Why Colonial Mentality is a Bogeyman

I once blogged about colonial mentality, stating that seeing it as a problem is a myth. After more thought and encountering further opinions on the subject, I still think it is a myth – a dangerous one. I’ve seen so many discussions where others fiercely blame it for many of the problems of the Philippines and that foreigners are the reason why the country is messed up. But I realize that it’s all a decoy meant to throw us off the course we must take to truly fix our broken nation.

White is Beautiful?

Some often cite the popularity of skin-whitening products as proof of the effect of colonial mentality. But now, someone is debunking this explanation. The Wikipedia entry on Colonial Mentality, indirectly quoting María Bernadette L. Abrera of the UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, has this to say:

Love for white skin has often been attributed to colonial mentality. But a UP researcher considers this idea a myth.

Many Filipinos believe that the idealization of fair skin had its roots during the Spanish colonization. Actually, fairness of complexion was attested as a characteristic of the upper class women and appears as the standard of beauty among the Austronesian peoples of the pre-Hispanic Philippines. The desire for white skin is definitely not a result of colonial mentality during the Spanish rule.

If people say white skin is better, it does not include only Caucasians: Asians, including Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have white-skinned people as well.

And there is another issue, a common analogy used all over the world: the color white is a symbol of cleanliness. The darker, the dirtier. Isn’t that why we sometimes use, “Ang puti ng labada” (the laundry is white) instead of “ang linis ng labada” (the laundry is clean)? I don’t think you can say that this laundry phrase comes from colonial mentality; that would be stretching it.

Creation of an Historical Decoy

Some Filipinos believe that shedding colonial mentality is the way we can move forward. However, after I analyze it, I realize that it is based on a lot of myths and misconceptions. Hatred of colonial mentality is red herring – it distracts us from the real problems. Yet why are we concerned with colonial mentality? What is it that causes people to violently hate it (Just look at some comments under Orion’s article about Alcantara and Azcarraga)?

One reason is how biased and propaganda-riddled our history education is. We have many biased and history books in our schools that influence our views one way or another. Two major writers of these were Teodoro Agoncillo and Gregorio Zaide.

Not all of these can be trusted. Pick carefully

Both writers are biased in my view. Firstly, Agoncillo had leftist views, and his writings were staunchly anti-foreign. He promoted peasant culture and the bahay kubo, and divestment of modern influences to reach the “real Filipino culture.” What he failed to realize is that the bahay kubo is common with Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asian cultures, and is not uniquely Filipino.

Gregorio Zaide was anti-Spanish and pro-American. Because his history books were common and became official, he may have been influential in causing even the post-American era young people to chase after American culture (even if American commercialism was already doing that). He may have even taught that Rizal and cohorts wanted independence from Spain, when this is clearly false. Rizal and cohorts wanted the Philippines to be a province of Spain, similar to how some would want the Philippines to be a state of America. Such twisting of history has led to wrong perceptions and growth of anti-foreign hate campaigns.

The net effect of these two historians’ work may have been to promote demonization of anything foreign. Although Zaide promoted America, Agoncillo’s attitude of anti-foreignism became very strong in Filipino culture. Somewhere along the line, the notion of colonial mentality came in to define the “evil” left by our former colonizers.

The Manipulative Media Monster

We always see this slogan, “Kaya din natin,” (we are also capable), “We Filipinos can do it too.” That’s the basis of colonial mentality – Filipinos think of themselves as inferior and look at their colonizers as superior. But hold on; where did this attitude come from? Who told us this?

Perhaps the answer is, the Filipinos never felt inferior before. Perhaps they never did. Until someone gave that idea. Who’s that someone? Local mass media.

Exactly what Pinoy mass media is

Media depicts Filipinos as downtrodden, depressed, oppressed and inferior… but point to the wrong causes. They conditioned the minds of people with an inferiority complex and diverted the blame to those who are actually not to blame (because the real culprits actually own the media companies). It’s also a play on the victim mentality of poor people in order to get viewers for garbage shows like Wowowee. And it helps in resistance against solutions… solutions such as bringing in foreign investment to create jobs.

In the end, colonial mentality has been used as red herring, just as the use of Villar by the Yellow faction during the election and the use of GMA by media today has led Filipinos on wild goose chases.

