"Beautiful Philippines": a case of false advertising

During his now infamous “campaign” President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, held up tourism as the industry du jour that would go on to rescue us from our self-inflicted wretchedness. In his promise to the Filipino Voter, Noynoy laid out the pillars of this campaign to get more overseas folk to spend their hard-earned dollars in our little group of volcanic-islands. These pillars include:

(1) “involving our local communities in sustainable tourism endeavors”;

(2) “support small and medium enterprises by providing them access to credit, technologies and skills”;

(3) “construction and repair of roads, bridges, airports and seaports to increase accessibility to our sites”;

(4) “adopt a national sanitation program” that aims to “improve family and public health, protect the groundwater, lakes, rivers and coastal waters from domestic waste contamination”; and,

(5) a dedication to “upholding and enforcing law and order – within its security forces as well as among those who pose a genuine threat to our internal security”.

Manila street life

Quite obviously lots of work afoot squeezed into a six-year term — which brings one to wonder why much focus had instead been so far put into re-inventing the proverbial wheel that is the eight-year-old and relatively-successful Wow Philippines brand we have all become quite familiar with. Worse, whatever effort that underpinned this focus apparently had that uniquely-Filipino pwede-na-yan (literally translated “that’ll do”) signature written all over it. Not surprisingly, what has been a “much-maligned new tourism campaign” has since been “yanked off [the] net” by Malacanang…

Ministry spokeswoman Evelyn Macayayong said the government acknowledged the criticisms and pulled down the website on Tuesday for revisions.

“The writeups were not thoroughly edited. There were errors, and there are even allegations of plagiarism, that we copied from other websites,” Macayayong told AFP.

The aborted tourism campaign was topbilled by a candy-coloured logo of the slogan adorned with a coconut tree, an endangered tiny primate called a tarsier, the sun and waves.

Critics called for the country’s eight-year-old tourism slogan, “Wow Philippines”, to be retained.

Unforunately for Noynoy’s crew (and, perhaps, fortunately for us), we live in an age of instant feedback. And while many of us thrive on this technology-enabled instant feedback the way a rock star would embrace the thunderous applause of his audience right after an earth-shaking performance, the bloated “communications” machinery of Malacanang has so far exhibited a shameful track-record of failing to get what the the “New Media” is really all about. Just recently, it seems Noynoy’s henchmen had unceremoniously and under-handedly hijacked the hugely popular Facebook site built by volunteers of the 2009-2010 Aquino campaign — all because the much vaunted “Communications Group” consistently failed to face the horde of increasingly critical constituents at its gates like real men. In fact I wrote a while back how…

Seriously, this “Communications Group” have missed the whole point of “social media”.

The “Social Media” landscape is a battlefield. And the prize of this battle being fought on said field is the hearts and minds of those who inhabit this virtual social network.

The trouble is, the stodgy leaders of the Establishment to which oversight of “social media” was entrusted by Malacanang do not see their domain as a battlefield nor their mission as a battle.

Now comes this most recent gaffe of the Noynoy administration, all unfolding in the usual way that only the Noynoy government can make gaffes unfold. To give credit to Noynoy’s campaign blurb writers, they at least got right the fundamentals upon which a sustainable tourist industry could be built. But in doing so, they had highlighted what this government — and many others that had come before it — had consistently failed to prioritise — the fundamentals. These are things that serve as robust foundations not just for a world-class tourist industry, but a world-class anything.

But a failure to be world-class at anything is something that goes quite deep in Philippine society — far down into the very fibres that make up the very fabric of our national psyche. And the consistency with which these failures rear their ugly heads goes way back. From a failure to upgrade the nation’s premier international airport

[Airport Terminal 3 development] Consortium members lost compensation claims before arbitration courts in Washington and Singapore, including on jurisdiction grounds, and appeals are pending. The terminal, mothballed from 2002 to 2008 due to the court cases, is only partly used.

…to a failure to secure the safety of the few remaining tourists that are willing to check out our sights, we fail.

