like the whole issue of the Hostage-Taking Incident refuses to die down, it spawns new shenanigans, thanks to Noynoy.

    I felt so angry when I heard his babbling on TV. He should react like a head of state, but he chose to “make sumbong” a la Kris Aquino (kulang na lang si Boy Abunda). How cowardly! What if the people across the South China Sea got news of our president’s latest antics?

    What a typical Pinoy, going retard when his “amor propio” gets the slightest scratch. 😡

  28. mix says:

    “I decided not to respond to the official letter from the Hong Kong government, that in my view was insulting”

    If he decided not to respond, PNoy would not have given ‘hints’ to the media that the letter was insulting. He should not have said anything at all and kept his mouth shut about it.

    The worst part of all, is apparently he did not understand the letter since the author of the letter already stated that it was not in his intention to insult.

    • Jay says:

      Interesting. Tsang and the HKers were clearly and genuinely insulted of Noynoy and certain naive and insensitive pinoy’s reaction towards how the hostage incident was handled. And Noynoy has not straightened out the fact that he MAY have insulted the HKers with his reaction and the insensitivity of other pinoys regarding the case (which is obvious, yet horrible considering the truth is out there now).

      Then we have Noynoy claims he was insulted about the letter (whom he didn’t divulge the name of the author – LOL) but Tsang for the record went to say he did WRITE a letter to Noynoy but did not intend it at all to be insulting in any universal way.

      Noynoy, much like his supporters still fail at the art of sincerity.

      • mel says:

        Why did not PNoy just answer the letter and tell the sender “he felt insulted” instead of uttering publicly how he felt? Now the sender is informed through the Media and the matter has become an intrigue. As the country’s President, he should be acting confidently if he thinks he has done the right decision during the crisis, instead of complaining peevishly over a letter.

  29. Mimang says:

    This can be a good start for my planned people power against him which I began planning just after he got elected. Couple of failures again, it’ll be successful. I got two friends who are now regretting for voting and one thankful for almost but not voting for him.

    When he got elected, I doubted but still hoped that he shall be able to recreate the Philippines as what he always promised. Indeed the country’s new. With less than two months from getting elected, we have hit the international scene as one of the most dangerous place for tourists. He is way off to a very bad start. He is show-off for his thriftiness but it won’t cure his lack of leadership. What’s the point of saving money if you can’t save the lives of the people? Fingers should be pointed directly to him but he wants his cult to blame other officials. The tangas of course will never blame him. It will be better for them to blame Gloria for having the SWAT trained during her time. That is their specialty. Noynoy’s fault was and will never be his, it was and will always be Gloria’s.

    • palebluedot_ says:

      sus! it’s GMA’s fault naman talaga. if she was only brave enough to declare martial law of sorts, Aquino shouldn’t have been the president now…but then again, many zombies will not wake up from their stupor if GMA remained. so i guess, what is happening now is a good form of revolution, only that it’s really painful, especially to those who are discerning well…

    • Jay says:

      Only in the Philippines, where nobody knows who is suppose to be the steward to whom.

      The longer Noynoy is president, the longer the people become disillusioned as their expectations of him to serve the country to the point they just know an Aquino is sitting in as President of the Philippines.

    • ilda says:

      Hi mimang

      It sounds tempting but people power should not even enter our heads. We should learn from what happened with Erap. Although he was incompetent, his removal from office was unconstitutional. He was ousted by a group of people who, similar to the yellow mob organized themselves just to achieve their own agenda.

      It is so obvious that the reason why GMA pardoned him was to silence the people who still supported him at that time. It’s because they were probably working on ousting her too on the grounds that he was unconstitutionally removed from office. The reason why Erap almost won again in the last election is because a lot of people still believe that he should not have been removed in the first place. That and plus his old charm still works.

      Therefore, if you remove P-Noy using people power, which is unconstitutional, you will have a repeat of an Erap situation. A situation where P-Noy supporters will always be thinking that their idol has been wronged.

  30. another blind item from our current president. so showbiz a la teaser lang ng The Buzz or Start Talk, like sister like brother.