What see on TV and radio (even local media) drives us into a love-hate relationship with foreign ideas. We see a lot of skin-whitening products because they are the major sponsors of the shows. As I stated above, what is passed off as colonial mentality is merely commercialism. They are actually part of a new health and wellness fad that uses white skin as a sign of health. The pseudo-patriots or even leftists jump at this to point an accusing finger at “colonial mentalists,” but themselves wear Levi’s jeans and Lacoste shirts while doing this.

Media is also hypocritical in depicting foreigners. They copy American concepts and shows, but portray people from other countries as cruel and inconsiderate. The notion taught is that people from abroad are all bad apples. Media portrays foreigners as robbers and spoilers of our “nation’s wealth” and takes advantage of it to draw attention away from who is actually robbing and spoiling our nation’s wealth.

What to Do?

Of course, I agree that Filipinos have to believe in themselves and work to solve the country’s problems. But it’s not the colonial mentality thing that’s holding them back. It’s not lack of belief in themselves. It’s the lack of means. Such means have been limited thanks to the lack of economic opportunities here.

OFWs go abroad, get separated from their families, get abused and all that. Some people may be blaming foreign countries for taking OFWs. But the cause of the OFW phenomenon is lack of opportunities at home. There are just no jobs. And the way to generate jobs, which is to bring the companies here, is being blocked by those using colonial mentality as one of the excuses to oppose foreign investment and want to maintain a monopoly over business in the country.

I do agree that there are some things not worth taking from foreigners. For example, Orion has mentioned that the primadonna style of sports from America is being imitated by our basketball stars – and thus they lose to foreign basketball teams. Americans also introduced the idea of racism. While Spanish played sports, drank and joked with indios, Americans forbade their kids from playing with the natives. Then they open up after WW2 by declaring the natives their “equals.” We also have rampant consumerism and commercialism that comes from America. These are the things we must practice discernment on.

A Japanese American. Are they loudly complaining about colonial mentality as we are?

One other effect of hatred of colonial mentality is not just diversion from the true sources of corruption. The most harmful effect is that it is dividing Filipinos. Some Filipinos are quick to raise a finger and point to other people, blaming them for colonial mentality, while the thieves do their worst under their noses.

It also looks to me that hatred of colonial mentality reflects the mentality that nations SHOULD be enemies. It’s like, ang Pinoy, naghahanap talaga ng away (Pinoys are really looking for a fight). It’s like the teenage gangster picking a fight in the street to try and prove he’s superior to get over his inferiority complex. We’ve been taught that we are oppressed by other countries, so we should pick a fight by blaming them for our problems.

Let’s get rid of this fixation on colonial mentality as a problem: it isn’t. The real problem is that our own corrupt countrymen, who have power both politically and in the media, are duping us. They’re most likely using this to draw attention away from them and divide the Filipinos so that they’re busy witch-hunting the “colonial mentalists” while the kurakots get away.

As stated in other articles here in AP, let us embrace the good parts of our lineages, which includes “colonial” influences, and forge a real identity with them. And, let us focus on the right goals.


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62 Responses to Why Colonial Mentality is a Bogeyman

  1. manzi says:

    culture is culture. it moves with the times and sometimes it’s stuck in time.

    i do have a problem however when people assume that all colonials regardless of ethnicity have literally fucked the native out of 90% our ancestors. and that we’re the result of all that fucking. the most perfect race in all of asia. woo! da best talaga ang pinoy!

  2. Aegis-Judex says:

    “Let’s get rid of this fixation on colonial mentality as a problem: it isn’t. The real problem is that our own corrupt countrymen, who have power both politically and in the media, are duping us. They’re most likely using this to draw attention away from them and divide the Filipinos so that they’re busy witch-hunting the “colonial mentalists” while the kurakots get away.

    As stated in other articles here in AP, let us embrace the good parts of our lineages, which includes “colonial” influences, and forge a real identity with them. And, let us focus on the right goals. ”

    This I can fully agree with.

  3. Renato Pacifico says:

    Flippers are aware of this bogeyman called “COLONIAL MENTALITY”.  They know they have “colonial mentality” and still move along and carry this in their shoulder.  Why they are doing this, you ask?  Because they are waiting for others to change in which the others are also waiting for others to change.  So, nothing doing.