Indeed, we fail at most efforts achieve in what is an undertaking that is uniquely human — building stuff. In fact the way we pitch our country as a tourist destination reflects this character of ours. We look to stuff that was served to us on a silver platter — our natural resources — rather than on stuff that people had a direct hand in bringing to life (our culture, infrastructure, and cities) as the primary capital we employ to bring home the bacon. How long are we going to rely on our natural resources for survival before we turn to ourselves for a solution to our chronic inability to prosper as a people?

Back in March of 2009, the Inquirer.net editor cited the tourist industry as the “doable stimulus plan“, highlighting how…

The Philippines has many tourist attractions like Boracay, one of the best beaches in the world; Palawan, “the last frontier,” which has exotic wildlife, white sand beaches and natural wonders like an underground river; Bohol, which has the world-famous Chocolate Hills and superb diving spots like Panglao and Balicasag; the Banaue rice terraces, called the Eighth Wonder of the Modern World; and Tubbataha Reefs, an excellent diving spot.

…from which I gleaned the following observation:

Notice how our land’s natural wonders utterly dominate this list of “incentives” to visit our fair land. The nature and character of our society, our culture, our history, or our heritage plays virtually no part in our value proposition to the the world’s tourists.

In short, there is nothing about the Philippines that is a product of the Filipino that can be considered to be attractive to tourists. All of what we hawk to prospective visitors are Mother Nature’s to offer and not by any stretch of the imagination something that Filipinos can claim to have been involved in bringing about. Far from it, as a matter of fact. Rather, the fact of Filipinos being inhabitants of the island group we had named after a Spanish King actually subtracts from the value of these islands…

Indeed, evidence of Filipino habitation is next-to-impossible to ignore in these named-after-a-Spanish-king islands. No less than 3.4 million hectares of forest cover has disappeared from 1990 to 2005. Primary forest cover now accounts for just 2.8% of total land area in these islands. Add to that the human excrement we regularly dump into our rivers and stormwater drains. Years ago, I took a helicopter flight over Manila and the thing I remember the most is looking down upon the port area of Manila Bay and seeing a huge blot of black water at the mouth of the Pasig River contrasting sharply with the green-bluish water further out to sea.

That’s “just” our forests and our water supply. But it reflects our society’s regard and respect for the land we inhabit and now rely on desperately for our future survival as part of the global economy in the face of this “crisis”. It makes the pitch of the “natural wonders” of our land that dominates our tourist brochures sound rather phoney and utterly out-of-sync with our collective character.

And here we are making claims about the the “beauty” of the Philippines. That’s just plain and simply a case of false advertising.


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  1. manzi says:

    anybody here went to boracay recently?

    behind the white sands and the towering hotels makikita mo napakalaki ang contrast ng buhay. sa likod ng resort kita mo sa kwarto mo ang mga barong barong at mga batang walang makain. The situation is infuriating. lalo na at taga Aklan ako. lahat ng politiko namin doon kamag-anak inc. panahon pa ng mga lolo ko ang ruling families doon. akala sila lang pinagpala ng panginoon.

    • Jay says:

      I’ve spoken to many friends/relatives about bora. Only popular due to having club places which are hotspots for the 20somethings. Nobody says I guess until one asks, but the garbage is coming up, though hidden in certain parts.

      A friend of mine went to a beach in one of the smaller islands (forgot the name). Looked VERY beautiful and pristine. Not Guimaras.

      • manzi says:

        meh.. guimaras is way bigger than boracay. boracay is not large enough to be warranted a zip code. sabit pa rin sila sa malay. Garbage lang? heh they have sewage problems. the green algae you see on the beach is an indirect result of that. besides i’m starting to believe in my suspicion that the island is gradually sinking due to disregard for zoning laws. the receding shore line and the rising waterline supports my theory. people usually dismiss it as global warming but the caticlan jetty port has a stable waterline for quite some time. boracay on the other hand…

        anyway speaking of the islands.. i have a few in mind that fit the description. Nagarao island resort is in the vicinity of guimaras. I know the family that operates it but I’ve never been there.

        there are several private owned islands within the guimaras vicinity that are very beautiful. there’s this one particular island i forgot its name. it’s very low profile but the guest log has Hollywood A-listers on it. nakita ko to sa balitang K a few years back.

        and there’s Marbuena Island resort. in Ajuy, Iloilo. maganda doon. very small island good for retreats and such. di ka pwedeng mag-good time dahil lights out na pag 9:00 mahal ang gasolina para sa generator.