  31. alma says:

    Grabe naman yan! Sino ba yan? Ano klase tao ba yan? Mali na nga si Mendoza na mandamay ng ibang tao kahit ano lahi yan! Pero siguro mas mali pa kay mendoza ang mga taong gagawa pa ng isang kamalian katulad na lang ng iniisip ng isang tao na ito. Lahat ng Filipino ay shocked sa mga nang yari alam nating lahat at nakaka shocked din ang mga isinagawang hakbang marami talagang mali may mga pinagtatakpan iyon ang dating sa akin sa takbong imbestigasyon kahit pilipino nga ako ay nagagawa ko ring magalit sa mga taong gustong magpalusot sa kanilang naging kapabayaan pero nakakaramdam din ako ng galit sa mga taong ang nasa isip ay maghigante . Para sa akin ang sulat na ito ay isa lamang kayabangan at totoong nakakainsulto. Naawa din tuloy ako sa mga Pilipinong ang hangad lamang ay makatikim ng kaunting kaginhawahan. Alam ko Mr. Pres. di ikaw ang ugat ng kahirapan subalit nahaharap talaga tayo sa matinding kahirapan na gawa ng mga nakaraang administrasyon. Makakakaya mo nga bang gawin ito ng mag-isa ? hindi! Kailangan ang suporta ng lahat! Sana makiisa ang lahat para hindi na kawawa ang Pilipinas ang mga Pilipino! At kung di titigil ang sa pagiisip ng hindi maganda sa OFW na nagtratrabaho sa kanila siguro may karapatan din akong sabihing kasamaan ng ugali iyan! AT wala kang mapapala jan, babalik din iyan sa iyo! kung hindi maganda ang tingin sa mga Pilipino mas lalong di maganda ang tingin ko sa mga taong gaito ang takbo ng isip!

    • mel says:


      Kawawa talaga ang Pilipinas sa kaisipang tulad saiyo. Sana naman, nag-basa ka muna bago ka magpahayag ng iyong saloobin. Walang gustong magpaganda sa tingin dito at hindi importante kung maganda ang tingin ng isang tao saiyo. Ang importante ay ang iyong adhikain.

      “AT wala ka mapapala jan,babalik din iyan saiyo!” Akala ko pa naman, ayaw mo sa taong mapaghigante.

    • himynameistimoy says:

      “Grabe naman yan! Sino ba yan? Ano klase tao ba yan? Mali na nga si Mendoza na mandamay ng ibang tao kahit ano lahi yan! Pero siguro mas mali pa kay mendoza ang mga taong gagawa pa ng isang kamalian katulad na lang ng iniisip ng isang tao na ito.”

      So by your logic, mas malaking kamalian ang pag-iisip at mag-voice out ng opinion kesa sa mang-hostage?

      “Lahat ng Filipino ay shocked sa mga nang yari alam nating lahat at nakaka shocked din ang mga isinagawang hakbang marami talagang mali may mga pinagtatakpan iyon ang dating sa akin sa takbong imbestigasyon kahit pilipino nga ako ay nagagawa ko ring magalit sa mga taong gustong magpalusot sa kanilang naging kapabayaan pero nakakaramdam din ako ng galit sa mga taong ang nasa isip ay maghigante . Para sa akin ang sulat na ito ay isa lamang kayabangan at totoong nakakainsulto.”

      Please open your eyes. This is an example of being a “pleasant addict”. At tsaka alam mo palang ginagago ka lang ng govt. pero you choose to attack this author more rather than the issue at hand.  😦

      “Naawa din tuloy ako sa mga Pilipinong ang hangad lamang ay makatikim ng kaunting kaginhawahan. Alam ko Mr. Pres. di ikaw ang ugat ng kahirapan subalit nahaharap talaga tayo sa matinding kahirapan na gawa ng mga nakaraang administrasyon. Makakakaya mo nga bang gawin ito ng mag-isa ? hindi! Kailangan ang suporta ng lahat! Sana makiisa ang lahat para hindi na kawawa ang Pilipinas ang mga Pilipino! At kung di titigil ang sa pagiisip ng hindi maganda sa OFW na nagtratrabaho sa kanila siguro may karapatan din akong sabihing kasamaan ng ugali iyan! AT wala kang mapapala jan, babalik din iyan sa iyo! kung hindi maganda ang tingin sa mga Pilipino mas lalong di maganda ang tingin ko sa mga taong gaito ang takbo ng isip!”