  4. Renato Pacifico says:

    When this blame-game bogeyman called “colonial mentality”, which colonial mentality they are carrying on their head?  Which one?  Spanish mentality or American mentality or plain ‘ol Filipino mentality?  WHICH ONE?  They carry the three.  They blame this mentality whenever it is convenient to make them appear that they are not to blame that they are perfect like AMericans.

    Lookit, this englsichtze-thingie-mentality is one of those mentality.  I’ve worked abroad with different kind of people from Afghanis to Zanzibarese.  They struggle with englsichtzes, like I do, but they still speak it without laughing at each other or ex-communicating each other.  Englsichtzes to them is not even a measure of IQ.  ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    There are plenty of intelligent Filipinos who cannot express themselves in englsichtzes yet rather not dive in because fellow Filipinos are so snooty with their country-club englsichtzes.

    • ulong pare says:

      @renpac: like me, you are mentally colonial! … our DNA came from ‘sang tambaks na colonies… derpor “MENTALLY COLONIAL” … flips, on the other hand, are pure mentally unggoys… bwi hi hi hi hi!

    • The Lazzo says:

      And then they turn right around and accuse you of being a traitor when English is your first language. Fuck, I’m doing my best to learn “how to speak foreign,” but it doesn’t count for shit if it’s not your first language.

      • ArticleRequest says:

        @The Lazzo I thought you said you were an American ? ❓

      • The Lazzo says:

        I’m an American (by birth, from San Francisco) of Filipino ancestry. I got raised to junior high in the States, then I got brought here by my parents because the Asian crisis made a private education (and college, $1,000 a trimester!) cheap. I hope to go back after graduating and make SOMETHING out of a degree that I’ve been advised by American institutions doesn’t count for shit.

        Of course, when you go to IS, that means you’re stuck as a middle-class kid among the spoiled brats of the oligarchy locked squarely in the sights of their colonial mentality. And it only gets worse when you’re chucked into CSB which is more yellow-and-green than FEU.

        Shit sucks, brah.

  5. Renato Pacifico says:

    benign0 corrects my posts ordering me to “think before you post” instead of tiling-tiling.  Hey, that is my style and that is how I am wired.  Of course, in englsichtzes class I’d get a “D”.  But this is not englsichtzes class.  This is about posting what we think not being graded with englsichtzes rewrites.  DUH!

    My style is bite sizes.  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO CHRISTIANS!!!!  HA!HA!HA!HA!

  6. ulong pare says:

    daaang!… “colonial mentality” is the result of a self inflicted mental (psyche) disease called “inferiority complex”. 90% of flips are afflicted with it… from the get go, flips are born, raised and molded to be subservient as slaves in hacienda luisita >>> mano sa matatanda, ninong, ninang; luhod kay padre damasos; kiss the ring of bossings, etchastera, etc… also, flip parents adore the fat-fair skinned-white-anglosucksionist (j. christ) looks the measure of class and finesse; that sh!t color is sooo bakya, probinsyano (provencal, in french), amoy-lupa (that’s me)… in addition, the advent of englitszched spoklong flpflams (‘merkan idol rejects) featured in telenovelas y teleseryes which the wowowee crowd worship as the ultimate flip suckcess… ditto with anything local is considered as “wa klas/lo klas” and low quality… everything coming out of balikbayan boxes, ukay-ukay included, as the bestestestest thing that happen after the pan de sal… in conlusion, flips are raised to be bunch of ijits, ‘toopids, and ignos >>> simply GUNG GONGS!

    • Renato Pacifico says:


      I sent strippers to Vatican!!!!  And the papa sa roma and his animals just droooled!!!!  HA!HA!HA!

      • ulong pare says:

        @renpac: i offered myself as the “dessert” during “noche buena or in media noche” feast…. i received a thank you twit stating that mine is not swiss enough!… the nerve!!! dang you, papa benedick!

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Ten says he’s using those strippers as lightning rods… for his own Force lightning!


    • ChinoF says:

      More like media-inflicted than self-inflicted to me.

  7. Renato Pacifico says:

    PARENG ULO and I sent our Christmas Present to Papa sa Roma?


