A Noynoy Aquino administration could be the modern-day version of the Marcos regime!

Back in the early eighties amidst the “revolutionary” spirit following the assassination of Noynoy’s daddy Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr, one of the initiatives that really caught on was the boycott of what were at the time the biased newspapers Daily Express and the Manila Bulletin, and Marcos-crony businesses such as Rustan’s and San Miguel Corp.

History does indeed repeat itself.

Today, we are seeing a return of the AQUINO version of the Marcos regime.

How ironic is that? Ironic, but certainly not far-fetched. We are seeing a coming administration that has cronies entrenched in major utility and infrastructure firms that have direct impacts on the everyday lives of ordinary Filipinos. Isn’t it about time that we start boycotting today’s crony businesses as well? These are businesses that have turned bullshitting the Filipino into a corporate science.

It seems the Yellow Army have a three-pronged strategy to ensure ascent of Noynoy Aquino to power — even in the event of his loss in the election itself:

(1) Condition people to see an inevitable Noynoy win — which is what all these “surveys” are for — to set people up to be sorely disappointed or shocked in the event that Noynoy fails to win the election.

(2) Highlight and drum up a plausible scenario for a “failure of elections”. The automation initiative currently on-going is a perfect fall guy for this.

(3) Dig up and stir up nostalgia around past acts of rebellion that are then used to incite restlessness, breed suspicion, and introduce confusion and muddled ideas into the national “debate”, turning what should be a mature transfer of power into a national emotional outburst in the form of — what else? — the next big Edsa “revolution”!

I also made the observation in my Deferring to God’s Will article where I listed “components of the underpinning strategy of the sort of people who mount such cowardly attacks at the very institutions that their ‘heroes’ sacrificed to build”. Such an underpinning strategy “derives legitimacy from the perverted concept of ‘the people’s will’ that Filipinos had all but latched onto in the last couple of decades”. At the time I saw a similar three-pronged semblance in this strategy:

Prong 1: Defy the future Supreme Court Chief Justice

Noynoy Aquino had made public his plans to not recognise the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court once he becomes President. Details around this plan can be gleaned from the exposé Noynoy Aquino: defying the Supreme Court! published on AntiPinoy.com to explore the sort of thinking that leads one to deciding on such bizarre courses of action. One can play the same game too, actually, and propose that perhaps that undermining of the Supreme Court by the Yellow Army is itself a ploy to ensure that the High Court is sufficiently defanged come the time when a bit more scrutiny around the Hacienda Luisita affair earns a bit more airtime in the Media. Of course people with better things to do don’t entertain such vacuous theories in their minds.

Prong 2: Engage in the spreading of conspiracy theories

Lately there are lots of hearsay news being published and broadcast by the Philippine Media about rumoured “military takeovers” in the event of an ”election failure”. And what might precipitate such a massive failure on a national scale? Any number of things. Filipinos are great at finding ways to fail. At the moment the on-going effort to automate ballot counting is being used as the little gremlin that will bring down the election house of cards. You’d think that such challenges to a successful exercise of the Filipino’s democratic rights would be seen by the future leaders of our sad republic as an opportunity to step up and propose solutions and mitigations to the risk of failure. Of course not. Not in a society that had all but turned losing and failing into a national science. Instead, those who the masses look up to to lead them forward sit back and spin conspiracy theories.

Prong 3: Invoke the “way out”

I once quipped that “I wouldn’t be surprised if we will one day find President Noynoy Aquino on Manila’s streets protesting his own government!” Nothing too farfetched about that scenario. With those conspiracy theories mongered by his handlers coupled with a bald threat to defy the Supreme Court itself, well, where do you think all those roads lead to? This one’s a no-brainer.

Indeed, Noynoy’s golf buddies in the Philippine Media are most likely complicit in all this, if their so-obvious bias is any indication. Consider then how the Bradley Effect cited by BongV in his recent blog sheds strong reasonable doubt on the reliability of those “surveys” regularly published and broadcast by the Philippine Media…

One of the primary explanations for the Bradley Effect is racial. Pollsters have suggested that voters may not want to admit to planning to vote against a black candidate, because they fear being perceived as racist, especially when the pollster is black. Polling organizations have also suggested that the Bradley Effect could be caused by undecided voters, many of whom lean in a conservative direction on election night.

Even without having to consider the Bradley Effect, there has always been the big question as to what purpose these “surveys” serve to begin with as they don’t in any way contribute to making voters any more informed in terms of the choice they need to make these coming elections. Instead, they provide a bandwagon mentality (read dumbing down) of the “debate”. Then again perhaps that is what an electorate so long world-renowned for their vacuousness do deserve.

Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw.

[This article is based on the GRP Facebook note of the same titled which, itself, is based on comments made on BongV’s AntiPinoy.com article Does an Aquino loss automatically mean there was massive cheating?]


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23 Responses to A Noynoy Aquino administration could be the modern-day version of the Marcos regime!

  1. J.B. says:

    A strongman’s regime requires a strong armed leader. I don’t thing Noynoy has those.

  2. Joe America says:

    Dear Benign0,

    You have been under the hot sun too long, and it is baking that part of your brain where common sense ordinarily roosts, allowing paranoia to flourish.

    1) Survey companies exist to make money. Period. Except those that are political by definition, those that are “marketing companies”.

    2) A breakdown in elections serves the Arroyo camp, not Aquino. If you were in the Philippines, you could go out in the street and confirm what the legitimate surveys are saying. Villar is fading, Aquino is rising, Teodoro is rising, Gordon is flailing like a dead fish, and Estrada is smiling drunkenly.

    3) Nostalgia is as legitimate a campaign tool as using singing kids, crying mamas, or red cross armbands.

    Youse be crying in the beer before the fact. At least wait ’til after . . .


    • Ma Xianding says:

      Joe, when the elections fail it is Noynoy’s ants who shall be in the streets and wanting to instally him as their do-nothing President. That’s why failure of elections favors them too, in case somehow he does not win.


    • ilda says:

      1. As you said, Survey companies exist to make money. Then what Gordon is claiming has merits because as he said, he hasn’t been paying them and he is implying that’s the reason why is not appearing on the survey charts.

      2. Breakdown of elections serves the Aquino camp because they are itching for another people power. They are quite nostalgic.

      3. If they are using nostalgia as a campaign tool, then they are not being honest. They might as well admit that Noynoy is just riding on his parent’s popularity and have nothing else to offer.

    • benign0 says:

      @ Joe America:

      (1) Indeed, survey companies and the Philippine Media are both for-profit organisations with shareholders that expect returns on their investments. Therefore they will pander to whatever “cause” will earn them the big bucks. The issue here then is how the public responds to these “surveys” which, being no more than money-making products (which I’d applaud if I were a shareholder of the SWS, Pulse, Gallup or whatever the hell else is out there spruiking their wares), are not aimed at serving any particular public good other than to attract eyeballs. Where these survey agencies are wholesalers of these products, the Media are their distribution channels. The Media at the very end of this information supply chain package these “survey” products into whatever colourful wrapping will best attract the vacuous minds of their typical customers — readers of tabloids who are most likely, say, to jump on bandwagon effects.

      Do these “surveys” contribute information to help voters make an informed choice come May of this year? I don’t think so — not by any stretch of the deficited imagination of Da Pinoy and certainly not mine. So the question remains, dude:

      Why the focus on these surveys?

      Simple answer: for profit of both the Media and the benefit of the candidates their owners are seemingly biased towards.

      That is a reality check on the supposed PUBLIC SERVICE role that the Media have always PRETENDED to take (and persuaded the intellectually-bankrupted in our society to believe in) in Pinoy society.

      And that Mr Joe America is the POINT I was making in the above article and many others that came before it on the Philippine Media that you seem to have missed as evident in the comment you make above.

      (2) Yes indeedy again, sir, a breakdown in the elections serves the Arroyo camp. That is the fear factor incited by people who speculate on “failures of election”. The implication factor of this fear lies in the rebellion such a fear could INCITE in the minds of an ocho-ocho-itchy society beholden to 1986 “revolutionary” nostalgia — which brings us to…

      (3) Nostalgia. Indeed again, nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool — specially to a people who have nothing in the future to look forward to and much about the past to harp about. It is used to sell anything from poisonous softdrink products to non-performing pre-need instruments. In todays election it is being used to sell a vision-flaccid politician and, beyond that, the promise of the Plan-B “revolution” he could potentially lead if he fails to win the election legitimately.

      So you see Mr America, you respond dot-by-dot above, yet failed to take the nexus and CONNECT those dots you respond to in the process completely missing the subtle point I make.

      The answer to most things lie not in the points themselves but in the way said points are connected.

      – 😀

    • GabbyD says:

      some survey firms exist to make money. others dont

      • BongV says:

        In this specific case, SWS and Pulse Asia will run polls only if they are paid.

        Data collection is not a charitable non-paid activity you know. Analysts also have bills to pay. And the company needs a revenue stream.

        The final survey – the actual elections – paid for by taxpayers – is the final definitive survey.

        Trends are trends – one day it is ballroom dancing, another day it is trance dance. You have fall, spring, summer, winter fashion collections.