      Bakit kaunting kaginhawaan lang, kung kaya naman ang pang-matagalan? Yun situation ngayon regarding the relations between HK and RP is the result of the incompetency of the current administration and kung may kinalaman man ang past admins I assure you that it matters very little.

      • ilda says:

        I could be wrong but I think she actually thinks that I pasted the real letter from the HK official 😉

      • himynameistimoy says:

        Well that explains a lot – I thought she was referring to the article in general.  🙂

        But still, her reactions based on a satirical letter..

    • aboy says:

      alma, sorry, pwede paulit?

    • Jay says:


      Makakakaya mo nga bang gawin ito ng mag-isa ?

      Eh kung mag isa na nga, sinisira na ang relasyon sa ibang bansa da dagdagan mo pa? Anu?

      At kung di titigil ang sa pagiisip ng hindi maganda sa OFW na nagtratrabaho sa kanila siguro may karapatan din akong sabihing kasamaan ng ugali iyan!

      Eh di lalo dapat inisip ng pangulo ang kanyang kilos kung ma apektohan ang mga OFW sa mga ibang situasyon! Tang ina sila pa naman ang nag papa pera din sa bansa habang puro planning stage stage pa ang sya mag isip kung paano mag bibigay ng trabaho sa tao.

      Mali na nga si Mendoza, mas lalong nagkakamali ang mga public servants natin! HWAT!? Two wrongs don’t make a right! Mali din ang kilos, salita at gawa ng Pangulo sa situasyon at lalong mali din ang pag ka isip mo na sa mga tao na nag iisip ng maayos at matino!

  32. bubi78 says:

    To a discerning and level headed person, the President’s take on the purportedly ‘insulting’ letter reeks of propaganda. It is an appeal to the emotion, an appeal to the parental instincts of a person; it is akin to a child telling his mother of the harassments he suffered at the schoolyard, “Mama, minamaliit nila ako, iniinsulto nila ako.”  We have a propensity to over-react to this kind of situation; more often than not, the whole clan with the neighbors in tow and unmindful of who is at fault would troop to the school to confront the tormentors.  The President made that infamous ‘sumbong’ to the people on national television because he wanted to exploit to the hilt our ‘konsintidor’ mentality. He was purposely angling for that kind of reaction and his ever supportive loyalist fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  
    It is also an appeal to our patriotic sense of duty, a call to arms to defend the sovereignty of the country; the President is under siege from hostile foreign officials. Reminiscent of the exercise in typing lessons of yore, we are reminded that, “now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” Not a few have rushed headlong to defend the President, Miriam Defensor has even joined the fray, “the President is under fire, he must be defended at all cost,” became their rallying cry. The defenses ran the gamut of arguments, from the inane to the sublime, but little have they realized that the President was leading them on. After all, it’s just a subtle attempt at deflecting attentions from the shortcomings of the President. The operative word here is damage control, and the Malacañang PR group have had enough time to wracked their brains to come up with a plausible diversion, a red herring so to speak; hence, the timely revelation of the alleged ‘insulting’ letter in the course of the press conference last September 9. Drawing from lessons in history, these masters of deception came up with a gem that would have delighted Joseph Goebbels and would have made him green with envy. They are playing mind games with the people, playing the pipes and expecting the people to fall in step like lemmings on the road to perdition. The truth is ‘ginagago nila ang tao.’ Good try but not everyone fell for that kind of crap. 

    • ilda says:


      I am so glad so many more Filipinos can see through their stunt. But I can’t believe even a senator would fall for the trick! Everyday our public officials never ceases to amaze me with their twisted logic. I don’t think I will run out of things to write. I’m always out of time to write them though. I can’t even catch up with their gaffes anymore – haha!

      • Pinatulan nga ni mirriam santiago yung blind item ni noynoy eh. she was so furious for noynoy sa isang Philippine Star news item. eh why make patol sa isang blind item na baseless?

      • bubi78 says:


        The good senator is way too intelligent not to see through the trick. It’s her ego that prodded her to grandstand as usual. I’m new at this site and the articles are profound, enlightening and entertaining too. One gets to laugh and learn at the same time. I’ll keep an eye out for your upcoming articles. God bless and more power to you and the rest of the AP team.