  8. ulong pare says:

    dang! i raised my ‘sang tambaks na anak sa labas to FOLLOW THE LAWS AND USE THEIR KUKOTES… to question the stuff that they do not accept or agree or find logical… to question the norm and be ANAL-ytical about established dogmas, especially the buybull ooooopsie bible… i do not brag about my ‘sang tambaks na anaks being “smarts”… i’m proud to say that they are INFORMED AND EJUMAKEYTED… ay sus ginoo… flips, puro kayo gung gongs!

  9. Hyden Toro says:

    “I think, therefore, I am”, stated a Philosopher. If we think we are inferior, then, we become inferior. Skin Whitening products are promoted by manufacturers of the products. They have to sell, and to promote. Like any seller, I can tell you: “my product will make you feel good.” Therefore, you buy it; buy more; then get hooked by it like Shabu…so, you become a sucker…

    It was proven in experiments; that when we think. We emit certain elecrtical frequency of vibration from our brains. If our frequency vibration is aligned to the frequency vibration of a certain person. Then, the recipient person is in tune with you. This can be the reason, why people fall in love; or become good friends. So, be careful of what you think. Be aligned in your thoughts…

  10. ArticleRequest says:

    “Americans also introduced the idea of racism. While Spanish played sports, drank and joked with indios, Americans forbade their kids from playing with the natives. Then they open up after WW2 by declaring the natives their “equals.””

    To ChinoF;
    I remember when I was in high school, they made me read books by historians claiming that the Spanish during the colonial period were very racist towards indios. According to a popular story, Rizal wrote a poem and was awarded. When he came up onstage the audience realized he was indio and demanded that a Spaniard replace him.
    As you know teachers teaching Rizal was against Spain and wrote his books to fuel hatred against Spain is a complete lie. Rizal actually wanted Filipino representation in the Spanish Cortes. La Solidaridad by Rizal and company may as well been antipinoy.com of the period. Teachers wrongly teach their students that El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere are anti-Spain but when one reads it, chapters are devoted to expose wrong Filipino thinking of that time. Ironically, El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere are taught to high school students every year but this pathetic anti Spain (I wont deny abuses by Spanish officals and clergy but the fact that it stands ’til today is just nonsense) stance fed by the education system is deluding students from realizing that Rizal was mocking Filipino culture and habits. No wonder Filipinos grow up with a victim mentality, angry at Spaniards and Americans, call anyone who speaks Spanish or English conyo, thump the blue red and white Philippine flag on their chests and are ironically always wrongly on the defensive (search “Filipinos Wrongly on the Defensive” by an Australian newspaper) when incident like the August 23 bus fiasco occur or when foreigners comment about the Philippines (there was this American who wrote a paper somehwere describing the Philippines about 20 years ago and was immediately branded as racist).

    • ArticleRequest says:

      Anyway, what was the extent of the racism during the Spanish era? I agree with the article but Im just curious.

      • ChinoF says:

        Perhaps the distinction of indios, creoles and peninsulares can be seen as a sort of institutionalized racism, but that was part of the system of the times. Perhaps despite this naming system, the Spanish behaved differently in practice. American racism may have been more blatant. They had no official naming system for us (monkeys?), but they practiced racism more openly.

      • “The lines separating entire classes and races, appeared to me less marked than in the Oriental colonies. I have seen on the same table, Spaniards, Metizos (Chinos cristianos) and Indios, priests and military. There is no doubt that having one Religion forms great bonding. And more so to the eyes of one that has been observing the repulsion and differences due to race in many parts of Asia. And from one (like myself) who knows that race is the great divider of society, the admirable contrast and exception to racial discrimination so markedly presented by the people of the Philippines is indeed admirable.”

        – Sir John Bowring, Governor General of British Hong Kong
        Travels in the Philippines, London, 1875

    • ChinoF says:

      By the way, on your description of the teachers today, indeed that’s what I had in mind when I wrote this article. Our educational system needs a really big overhaul, as also demonstrated in my article on “Be Proud of the Filipino Race.”

    • Hyden Toro says:

      You must remember that Queen Isabela of Spain was the largest Slave Trader of African Slaves. Look back at History. Read about the “Amistad” Slave Ship episode…

      The “Amistad” Slave ship was carrying Slaves from West Africa. The docked at Cuba, which was then a Spanish Colony. On the way to sell the African Slaves to the U.S. Southern Slave holding States. The Slaves managed to file their chains…took over the Slave ship; kill some crew. They forced the Slave Ship Captain, to return them to West Africa. Instead, the Captain sailed the ship to the U.S. New York Harbor.