      • nymphetamine says:

        Hey! I’m also from the province. 🙂 I remember when I was small, we went to Boracay ( it wasn’t so famous then, maybe like 1992..) The shores were really white. Unlike now, it looks more like dirty white to me. *Sigh* I remember before, we would just bring mats and really big umbrellas. There were no hotels back then and the beach was so peaceful.It was almost like heaven. but now… BLEH! So many prostitutes , trash, algaes everywhere.

    • kaye says:

      About Boracay, what’ s so infuriating is how the local government is milking the island for all its worth. Where do all those tourist and environmental taxes go? The last time I went to Boracay, the entire length of Station 1 to 3 coast was filled with algae, we had to wade farther into the waters to avoid the green yucky stuff. A day’s worth of collections would have hired locals for clean-ups, but no… tourists who were hoping to relax and marvel at its turquoise waters are left frustrated at the neglect of this prime destination.

      Another Boracay annoyance are the vendors that pepper tourists with offers of parasailing, shades, massages, what-have-you. Again, the local government is NOT_DOING_ANYTHING to address this problem that visitors to the island have been complaining about for so long.

      The solutions are OBVIOUS, but Filipinos would rather be ignorant.

    • nymphetamine says:

      Nakalimutan kong idagdag, grabe na ngayon ang ‘fees’ na sinasabi nila. As a local, I can just get away with most of it but even my friends just from the other provinces are forced to pay such sums. I mean, really?  Pare-pareho lang tayo lahat na Pinoy, shouldn’t that give us a right to enjoy the place equally? Kahit na nga foreigners nagrereklamo sa sobrang dami ng babayaran bago ka pa makapunta sa isla. Hai naku, kaya nga ayokong i-rekomenda sa mga kaibigan kong foreigners ang lugar. T__T

  2. geeky Mary says:

    good read, as always, Benigno. Have you been to the DOT web portal? The CSS is as ugly as ****, which adds to the marketing fail. 

  3. jmp says:

    the website is http://www.beautifulpilipinas.com, but if you type http://www.beautifulfilipinas.com it is rerouted to a porn site

  4. blueredicedtea says:


    kinda reminds me of how happy filipinos are…………………according to some survey.

    plus the “Beautiful Philippines” title….does those advertisers invoke the Stepford country?
    because if you think of that it is creepy……kinda reminded me some horror fiction stuff

  5. ChinoF says:

    The defense of the DOT secretary is lame – “we don’t have a good enough budget,” “if we use an English slogans, we will not be unique compared to the other countries…” That just means that he doesn’t know how to make good tourism slogans. Student government indeed. 

    • ArticleRequest says:

      I was wondering if it REALLY was “Kay Ganda ang Pilipinas”. or if it was left in Tagalog just because I initially read a Tagalog article first. Pero ano ba ang iniisip nila? “Kay Ganda ang Pilipinas”? Inakala ba nila na mabasa yan ng mga DAYUHAN? What the heck are they saying about not being “unique”? India has “Incredibly India”. Malaysia has “Malaysia truly Asia”. Which these two countries, you know broadcast on ENGLISH language television (BBC CNN) to reach non Hindi, non Bahasa Malaysia, non Tamil non Cantonese populations. India portrays itself has an exotic country full of adventure. Malaysia’s theme song is beuatiful, wonderful and really captures the message.
      So what do they mean exactly about not being “unique”? Mind you these are countries which our country (arrogantly) claims to be more dominant in the English language. Our country claims to third. If you can’t come up with a good slogan, stick it as it is. What exactly do they expect foreigners to understand with a slogan like “Kay Ganda ng Pilipinas”?