    • Jay says:


      Indeed. Without the basic needs fulfilled by the people, they are willing to go to the next best pleasant sounding things; Blind patriotism and nationalism.

      • bubi78 says:


        They are taking the people for a ride, too bad that we are in for the ride as well – for six dizzying long years.

  33. aboy says:

    I was listening via streaming on the news conference last week… it was still Noynoy during the campaign… still in campaign mode… and to be fair, consistent sya… always answering questions without any directions or point… nakakahilo minsan…

    Noynoy’s PR guys are really at wrong in setting up that news conference… And Noynoy himself is really a dumba$$ (“but i think he likes it”) having that conference. I think they were thinking of a show for pa “POGI POINTS” lang… Show that PNoy has guts facing the media… The funny part here is that they invited ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5 people to ask questions…. Why not invite AP instead? Or maybe Gordon, Perlas, Gibo to ask him questions about what happened during the HC and what are his actions and plans? Then have the media cover it and broadcast live. Not like Mel Tiangco who I think was a bit na kinikilig while asking questions… kadiri… halatang halata…

    But then again, Noynoy really has the same bigmouth as her sister… Chismis and dating eh… Which most of his followers are really craving for… Thats what you get with Emo sickness of Filipinos… and most of them, 15million are Noynoys supporters…

  34. Maikimai says:

    Got this from PEx.

    Letter: “Thank you for acting on our concerns regarding the incident. I’m hoping we can improve the relationship further and that we can establish good diplomatic ties as we did with your predecessors.”

    Noynoy: “Ricky, anong ibig sabihin nito? Di ko masyado ma-gets, e.”

    Carandang: “Ibig sabihin po nyan sana maging katulad kayo ni GMA.”

    Noynoy: “Anak ng….!”


  35. The results of an impartial investigation should have heads rolling faster than they were shot on August 23. That is the only story the world needs to hear. That is how we get to feel good about ourselves again.
    Nothing inspires more; nothing earns respect better, than the power to hold our own leaders truly accountable.


  36. JD says:

    ehtong blog na toh puro na lang batikos.ngunit kulang ng action plan! tingin ko gumawa na lang kayo ng paraan para maunite ang mga pilipino! ngayon at alam na naten ang problema, ano kaya ang makokontribute naten sa solusyon.

    • mihael keele says:

      “ehtong blog na toh puro na lang batikos”
      Etong president natin na ito, puro pa-awa, pa-effect, pa-salita salita bago muna isipin ang kahihinatnan ng kanyang mga sinasabi. At kung binabasa mo nang mabuti ang iba pang mga nilathala sa AP, makikita mo mismo na ang mga manunulat dito ay nag-aalok ng mga solusyon at hakbang upang labanan ang kasalukuyang kahibangan at kakulangan ng mga Pilipino. Pero ikaw ay hindi mo iyon nakikita dahil kabilang ka sa mga nagbubulag-bulagan sa mapait na katotohanan kaya ang mga batikos dito na tila ay gamot sa sakit ng mga Pilipino ay hindi mo kayang lunukin.

    • Jay says:

      tingin ko gumawa na lang kayo ng paraan para maunite ang mga pilipino! ngayon at alam na naten ang problema, ano kaya ang makokontribute naten sa solusyon.

      Sus, nag tanong ka pa. Para ka rin si PeNoy. Puro rhetoric at kulang sa kilos at gawa.

    • ilda says:


      Ang hirap naman sa mga katulad mo, ang gusto ninyo ay mag-agree pa din kami sa pag-iisip nyo kahit kitang-kita na mali na kayo. Pati nga mga taga Hong Kong inis na inis na kay P-Noy pero para pa din kayong nagbubulag-bulagan.

      Eto, basahin ma ito para mag-ka-unite ang mga Pilipino:

      P-Noy supporters should admit their mistake to support unity among Filipinos

      At saka ito para mapatunayan sayo na meron din kaming mga solution for incompetence:

      Is incompetence in our cultural DNA?