        Wait for the elections to take place before stating you got it made, and that if you didn’t win – you were cheated. Did you see that in McCain? Or Gore?

      • GabbyD says:

        there’s a difference between getting paid for the cost of production, and being a for-profit company. SWS doesnt EXIST to make money. therein lies the difference.

      • BongV says:

        just because it is a non-profit – it does not mean that the officers and staff do not receive compensation – they do – unless they are a volunteer organization which they are not. therefore the motives and methods are still suspect

      • BongV says:

        additionally – the form of organization (non-profit) does not mean there is no profit motive among the officers and staff. if you have not been involved and actually worked with a non-profit in the Philippines or in the US for that matter, i’ll say you have no idea what you are talking about 😆

  3. benign0 says:

    Just thought I’d highlight this again ‘coz I kinda like it:

    Nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool — specially to a people who have nothing in the future to look forward to and much about the past to harp about..

    … even if I do say so myself. 😉

  4. Maybe because, noynoy use a traditional method in their platform. This might be the problem in our country that it will be back the marcos regime.

  5. benign0 says:

    Here is Noynoy again sowing the seeds of rebellion in

    Aquino Says Philippine Poll Fraud May Trigger Turmoil
    By Francisco Alcuaz Jr. and Haslinda Amin

    April 27 (Bloomberg) — Philippine presidential frontrunner Benigno Aquino said only fraud can stop him winning next month’s election and any such attempt would trigger unrest comparable with the protests that swept his mother to power 24 years ago.

    The 50-year-old son of former president Corazon Aquino, who has led opinion surveys since entering the race last year, criticized how a switch to electronic voting machines is being implemented and said a declaration that he is the loser of the May 10 poll would bring supporters on to the streets.

    “If we have a correct counting of the votes, I think we will be very victorious,” said Aquino, whose mother toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos amid protests that followed a rigged election in 1986. If “the people’s will is frustrated,” demonstrations could make this month’s protests in Thailand seem “mild” by comparison, he said in an interview in Manila yesterday.

    So ano ito?

    IF Noynoy wins THEN the elections are clean;

    IF Noynoy loses THEN the elections are fraudulent.


    This pretty much indicates his feeling of ENTITLEMENT to the seat in Malacanang. If that ain’t a DANGEROUS ATTITUDE I don’t know what is.

    Brace yourselves for an anti-ocho-ocho “revolution” campaign lads as we need to take a concerted stand against PRIMITIVIST initiatives like these, initiatives that only the MEDIEVAL MIND of Noynoy Aqyuino and the vacuous intellect of his followers can mount.

    • Pinay Goddess says:

      The surveys’ front runner is showing his true colors this early. His claiming something which he has not earned yet. And he has been condemning everyone with dissenting views, as if he’s flawless and the only hope of this land. Another dictator in the making? Scary…

      • Homer says:

        Be afraid…..be very afraid. 😉

        Welcome to AP, PG!

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        Thanks Homer! I’ve been here watching and reading you. Just couldn’t help but comment on some “colorful” and twisted views…

      • waitwat says:

        And they were saying that Gordon is tyrannical?

        Tell that to “Adolf Noynoy”.

        “Every opinion that is contrary to mine is wrong, evil, and must be dealt with in the most severe manner” -Noynoy’s mind… In this case, a “people’s” power revolution.

        I want to strangle each and every bloke who want him for president/”great leader”!!

        I wouldn’t be surprised if ever he wins, one day, he will demonize the internet for having varied opinions against him. 😦

      • Homer says:

        “I wouldn’t be surprised if ever he wins, one day, he will demonize the internet for having varied opinions against him.”

        I kinda thought about that too, waitwat.

        But you know, on the positive side…..maybe it’s possible that it would lead to his downfall if ever it came to this. This Adolf ain’t no Ahmadinejad, that’s for sure.

        Sa ngayon, relax muna tayo. The elections aren’t over yet. 🙂

      • Anonylol says:

        >”I wouldn’t be surprised if ever he wins, one day, he will demonize the internet for having varied opinions against him”

        Implying Abnoy is capable of using the Internet.

        A dictator is exactly what the masses want if they’re looking for one person to magically solve their problems and spoon feed them everything. A dictator is the proper leader for a people like that.

        I wonder if the people clamoring for Noynoy realize this?

    • BongV says:

      Exactamente. If all candidates took that attitude – the Philippines is in deep doo-doo.

      Can you imagine Dewey stating that he was massively cheated by Truman? The guy conceded – in the Philippines people will mount a putsch!

      susginoo – talamak, Philippines is hopeless.

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