      A U.S. Court Hearing was initiated on who owns the African Slaves. The late U.S. President Monroe took the case; argued for the African Slaves; on the premise that: ” all men are created equal.” The Slaves were freed; and returned to West Africa. Pres. Monroe founded the African country: Liberia. with its today’s capital: Monrovia… If Spain was not racist. Why did they engaged in Slave Trade? The Roman Catholic Church; which was the official religion of Spain; never raised voice of opposition to the African Slave Trade…

      • Hyden Toro says:

        It should read: “They docked in Cuba.”

        Roman Catholic Priests were participants in the West African Slave Trade. Historical books states: “The Priests gave Communions to African Slaves bound for North America.” Portugal and Spain, both Roman Catholic countries were the prominent Slave Traders in the 18th century. Port of Departure was the Ghana Harbor, in Ghana. Our times have changed. We are now the OFW slaves, bound mostly for Petro Rich Dollar countries. With Filipino Roman Catholic Priests giving communions; before the OFW slaves departures…History is very strange…is’nt it?

      • Since the beginning of the 18th century Spanish Florida was attracting a large number of Africans slaves who escaped from British slavery in North America. The slaves, once they made it to Florida, were given freedom after they converted to Roman Catholicism. Most of them settled down in a community called Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose, the first settlement of free slaves in North America.

        Those African slaves also found refuge among Creek and Seminole Native Americans who had established settlements in Florida at the invitation of the Spanish government. In 1771, Governor John Moultrie wrote to the English Board of Trade that “It has been a practice for a good while past, for negroes to run away from their Masters, and get into the Indian towns, from whence it proved very difficult to get them back.” When British government officials pressured the Native Americans to return the runaway African slaves, they replied that they had “merely given hungry people food, and invited the slaveholders to catch the runaways themselves.”

        Miller, E:
        St. Augustine’s British Years, page 38.
        The Journal of the St. Augustine Historical Society, 2001.

      • The shippers of the transatlantic slave trade that lasted from the 16th to the 19th centuries, were, in order of scale, the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, and North Americans.

        – Thomas, Hugh.
        The Slave Trade. Simon and Schuster, 1997.

  11. Subliminal Messenger says:


    Antipinoy is not only a freemarket of ideas and truths.  It makes you careful not to offend someone with the likes of Renato Pacifico’s perreneial perpetually bad offensive englsichtzes.  Antipinoy also teaches you how to post the way resident culturally time-warped benign0, who believes that goot englischtzes is a must, foremost and first to make freemarket interchange of ideas acceptably sane and lucid.

    Filipinos are being hostaged and imprisoned in this culturally sick backward incompatibility of present euphimisms Renato Pacifico trying to build that has gone viral that is now in vogue across Filipino spectrum of low IQ level. 

    If benign0 where to be president of America, minorities will not have a chance to get employed because minorities simply struggle with benign0’s sing-song, tra-la-la olde englsichtzes.  Foirtunately, there is no benign0-like white employer.  THANK SATAN!  Now, America, Australia, Canadianese and Europeanese employs strugglers-of-englsichtzes.

    Englsichtzes snobbery belongs to the book of COLONIAL MENTALITY that benign0’s mind is still imprisoned.  HA!HA!HA!HA!

    • ChinoF says:

      Thanks for liking us… but do take your Ritalin. 😉

      • Renato Pacifico says:

        As to the cure of englsichtzes-snobbery that is measure of intellect and IQ to degenerate low-IQ Asian Trash, NO CURE because it is culturally imbedded into Filipino DNA.  This englsichtzes thingie is covert discrimination process on top of white-is-right, white-is-measure-of-beauty among others. Oh, most important that is soooo out-of-synch that survived the warp of time is quoting versiculos, sections, chapters of SCRA.  Seldom read columns from NYTimes quoting versiculos of laws.  The reason they very seldom quottingese versiculos of laws is Americans are intelligent enough to know what is right regardless not mentioning lawyerly versiculos.  aaaaay NAKU!  SO SIMPLE YET NAHIRAPAN PA .