      Enjoy reading! 🙂

    • bokyo says:

      I did. Di ako bumoto ke Penoy

  37. JUANDELACRUZ says:

    You know, the vindictive bitterness of Ilda towards the Prez reminds me of that of a Woman Scorned hehehehehehe, baka dating psycho stalker ni P-NOY yung writer na ito pero binasted siya kaya ganun na lang ang todo galit niya hehehehehehe …

    • Jay says:

      Wow, homely, shy, unsociable noynoy gets to tell women off? Then again, he’s lucky to have a woman for every occasion. He has Kris for PR, Shalani if he wants to look meek, his dead mom to make him saintly, his other sisters for support and PGMA to look like a semi-professional. Then there are his white knights like JUANDELACRUZ who are quite below those harlots, but put twice as much effort to brown nose.

    • ilda says:


      Ayan ka nanaman. Imbis na intindihin yung sinasabi, pinipilit mong pintasan yung writer. Hinde ka kasi sanay na makabasa ng mga articles na merong basihan. Sa palagay mo ba si Gloria Arroyo lang ba ang pwedeng i-criticize? Hinde yata fair yan.

      Why don’t you write a letter to P-Noy like Reyns? Malay mo sagutin ka din ni P-Noy. Kasi supporters lang nya ang sinasagot nya…I mean, supporters lang nya ang kaya niyang sagutin -lol 🙂


    • boombox says:


      Cool story bro… haha
      you’re trolling too much does make you more idiot.


  38. jon44h says:

    i was thinking if P.Noy was uncontactable, shouldnt they have contacted Binay?

    • Jay says:


      funny you ask, though I think Binay is as much a puppet leader as Noynoy. He could have acted if it led for him to gain any sort of influence or recognition. Or if it was within his authority to take action, considering the chain of command automatically answers to the president, which one of his friends, Puno has control of the PNP as opposed to secretary Robredero who technically SHOULD have some control as well.

      In fact, there is no mention of his presence in the news during the hostage incident.

  39. princess says:

    Subject: Re: hongkong tourist….

    > You hate the Filipino people for the hostage fiasco that unfortunate
    > incident that went out of control at the end. This was a hostage situation
    > that was under control and which netted 7 Chinese tourists to be released
    > upon the efforts of our policemen.
    > You appear and sound sanctimonious and have even stepped upon our
    > sovereignty. You have demanded apology, the moon and the heavens. You hate
    > the Filipino people as if we wanted this unfortunate incident to happen.
    > First and foremost, we offer our condolences to the families of the 8 that
    > were killed in this incident. Secondly, we are sorry for the bungled
    > handling of this hostage taking. It was unfortunate, it was an accident,
    > we never planned it that way. Is it fair to blame a whole nation for a
    > situation that was never planned?
    > Let me ask you this question, “Should we hate you also for the lead
    > poisoning caused by the paint you used in your baby furniture and toys for
    > the children of the world, Should we hate you also for the use of
    > cardboard in the “siopao” that you sell to tourists? Should we hate you
    > also for the melamine contamination wherein not 8, but hundreds, maybe
    > even thousands have suffered and some even died?
    > Or, let us talk of Filipino casualties. A few years ago, 3 Filipino
    > tourists, all surnamed Madrigal, a family of 5 were walking on Tienemen
    > Square and Beijing. One Chinese stabbed the father and two of his
    > children, killing all three. Were you even sorry for what this one Chinese
    > did? Did the Filipino people even demand that China apologized for this
    > unfortunate incident. This was PRE-MEDITATED MURDER.
    > Just as the use of lead, cardboard, melamine was pre-meditated – used
    > because they were cheaper materials, in order to generate PROFITS for the
    > Chinese businessman. Did you pay damages the same way you are demanding
    > damages from the Filipino nation and people.
    > Where was the anger of the Chinese and Hongkong people? Did you even
    > apologize to the world? My God in the case of melanine, you even kept this
    > information from the world, until you were exposed for what you are!!!
    > Enough! We symphatize but don’t blame the Filipino people.
    > So you want to send our OFWs home, that take care of your children? They
    > play an important part in your lives. Both spouses are able to work, earn
    > money because of the tender loving care being heaped on your children by
    > Filipino maids and yayas/amahs. While you pay our OFWs for the work they
    > do, you earn more for the love and care they bestow on your children. Go
    > ahead, send our OFWs home. Let us see how that will affect your family
    > incomes.
    > Enough!


    • ilda says:

      Get a grip princess.

