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The State of Education Today: A Discourse on the Destruction of Creativity

We’ve bought into the idea that education is about training and “success”, defined monetarily rather than learning to think critically and to challenge. We should not forget that the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers. A … Continue reading

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Criminality is the sign of society’s moral decadence, social poverty and economic inequality

It has been quite some time now that the prevailing issues, hot topics and shocking headlines of our newspapers and the dominant talk of the town is the apparent and seeming rise of criminal statistics and the rampant commission of … Continue reading

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Do Filipinos understand what debates are really all about?

It seems Nancy Binay has recently become the subject of a few satirical articles. The focus of such satire is her apparent aversion towards participation in any kind of political debate during the election campaign. Court grants Nancy Binay’s Temporary … Continue reading

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Higher education for poor Filipinos: Two Cents from a ‘Filipino Traitor’

My last article got me accused of being too anti-Filipino for my stand against giving poor Filipinos the opportunity to get a university degree. I was told that to deny the poor Filipinos the same opportunity that I had, to … Continue reading

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Education Freebies for the Poor? What the Fudge?!

First of all I would like to request my readers to look at this funny video below from the show Bubble Gang. Funny, huh? But let’s think about a certain angle for a moment. Suppose that you are a student … Continue reading

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Uto-utomaton Nation

Ever wonder why Pinoys keep electing the same types of people every election year? The answer is simple, really™ and it is not a new idea. Most Pinoys are conditioned to follow so called “experts”, “authorities”, “opinion leaders”, and now, … Continue reading

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The Net community: unleashing the Filipino’s intellectual potential

The Philippines has no shortage of morons. This is evident in the number people who defy logic or facts without using any empirical evidence to support their stand. This is also evident in the number of people who are supposedly … Continue reading

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