      • ulong pare says:

        dang! @renpac: the ferpeckt englitzched is the golden key to open doors leading to ofws/hugas pfwets/sex slaves; whereas, the devout roman katolickdick religion is the key to san pedro’s gated community… flips exel and possess both qualities….

  12. Renato Pacifico says:

    I already pop three, still not working 🙂 My psychiatrist told me Antipinoy is a goot medicine 🙂

    • ChinoF says:

      Daaaaang, you gotta be on lithium maybe… hehehe

    • Birdigator says:

      Careful, Antipinoy.com is addictive and harmful if taken in excessive amounts! Like any goot medicine, moderation and discipline is key.

      • ulong pare says:

        daaaang!… “moderation and discipline is key”… flips are “moderated and disciplined” to the fullest which turn them into slaves… unable to think and decide for themselves… ergo the flip golden rule >>> BAHALA NA ANG DIOS…. bwi hi hi hi hi, flips, puro kayo gung gongs!

  13. Global Ultra says:

    This guy sort of begs to differ, read linkie below: 


    • Peste says:

      William Esposo.

      There’s the rub.

      • Global Ultra says:

        Just because he may have said BS before doesn’t mean he always will! 😀

        I think its still credible in this case! Now that’s the REAL RUB! Suck it up!:P  

      • Global Ultra says:

        PS: Learn to look at views that don’t necessarily vibe with that of the mainstream Western media outlets! They aren’t paragons of unbiased and fair and balanced news! That’s my second RUB on you! 😛 

      • Jay says:

        Learn to look at views that don’t necessarily vibe with that of the mainstream Western media outlets!

        Such as ABS-CBN yellow media? Or senile people like DeQuiros? Or that tard Esposo who has blatantly shown his hypocrisy? Or Sen. Lacson whose creativity is limited to 12 small steps to a better suck ups to failed government? In their attempt to try make a point, they have also spewed out random bullcrap that only gullible, nationalistic idiots like you buy into, as opposed to using your god given brains to look deeper than the obvious.

        So yeah, keep rubbing yourself because the only thing your convinced at is your supposed wonderful ideas you and your kind enjoy like masturbation.

  14. Jay says:

    The United states was built on immigrants. Of course they won’t believe in colonial mentality because every immigrant who worked hard enough to take what they believe is theirs has a success story to tell in America. Though there are also dichotomous ideas such as immigration being bad, when it is also technically one of the highest sources of cheap labor in certain regions.

    Filipinos, I think more so the local media mongers from yore and such emo historians have tried to point blame to foreigners, which in results seem to be like propaganda. The relationship between Chinese and Philippines most certainly predates the Spanish, but then again the Philippines were never a nation as a whole then either and even each region can’t identify itself with the busiest central hub known as Manila.

    • Global Ultra says:

      Take your stupid advice and go fuck yourself with it! You’re the one who can’t think for himself! Anyway the Yellow Media are, in reality, just puppets of the Western world’s press and oligarchs so I don’t exactly trust them 100% either! But at least De Quiros and Esposo (I don’t agree with them all the time either especially the latter) have more sense than the turds of Fox News or whatever station you tune into!  Okay wise guy, tell me why the Western media is so superior!? Truth is Americans who are in the know give Al Jazeera English (despite its quirks – what network doesn’t have them?) more respect than CNN or BBC, let alone MSNBC or Fox News!  😛 

      You’re such a sore loser and you know it! 😀 You can’t even argue your points without bashing people! Pikon! Pikon! Pikon! You know what they say, laging talo! lol! Anyway lemme give you your tampon because you obviously got  a severe case of PMS! hihihi! 😉   

      • Global Ultra says:

        PS: This is what I’m talking about when I mean Americans in the know!  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/30/al-jazeera-english-us_n_816030.html

      • Global Ultra says:

        2nd PS: Fuck Ping Lacson and his gang! They suck! I have no respect for that guy either the same way I zero respect for you!  hehehehe! Pikon! 😉 😛 

      • Jay says:

        But at least De Quiros and Esposo (I don’t agree with them all the time either especially the latter) have more sense than the turds of Fox News or whatever station you tune into!

        CdQ is with the Yellow Media, as his current position indicates and Esposo’s integrity is pretty much spotty considering he was part of the mudslinging during the Elections on Manny Villar. Meanwhile, Fox news isn’t the only avenue of media in America as you have indicated. Tell me when da Philippines actually gets more major media avenues without the apparent slant. 