      Likewise, push on with Spanish slogans for Latin America. Chinese for China, etc. In no way does the slogan communicate “uniqueness”. Another case of misplaced Pinoy pride.

      Basta Pilipino, pwede na yun di ba? Basta Pilipino ang slogan = uniqueness. LOL
      Besides we have already invested for several years in WOW Philippines. Are they planning to retract all of that?

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        WOW. Now THAT is something I would LOVE to hang my hat on, not like “Pilipinas Kay Ganda.” Let’s be honest, that damned slogan lacks a certain… how would you call it, kick. Especially if you’re a non-Tagalog. God help you when that is shown on your face and you don’t know WTF it means. At least with “WOW Philippines” you get the point completely.

    • brianitus says:

      As a marketing guy, let me say this.  You don’t have to be a marketing/ad person to realize that the  new slogan they proposed was totally weak.  WOW says everything.  WOW is amazement summarized in three letters.

    • ChinoF says:

      Correction: it was the defense of the Undersecretary. But still lame. 

      Another lame thing was that, “let foreigners ask what it means.” Wow, that’s really stupid, you just gave some foreigners a mind puzzle to bother with. And what if a Filipino was not present at all to ask? Fail. 

    • indeed. student government. learning on the job. tanggalin na lang ang civil service exams. wag na magpa exam sa applications. mamulot na lang ng rico puno gun firing buddy and boy abunda celebrity supporters to install as cabinet members and hire as government employees. worse, when will they ever learn in the course of their OJT? tapos at the expense pa of tourists, locals and our money. ayan nga at may mga namatay nang tourists.

  6. Odin0 says:

    Adding on to jmp’s comment:


     Ellen Tordesillas said less than 24 hours after Monday’s preview of the new slogan, the department took down the accompanying website http://www.beautifulpilipinas.com “because they found out that there’s an existing porn website also using the key words ‘beautifulpilipinas.’”

    She said: “Why they didn’t find this out before the preview defies common sense.”

    Why do I feel this is a signature Aquino move? Or looking at it deeply, a more Filipino cultural move, i.e. trashing/refusal to maintain already sound policies and endeavors just because another leader(s) is(are) associated to it.  

  7. angel says:

    I didn’t mind Wow! Philippines all that much. This new one sounds like a game show. Kulang nalang si Kris A. ang host. 
    It’s our reputation that needs changing, not the slogan. DOT should make it a priority to change peoples’ perception of this country.

    • Jay says:

      Big conceptions start with the little details my dear. And tourism is one of those visual details that make a very strong first impression.

      The problem is that DOT doesn’t believe it. Go ask Singapore how their clean city within such a small area has made them one of southeast asias tourist hot spots besides the commercial areas.

    • with a president who overlooks japan for its aid efforts and with his speech writer who degrades a host country and its capital, how can the people have role models in having a changed perception? then the president eats hotdog in NY and stares at a creek in Manila. lousy efforts.

  8. Rick says:

    I prefer travelling to other countries than in the Philippines. The Philippines IS NOT cheaper. In fact, the hotels here are annoyingly expensive compared to our immediate neighbors. Tourist spots are not being maintained, and there are lots of red tapes. The road from Puerto Princesa to the underground river is half paved, half dirt. In beaches, even if you’re just going for the beach and not for the hotel, you still have to pay for an entrance fee. It’s so different from Tel Aviv, Miami, San Diego, Perth, and even Langkawi. Boracay’s nearest airport is crap, and the bus from Kalibo won’t make your decision of not flying to Caticlan justifiable. Transportation infrastructures are just ugh. Travelling around the Philippines will drain you because of unnecessary fees unheard of in decent nations. I also travel with my white Israeli and American friends. I don’t want to bring them here anymore because of Flips making fun of their accents, their physical appearances, and even their hairiness. Sigh…

    • Homer says:

      Airfare aside, people are more likely to get their money’s worth travelling to other countries.

    • Jay says:

      The road from Puerto Princesa to the underground river is half paved, half dirt. In beaches, even if you’re just going for the beach and not for the hotel, you still have to pay for an entrance fee.