      We all know that hostage situations can happen anywhere. We all know that majority of the population is not to blame for this fiasco.

      However, the situation went from bad to worse no thanks to your idol P-Noy because of his insensitivity during and after the incident. When are you going to get that?!?

      Can you even explain why your idol had to tell the whole country he felt “insulted” by a phantom letter? It would help if he showed it to everyone since he already told us about it. But nooooo, he just wanted to intrigue us all.

      Have you also forgotten about those Filipinos who were so stupid they had their photos taken near the site of the crime? And all for the purpose of spreading it on their Facebook wall! Ayan, nakarating tuloy yung photos hanggang Hong Kong and the whole world. If you don’t see anything wrong with that kind of behaviour, then there’s something wrong with you too. I don’t want people from other countries to think that I condone that kind of behavior,

      What about P-Noy’s communication people who kept contradicting themselves? One said they did not receive a call from a HK official but the other staff said another thing which confirmed that Mr Tsang did call! Nakakahiya! Magsisinungaling lang palpak pa!

      What do you hope to accomplish by reposting a litany of “ill-treatment” allegedly committed by the Chinese? Those are totally different matters. Talaga naman, kung mag-isip ang mga Pinoy. Meron na nga tayong na-offend, gusto nyo pa lalong galitin!

    • Sareet L says:

      Obviously a mass posting on the web. Princess, like so many other still-blind and -deaf Noynoy supporters, are totally missing the point.

      First of all, you want to compare what happened in the hostage tragedy to other tragedies/crimes by the Chinese? Via your twisted logic, is that a way of saying you’re just as bad as they are, then?

      Second, those incidents in China (melamine poisoning, etc., )are completely irrelevant to the hostage-taking situation. The point people here are trying to make (and that people like princess keep missing) is that it’s the bungled handling of the crisis as well as the aftermath that the Chinese have been critical of. Ilda is right – such crimes as hostage-taking happen everywhere, and that can’t be helped – it’s how the authorities handle it that matters most of all!! The Chinese authorities have punished those who were responsible for the crimes. Over in Pinas, has anyone been held accountable for the completely inept management of the hostage-taking tragedy?

      Third, Noynoy showed his and his admin’s immaturity, first of all, in their response to the Chinese anger. You’d think it was the Pinoys who were victimised in this situation, the way we (and I mean the Pinoy administration, not all the people) reacted to the Chinese. Noynoy and co. have *no moral authority* to tell the Chinese that ‘tama na ang apologies sa mga Chinese’. How dare you even say, ‘Enough!’!! The Pinoy administration is wholly responsible for the tragic outcome of the bad situation through its botched handling followed by totally insensitive response in the aftermath – and then it feels ‘insulted’ by criticism of their incompetence that resulted in eight (maybe nine, even) unnecessary deaths? Why is it so difficult for them to accept the mistakes they made? MATURE people do that, apologise SINCERELY for it, learn from it, and take steps to ensure that the same mistake hopefully does not happen again. So your so-called ‘apology’ does not sound genuine at all here.

      Fourth, Noynoy again showed his complete non-understanding and insensitivity to the whole thing by saying at the funeral of the Olongapo mayor that in a few years’ time, this whole thing will just be a laughing matter (I paraphrase). Really? You can laugh at this tragedy that took several lives due to your own incompetence and lack of leadership in dealing with it properly? You must have a completely perverted sense of humour to do that!

      The arrogance, immaturity and incompetence of this admin. and its blind supporters boggle the mind. What a fatal combination to have!

      • NFA rice says:

        Why are these posts defending Noynoy have the same content? They seem more like spam.

        I hope that most Filipinos, especially the ones that cast their votes for Noynoy, are not as lame as these internet yellows. I am counting on the fact that only a small fraction of Filipinos have access to the internet, let alone post in blogs or forums.

  40. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    is it just me or i am seeing Noynoy in some of our kababayans?

    Noynoyan attitude epidemic?

    • Cain Shin says:

      perhaps.. youre not the only one who is seeing that our fellow flipinos has that tendency to commit the same kind of undoings.. maybe thats how the yellow zombies are so drawn to this showbiz-made leader.. the gravity is so powerful that anything that comes between them is immediately rejected.. even common sense..

  41. Elizabeth says:


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