        Paano ako pikon, eh ikaw ang nag uulit dyan at nag ba batbat ng kalokohan mo. Stick with the points bro. 

      • Global Ultra says:

        Lemme get this straight I can intuitively sense within a few seconds of opening an article if its BS or not! Even if it comes from writers I highly esteem! Like I said I never fully agreed with everything any author says nor I ever will! 

  15. Global Ultra says:

    Anyways here’s my message to ya’ll before any of you consider joining the uber-pretentious Einstein Jay’s crusade against idiot trolls like yours truly!   
    1) I did NOT vote for Noynoy last May! In fact I had just as much misgivings about him as Einstein Jay did. Fact is, I’m actually a Villarista and a proud one at that! Before any of ya’ll intellectuals spout off against him (you get my drift), you have to know that my family is closely linked to his family and I am more privy to the details about their business/political activities than any of you here put together so don’t tell me that I don’t know s— about him!   
    2) If he decides to turn the words “pikon” on me, isn’t someone who name calls people for merely and non-maliciously expressing their opinions, however uninformed or ignorant, on a discussion forum like this the trait of a “pikon” person? If he isn’t pikon, he would absolutely step-away from name calling and engage in a constructive debate and try, in a civilized way to persuade me! I’m not offended by the way – I’ve been called worse than that but I still manage to shut them up and give them an overdose of humble pie! Personally, I just think his means of debating is absolutely pathetic and he deserves to be called out for it! He’s a overgrown tall poppy that needs to be cut down badly!   
    3) His name calling makes him NO BETTER than the Yellow Ribbon-touting Noytards he professes to hate! In fact it makes him even lower than them! If you “know” they are lower than you, why stoop to their level? You are in effect degrading your self young man! hehehehe!  😀 
    And now to you Jay: 
    4)  If Esposo is a hypocrite, PROVE IT! I don’t agree with him when it comes to a large chunk of his articles but the burden of proof regarding his “hypocrisy” lies with you and only with you!   
    5) IF you are so convinced that you are much smarter than old senile Conrado De Quiros, why don’t you get a newspaper column of your own, or make a blog that rallies people behind your cause rather than be a pretentious semi-anonymous coward in Antipinoy.com? Why haven’t you yet? Afraid someone will eventually call you out and give you a taste of your own medicine? If someone hasn’t yet, the time will come for sure and you’ll be choking on it like Dubya did his pretzel!   

    • Jay says:

      @Global Ultra

      If he isn’t pikon, he would absolutely step-away from name calling and engage in a constructive debate and try, in a civilized way to persuade me!

      A constructive debate based on your sources from a known bias? How about you actually bring something relevant to the discussion besides the obvious. Its rather tiring to read countless posts about how you are ass pained over this. Besides, where is this humble pie you are offering me? You better have some cheese to go with your whine too. 

      Don’t I have my own freedom to express what I feel about certain opinions? This isn’t your kindergarten classroom where everyone has to play together or the teacher brings you to the corner to give you a time out! I call them as I see it and you can do the same.

       If Esposo is a hypocrite, PROVE IT!

      If you are high on his journalistic integrity with his slant, mud slinging, simplistic pro-pinoy stances on issues with his knee jerk reaction to go with his bias, then you need to actually diversify what you read than trusting on writings based on emo-politics. His takes have been discussed here on AP, specifically on the hostage taking and his reaction on it. He is looked down due to this. 

      In fact, I have more common sense than CdQ, considering I appreciate the issues discussed in this website that may seem obtuse or sophisticated by some due to the subject matter, instead of cooking up his anecdotes comparing politics to fictional heroes or trying validate the current state of emo-politics. And AP was never against Villar, so make use of your reading comprehension before you type something that makes you look more like the impulsive idiot I presumed you to be. 

      If you are satisfied, I can call the WHAAAAmbulance for you. They may be able to prescribe medicine for your butthurt. 