      How odd. In Batangas in the San Juan area (where most of my family is from) once beaches like Laiya started getting big, some people started buying property near there to make a beach resort and a full effort was made to create a paved road there. Along with the fact an official pier/port for transport was made there as well.

      Failed logistics. Fresh roads bring in new blood and new transportation with new opportunities. Rather hard trying to maintain tourism with such bad networks.

      It really depends where you go. I recommend making it like a hostel type experience maybe if you have friends/relatives willing to host your guests in these areas, especially if they are fond of outdoors.

    • ChinoF says:

      Unnecessary fees came about most likely because of the 1997 financial crisis. That’s when they began to charge for even sidewalk parking. Even if that crisis abated (supposedly), the unnecessary fees stuck. 

      And another likely reason why our tourism is expensive… electricity is skyrocketingly high. 

  9. dumb-oh says:

    kita ninyo yung promotional vid? Pinagmumukha nilang tama si adam carolla.

  10. UP nn grad says:

    This item — (4) “adopt a national sanitation program” that aims to “improve family and public health, protect the groundwater, lakes, rivers and coastal waters from domestic waste contamination” is one of the reasons for the Muslim discontent in Mindanao.

    Too many Mindanao baranggays are still 2 kilometers or more away from sanitary drinking water.

  11. UP nn grad says:

    And Pilipinas problems sanitary drinking water (and sewage and sanitation infrastructure) is why cholera outbreak 👿 occurs every year or so in various parts of Pilipinas. Recently, in Caloocan; last year in Surigao, the year before in Sultan Kudarat.

  12. Hyden Toro says:

    Beautiful Philippines…Filipinos, beautiful dreamers…unfortunately, the following previous incidents have cast negative outlook of the Philippines:

    (1) Jolo Hostage incident; where Red Cross workers were taken Hostages. And were threathened to be beheaded…

    (2) Maguindanao Massacre, where Journalists were brutally killed and buried with a BackHoe.

    (3) Quirino Grandstand Tragic Hostage Incident – where tourists were killed; President Noynoy Aquino was nowhere to be found. Inexperienced Policemen were used to deal with the tragic hostage situation. The Mayor of Manila and other officials, were feasting from a nearby Chinese Restaurant, while the Hostages were murdered.

    (4) Sanitation and pollution problems; with squatter shanties lined up along the Metro Manila riverbanks.

    (5) The country is in virtual State of War; with New people’s Army insurgents all over the country; and the Al Queda inspired Muslim rebels in the South.

    We have now satellite T.V., where worldwide news events are featured, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week; from anywhere in the world. People have eyes, and have brains even better than us….especially in developed countries…they are well informed.

    It is just useless for the Tourism Department, to put photos of: coconuts, bananas, beeches, etc…These are available in other countries…only pedophiles, who come to have sex with our pre-teen prostitutes are interested to come…Put your house in order, first; clean your house. Then, you can invite people to come visit your house.

    • Jay says:

      and its funny you mention the sex-trade, which is alive and well but only those too ignorant will avoid the issue. Hell, even a supposed bill which was suppose to protect the young people from entering such occupations, the Anti-Hentai bill isn’t doing crap.

      LOL politics. LOL laws. Who knew?

  13. Maki-Alam says:

    Sino ba naman kasing matino ang pag-iisip na mag-iimbita ng mga tao sa bahay niya na hindi muna maglilinis?

  14. JUANDELACRUZ says:


    • AlvinEternal says:

      As an anime nut myself, it proves that Filipino lawmakers can be sometimes stupid if you ask me. Kaya nila ginawa iyan dahil malapit na ang eleksyon during that time. And it was last year.

      Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of the internet. Kids can use it with the proper guidance.

      • Mikez says:

        Lolz, the moronic lawmakers doesn’t even know what Anime or Hentai is. Hell, any adult with no familiarity of the genre will see it as a kids cartoon. Here’s my share of experience:

        there was one time I was strolling along the street and entered a video store. I just remembered that my niece and nephew wanted me to rent cartoons so I went to the cartoon section to browse and Lo’ and behold! I found Hentai! although I forgot the title but the story was about tentacle rape, sadism, bukkake and more tentacle rape. Seriously what idiot put hentai in a kiddie cartoon section?!

        it’s a good thing it was all corrected after I complain about pornography in the cartoon section.

      • AlvinEternal says:

        Nadali mo rin! What irks me on most moronic Pinoys is that they see anime are kids. Their stupid mentality is this: Everything “animated” is for kids. I mean, would kids watch “Tales of the Black Freighter” or “Death Note” or Rosario+Vampire or something?

        Let’s take out the one-sided dickery of Da Pinoy.

      • AlvinEternal says:

        At siyanga pala, these idiots thought that anime is a “bad influence” but never complained on the images & themes that we see in telenovelas. It’s like adults acting as kids.

      • blueredicedtea says:

        “At siyanga pala, these idiots thought that anime is a “bad influence” but never complained on the images & themes that we see in telenovelas. It’s like adults acting as kids.”

        because for the moralfags and flips logic: all anime is naughty tentacles
        and cartoons are for kids

      • ChinoF says:

        Was that during the days of Betamax rentals? I also noticed it that time. These days, the DiBeeDee hawkers have those hidden somewhere as well.  

        Alvin… Rosario + Vampire? Haha, that series made laugh, but I follow the manga online. I like its art. 

        ‘Everything “animated” is for kids.’ – one of the great myths of Filipino culture. Masmabuti daw kasi magpakita ng sexy dancing girls sa mga bata, so it will entice these kids to become their employees later on. :/ 

      • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

        I think I have my comment in this url:


        that comments has links that even international community recognizes how stupid the bill passers are. (sorry, I have no way of getting that comment’s comment number).

    • Jay says:


      Read its provisions and tell me if it does exactly what its name entails. It was not only passed by FEMNAZI butthurt, but pro life idiots of BUHAY. It did very little to protect and regulate the fictional porn aspect, which was horribly surprising.
      And it had provisions to protect female youths from exploitation. Guess how the sex-trade works in our country with female youths as there also entails a point of coercion as well.


      sablay sila sa mga batas na kelangan, pero kuhuang kuha sa mga walang kwentang batas. Anti-wang wang ay dagdag sa mountain tall high list ng mga batas na walang kwenta.

  15. jonphil says:

    Dear Noynoy,

    Your performance lately has been very disappointing, despite the gaffes you earlier committed and the chance we gave you to improve. Stop squandering our hard-earned money. These are not PLAY money for kids to play with.

    Getting your act together is the most effective way to convince tourists to visit the Philippines. It doesn’t cost a single cent.

    We demand the 200M budget be intact before we let heads roll.

    Fix the BROKEN government not the slogan.

    Your boss,
    The Filipino Taxpayers

    • it’s wise that you incorporated the speech key phrases of carmen mislang in your letter because whatever mislang writes is automatically noynoy’s. you can add more. he likes to end his statements with the phrase “at the end of the day” kasi.

  16. sky says:

    Some developments in the “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” controversy:

    -Boy Abunda had a hand in conceptualizing the campaign.
    -The ad agency which did the President’s electoral campaign made the campaign.
    -The logo is believed to be plagiarized from the Polish tourism logo.

    I think this ought to serve as a moral lesson to the Aquino administration: not everything that GMA did in her nine years in office is BAD, contrary to what you might think it is! So get off your moral high horse, stop frothing with hate and actually get to work!

    Keep WOW Philippines! 😀

    • Jay says:

      Sadly for Noynoy, he doesn’t know the word improvement. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And Pilipinas Kay Ganda is completely unnecessary since its predecessor was neither broken nor needed fixing.

      • Sharafa says:

        There wasn’t anything particularly bad about the act of changing the tourism slogan as that illicit new ideas. At the same time however, not all new ideas are good, as displayed by the slogan. And more importantly, we need something more than a new slogan and website to reinvent our image as those ideas a incredibly superficial in the place of more important issues such as economic and national stability, which are the things that would really give our country a facelift.