      • Global Ultra says:

        I have nothing to whine about and need no medicine! I think anyone can see you’re the whiner here based on all your pathetic ad hominem attacks butthurt faggot! Why should I take you seriously if that’s all you bring to the debate!? 😛 

        Give up your BS attempts at a flame war! You’re definitely gonna bite more than you can chew if you persist! You just haven’t seen the uber-nasty side of me yet and you will not want to nor do I feel like unleashing that at the moment! I’ve dealt with my fair share of pricks on the internet, some even more of a c*nt than you and I still managed to shut their traps up so I’m definitely sure I can do the same to you to the point that you’ll be running home to your mommy and asking to suck her tits or be crawling back to your little hole that you’ll never even want to take a glance at me ever again! hehehehe! 🙂 

        Perhaps you should go see a doctor! You obviously got the rage virus infecting your brain as we speak! And if I’m not the one who will give you the knuckle sandwich packed humble pie, someone else will and it’s gonna definitely be acid flavored! You definitely can’t outshit talk everyone! And do start your blog and let’s see if you can amass a following bigger than Conrado De Quiros because if you are really as good in dissecting the issues as you claim you are, I’m sure you’ll do just that SO PROVE IT! THEN COME BACK TO ME AFTER! 😛 

      • Global Ultra says:

        PS: You’re NO better than me if you haven’t made a name for yourself in the public eye! 

      • benign0 says:

        Don’t look now, but someone’s on a tililing rampage.

      • Jay says:

        PS: You’re NO better than me if you haven’t made a name for yourself in the public eye!

        So in short, guys who get paid in rags to spout of their sensationalism for circulation than people who are putting up meaningful material on a non paying media are irrelevant. TOTAL AD HOMINEM on your part bro and way to make yourself look less intelligent. 

        P.S. Try harder next time please. Otherwise you aren’t even close on your personal quest to make me look bad. 

      • Jay says:

        you just haven’t seen the uber-nasty side of me yet and you will not want to nor do I feel like unleashing that at the moment!

        So says the person who can spot AD HOMINEM when they themselves has long been coming out with it. I am DISSAPOINTED. 0/10 for your effort. 
        Still waiting on your promise of humble pie, five knuckle sandwiches or mud pie. Will be around when you deliver it, Internet Tough Guy.
        And do start your blog and let’s see if you can amass a following bigger than Conrado De Quiros

        But see, being honest doesn’t sell well with people who want nothing more than to buy into emo tirades and failed analogies. 

    • benign0 says:

      Writing for a newspaper does not necessarily earn one the distinction of being smart. It simply means that said newspaper writer can draw in readers and keep himself relevant.

  16. Jay says:

    IN terms of AL Jazeera, you are probably behind in all this but TV is a dying state in terms of its ability to proliferate to an even far reaching audience. I do more reading than boob tubing and the internet is my media outlet. So their inability to penetrate corporate american networks is irrelevant, when even these moguls in the past 5 years have bent to the power of online media. Ever thought about THAT? 

    • Global Ultra says:

      Yes and of the fact that all major news networks broadcast over the web too! However the real problem is that the corporate American press has pigeonholed the network so much over the years, especially since 9/11 and depicted it as “Al Qaida’s Network” that a stigma towards the channel has developed in that part of the world and it will take years to undo it. Sounds like they’re scared of real competition because they know deep down their news product sucks compared to it – almost anyone who’s watched their shows either on the boob tube or the net or read the articles and compared it to the homegrown product would notice the big difference in quality!

      Sadly the majority, sheeple American public has lapped up the view hook, line and sinker like “good patriots” so they don’t definitely know what they’re missing out on. 

      • Jay says:

        As I have said, it doesn’t matter if America’s jewish tv networks are afraid since why would Al Jazeera invest money in being part of a dying media network? 

      • Jay says:

        And to add, there is nothing wrong with major news broadcasts due to what I have established as the point ^^ above. American media JOINED the interwebs years ago because they finally realized they were losing the war in terms of being the chief media hub and TV isn’t the only place to see stuff. Al Jazeera in fact gains a better identity where they are online, akin to Pirate radio than being with network hotshots trying to jockey for viewership. 

  17. Pingback: The Folly of Brown Pride | Get Real Post

  18. Marc Nathaniel Agcaoili says:

    I admit to having colonial mentality. I remember being 4 or 5 and wishing I were as white as the boybands and pop princesses on TV despite being pale. Also, I think that’s what draws me here despite having some very different political views from the people on here- because Filipino culture disgusts me because I was brainwashed so early.

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