    • they did actually got to work in order to produce pilipinas kay ganda. yun nga lang lousy output which means na poor quality ang work tapos nag-plagiarize pa. ang bastos naman ng aquino government.

      • Jay says:

        Hilariously, the blame was for lack of budget. More like lack of effort, but when you order DA PINOYS to do some hard work with little or no budget, and are also part of the Aquino admin, expect nothing but utter crap.


        What do you expect from the current admin that is much ado about nothing? Make up something new that will sound like its the best thing since sliced bread! I agree though. Take away restrictionist policies, start investing in tourism like beautification, paved roads, grass roots effort to promote places that aren’t already hammered as night club areas(fuck its the internet) and watch it roll. Vegas does it for the United states and they had to become more family friendly in order to become what they are now.

  17. Chi Chi says:

    Its funny…I was blessed to see some places outside Ph. and Im a very critical observer of things. I have been living out of Ph for around 5 years now..and..I must say…Id rather have my family and friends visit me..that I go back..perhaps my energy isnt there in the Philippines…I just feel drained..and I really dislike the system..In 5 years…nothing huge has changed…but here in the country Im working in 3 years..a 3rd tier city has more developments and modern infrstructure than the whole philippines combined…and yes…I tell my boss..Sir, you know..this train station is bigger ,better than My country’s INTERNATIONAL Airport!

    • meanwhile, we’re toughing it out here. most of the streets and avenues i pass by in makati and pasig have no light. there are posts pero no light. how can tourists go about a night out if potential places for robbery ang streets?

  18. PUGOT says:


  19. ulong pare says:

    … from where i stand (canyon woods in laurel batangas), it’s my little bit of paradise in hellish flipland… it’s heaven on earth…. google it, and drool… puro kayo reklamo, do something about it!… mga gung gongs!

  20. kolokoy says:

    Baka naman ang DOT promotional video i-pattern nung katulad ng kay Lourd De Vera.. parang ganito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Nz4JJ0LeO4

  21. potaters says:

    According to a friend of mine who has worked for the tourism sector for a long time, they had souvenirs with the atrocious logo printed on it. And she added that they were kind of pimping the performers in the launch, the dancers who wore bikinis and tight pants. The DOMs and macho men like it no doubt — are these people sick in the head, got paramecium as their brains??? This is the kind of “enticing” we want to do?? Gross.

  22. The Lazzo says:

    And then they ended up delaying the construction of a proper Manila sewer system until 2031. What, are they waiting for everyone to die off before they can rebuild?


    • if more than 90% of the houses, factories and buildings along the Pasig river have their entrances not facing the river, meaning they have their backs facing the river instead, then it only means one thing — that, indeed, the river is being treated as a septic tank.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      With the rate they’re going, you might not need two decades for every sheethead to be gone from this earth.

  23. J.B. says:

    I posted this trivia into my site…

    this is more realistic that the Wow ad

    “Did you know that if you’re swimming near an overpopulated shore the chance of seeing a floating poo is very high?”

  24. Tony B says:

    As a frequent tourist to The Philippines let me make the following comments:

    1. Natural attractions are the best thing to see because it’s the only things you guys haven’t fucked up yet.
    2. Most tourists (except me) would not go back a second time because they have a bad experience when they go there. The experience is usually around getting ripped off. This takes the form of:
    a) Taxi Drivers (100% of the time do not use a meter for foreigners)
    b) Being charged more than locals (racist pricing policies)
    c) misc other annoyances

    These behaviors do not encourage tourism and we have no where to complain. You need a dedicated Tourist Police that we can quickly call on our phone when the taxi driver does not use the meter or we’re being ripped off in some other way. The police need to come and arrest the person who’s ripping off the tourist and fucking up your tourism industry.

    Believe me….Taxis can make or break a country. All tourists have to use to them….From/To the Airport/Hotel….anywhere we want to go around town. They are the “face” of a country and the “face” of the Philippines is a dirty, smelly man who lies and robs tourists (with no air conditioning).


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